What motor to put on the circular saw.

What power a motor for a slicer needs

A three-phase motor produces less than half the rated power. That is, a 3 kW motor will give 1-1.5 kW. I think 3 kilowatts isn’t enough. A 380-volt motor would be fine, but a 220-volt one would be better with a bigger one.

Yes, for a fifty you need a more powerful motor. I have a circular saw with a 900W motor, it’s too weak. You’ll get tired even of sawing a forty-sided piece of wood, especially if the wood is wet.

I’ve been working for a long time. A 4 watt motor for a 50 mm board would be fine. but less is already maturity. (380 V and 3000 rpm). saw with a diameter of no more than 250 mm).

3000 rpm, 3 kW is enough to cut a 50mm board. At 380 volts with no problem. 220 volt starting capacitor can be an electrolytic capacitor or a working capacitor at the rate of 70 uF per 1 kW. The main condition, a good wheel and a pulley on the spindle. of the motor is the same diameter as the shaft or slightly larger. https://fazadom.com

-I would like to know how to calculate the power on the motor shaft T. е. the force required to rotate the motor without overheating just don’t guess but calculate. Been designing gear parts for machinery and machine parts for a long time. I would like to refresh rather than trial and error. Recombined A.Д, 2.2 kw is warming up after a short time of operation. Universal shaft with interchangeable knives for planing the surface of boards and cutting edges. How to determine the power on the motor shaft, a mystery.

Circular from a washing machine motor

Such a useful thing as a working motor

From an automatic washing machine, shouldn’t be lying in your garage.

Any self-respecting self-employed hand would scratch at the sight of such a promising detail.

In this article we will tell you how to make a very good light and compact circular saw on the basis of such an engine, on which you can solve a fifty board or even a 10×10 bar without any problems.

Attention! Assembling a circular saw with your own hands and continuing to use it can be dangerous! So do not take this case if you are unsure of your skills and do not follow safety rules! This article is not a call to action. And remember, all responsibility for what you do is yours alone!


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the “circular saw from a circular saw

Among self-taught carpenters, turning a hand-held circular saw into a machine tool is believed to be the easiest method of getting “three birds with one stone” at once, namely:

  • high quality of cut, guaranteed by the high rotation speed of the saw;
  • A shaft mounted in a collector motor on bearings that can withstand radial loads with honor;
  • the ideal (cantilevered) mounting of the disk, it allows a relatively quick change of the cutting tool, so there is no need to disassemble the circular saw.

The main advantage of making such a machine is the “native” motor, which guarantees maximum performance thanks to the ideal torque, optimal rpm. Other advantages of this solution:

  • Relatively simple locking that allows the saw to be quickly removed in the event of a major need.
  • Powerful motor for long service life because of its high load-carrying capacity.
  • Good thermal conditions guaranteed by the forced ventilation of the hand-held tool.
  • Possibility to get sufficient depth of cut using discs of big diameter. 60-75 mm. value, giving a good chance to make high-quality blanks for different products manufactured at home.

Bench and worktop

Modification of the hand saw into a circular saw machine begins with making a table (or housing-box), the back side of which will then be attached to the hand-held power tool so that part of the cutting edge protrudes over the surface of the table top.

Choose the shape and size of the table based on the size of the future timber. If you plan to do small billets, then length 1500 mm and width 600-700 mm will be enough. For making the frame of the circular saw is suitable a steel angle, having the width of the shelf equal to 25-30 mm. Top and bottom of the structure is reinforced by bracing made of the same angle or rebar. This option is optimal to give the frame of the machine maximum rigidity.

For the tabletop often choose laminated chipboard or OSB, some masters stop at plywood, the thickness of this material. 15-20 mm, but you can take a thinner material, and then join together 2 sheets. Elements, making the table top, not necessarily must be of the same size, have symmetric arrangement in relation to the bed. The main thing is that the construction is not in danger of tipping over.

In the tabletop make a notch, designed for the extension of the disk. The part of the table surface that will be in contact with the cutting tool is often covered with tinplate, metal sheet (aluminum, steel), textolite or plastic. This solution makes it possible to facilitate the movement of wooden lumber as much as possible.

Modification of the saw control

Such operations can be performed only in one case: if the tool has expired the warranty period. For the convenience of controlling the circular machine, the contacts of the button and the knob (lever) are led to an external electric switch, which is mounted on the body in a convenient place, but where accidental presses are completely excluded.

If the owner foresees the possibility of periodically removing the hand-held tool in the future, the contacts are fixed with duct tape or a clamp. In this case, the cord of the circular saw is plugged in the carrier, which is equipped with a pushbutton.

Guide ruler

It is necessary for precise cutting of material of different width, that’s why this ruler (stop) must be able to move parallel to the cutting edge. Such an element is also made of steel angle. Slots are cut into the worktop, in which the ends of the guide are fixed with screws.

A simpler variant. a pine board. Its width is 40 mm, its length is 200 mm more than that of the table. Nuts are first pressed into the lower part of the projecting edges and L-shaped hooks are secured with screws. After installing the board on the tabletop of the circular saw, they are tightened with screws, thanks to them, the hooks are raised and securely fasten the ruler. It is just as easy to move it to any place.


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Choosing a circular saw

Working with small amounts of lumber is a task that can be handled by hand saws and jigsaws. But what to do if you need maximum productivity in minimum time? The obvious solution is to use manual circular saws, which, firstly, have enough power, secondly, are characterized by convenience and mobility, which are not inherent in stationary sawmills.

We suggest to get acquainted with the classification and design features of circular saws for wood, as well as take a look at the rating of the most popular models of this year.

How To Change The Blade On A SkilSaw 5150. Where Is The Blade Lock On A Skilsaw 5150

Purpose of crosscut saws

During the performance of various works with workpieces made of wood, thin metal or plastic, it is sometimes necessary to make an even cut at a certain angle. Also, quite often, especially when working with wooden workpieces, it is necessary to dissolve the entire length.

To perform such operations manually is rather problematic, because in this case without the use of specialized power tools is extremely difficult to maintain the accuracy of the sawing of the workpiece. In addition, such work, if it is done without the use of special tools, takes a large amount of not only effort, but also time.

Trimmer saw allows making a high-precision cut of the wood workpiece, as well as products made of thin metal or plastic. By using this power tool it is possible to make diagonal cuts, as well as at a certain angle.

Different kinds of mitre saws

What kinds of trimmers there are, what are the best, popular models are suitable for both construction and simple tasks? Trimming saws are divided into three types. They are available:

Pendulum-type trimmers are equipped with a special pivoting wheel, which is placed on a horizontal bed. The circular saw is mounted on the pendulum at the back of it. To choose the direction of the saw’s cutting angles it is necessary to make rotations of the trimmer around the vertical axis.

Combination saws are additionally equipped with a hinge, and during the adjustment and selection of the cut it is necessary to rotate a special lever. To perform a cross-cutting cut relative to the horizontal of the workpiece, trimmers with so-called horizontal movement are used.

How to choose consumables for mitre saws?

The cutting part of a mitre saw is the circular saw blade, which has a main influence on the quality of the cut of the workpiece. The cutting part of the mitre saws has the following differences:

  • Cutting disc has different tooth shapes. Cutting discs with large teeth are used for rough treatment of material. Thanks to their use it is possible to cut the material quickly. For a cleaner cut it is necessary to choose discs with narrower teeth. Such discs are for example used for cutting materials like laminate.
  • The size of the inner cross-section (indicated on the face of the cutting wheel). The size of the inner cross-section can vary between 25-30 mm.
  • Outer cross-sectional dimension (the saw’s diameter is influenced by the technical features and the cutting capabilities).

Some models of crosscut saws are additionally equipped with a variety of options. For example, on certain models of trimmers (usually on those that belong to the tools of professional class), there is a special regulator of speed, which allows to perform fixation of cutting speed. With this feature, the trimmer can be more accurately adjusted to cut a particular material and control the cutting process itself.

Observance of safety when working with power tools

For comfortable and safe work with trimming saws it is recommended to use special protective glasses, because during the work with this power tool when cutting various workpieces, especially those that have been made of wood, a large amount of dust is formed, which can get into the eyes. It is recommended to wear a cover on the cutting part of the mitre saw.

motor, circular

The blade guard must also be worn during transport, even when not in use, to prevent damage to the blade. During operation, the guard can be removed by simply pressing the special handle or lowering the console. It is also recommended for safe operation:

  • Purchase a trimming saw that is equipped with a soft start system;
  • The start button must be locked during saw blade replacement;
  • Before you start working switch on the automatic shutoff function (if the saw blade suddenly stops during the sawing);
  • Install a special breakdown protection on the body of the tool (allows you to minimize electric shock if the tool breaks down);
  • Use what is known as a quick lock system during operation.

What is a sabre saw

Trimmers are a mechanism with a cutting disk designed to cut wood and composite materials at right angles or other required angles. Designed for operation on a level surface. Can be carried and installed on a temporary workstation. Similar in appearance to pipe cutting machines, rebar cutting machines, stone cutting machines.

There are several types of face saws:

Pendulum saw. horizontal bed with turning wheel. There is a lever attached to the back side of the disc (pendulum), which is the reason of its name. This is where the saw blade is mounted. Workpieces are fed along the guide bar. To make the cut, the lever with the rotating blade is pushed into the board.

Combined. all the same. Thanks to the hinges, it is possible to rotate the lever relative to the horizontal plane.

With horizontal travel. Reminds a pendulum mode, but allows you to saw wider parts due to forward and backward movement of the mechanism with a rotating disc on the slides.

As an addition to all trimmers is included:

11 WORST CIRCULAR SAW MISTAKES!! And How To Avoid them(DON’T DO THESE THINGS! Kickback/Binding)

Can the S6 motor listed on the nameplate be operated in S1 mode??

It is possible, but at a lower capacity. In our case, the motor AIRE80C2 in the mode S6-40% will develop power of 2.2kW (as indicated on the label). But in S1 mode (t.е. at a constant load) such a motor will deliver up to 1.8 kW (according to the manufacturer’s data). An increase in load in this mode would result in overheating of the motor and its failure.

You can choose and buy electric motors in the store for industrial equipment and materials.

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DIN electric motors: DIN connection sizes and shaft diameters of electric motors

Popular Models and Manufacturers

Budget models

Budget models include tools in the affordable price range of 5000 to 7000. The models described below have good reviews and ratings on Yandex.Marketu.

Bosch PKS 55

  • Power 1200W.
  • Cutting depth 55 mm at right angles.
  • Speed of rotation 5 600 rpm.
  • Diameter of the disc 160 mm, bore diameter of 20 mm.
  • Weight 3.9 kg.
  • The price for the middle of 2021 from 6000 to 7500

As you can see, there are considerably cheaper saws, and the price of this variant belongs rather to the medium price segment. But for a quality brand Bosch, this is quite a low price.

Interskol DP-190/1600M

  • Power 1600 W.
  • Cutting depth 63 mm at right angles.
  • Speed: 4 800 rpm.
  • Diameter of the disc 190 mm, planting diameter 20 mm.
  • Weight 5,6 kg.
  • Price mid 2021 from 6000

For a saw with enough power it is not a big price.

Hammer CRP 1500 D

  • Power output: 1500W.
  • Cutting depth 67 mm right angle.
  • Speed 4 700 rpm.
  • Diameter of the disc 190 mm, footprint diameter 30 mm.
  • Weight 5 kg.
  • Price to mid 2021 to 6 thousand.

VORTEX DP-190/1800

  • Power: 1800W.
  • Sawing depth 68mm at right angle, 47mm at 45 degree angle.
  • Speed of rotation 5 500 rpm.
  • Diameter of the disc 190 mm, plant diameter 30 mm.
  • Weight 4.7 kg.
  • Price for mid 2021 about 5 200

Middle price segment

Here is a selection of tools from the mid-price segment that you should pay attention to before buying. These saws are suitable for domestic, hobby and professional work

Bosch GKS 600

  • Power 1200 W.
  • Cutting depth 55 mm at right angles.
  • Speed 5 200 rpm.
  • Wheel diameter 165 mm, bore diameter 20 mm.
  • Weight 3.6 kg.
  • Mid 2021 price from 7.300 to 9.000 without discounts.

Bosch GKS 190

  • Motor power: 1400 W.
  • Cutting depth 70 mm, 45 degree angle 50 mm.
  • Speed of rotation 5 500 rpm.
  • Saw blades with a diameter of 184 to 190 mm and a bore diameter of 30 mm can be fitted.
  • Weight 4.2 kg.
  • Price in mid-2021 9 to 10 thousand.

Powerful professional saw with longitudinal motor (hypoid).

Makita HS7601

One of the lightest and most comfortable hand saws for professionals and amateurs.

  • Powerful 1200 W.
  • Cutting depth 66 mm, 45 degree angle 46 mm.
  • Speed of rotation 5 200 rpm.
  • Diameter of disc 190 mm, arbor diameter 30 mm.
  • Weight 4 kg.
  • Price for mid 2021 from 8,500. (at a discount) up to 10 thousand.

Metabo KS 55

  • Power 1200 W.
  • Cutting depth 55 mm, 45 degree angle 35 mm.
  • Speed 5 600 rpm.
  • Diameter of the disc 160 mm, footprint diameter 20 mm.
  • Weight 4 kg.
  • Price mid 2021 from 8000

Premium models

The most expensive, powerful professional models from reputable brands are included.

Makita 5903RK

  • Power 2000 W.
  • Cutting depth 85 mm at right angles.
  • Speed 4 500 rpm.
  • Diameter of disc 235 mm, arbor diameter 30 mm.
  • Weight 7,6 kg.
  • Price mid 2021 from 22 000

Bosch GKS 85 G

  • Power 2200 W (2,2 kW).
  • Cutting depth 85 mm at right angles.
  • Speed of rotation 5000 rpm.
  • Diameter of disc 235 mm, arbor diameter 30 mm.
  • Weight 7.8 kg.
  • Price mid 2021 from 22 000 to 30 000

Practice shows that even with full equipment (hand saw, electric jigsaw, stationary circular saw, chain saw) hand circular saw turns out to be in demand tool, often. the most in demand in construction, decoration, furniture and other products. Undoubtedly a really useful power tool.

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