What lubricant is used in perforators. DIY lubrication for corner grinder

How to lubricate a peorator correctly

The lubrication of the peorator is given an important place among other procedures related to periodic maintenance of this tool. This prophylactic measure should be executed through the time specified in the instructions for using the time. Timely replacement of lubrication reduces friction in the nodes of the device, slows down the wear of the parts, thereby extending its service life. It should be borne in mind that the old lubricant must be removed when introducing a new. The lubricant for the pea is produced by different manufacturers. Over, for its individual nodes, its various types are intended.

In order to properly serve the peorator, you need to know what parts to lubricate in it, and with what frequency. This mechanism has a rather complicated device. It consists of the following main nodes:

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  • Building with vibration protection;
  • An electric motor with a vertical or horizontal arrangement;
  • Piston system;
  • Cartridge;
  • Gearboxes made in the form of a case (crankcase), inside of which there are worm, conical, cylindrical gears;
  • Safety coupling designed to stop rotation (when jamming the nozzle during operation) of the cartridge;
  • Working nozzle (drill, shoulder blades, chisels, crowns or peaks).

The schematic device of the penetrator is presented in the photo below.

Reducer is a node responsible for regulating the speed of the working nozzle. Its closed performance is designed to protect the parts placed inside from dust, dirt and possible mechanical damage. During the operation of the tool, the gears experience significant loads, while the friction between them increases significantly. This leads to an increase in the pace of their wear.

As a rule, in various models of tools, the gearbox goes lubricated from the factory. But when working, the metal of parts is destroyed. As a result, metal dust is formed, which, mixing with grease, leads to an increase in friction force (therefore to acceleration of wear). The timely replacement of the lubricant helps to slow down the destruction process.

It should also be borne in mind that often cheap models are lubricated quite poorly or the material of dubious quality. They are recommended to miss again immediately after acquisition.

In addition to the gear ratio, the cartridge and the seat of the interchangeable nozzle should be processed with lubricant material. The first is supplied dry. Only a section in contact directly with the tail of the nozzle is smeared in it: in this place, severe friction occurs during the operation of the tool. If it is not reduced, then this leads to increased wear of the cartridge, up to severe damage. Also, the tail of the nozzle is quickly erased and can be deformed under the influence of shock forces with a strong heating, which is caused by friction.

What needs to be lubricated

In accordance with the operating instructions inside the penetrator, you need to lubricate the gearbox and bearings. Service can be carried out with your own hands.

Saar drill

Concrete dust. Excellent abrasive material. Penetrating inside, it accelerates the wear of the cartridge and the tail of the nozzle. Before each installation of equipment in the cartridge of the infusion, the shank of the drill is thoroughly cleaned of dust and other contaminants and lubricated. Apply “lilest” to the sluts of the shank. Into closed and open grooves, which is evenly distributed along their entire length.

Most of the owners of the tool prefer anti.Adhesive, but::

Many people prefer classic fat solidol or “Litol”. The latter demonstrates good results, but without flaws does not do.

  • The material is known for low water resistance. It is able to pass moisture to the contacting surfaces, which causes corrosion of metal components. Rust accelerates the wear of the cartridge.
  • A feature of lithola as a lubricant for a peorater cartridge is quick wear. After a dozen minutes of work, Litol turns into processing, its mechanical indicators fall, and the effectiveness is reduced.
  • Price. Yes, yes, the availability in this situation is a weak side. If the lubricant is cheap, then it is applied without sparing, but in vain. Such a genuine penetrator has not benefited yet.
  • Ready to periodically stop the work to replace the worn lubrication with a new volume recommended by the manufacturer. Drop in each groove;
  • Not working and not storing the peorator in conditions of high humidity;
  • Those who want to save on lubricants;
  • Owning an inexpensive peorator. It is not recommended to save on consumables for professional models.

If drops of oil fly out during operation from the cartridge, it means that it is not intended for work at elevated temperature, the nozzle of the nozzle is very heated or it is too much applied.


Peorators gearboxes are two varieties. In devices with a crooked-shaped mechanism, this is a model with a separate extension from a shock group, with a swinging bearing-it is implemented according to the ratchet.

A gearbox is a pair of gears with a straight or oblique tooth that pass the rotational moment to the cartridge with a nozzle. The lubricant for the peorator gearbox is generously applied to the teeth of all the gears and components of the drunken bearing shock group. To do this, you will have to disassemble the device, get rid of the spent compound, simultaneously assessing the condition of the mechanical components. Is it time to replace them.

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The lubricant should be inert to the plastic, from which a significant part of the cases is made, especially inexpensive peorators.

The frequency of replacing the lubrication of a particular model is indicated in the operating instructions, it depends on:

  • The quality of the metal from which the rubbing parts are made;
  • The intensity of the operation of the tool;
  • The level of heating of the components;
  • The quality of the lubricant, its quantity;
  • Working conditions.

For most inexpensive models of peorators, maintenance is recommended to carry out every 200 hours of work, provided that high.Quality lubrication is used. If the tool is rarely operated, the peorator must be lubricated before use once every six months. Any synthetic lubrication decomposes over time, losing the original properties.

Before working at low and negative temperatures, the peorator should work for a minute or two at low idle speeds for heating lubrication-the thickened composition is not so effective.

The lubrication of the gearbox and bearing should fill about 1/3 of the free volume. If you apply more, it will begin to warmly warm up, accelerating the aging of the metal.


The cartridge of the penetrator is not lubricated separately. It is enough to apply compounds to the shank drill or drill.

Features of the choice of oil

Before lubricating the Bosch peorators, choose the right oil. When buying it, you need to pay attention to viscosity. High.Quality compositions are expensive, but you should not save. For such an expensive tool as the peorator must be careful constantly. What types of lubrication and how much can be used indicated in the instructions. If there is no such information, the best composition will help you choose specialists of the outlet or service center. On sale there are universal compositions for processing various models of peorators.

Many prefer to use graphite lubricants that have:

In the absence of a lubricant, you can use a lithol or solidol. But they cause slight inhibition of rotating details and help increase the heating of the tool during operation. It is advisable to buy a special composition in the near future, remove Litol and apply a new composition.

Before lubricating the bug of the pedorator, you need to make sure that the oil taken is suitable for him. The compounds used for gearboxes are not suitable for lubrication. For the latter, they take more liquid agents, they must fill out the free cavities, completely cover the parts that contact each other. If there are plastic elements in the gearbox, silicone grease is used. It is suitable for processing cartridges.

lubricant, used, lubrication, corner, grinder

The transmission mechanism is allowed to lubricate with plastic compounds. But not all tools when using the means of such a consistency will work uninterruptedly. Thicker mixtures are suitable to reduce the degree of wear of tail nozzles. The packaging marks their purpose for drilling. In the absence of those, you can take graphite, but they take heat worse.

Electric tools manufacturers produce their branded lubricants. They are also engaged in their manufacture by enterprises that specialize in the production of lubricating mixtures.

The most popular products of firms include:

  • Bosch. For tail nozzles and gearboxes.
  • Makita. For drilling.
  • Interskol. For Boers.
  • Nanothek. For shanks.
  • Turmogrease. Universal compositions.
  • Lubcon Thermoplex. For gearboxes.
  • Kress. To lubricate the drill.
  • PRORAB. For processing seaming seats.

Lubricant for the Peakita brand

The specifics of choosing a lubricant for a gearbox, drill and cartridge

Lubrication is a substance that is intended to reduce the friction forces that arise between the details interacting with each other. Of course, friction is partially left. That is, when operating the tool, structural elements that are in contact, still wear out. However, when there is a lubricant, the process becomes much slower than during friction “on dry”.

Lubricants can be synthetic, mineral and semi.Synthetic. The second variety is made from oil. She quickly loses its operational characteristics and requires frequent replacement.

The main parameter of any lubricant is the degree of its viscosity. Those who produce peorators in the user guide are recommended to use such a lubricant to care for the tool that has a certain value of this characteristic.

Each brand of lubricant has its own technical characteristics, and when choosing it is necessary to take into account them. In order to lubricate the gear gears, a cartridge, a tail of the nozzle use only varieties of compositions that are suitable for processing these parts. For example, to smear drill, do not use the material used to reduce friction in the gearbox.

To lubricate the transmission mechanism of the peorator, it is necessary to use gearbox oil. It needs to be poured through a special hole in the case as much as indicated in the instructions. It covers the interacting details, filling out the crankcase. The peerator oil should have a liquid consistency.

Lubrication of the gear ratio is also made with special plastic compounds. At the same time, it is taken into account that not all equipment can work normally when substances with such a consistency are used.

In the case when the gearbox parts are partially or completely from plastic, it is possible to use silicone lubricant. Say, 220-R Silicone DBC or HVS-100 Silicone #3 from Huskey.

In order to reduce friction between the tail of the nozzles and cartridges, the compositions of a thick consistency are used. It is customary to indicate that they are intended for drill.

IMPORTANT! If there are no one, then the graphite analogue is suitable. Only he takes the heat worse compared to the special composition. Thick varieties of silicone lubricants are also suitable for cartridges.

Oil requirements for working elements and their types

The oil protection of various elements of the electric transarator may differ, which will depend on different air conditioning and the prevailing combination between pressure and temperature. The application of the substance must be carried out with special care, because poor.Quality lubrication may turn into the need to replace the entire working unit.

For drill

Brand models of tools, usually immediately equipped with a branded capacity with a lubricant for use by drill. It, as a rule, should be applied to the contacting bases of the shank. At the same time, the ensuing viscosity parameters will depend on the basis used in the substance (mineral or synthetic).

It is necessary to use exclusively the brand that is recommended by the manufacturer. The reason is that the chemical base in this substance is specially selected for structural materials of this equipment model and will be able to provide their sound with intense and “hot” operation. In general, this recommendation applies precisely by related products from the brands-manufacturers of equipment.

For gearboxes

The gearbox of the peorator during its initial use is not required, because the manufacturer in advance placed the calculated amount of oil substance in the case, and the manufacturer simply cannot miss this technological moment. However, during operation, the lubricant will be decomposed, polluted and, in the end, will lose its beneficial properties.

Gear lubrication must be replaced after a while, which will be required depending on the severity of the working conditions and with extraordinary overheating. Overheating is caused due to friction during the rotation of the structural elements of the device, which will be accompanied by a sharp and frequent release of a liquid turned into steam. It is for gearboxes that oils are used, which are capable of:

  • Prevent the oxidation of the metal parts of the unit;
  • To catch and divert various pollution;
  • Firmly hold on the surface of protected parts;
  • Do not respond to excessive overheating;
  • Have some ability to self.Heal.
lubricant, used, lubrication, corner, grinder

Recommended compounds for hard work

And for drilling and for replaceable nozzles, when used during operation, associated with heavy loads, it is necessary to use a specific grease. Such compounds can be distinguished by marking on the package. They are characterized by the presence of “HW” liters (“hard work”. Hard work), accompanied by an eloquent picture (design depends only on the manufacturer). The use of universal compositions, especially if it is known in advance that heavy work is coming, is extremely not recommended, because this can disable the entire mechanism of the device out of order. At the same time, standard nigrol, solidol or lititol are not suitable for such use.

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How often you need to lubricate the tool

The care for the inferator is similar in the user manual and on the manufacturer’s website.

Lubricate the gearbox with the frequency recommended by the manufacturer. It is usually indicated in the hours of work. It should be borne in mind that when using inexpensive substitutes, for example, lithola, there is an aging of the lubricant over time and its thickening. And even if the device did not work out the desired number of hours, the lubricant will still have to be replaced.

With intensive loads, the replacement frequency should be increased.

The tail of the drill and cartridge must be lubricated with each installation.

Before lubrication, wipe the parts from construction dust and the remains of the old lubricant.

The procedure for applying lubrication to the gearbox of corner grind

Before applying, a new lubricant, it must be thoroughly mixed and trace that there are no lumps or extraneous objects in it. On the gear, the lubricants are applied with a thin layer, making sure that it completely covers the teeth. It is more convenient to fill with a syringe inside the bearings with a syringe inside the bearings. Then the lubricant intended for angular grinder is clogged into the gearbox body. This is necessary for the reason that during work it can fly with gears and with its small number, the gears will work “dry”.

The volume of the lubricant laid in the gearbox should be such that the oblique teeth of the gears are completely covered with it. Excess will lead to the fact that it will squeeze out from under the cover, and an insufficient amount will not ensure the correct operation of the gearbox.

lubricant, used, lubrication, corner, grinder

It is best to navigate the quantity that was laid down at the manufacturer of an angle grinding machine, but you need to remember that the lubricant may dry, while decreasing in volume.

In this regard, it is better to put a little more and check the correctness of the distribution of the lubricant after turning on the corner grinder. In general, the amount of lubricant is usually approximately 30-50% of the full capacity of the gearbox.

Types of lubricant for gearbox

Lubrication. A substance of a viscous consistency necessary to reduce the coefficient of friction between the individual driving parts of the mechanisms. At the same time, it is impossible to completely remove friction, therefore, to avoid wear in the peorator gearbox, timely replacement is required. During friction, small metal particles are separated from the tool and in the form of metal dust fall into the oil. Because of this, the oil loses its properties. At the first stage, the viscosity of the substance changes, and at the second it itself is the cause of the additional wear of the tool. Viscosity is the most important parameter of oil, which is worth first to pay attention when choosing.

Liquid lubricant is similar to motor oil. It can only be used in peorators with a gearbox with a sealed body. In order for the oil to be kept inside, the tool shafts are protected by sealing oil seals.

The replacement of liquid lubricant is performed through the oils, special holes with a tightly closing lid. It is characterized by high efficiency, as it is able to evenly cover the entire surface of gears and other elements.

Also, liquid oil promotes the cooling of the gearbox, while in the case of a tool overheating, the pressure is significantly increased in the gearbox. This can lead to oil loss through the seals.

Consistent lubricant is more common. Lubrication has a thick, plastic consistency and excellent adhesion. Differs in the application of application, to replace the gearbox should be disassembled. This allows you to control the required amount of lubricant in full. At room temperature, it is quite thick and holds well on metal elements. The advantage of consistent lubrication is that its use does not require complete tightness, only the use of good gaskets and bushings is enough.

During operation, the lubricant temperature grows and it, melting, evenly covers the surface of the mechanisms. After the end of work, it cools and holds on the gears.

When choosing a manufacturer, you should adhere to one rule. The manufacturer of the oil must comply with the manufacturer of the penetrator. Almost every manufacturer develops oil based on the requirements and features of his own tool. Typically, the technical documentation of the tool indicates information about the type of lubricant recommended for use. The documentation also indicates a list of power tools for which it is suitable. Do not underestimate these recommendations, since even the slightest deviation of technical characteristics can negatively affect the performance of the tool.

Among the lubricants of domestic production, a knight can be distinguished. Produced in the Moscow region and sold in a tube weighing 100 g. Convenient to use, a narrow nose of the tube is great for applying oil to the holes of the gearboxes.

A few more recommendations on the lubrication of the peorator

The question of how often the lubrication of the peorater should be performed, users of such equipment often occur quite often. There can be no unequivocal answer to this question, since the regularity of the lubrication depends on the intensity of the use of the peorator, as well as on what loads the equipment perceives. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the recommendations of the manufacturer, necessarily indicated in the technical passport, as well as whether the warranty period has ended for the device you use.

Hidden surfaces of the parts of the gearbox must be lubricated before assembling mechanisms

To the question of how to lubricate the peorator of one of modern models, it is much easier to answer, since the advantageous majority of these devices already have a special container in their equipment, in which you just need to fill the lubricant, unscrewing the drain cover and drain the old lubricant. Before pouring a new lubricant, the level of which should not exceed the control mark, it is better to blow the container using any compressor suitable for this, and then rinse using spindle oil or ordinary gasoline.

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