What lubricant grease the punch inside. The work of the strike mechanism of the perforator

How and how to lubricate the gearbox and the cartridge of the penetrator?

Greetings on my site! This article will talk about the lubrication of the penetrator. The operation of this tool requires not only a simple careful attitude. Be sure to periodically lubricate the gearbox and cartridge.

At the same time, the gearbox, of course, is already coming from the factory. But over time, the lubricant leaks somewhere, somewhere dries. In addition, it is intended only to reduce friction, and not to eliminate it. Therefore, one way or another, and the details still rub against each other, which is why fine metal dust is gradually formed, which remains in grease.

As a result of such mixing of metal and lubricating material, the properties of the latter are gradually lost and the wear of the parts is accelerated.

Inexpensive Chinese peorators can be poorly lubricated at the factory. Experienced masters of service centers recommend after buying even a new such device to immediately disassemble it and miss it

The cartridge from the plant goes dry. Here, in fact, not the cartridge itself is smeared completely, but only its place, which is in contact with the drill, since it is in it that severe friction occurs, without reducing which the cartridge itself and the tail of the drill itself can be damaged.

So, below, consider how and how to lubricate these elements. The SDS peorator with the horizontal location of the engine will be considered, since it is they who in the vast majority of cases are used by home craftsmen, and the article is mainly written for them.

The concept of peorator lubrication

Oily lubricant is an oily viscous substance, which is distinguished by a yellow tint and a specific smell. The main purpose of the means is to reduce the friction force between the moving elements of the unit in the process of its operation.

During the operation of the power tool, products of wear, as well as dust and dirt begin to get on the lubricant. As a result, the composition loses its operational and physicochemical properties. For these reasons, the composition should be periodically updated. That is, lubricate again, observing all the rules.

If you ignore this recommendation, then the device will begin to experience a shortage of lubricant. As a result, overheating will arise, and then a complete failure. But an excess amount of substance also pares a threat. The speed of the drill drops, which is reflected in operational indicators.

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When choosing a lubricant, the user of the penetrator must pay attention to the composition and the characteristics of the power tool itself.

How to lubricate the peorator

The main purpose of the penetrator is to drill, hammer and drill various surfaces. As a rule, most of the materials with which this tool has a tendency to ardent. Small particles, falling on internal parts, clog the device. It should be borne in mind that the elements are in motion, during which they are in contact with each other, which means that their abrasion may begin. To maintain the performance of the tool, it is necessary to clean it in a timely manner. Only with this departure it is possible to extend the service life as much as possible, avoid an ambulance and expensive repairs.

Important: lubrication has several main varieties. One type is used for the gearbox and a completely different type is necessary for drill or tips of the drill. Each device has detailed operating instructions, which prescribes a clear frequency of lubrication. It is these recommendations that should be followed.

There are general rules for all types of peorators.

How to lubricate the peorater gearbox

  • So, to lubricate the gearbox, it is most often advised to use compositions in the form of liquid oil, which is poured in a certain dose into the tool body (into specially designed holes). Such oil fills the gearbox body and is reliably isolated inside with the installed covers on holes or bolts. During operation, parts are evenly covered with this tool. The most popular manufacturers of oil for lubricating gearboxes are Bosch and Makita firms.
  • An example is two popular types of manufacturers data that are used in the initial assembly or during the repair of the tool:
  • Lubrication “Makita P-08361” 30 ml, approximate cost 100;
  • Bosch 1615430005 oil 45 ml, price is about 300

Tip: There are also plastic compositions for gearboxes (in the form of a cream), but it is worth considering that not all tools of tools can work stably on means of such a consistency. The composition for the lubrication of the gearbox should be for each owner of the peorators. But if the peorator is under warranty, then it is best to perform such an operation using the services of service centers, especially in the absence of special holes (that is, if you need to disassemble the tool).

How to lubricate a bar of a pedorator

  • The lubricant for the bends of the penetrator is used to reduce the wear of the nozzles, and also extends the operational period of the peorator (including by reducing the number of dust penetrating into the dust). Lubricants are applied before each insertion of the drill into the cartridge, for this, the nozzles of the nozzle are lubricated with a small amount. Before carrying out this operation for the first time, you need to carefully read the instructions for the tool. This is necessary in order to understand how to correctly disassemble/assemble a peorator without damaging its elements and achieve proper operation.
  • The amount of lubrication and its quality depends on how the power tool will function. If the ratio is incorrectly selected, overheating of the device and even failure are possible. Therefore, before applying one or another lubricant, it is worth checking if there is a given manufacturer and the type of fund in the recommendations in the operating instructions. The most common compounds for the grease of drills are also produced by Bosch and Makita trademarks, only funds have a thicker consistency.
  • When starting to lubricate, it is necessary to rinse and blow the tool, wipe it dry and only then apply a new layer of protective equipment. Those details that do not need sliding should not be lubricated, since this can only damage the peorator. Such elements include, for example, the gear council.

How to lubricate the inferator cartridge

  • Also, the composition should be applied to interchangeable nozzles for drill in the form of a cartridge. The amount of substance should be the same as indicated in the instructions. From its overabundance or deficiency, the tool may fail.

Choosing the type of lubricant does not make problems, there are clear recommendations in the instructions, if they are not available, then you can choose almost any funds from trusted manufacturers.

The need for lubrication of the peorator

Modern infections are divided into special classes, depending on which they can perform operations on the nobility, drilling, drilling various materials, including very hard, for example, concrete. All these operations, during their execution, in addition to increased noise, are accompanied along the way and highlighting a large amount of dust, coupled with small fragments of the stone.

Similar extreme working condition forces the operator to make lubrication and cleaning the device more often. Typically, two types of lubrication are used: for a gearbox and for tips of drills and drills, as well as other interchangeable additives. Over, for the gearbox, oil is used in a more liquid consistency.

The vast majority of pedarators models, right in their use guide, have links to how long and period they will require replacement of lubricants. The replacement process itself is carried out by pouring the substance into special holes and hatches located on the tool body and designed to pour oils. Their closure after replenishment should always meet the quality of tightness, respectively, the screw cover should not allow pouring the oil back.

Independent lubrication of the peorator

This process will have to be performed with a certain frequency. Most professionals recommend performing this action, looking at the recommendations of the manufacturer, reflected in the instructions for the tool. Thus, the frequency of occurrence for a change in lubrication will depend on:

  • Intensity of operation of the device;
  • The volume of loads laid on it;
  • The conditions of construction work (for example, dustiness of the surrounding space).

It is recommended to change the oil change immediately after changing the sequins of the electric motor. However, with the arrival of the experience, the operator will be able to determine by ear when the tool needs to change the oil. Prior to the start of the new portion of the oil substance, the fact of the expiration of the warranty period for the device itself should be clarified. The question is that not all modirators models provide access to the gearbox card through a hole or hatch. And this means the need to disassemble the case, which in the presence of a valid guarantee, the latter will level. If the guarantee is not expired, but there are no hatches, then it is better to entrust the oil to the specialists of the authorized service center.

During the independent lubrication of the gearbox, it is necessary to first remove the layer of old. For these purposes, the crankcase is washed with kerosene/diesel fuel (in some cases. “vigor”, t.E. Liquid machine oil). In cases where I had to disassemble the case, the mechanism is pre.Blown to remove the accumulated dirt and dust.

IMPORTANT! After performing blowing and washing the mechanisms, it is necessary to lubricate precisely those parts that had previously been treated with oil, for example, a braid of transmission. If the element does not require lubrication, then it should not be processed (for example, gear council).

Prior to the start of processing, the oil should be carefully prepared. An ideal lubricant for the tool will be a product released by the manufacturer of the most oeoring equipment. However, such an option may not cost cheaply. At the same time, if it was not possible to get hold of a proprietary substance, it is always possible to use a universal sample based on lithola (it is good for drilling rooms).

For interchangeable nozzles and for shanks of drills, it is better to use oil in small quantities (a drop should not be larger than a pea) and can serve as a lubricant or lilest. Over, this operation is necessary in all cases, before inserting the nozzle into the clamp cartridge. To extract the nozzle, the shank must be wiped dry from accumulated dust.

IMPORTANT! The lubricant used to process the shanks should be especially of high quality, because otherwise there will easily arise a breakdown due to overheating or can generally jam the shock mechanism.

Reducer lubrication. Basics of the procedure

The lubricant for this element of the penetrator is characterized by special requirements for the operational regime. However, this does not mean that in some cases it is forbidden to use lititus to lubricate. There are factors when, when using domestic lubricant, the impact of the tool will only increase, and the issued noise. On the contrary, decline.

Litol is very suitable for use by Asian production gearboxes, because it is not necessary to hope for their warranty service, as a rule, one does not have to. In principle, an enumbering tool from any manufacturer has its own constructive features, therefore, any standard and uniform instructions for lubricating the gearbox simply does not exist. The entire operation will be required:

  • Soft rag;
  • Tool for operating tools with recommendations from the lubricant manufacturer;
  • Lubricants. Either corporate or universal (analogues are not welcome).

Further, on the most cleaned by means of rags, the working elements, an oil substance is applied with an even layer. It is necessary to constantly monitor the lubrication level so that it does not exceed the mark recommended by the manufacturer of the apparatus. It is worth noting that the lubrication of the gearbox immediately, upon completion of the work, is extremely undesirable, because the heated details when applying a cold substance to them, they may simply crack. A small amount of solidol or lithola can also be applied to the shank of the drill. If the tool model has an open cartridge, then it makes sense to process the oil seal at the same time. To do this, you will need to disassemble and rub it reliably. The grease applied later will help extend the service life of the entire device and will reliably prevent the distribution of dust inside the body.

Brand lubricant materials for the working tips of the penetrator

Each manufacturer of the power tool is interested in its performance, at least within the warranty period. Despite the uniform approaches to the composition of the additives, the products are slightly different.

Nano Lube

Bosch grease for drill

Developed by order of the tool manufacturer one of the leading oil refineries. It has excellent adhesion: lubrication literally sticks to the surface and does not erase at loads. Binds abrasive dust, prevents it from acting on metal. Very small consumption.

For the Boers Makita

Produced in several packaging options. Long life: can be used for several work shifts if the boat does not change.

lubricant, grease, work, mechanism, perforator

Neutral to rubber seals and plastic. The only problem is that the lubrication of Makita is incompatible with other compositions, so when changing the oil, thorough cleaning is required.

For Boers Interskol

Semi.Synthetic composition containing molybdenum, lithium. Additives provide water resistance, anti.Corrosion protection, increase the life of the tool.

Disadvantages: low upper temperature threshold, only 130 ° C. In addition, Interskol lubrication wear out quickly, so the consumption is high compared to the analogues.

Lubricating Grease for Rotating equipments in Refinery. Petrochemical services

Universal grease for drill

There is no binding of the tool brands to lubrication. You can use the universal composition, the main thing is that the packaging has information about the purpose. To prevent the negative impact of incompatible compositions, when changing the brand, just wipe the drill dry, and cleanse the internal cavities of the cartridge.

The principle of operation of the shock mechanism

In principle, the operation of the shock mechanism laid the oscillations of the eccentric cage of the bearing, made in the form of an ellipse (see. Rice.One). The inner clutch of the bearing receives rotation from the engine shaft and sets in motion an ellipse external clip, to which the cululis is attached through the supports. The backstage transforms a rotational uneven movement into the progressive movement of the piston, which with its boy is removed along the shank of the shock instrument, transmitting an impact impulse to a working tool, which has a free move in the mounting mechanism.

A special cartridge is used to fasten the operator’s working body, which is called SDS. Cartridge. In the cartridge there are moving parts that work in continuous movement under load, which must be lubricated to extend the life of the tool, the question immediately arises why the grease of the infantry drilling and what lubrication is lubricated by the beam of the penetrator?

Lubrication for the cartridge of the penetrator

The infantry cartridge requires the same care as the gearbox. Work with constant dust leads to the fact that a lot of dirt accumulates in the cartridge, the details are spinning with difficulty. A technical inspection with grease in order to avoid breakdowns should not be carried out when the tool stops working, but much more often.

In order to lubricate the cartridge with your own hands, select the lubricant that we recommend the manufacturer or from trusted manufacturers of the same type. Naturally, we disassemble the cartridge according to the instructions, wipe all the details dry and grease them with the selected grease.

We disassemble the cartridge of the penetrator

It must be remembered that the lack of lubrication and its excess on the work of the tool do not affect the best way. Everything should be in moderation.

With lubrication, lubricate those details that need this and which should have slipping. Naturally, such details as, for example, a gear coupling, do not need to lubricate.

When buying lubricants, you need to know that the lubricant for the tips of the cutting tool, for example, is completely not suitable for lubrication of nodes and vice versa.

How to lubricate the gearbox correctly

Having decided on the choice of the brand, we proceed to regulatory work. Liquid oils merge from the gearbox by analogy with the car. If the development looks too dirty, and is saturated with abrasive interspersed, the gearbox should be washed with a special composition.

You can also disassemble the body and carefully clean. Then neat assembly is carried out (if necessary with the replacement of gaskets), and the filling of the new composition through the standard holes.

Step.By.Step video instructions for lubricating the peorator gearbox

The amount of oil is indicated in the documentation. In its absence, you can measure the volume. True, at the same time, natural losses should be taken into account.

With consistent compositions is somewhat easier. The gearbox is unequivocally disassembled, you can extract the components (carefully, do not lose the springs and stop rings).

lubricant, grease, work, mechanism, perforator

Then thorough cleaning and washing of metal parts and gearbox is thoroughly cleaned. Kerosene is usually used (aggressive detergents can damage sealing bushings and gaskets).

A lubricant is applied to the assembled gearbox (without a lid). It should completely cover all gears and moving details of the mechanism. The thickness of the layer is not more than 5 mm, the internal cavities are filled completely.

However, you should not work on the principle: “You can’t spoil the porridge with oil”. Excess lubricant will complicate the operation of the mechanism and will definitely come out, simultaneously damaging the gasket or the oil seal.

The illustration shows how the gearbox should not be lubricated.

The frequency of replacements does not depend on the calendar days, but on the number of motorcycles. Data on this is in the documentation for the tool. It should be remembered that the “station wagons” of the type of lithola serve less.

With the correct selection of lubrication, you can independently serve the peorators without paying for the work of service masters. The exception is the period of the tool for the guarantee.

Features of the selection

The choice of lubricant for the pea does not require much effort and knowledge, the main thing is to show attention and study the attached instructions to understand how to lubricate the gearbox. There is a suitable type of lubricant, usually proprietary, recommended indicators of viscosity and water resistance.

Among the relevant manufacturers stand out: Makita, AEG, BOSCH, LUBCON. Also, manufacturers of lubricants of various purposes should be distinguished, such as Shell, Castrol and Ravenol. They produce high.Quality products, the correct use of which will help to achieve maximum performance of the penetrator.

Eltra lubricant deserves special attention. They have an average consistency between liquid consistent oils. This allows you to use it both in hermetic and in leaky gearboxes.

In some cases, when there is no relevant information in the documentation, other types of oils can be used. Often to replace the lubricant for the gearbox, use a substance for diesel engines. Some masters prefer graphite lubrication. In some cases, for an amateur tool, you can use Litol 24. But it is not suitable for professional peorators, as it leads to an additional increase in temperature and excessive braking, and also requires more frequent replacement to maintain properties.

When choosing how to lubricate the gearbox, you need to focus on your own tool and for what purposes and how often it is used.

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