What oil in the Patriot mower. In the summer

Patriot trimmers are a vivid demonstration of American production of garden tools

A huge role in the performance and durability of a gasoline trimmer for grass is played by oil, which protects the details of the cylinder.piston group from rapid wear.

In order for the lawn mower to delight its owner with trouble.free work, a competent approach to maintenance is needed. Currently, it is customary to distinguish between two main types of engine by the number of working tactes:

The principle of operation of two- and four-stroke engines

  • two.stroke engines where oil is added directly to the fuel tank;
  • four.stroke engines with a separate oil tank. An exception in this category is the STIHL 4-MIX motor, which works on an oil bosinzin mixture, but at the same time has 4 operations of work.

Nevertheless, most of the trimmers presented in our market are equipped with power units operating on a mixture previously prepared in a fuel tank.

Types of motor oils and their purpose

Oil for the engine of a gasoline trimmer for grass is a lubricant that serves to reduce wear between the rubbing nodes.

The composition of the oil includes residual hydrocarbons and various additives that improve the properties of the final product. To ensure the durable and reliable operation of the lawn mower, experts recommend the use of oils, which in their physicochemical properties correspond to this type of motor.

Today it is customary to distinguish between three main types of oils by the method of obtaining them:

  • Minerals created in the process of distillation of hydrocarbons;
  • Synthetic oils obtained by processing natural gas or synthesis;
  • Semi.synthetic, including improved mineral oil with the addition of some synthetic components.

In order to prevent mixing of various types, the manufacturer adds dye to the oil, which shows the difference in the composition of the lubricant.

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The role of oil in internal combustion engines

The energy transmitted by the engine shaft to rotating mechanisms is obtained due to the adiabatic expansion of the gases at the time of the explosion in the burning chamber. Due to the movement of the piston in the combustion chamber, gases are compressed. This means that the system works with minimal gaps, abrasion appears on conjugated details. The gap between the details increases, and compression compression decreases, the desired pressure is not achieved for ignition of the fuel-air mixture.

So it would be if the grated parts worked without lubrication. Motor oil for lawn mowers added to gasoline or falling on nodes from the crankcase is applied with a thin film between the details, preventing wear, darling. Since it is impossible to eliminate absolutely wear, the oil washed out microparticles in the gaps, preventing them from destroying the surface.

The prepared fuel mixture should be used for 2 weeks, preserved in a metal or polypropylene capacity. It is impossible to store the composition with gasoline in plastic bottles. The decomposition products will fall into the mixture, the soot in the combustion chamber will increase.

The device 2 and 4 strokes are different and therefore the consistency of the lubricant, the additives in it differ. Each type of conjugated nodes in mechanisms requires lubrication types that meet the nature of the movement of this node. What oil is poured into a lawn mower, the manufacturer recommends in the operating instructions.

You can not fill the oil, guided, the more expensive, the better. The use of ingredients depends on the class of technology on the degree of grinding of conjugated nodes, operating conditions. The composition of the combustible mixture for two.stroke engines depends on the method of obtaining the basis of the antifriction composition. Oil for a lawn mower with a 2.stroke engine has a special composition. All oils are divided according to the method of obtaining:

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Their lubricating qualities depend on this, the ability to remain liquid when the temperature decreases. But 5-15% in each composition are allocated to addicts. They create an effective composition that prevents:

  • corrosion of surfaces;
  • heat resistance;
  • resistance to decomposition;
  • increased alkalinity that prevents oxidation;
  • Stabilize viscosity.

The oil mowing oil used with a 4.stroke engine has other additives, viscosity. It also serves to wash moving surfaces, but does not mix with gasoline. The oil is oxidized, polluted by the scale particles and requires replacement every 50 hours of operation.

General recommendations for the choice of oil for lawn mowers

Based on the above features of the engine design, it is best to use special oil for lawn mowers for lubrication, and it must comply with the temperature conditions in which the unit will be used. The best option is the specialized lubrication of the SAE 30 class. It is used at temperatures above 5 degrees.

If the special is not available, then you can use car lubricants of the class:

These lubricants are also designed mainly for the positive ambient temperature and the maximum value above 35 degrees.

By the type of lubricating fluid. mineral and semi.synthetic. Completely synthetic will be too expensive. The quality level of operational properties for the API. “SF”, “SG”, “SH”, “SJ” and above. For four.stroke engines of garden equipment on the label, there should be a marking “4t”.


To choose the right liquid for garden technology and always know what to buy, you need to study the existing varieties of oils. First of all, technical oil fluids are divided by chemical composition.

  • Mineral oils are created on the basis obtained from oil refining products. Such liquids are viscous and should often change. They are designed for low.power motors. The most recommended for summer use.
  • Synthetic fluids as a basis have special synthetic substances, which include complex ethers. The viscosity is at a low level, a high life and year.round use. no other type of lubricant can boast of such high characteristics. Such liquids are an ideal option for complex equipment, which is operated in difficult conditions.
  • Semi.synthetic motor oil is created from substances of mineral and synthetic type. Such oils are the average option between the two previous liquids. Semi-synthetic oils are ideal for garden and park equipment, two- and four-stroke engines.

There are several more classifications, which are based on different requirements. The most common classification of API. It is supported by different countries and many manufacturers. According to this classification, all motor oils are divided into the following varieties:

patriot, mower, summer
  • TA is the best option for household appliances with a volume of up to 50 cubic meters. cm;
  • TB is intended for equipment with a higher power equipped with a volume of more than 50, but less than 200 cubic meters. cm;
  • TC is an oil that is intended for engines with increased requirements for the quality of lubricant fluid, such oil can be safely poured into the lawn mowers;
  • TD is developed for boat engines that are equipped with liquid cooling.

Double.pin type oil due to 20% solvent can be mixed well with automobile fuel. In addition, such liquids can completely burn. Lubrices can be painted in different colors. Staining does not talk about the quality of oil. Its function lies in another. so it is easier for the user to distinguish the lubricant from the fuel.


When choosing oil, much attention should be paid to the manufacturer. It is better to choose the brand that the manufacturer of the lawn mower advises. In the instructions for technology, you can find information about oil flooded, the frequency of its replacement and recommendations regarding the choice of working fluid.

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Also, many manufacturers of lawn mowers produce their oils, which will have to be used to replace if you want to maintain a warranty on equipment. In addition, the instructions provide general characteristics that should correspond to the oil. When choosing a liquid for replacement, you need to focus on this list. This will allow you to choose oil that will comply with the requirements of the manufacturer as accurately as possible.

Many self.respecting manufacturers of lubricants offer their consumers a separate line of funds that are intended for servicing garden equipment. If it is possible to choose such a special oil, then you need to buy it exactly.

  • Among all companies that represent their products on the market, Shell Helix Ultra is the best. These oils are popular in all countries. Shell experts have been working on the creation of a unique technology for obtaining synthetic oil from natural gas for 40 years. The resulting product is characterized by an improved composition, analogues of which at this moment do not exist. The manufacturer adds the necessary additives to the base composition, which allows you to get products with different characteristics. Such oil must be bought only at specialized sales points, since low.grade fakes are often found.
  • Also, high.quality products are represented by Liqui Moly. The manufacturer produces several lines of products that have different purposes. This assortment has products for servicing garden equipment. Such oils are designed for the long work of trimmers and lawn mowers, their technical characteristics are developed in accordance with the features of modern equipment and the recommendations of manufacturers.

Liqui Moly adds add.on oil mushrooms for oil mowers, which are necessary to reduce wear of equipment and maintain the engine clean. The main advantage of such liquids is environmental friendliness, because they are created on a plant basis. Liqui Moly gas mowers correspond to all environmental standards.

Rasenmher produces a good mineral.type lubricant, which was specially developed for garden units. This tool can be used to serve 4-stroke engines with different cooling systems. A substance from Rasenmher can be used exclusively at plus temperatures. The manufacturer carefully developed and selected additives for his product. The result of such actions was a wide list of functionality:

  • maintaining pressure in the system at a stable level;
  • effective lubrication of all the details that need it;
  • maintaining the viscosity of the lubricant during the full service life, up to the next replacement;
  • providing excellent protection for the motor from natural wear;
  • The minimum level of evaporation.


Technical characteristics of the device can be changed without preliminary notification.

Champion technique is constantly expanding new models. Champion products are characterized by an ergonomic structure that ensures the convenience of its use, a well.thought.out design, high power and performance. In connection with changes in the technical characteristics of the leadership, it may not fully comply with the acquired tool. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design of individual nodes and parts that do not worsen the quality of the product, without prior notice. Keep this in mind when studying the operating manual.

Suitable oil and gasoline for refueling a 2-stroke engine

Two.stroke gasoline engines are designed to work on the fuel mixture. Oil replacement in the lawn mower is not separately produced. it is proportionally mixed with gasoline. In this case, only a properly prepared fuel composition must be poured into the motor system.

Pour oil on the principle of “the higher its price, the better for the operation of the mechanism” you cannot. Suitable for 2-stroke ICE varieties of oil compositions according to the method of their production are divided into such groups:

The lubricating properties of the material depend on the basis, its ability to remain in a liquid state when the temperature is reduced, significantly without increasing the viscosity at the same time. The composition of the lubricant includes approximately 5-15 % of a variety of additives. They are designed to increase the practical effectiveness of the tool used. The additives allow:

  • slow down the course of corrosion of metal surfaces associated with redox reactions;
  • increase the thermal resistance of the parts;
  • stabilize the viscosity of the substance at the same level when temperatures in a certain range.

Manufacturers of lawn mowers in the instructions indicate that brand of lubricant, which is the best option for the operated unit. If you get it problematic, it is possible to change the oil for a similar composition designed for 2-tact DIS. In this case, the level of viscosity must necessarily correspond to the recommended manufacturer of the product of its value.

Gasoline is the main voluminous component of the suitable fuel mixture. Its brand should comply with the lawn mower recommended in the operating instructions. The time of its combustion depends on the size of the octane number of gasoline: the larger this number, the longer the fuel burns.

Lubricate a trimmer for grass video-tips from the online store Kosi braid for grass

How to lubricate and how to do it. we examined in detail. meticulous work can be considered by video. Also, the site’s customers are available photos in which each user will find useful information for himself. In general, the lubrication process does not take much time and effort, the tool itself offers at a low cost our store. That’s why, by setting a request on the network “grease a trimmer for herbs video” you will definitely find yourself on the website of “Kosikos”. Experts removed the video for the user of the user of the process of lubrication of individual elements and gearbox trimmer for grass, which is mandatory in the context of working with any type of oblique tool. Motokos knives in Ukraine, as one of the types of cutting gear, will always offer a profile store online at competitive prices.

From time to time, in the midst of saturated work on mowing the grass, your trimmer for grass begins to make nasty, grinding sounds. This complains the gearbox on the lack of lubrication. a more actively loaded node of the device. And soon, these “warnings” may follow the junction of the drive.

When working, the mechanical part of the trimmer for the grass is loaded with contact efforts on the teeth, resistance reactions from adhering grass (from time to time. with mud), dynamic, shock loads due to the time of the time that changes the rotating moment. Lubricant for a trimmer gearbox for grass

should take these features take into account by all parameters, because the selection of the brand is obliged to strictly personal.

Subsequent reasons are taken into account:

  • Manufacturer’s brand. Any trademark is not unreasonably focused on lubricating its own production (there is an option to talk about cheap Chinese products later). This applies to manufacturers such as Husqvarna, Stihl, Huter, Makita, etc. The exception is trimmers for production grass: for example, the caliber in the annotation of the user generally does not show the brand of lubrication.
  • Break of lubrication. As everyone knows what it remains to make our client lubricants are divided into three groups. high.speed (colloidal accounting systems containing different additives), plastic compounds of universal implementation and hard lubricants softening during operation.
  • Not poor adhesion to the surface of the parts of the gearbox, and therefore in which the lubricant is not squeezed into the gaps or outside the node.
  • The intensity of eating lubrication by the gearbox. Here you have to focus on their weight characteristics The experience and advice of professionals, since some auto industry of trimmers, hoping for their own service centers, generally do not give clear tips regarding the period of reducer work between 2 lubricants.

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The consumption of the lubricant also depends on the temperature, at which he retains his lubricant. When heating the gearbox to 40 ° C, it is believed that its working conditions are satisfactory, and there are enough lubricants.

Chips on the choice

Now let’s try to understand how to choose high.quality oil for a trimmer for grass working on gasoline

The main feature that is required to pay attention will be an alkaline number. The moment excludes the oxidation of the parts that have friction, and slows down their deformation as much as possible

The more this composition is used, the faster it loses alkalinity and becomes more oxidized. The optimal indicator of acidity (pH) is a value of at least 8-9 units.

The second important factor, which also has a serious impact on the operation of a gasoline trimmer for grass, is the viscosity of the oil. This characteristic determines the possibility of using the device at various temperatures. Summer grades of oils begin to thicken already with a minimum decrease in temperature.

But given that such trimmers for grass are usually used in autumn and spring, it will be best used to use just oil with summer marking.

The third moment, the importance of which should not be understated. the temperature of the flash. This indicator should not be less than 225 degrees

Otherwise, the composition will burn very quickly and the load will begin to increase on the piston group, which will determine its accelerated wear. In addition, oil for a 4-stroke engine is not suitable for a 2-stroke. Namely, the last type of motors is used in the vast majority of benzocosyles.

If we talk about manufacturers, you can make a small rating that will allow you to navigate in the compositions offered by various manufacturers. For example, STIHL offers high.quality synthetic and mineral oils that have already proven themselves as an excellent solution at any time of the year.

Shell Helix Ultra oil is considered very good. Experts note its high characteristics and excellent indicators of alkalinity and viscosity. In addition, the products of such brands as Oleo-Mac, Motul, Hammerflex, Echo are considered worthy

If we talk about the products of domestic brands, then you should pay attention to Lukoil oil. Its price is several times lower than foreign analogues, but it has high quality and good technical characteristics

In general, a synthetic or semi.synthetic oil that has a marke of TV or that is an ideal solution.

How to use?

Information on the proportions of the use of oil was given above. We will immediately say that you should not deviate from these values ​​and dilute gasoline by eye. At best, you just need to change the oil, and in the worst one cannot avoid breakdown of the motor.

It is important and be able to prepare the mixture correctly. You can’t pour it into the gas tank

It is better to pour oil into a special container where gasoline is already contained. A plastic bottle of mineral water is perfect for this. It is very important here that it is clean, due to which a bottle of beer or milk will not work. And it is better that it is liter or two-liter, as to calculate how much oil to fill in a 1.5-liter or 1.25-liter bottle will be difficult for many. It will also be necessary to have a syringe at hand, which will perform the function of the dosimeter. It is best to take ordinary medical for 10 or more cubes.

Now step by step will we explain how to make good oil for a gasoline trimmer for grass.

First you should find out exactly what type of oil is required for a specific model of braids for grass, as well as find out the exact ratio of gasoline and oil to create a mixture. Then you need to fill the container. The container should not be filled with gasoline to the end, because the oil should still fit there; Now we collect the right amount of 2-stroke oil into the syringe and pour it into a bottle of gasoline. You cannot do the opposite, otherwise you will need to replace all the ingredients, and the mixture will need to be done again. Close the bottle with a lid and stir

It is important not to forget that you need to stir the mixture if there are words Premix on a bottle with butter. If SelfMix is ​​written there, then after mixing substances everything is poured into the tank.

Now it remains only to refuel the gasoline trimmer for the grass, and you can carry out the necessary work.

About how to choose oil for gasoline trimmers, watch in the next video.

Patriot trimmers are a vivid demonstration of American production of garden tools

The products of the famous American brand Patriot have their positive features that attract the attention of more and more users. Despite a huge number of competitors, the company still manages to actively stay afloat and develop, constantly delighting the fans of the brand

Having originated in 1973, the organization passed a lot of tests in its path, but it coped with all of them perfectly, so today it flourishes, offering a wide variety of horticultural products only of high quality.

Patriot trimmers were awarded special attention, because they comply with the current safety rules, differ in a well.thought.out assembly, considerable power and considerable endurance. What else is gardeners need? Nothing!

patriot, mower, summer

What trimmers for Ratriot grass will be the best to demonstrate the strengths of the brand? Now we will consider them/

Features of the unit:

  • The presence of the anti.vibration system AVS;
  • Easy access to the spark plug;
  • Adding the casing with a knife that allows you to get rid of the excess fishing line;
  • The possibility of light and quick repair of an air filter with your own hands;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Light weight.

Due to the serious engine power (1.3 kW), the device copes even with dense and thick weeds.

Patriot RT 555 lawn mower

The machine was equipped with a specialized anti.vibration system, which provides ease of operation and creates comfortable sensations during operation. The handle contains all the necessary control elements. The device starts very quickly, because the mechanism contains a special ignition coil and is supplemented by a primer.

What oil can not be filled?

It is impossible to pour a grease intended for two.stroke analogues in the four.stroke engine of the lawn mower (on the labels of oil containers for such engines, labeling “2t” is placed). However, this cannot be done and vice versa. In addition, it is unacceptable to fill the liquid that was stored in polyethylene bottles of drinking water.

This polyethylene is not intended for storing aggressive substances in it, so a chemical reaction that affects the properties of both lubrication and polyethylene is possible.

About how to replace oil in a lawn mower with a four.stroke engine, watch in the next video.

patriot, mower, summer

Al-ko zweitaktmotorenol

Semi.synthetic oil for a two.stroke engine. Al-ko zweitaktmotorenol. Produced in Germany, which immediately speaks of good quality production. The volume of packaging in 1l has not the most expensive price in the sales market. Which also cannot but please when buying. Honda gas mower oil mushrooms. Definitely worthy candidate in our column.

AL-KO 2 Stroke Zweitaktmotorenöl oil technology oil

Husqvarna WP 4T SAE 30

And the best oil for four.stroke engines Husqvarna completes our review. High-quality mineral motor oil for 4-stroke gasoline engines. Viscosity class. thirty. Provides lubrication of all parts, oil significantly increases engine resource. Motor oil for four.stroke engines is characterized by high anti.corrosion properties, a specially designed package of additives prevents the destruction of rubbing surfaces. Oil is intended for use in the summer. Can be used for construction equipment and garden equipment.


And on this we bring our heading to conclude. Today we learned which oil will be more practical to choose for garden equipment, including for the lawn mower. We looked at what are the pros and cons of this segment, and also compared brands in price/quality category. And we hope, helped you choose what is suitable for you!

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