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Greetings on my site! This article will talk about the lubrication of the penetrator. The operation of this tool requires not only a simple careful attitude. Be sure to periodically lubricate the gearbox and cartridge.

At the same time, the gearbox, of course, is already coming from the factory. But over time, the lubricant leaks somewhere, somewhere dries. In addition, it is intended only to reduce friction, and not to eliminate it. Therefore, one way or another, and the details still rub against each other, which is why fine metal dust is gradually formed, which remains in grease.

As a result of such mixing of metal and lubricating material, the properties of the latter are gradually lost and the wear of the parts is accelerated.

Inexpensive Chinese peorators can be poorly lubricated at the factory. Experienced masters of service centers recommend after buying even a new such device to immediately disassemble it and miss it

The cartridge from the plant goes dry. Here, in fact, not the cartridge itself is smeared completely, but only its place, which is in contact with the drill, since it is in it that severe friction occurs, without reducing which the cartridge itself and the tail of the drill itself can be damaged.

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So, below, consider how and how to lubricate these elements. The SDS peorator with the horizontal location of the engine will be considered, since it is they who in the vast majority of cases are used by home craftsmen, and the article is mainly written for them.

lubricant, lubricate, gearbox, lubrication

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Replacement rules

The main modular block is an angular grinder is a gearbox. He assumes the main part of the load during functioning. It contains braids, which convey the rotational moment from the rotor to the active element. The lubrication of the gearbox of the corner grinder provides a decrease in the friction force in the gears. And also helps to reduce the temperature that occurs during operation.

In what cases to replace the lubricant? During functioning, the lubricant scatters on the sides of the gearbox body. After a short time, he begins to dry, and lumps form. Lumps can accumulate particles of dust and metal formed during operation. If when analyzing the corner grinder, lumps are detected, then you need a new lubricant for the gearbox of the corner grinder.

There are situations when it is required to replace the parts of the gearbox corner grinding or rotor bearing. In this case, it is necessary to disassemble the device. Accordingly, the lubricant will be removed. New material is applied instead.

During long periods of work, the gearbox of the corner grinder is heated. Accordingly, the coating used also begins to bask. In a preheated state, the lubricant becomes liquid and can leak. As a result, there is little left inside it. This can be seen if the gear is inspected. They should have a thick layer. Thus, with a small volume of the lubricant, it is necessary to replace it.

Why you need to lubricate the gear node?

No matter how durable the metal of the gears is, friction of the teeth on each other inevitably lead to wear.

In addition, in the absence of antifriction lubrication, the gears are very hot during operation, the so.Called “vacation” of hardened steel occurs. The metal loses hardness. After that, rapid wear and even breakdown breaks up.

In addition to standard loads (when the gears are hooked during rotation), teeth can move in the longitudinal, axial plane. This happens when the peorator is designed according to the ratchet scheme.

The small gear, along with the mobile shaft, moves back and forth the relatively large. Accordingly, the lubricant should provide unhindered sliding.

Lubricating in the gearbox//গিয়ার বক্সের ভিতরে তৈলাক্তকরণ।

In addition, gearbox shafts are based on bearings. If they are not hermetic (with their own lubricant), the same composition is used (all mechanics in one case).

There are many consistent lubricants that are used both in cars and “heavy” mechanisms and in household (professional) electrical appliances. Nevertheless, a conscientious electrical appliance user is trying not to use universal compositions.

Lubricate the cartridge and shank drill

This operation is very simple, so its description will be quite short.

My Gear box test. Lubrication grease

Just take a brown lubricant and add it directly to the cartridge. Another option involves applying it to the shank followed by installing it in the cartridge nest. But no one forbids to combine these two methods for reliability.

It is necessary to ensure that the lubricant is constantly present and as necessary to add a new. If you neglect this procedure, then the tail will overheat, which will either take it off from the rest of the drill, or to flattening. Therefore, do not be lazy and add.

That’s all you need to know by the cartridge and shank.

As promised, I attach at the end of the link to the video with disconnecting the switch:

This is all the information that I have on the issue of lubrication of the penetrator. I hope it was clear and affordable. I say goodbye to this. Until new meetings!

How often you need to lubricate the tool

The tails of the nozzles should be smeared with each installation, having previously wiped dust or other pollutant. If the work is carried out intensively, then you need to visually control the degree of lubrication of the seat of the nozzle used.

The peorator works for different users with different intensity: some use it every day, while others only occasionally. Therefore, there is no unequivocal answer about the regularity of introducing or replacing lubricants. To decide on the need to replace lubrication in the general case, you need to focus on the following:

  • The intensity of the use of the tool;
  • Recommendations set forth on this issue in the instructions for the pedorator;
  • Warranty service period.

The most complete recommendations of manufacturers regarding the lubrication of the tools of the tool are contained in the operational instructions. The parts that are not indicated there do not need lubrication.

Basic structural elements of the penetrator

In order for the peorator to perform its immediate functions, it is necessary to make a certain force towards the processed surface. It is possible to get such an impulse thanks to a pneumatic or electromagnetic mechanism. The power of the instrument depends on the energy of the impact and power of the electric motor. That is, the more the indicators are in joules and watts, the more powerful the tool.

The main elements of the peorator with an electromagnetic type of impact include:

And the elements of the tool with the pneumatic type of action include:

Pneumatic impact oorators are more common to date than with an electromagnetic blow. There are several options for their execution, the main two, which differ from each other in that the first uses a swinging bearing (the so-called “drunk”), and in the second a crooked-shaped mechanism is used. Tools with the first option differ in lightness and compactness, and with the second option, as a rule, have medium or heavy weight.

  • Cartridge. It is necessary to fix the nozzle, several types are distinguished: SDS Plus (installed in light tools) and SDS Max (for medium and heavy devices), the first type has the ability to install a drill from shanks with a diameter of 1 cm, with the second type the tail diameter is 1.8 cm, also SDS Plus has three operating modes (drilling, drilling, blow), and SDS max only two (drilling and blow). There is the possibility of installing a traditional cam type cartridge (a hollow cylinder with an adjusting ring and metal fists, which hold the nozzle);
  • The cartridge replacement system is a quick change in one type of cartridge (SDS) to another (cam);
  • Reverse. Changes the rotation of the drill, there is a brush and electronic type;
  • The gearbox is a single case (crankcase), in which various gears are placed (conical, cylindrical, worm), this location of the parts allows you to protect the main mechanism from damage and dust and dust, the main function of the element is to change the speed of rotation of the shafts;
  • Protection against vibration. There are passive or active (AVS marking, most heavy peorators are supplied) type, they extinguish vibration from blows, that is, they decrease it, but it is not possible to completely remove this effect, the active anti.Vibration system has a shock.Absorbing device. A counterweight to a spring, and a passive system is rubber overlays and rubberized hilt, that is, it protects a little worse and is installed only on light household tools;
  • Various indicators;
  • Speed regulator;
  • Safety coupling. It is necessary to stop the rotation of the cartridge in cases where the nozzle jams during operation, there are two types: spring-pool (consists of half-meters with teeth and spring) and friction (consists of disks);
  • Electronic immobilizer. For stopping the inferator in emergency situations, for example, in cases of voltage difference in order to avoid problems with the tool and maintain its performance;
  • Engine. There are two types: transverse (vertical location, differs in a larger area for cooling and is considered more protected from dust formed during operation, as a rule, are used in cases where prolonged drilling is necessary without interruptions) and longitudinal (horizontal location helps to make the tool more balanced, that is, increases its ergonomicity, as well as more compact).

Having sorted out the device of the penetrator, you should know what care the tool is needed.

Difficulties in choosing

Unlike lubricating materials for other types of equipment, the lubricant for peorators is easiest to select, relying not on the composition of the ingredients, but on specific recommendations set forth by the tool manufacturer in the user’s management. There are specifically indicated:

The issue of quality in this matter is completely dependent on the manufacturer. So, products of foreign firms are very popular:

A little lower according to the rating (but not always in quality), products from::

lubricant, lubricate, gearbox, lubrication

Separately, it is worth mentioning the brand “Ultra”, which is a striking example of the “golden mean” between liquid consistent lubricants. And this suggests that it can be used in leaky and hermetic gearboxes.

If the equipment model is used, the manufacturer of which did not bother to bring specific recommendations on the lubricants in the instructions, then it is possible to use some of their universal types. Asian devices often suffer from such a “ailment”. However, they are famous for their unpretentiousness: in particular, a substance used to lubricate internal combustion on a diesel engine is quite suitable for them. Some masters on Chinese models prefer to work out graphite lubricants. If the instrument clearly has an amateur appointment, then the domestic “Litol 24” may suit it. However, a professional tool, most likely, will not tolerate substitutes and analogues, so it is necessary to lubricate it only to “native” lubricant in order to prevent the risks of uncontrolled temperature increase and excessively sharp inhibition when stopping. Over, the use of “native” material will significantly reduce the requirements for the frequency of lubrication.

What grease to choose

There are several ways to reduce the friction effect on the interacting elements of the angular grinder gearbox. The choice than to lubricate the friction nodes is made from the following options:

  • The use of expensive special lubricants for gearboxes from known brands;
  • The use of universal compounds suitable for any power tool;
  • Lubrication of the gearbox with lithol or solidol;
  • Using self.Made lubricants.

Application of special materials. The optimal solution. When choosing a lubricant for the gearbox, it is recommended to give preference to the compositions produced under the same brand as the corner grinder itself. For example, if AEG machine machine, then the lubricant must buy the same brand.

When using specialized products, the service life of the angular grinder increases significantly, since the manufacturer takes into account all the features and nuances of the operation of their own equipment. The minus of the use of branded materials is their high cost, which may affect the family budget.

Most masters use budget grinders or a Chinese.Made tool. For such machines, specialized lubricants were not developed by the manufacturer and are unlikely to ever appear. However, such a technique requires maintenance. What in this case to do?

Specialists and service masters recommend purchasing any budget non.Branded composition designed specifically for gearboxes. You can also use a lubricant used for a CHIR. Joint.Wheel drive joints operated under significant loads. It can be purchased without problems in any car shop. This option is much worse than using branded materials. This is due to the fact that the specifics of the operation of the friction nodes of two different mechanisms are not taken into account.

The most unfavorable solution is the use of lithola or solidol, since both of these materials are not designed to grease the friction nodes heating to high temperatures. Some owners of the Bulgarians use only these compositions, which is why their cars cannot last during the service life declared by the manufacturer. In an effort to gain profit here and now, they do not take into account future expenses for the acquisition of a new tool or replacing expensive parts.

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What manufacturers produce lubrication for peorators

To choose a lubricant for the peorator correctly, you will need to pay attention to such models in which there is a post that the mixture is intended for the electric tool gearbox. You can choose the corresponding consistency further directly at the cost. However, not always expensive lubricants are good, since in most cases customers have to overpay only for the brand.

When choosing, you can give preference to lubricants from manufacturers such as Bosch, Makita, Lubcon and AEG. When buying substances from these manufacturers, one important factor should also be taken into account. This is compatibility with specific models of power tools. It is worth noting another type of lubricant Ultra-0-a semi-liquid substance that, when heated, goes into a liquid state. This type of lubricant is suitable for crankcase and leaky gearboxes.

Similar types of lubricants can also be used for other types of power tools, for example, drills, screwdrivers, jigsaws. Not only the life of the instrument, but also its performance depends on the quality of the ongoing prevention. Work as a device that regularly passes cleaning, lubrication and replacement of the failed parts is not only pleasant, but also convenient, since the owner can always be sure that the unit will not let you down. Take care of your instrument as you yourself, and it will serve you faithfully, even regardless of who is its manufacturer. China or Europe.

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