What oil to fill in a single axle tractor engine Honda

Choosing the best oil for your power tiller and cultivator

If you have a cultivator with a Chinese or American engine or a single-axle tractor with a Honda engine, it is necessary to remember that the duration of operation of the power tool depends not only on the timely troubleshooting, but also on the quality of used oil and the regularity of its replacement. The difference is that an incorrectly selected mixture or untimely lubrication of the parts in the friction areas leads to increased carbon buildup, increased fuel and lubricant consumption and fast engine failure.

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Lubricants for four-stroke engines of motor vehicles are available in a fairly wide range: from low-cost to more expensive. In order to choose a suitable product, you should be guided by the labeling and parameters, indicating its main criteria. Thus, the designation S classifies a group of lubricants provided for gasoline engines, and the letter C for diesel engines.

A number of automotive lubricants also meets all the requirements for engine greases for power tillers Neva, Scout, Crosser, Patriot, Salut, Zubr, Favorit, Dobrynya and other models equipped with a four-stroke air-cooled engine. To the question: Can I put automotive oil in a single axle tractor? experts answer yes, only when using different varieties of fluid there may be different rates of consumption and the degree of fouling formed. But they do not recommend pouring transmission fluid into the engine of a motor-block, explaining that this type of substance is not designed to work in the range of high revolutions and high temperatures. If the transmission fluid is poured into a single-cylinder engine, it will begin to stick intensively, precipitate, clog the channels and the air filter, which can lead to serious damage.

Engine for power tillers Honda GX 200. technical characteristics, instructions, oil

The Honda GX 200 engine is one of the most popular models that manufacturers of power tillers and cultivators install on their machines. GX. The series of professional general purpose gasoline engines are designed specifically for long and trouble-free operation in particularly harsh conditions.

The GX 200 engine is suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty applications such as construction equipment, cultivators, generators, welders, pumps and other industrial equipment.

Honda engines for a wide range of applications in one-piece construction and smooth running, perfectly combining quality, reliability and efficiency. Thanks to years of experience in the production of hundreds of thousands of motorcycles, automobiles and all-purpose engines, Honda has earned a well-deserved leadership position in its class in the global marketplace.

These all-purpose, overhead valve timing engines meet the demanding requirements of versatile internal combustion engines. Here are some important reasons for the reliable control, ease of use and versatility of this family of Honda engines.

OHV design increases combustion efficiency

Easy starting thanks to the automatic decompression system and a convenient handle of the manual starter

High quality materials and special components that ensure reliability and durability

The engine meets the most strict world ecological standards

Honda official website in Russia https://www.Honda.co.ru from this site you can reach dealers in Russia:

Honda-engines-eu Official website of the Honda general-purpose engine manufacturer in Russia.com/en. Site provides primarily technical support and much technical information.

Official distributor of Honda engines in Russia http://g-p-e.ru/. Help in finding dealers for service and repair.

Honda GX-200 Engine Specifications

Honda GX 200 power and torque output versus rpm chart

Spark plugs. Recommended types BPR6ES (NGK) W20EPR-U (DENSO) Inspect the spark plug, replace it if the electrodes are worn or there are cracks on the insulator. The clearance must be mm. Bend side electrode if necessary.

How To Oil and Fuel a Honda Lawnmower Engine

Honda GX 200 Engine Oil

Use Honda 4-stroke engine oil, or equivalent, with high detergent capacity, a first-grade engine oil certified to meet or exceed vehicle manufacturer specifications for SG, SF/CC, CD motor oil according to accepted engine oil classification. Engine oil grade SG, SF/CC, CD will be indicated by these letter designations on the package. Honda recommends the use of SF or SG (API SERVICE) types of oil (refer to. owner’s manual)

It is recommended that the engine be operated with an SAE 10W-30 viscosity engine oil that is suitable for all ambient air temperatures. Engine oils with other viscosity values than those listed in the table above may be used, provided that the average air temperature in your area does not exceed the specified temperature range.

Do not overfill the engine with engine oil. Check oil level with engine horizontal.

Changing engine oil on gas-powered walk-behind tractors

Fill the gearbox with the same engine oil that is recommended for the engine. Fill oil up to the upper maximum level

marks on the oil dipstick (reducer with front. 1/2 number and centrifugal clutch). 1/2 ratio reducer (no centrifugal clutch) and 1/6 ratio reducer are lubricated with engine oil in the crankcase.

Honda GX 200 Engine Service Intervals

Honda GX 200 Engine Modifications

There are many different modifications for this engine from Honda to suit the needs of any user. The varieties take into account the following parameters:

other differences (fuel filter, air filter, muffler, charging coil, control box, etc.).)

Breakdown of Honda GX motor models, for example GX 160

Possible engine faults

Honda GX 200 Engine Owner’s Manual

Technical specifications-size, types of shafts and gears, air filter, carburetor. gx200.pdf

How to choose engine oil for engines

The model range of “Neva” power tillers and power tillers is distinguished by a wide choice. One of the distinctive features is the variety of engines installed on the models. Mainly brand engines from well-known manufacturers (BriggsStratton, Yamaha, Honda) are used in “Neva” motor technology. However, the range also includes models with Chinese engine KASEI. The choice of this engine is due to the fact that its production is carried out at the same plant, which until 2017 produced popular in Russia engines SUBARU EX series. In 2019, KASEI engines began to be produced under the brand name “MOTOTOTECHNIKA Neva. It should be noted that all engines for “Neva” power tillers and power tillers meet high quality standards and have the appropriate certificates.

Each engine for a power tiller has distinctive features that differentiate it from its analogues. Detailed information on this is presented in the article “Engines for Neva power tillers and power tillers”.

Engine manuals list the characteristics of suitable engine oils (API classification, viscosity index, oil type). This information is also presented in the table below.

Table of Engine Oil Applications for Engines

BriggsStratton RS750 RS950 CR750 CR950 I/C 6.0 I/C 10.0 Vanguard

What Oil to Use for Honda Moto-Block Engine

One of the main factors affecting the life of an internal combustion engine is the quality of the engine oil and when to change it. To understand the best oil to put in your engine block engine, you need to have a good idea of the specifics of your unit and the operation of.

Specific Requirements

Most modern engine blocks (the rating of engine blocks can be studied in this article) are equipped with four-stroke gasoline engines, which do not have an oil pump.

the lower connecting rod head, which is a sliding bearing, is lubricated by digging the oil out with a special projection on the lower end of the connecting rod, the main bearings of the crankshaft, the timing gear and the cylinder piston group are lubricated by spraying.

These engines have an unstable temperature rating due to air cooling.

For more information on the 4-stroke engine, see.

Thus, engine oil for 4-stroke engine blocks must meet the following requirements:

  • Low kinematic viscosity over a wide temperature range is necessary to avoid oil starvation when the engine is heated to operating temperature.
  • The use of viscous oils in non-pressurized engines can lead to clogging on the surface of the connecting rod with subsequent metal rolling in that area and engine seizure.
  • Stable composition of antifriction and extreme pressure additives package will allow oils to preserve its properties for a long time with regular heating and cooling cycles during operation of the engine block.
  • A high strength oil film is necessary to protect against cylinder pistons when the engine overheats during heavy work in hot weather.
  • The detergent properties, provided by suitable additive packaging, must counteract sludge and varnish formation in the tray and on oil-wetted surfaces.
  • Low coking is relevant to air-cooled engines because the oil that enters the piston ring area heats up to 270-300 degrees in that area.
  • Carbon deposition will lead to loss of piston ring mobility and decreased compression while at the same time overspending oil.

Based on these requirements, it is possible to describe the technical requirements that must be met by oils for 4-stroke motor block engines, viz:

  • SAE high-temperature viscosity grade not exceeding 30 in moderate climates, 40. in hot weather. Low temperature viscosity index not exceeding 10W. These requirements are met by common oils of types 10W30, 5W30, 0W30, 5W40, 10W40 (the last two. at temperatures of 30 degrees or more).
  • Pure summertime options. SAE 30, SAE 40. Carefully read the characteristics of oils: a number of specialized oils for garden equipment with a viscosity 5W30 designed exclusively for winter use.
  • The oil base is synthetic or semi-synthetic, as mineral oils are virtually uncommon in these viscosity ranges. They also have much worse stability than synthetic and semi-synthetic.
  • A number of lubricant manufacturers have special ranges of oils for mineral-based garden equipment, with the downside of having to change frequently.
  • API quality class (complex parameter defining antifriction, extreme pressure and detergent properties of engine oil as well as many other parameters) no lower than SG.

It should be understood that all engine oil requirements for Cayman, Texas, Foreman, VIKING, Sadko, Don, Profi, Carver and Husqvarna motor oils are the same as those for general automotive oils, the only difference being its consumption and the amount of deposit formed during extended use in an air-cooled engine.

For this reason, although this material refers to specialty lubricants, it is always possible to use automotive motor oils that meet the described requirements if they are not available.

Husqvarna SAE 30, Husqvarna Universal SAE 30

Mineral engine oil, produced by a Swedish company for both the factory filling of its products and for subsequent maintenance. Specifies the use of a specially selected package of antifriction additives in the oil.

Minitractors are very popular and widely used in housing services, construction sites, rural work and production. Minutractors Scout. Very rugged, economical and durable equipment.

To effectively clear an area of snowdrifts, there are many models of tireless snow machines. This is all about the electric hand operated snow blower.

KAMAZ 65115 belongs to one of the oldest series of this plant, which began production in 1998. Click on the link to read about the specific work, advantages and disadvantages of the KamAZ 65115.

How I screwed up a Honda GC160 engine

A clear example of what would happen to an engine from a power tiller if it leaks oil for some reason.

Engine oil for a motorblock.

Switching from semi-synthetic to mineral oil.

Not suitable for motorized equipment at low temperatures.


This oil, also produced by one of the well-known American manufacturers of garden tools, is designed for summer use in gasoline and diesel engine blocks, mowers, mini-tractors. The bag has a long spout for ease of use. The base oil is a mineral.


Semi-synthetic motor oil for year-round operation of garden equipment with four-stroke engines: motor blocks, mini-tractors, snow removal equipment

Low-temperature viscosity grade 5W guarantees an oil freezing point of at least 38 ° C.

This oil is used for Patriot Ural, Patriot.


synthetic oil for gardening equipment in hot climates and under high loads, e.g. when ploughing large areas of land with a plough.

Home Garden 4 Caving Oil HD SAE 30

Mineral based summer engine oil available.

ELITECH 4T Premium SAE 10W30

Semi-synthetic motor oil for year-round automobiles. Includes antifriction additives on the basis of molybdenum disulfide, which on the one hand, provides good protection of the engine from wear, on the other hand. Requires close attention to.

, 0.6 liter package. 340.

ELITECH 4TD Standard SAE30

Summer mineral water oil, which also includes molybdenum additive package. A liter pack of this oil costs around 300.


Oil for 4-stroke engines of power tillers, used year-round on the toughest jobs. Has a synthetic base.

Encore SAE 5W30

Affordable synthetic motor oil from the domestic manufacturer, which can be used in power tillers and other equipment with gasoline engines in summer and winter. Price of a liter package is 380 r.

Encore SAE30

Cheap summer oil from the group of mineral lubricants. per liter makes up for the average quality of more frequent changes.

Encore SAE 10W40

Unlike most motor oils for garden equipment, this oil is APISJ / CF certified, which allows you to compare its composition and quality with regular budget car oil. Dual certification means applicability not only in petrol (SJ) but also in (CF).

The relatively high high temperature viscosity makes it undesirable to use this oil at moderate to low temperatures. The main advantage of this oil is the low price per liter.


Internal semi-synthetic Oil for gasoline and diesel garden equipment (complies with APISJ / CF specification). Due to its low viscosity over a wide temperature range, it can work well in lubricating engines in both summer and winter. The capacity of the 0.95 liter is 210.

REZOILRancherUniliteSAE 30

Exceptional summer oil for petrol and diesel engine blocks and mini tractors. The base type is not indicated on the packaging, but for 0.95 liters suggests that this oil is a mineral oil.


This semi-synthetic oil can also be used in gasoline and diesel engines, but the viscosity index directly indicates its undesirability in temperate climates. A 0.95 liter pack costs 200.

MaxCut 4THDSAE 30

Summer mineral water oil from a little-known manufacturer, promising high antifriction additives and the ability to use the oil in heavy-duty gasoline and diesel engines.

MANNOL Energy SAE 5W30

A well-known manufacturer of automotive chemicals from Germany has a line of motor oils for garden equipment. This semi-synthetic For a year oil can be used in any garden equipment with four-stroke engines. A liter package will cost an average of 420.

MANNOLMolibdenBenzinSAE 10W40

Semi-synthetic oil whose composition is improved by a set of antifriction additives based on molybdenum disulfide. In motoblokah it should be used during heavy work in hot weather. A liter of this oil costs 330.

Champion 4-cycle SAE 30

This U.S. company also needs no special introductions. This mineral oil is designed for summer use in power tillers, trimmers and lawn mowers. Packaged in 0.6 liter (250) and 1 liter (360) packages.

Champion Snowthrower 5W30

mineral-based motor oil, designed exclusively for winter operation. Remarkably, at the time of release it was certified to the most stringent quality standard at the time APISL. One liter package costs about 380. This oil is recommended for the Champion power tiller.

Summer mineral oil from the famous Russian-Chinese brand. The quality of the product is described by certification according to the outdated APISG / CD standard, which pays off to some extent in the low price (180 per liter).

It would be a good option for light work, especially if the engine block or cultivator engine is heavily worn. There is no need to use this oil in harsh working conditions.

Caliber Semisynthetic SAE 5W30

Winter oil from the same manufacturer on a semi-synthetic basis. A better base has expanded the quality to an acceptable APISJ / CF standard. At the same time, the manufacturer indicates a rather low flash point of 228 ° C, which means that it is very volatile and, accordingly, a significant flow of steam.

per liter.

How much to fill?

Most power tillers on the Russian market have engines of the HondaGX family, their Chinese clones or similar in construction Subaru-Robin engines.

For a complete filling of such an engine will require no more than 0.6 liters of oil, so this volume of packaging is popular among manufacturers. powerful versions of these engines can hold a liter or more of oil.

A number of motors, whose design includes an additional gearbox, have a separate space for its lubrication.

What oil to fill in the engine of a single axle tractor?

To make the single-axle tractor glad of its work quality and long service life it makes sense to service it correctly. Proper operation. another important point, which will help to increase the operating age of the engine. Oil is the basic factor in all respects, providing the stable operation of the engine. This material is devoted to the theme of the correct choice of oil for the engine of power tillers.

The key expert advice on the right choice of oil will be the advice of motor-block engine manufacturers. Let us briefly study excerpts from official instruction manuals of key engine manufacturers.

Selection of oil for the engine depends on the key two factors. viscosity grade, as well as the operating special category.

What oil to fill in the engine, gearbox of power tillers Neva MB-1, MB-2 with Subaru engine

Every piece of machinery has a complex structure, where everything is interconnected. If you value your equipment, you want it to last as long as possible, then you should not only look after it, but also buy quality parts, fuel and oil.

Today almost every farmer is already aware of such equipment as power tillers. They are made by different companies around the world. It is mistaken to think that Chinese products are worse than, for example, European. Often China uses very high quality components, but the price is still low. Neva MB power tillers are produced in Russia and are in great demand due to their excellent quality, reliability, efficiency and huge selection of attachments.

However, if you use low-quality oil poured into the gearbox or engine in the single-axle tractor “Neva”, then you may end up with a number of problems and you may even need to repair the equipment. In this article, we will look at what oils are suitable for this unit, as well as the rules for changing the oil in the power saw.

What oil to fill in the single axle tractor engine Honda

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Use only automotive gasoline, preferably AI 92. Gasoline must be unleaded or low-octane to minimize fouling of the combustion chamber. Never use an oil-gasoline mixture or crude gasoline. Avoid dust, dirt, and water in the fuel tank. The quality of gasoline begins to deteriorate after storage for more than 1 month. If your Honda product is used periodically (e.g. once a month) we recommend adding fuel stabilizer to your fuel. Honda Fuel Stabilizer has a shelf life and its effectiveness degrades over time. Maximum period of use after opening the bottle. 2 years. Fuel stabilizer does not restore qualities and does not reactivate old gasoline. It should be added to freshly filled gasoline.

What oil is recommended for use in Honda general purpose engines?

It is best to use genuine Honda oil made specifically for general-purpose engines. (Optional maintenance kit available).

SJ oil grade (API) or higher is recommended for all Honda engines. Oil viscosity varies with ambient temperature, when the engine is operating. If the temperature is below 10 degrees, it is recommended to use oil with viscosity 5w-30, if higher, then 10w-30.

API. Service category (as classified by the American Petroleum Institute)

As a reminder, all Honda general-purpose engines are 4-stroke engines; for this reason, the proper oil must be used. DO NOT add oil to gasoline or vice versa when operating our engines. There is a specific container for each technical fluid!

Reduction of friction between moving parts Distribution of forces As the load is on ball and roller bearings, chains, etc.д. acts at one point, a larger force is applied at that point. The oil increases the force application area and the force is distributed over this area, so that it is not concentrated at one point. Cooling The oil cools engine running surfaces by dissipating the heat released. Corrosion prevention An oil film coats metal surfaces, preventing them from coming into contact with oxygen. Increased piston compression Piston rings seal the piston gap for better utilization of the high combustion pressure. Oil helps improve sealing. Cleaning Soot and deposits accumulate in the oil and are carried away by the oil, so they do not form hard deposits on engine parts.

The oil flow rate is expressed in cm3 /h, t.е. flow rate of 5 cc/h means the engine uses 5 cc/h of oil. New engine oil consumption is usually higher and it gets contaminated earlier due to running-in parts. The first 20 hours of engine run-in are considered the running-in period, during which time the oil level and condition must be carefully monitored.


Checking oil level and contamination

Check oil level and cleanliness before starting each engine. If the oil level is too dirty. replace oil.

Oil and other consumable parts replacement regulations are detailed in the engine manual

By300 Honda Engine Steps Behind the Tractor

BY300 Honda Engine Walks behind Tractor

BY300. 4-wheel-drive and hydraulic design.

Key parts are imported from the U.S. with a global warranty.

The maximum loading weight is 300kg and the width. 78 cm.

It can be used to carry bricks, sand, rocks, wood, crops, fruits to different places.

There is a rich set of accessories that add value, such as flatbed, extensions, snowplow, ball hitch, hoist and so on.

This model has a hydraulic design and 4-wheel drive. Main parts are imported from USA with global warranty. The maximum loading weight is 300 kg, and the width. 78 cm. It can be used to carry bricks, sand, rocks, wood, crops, fruit to different places.There are rich accessories to add value, such as flat platform, side extensions, snowplow, ball joint, hoist and so on.

Engine Honda GXV160 5.5HP
Engine type 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, OHV, air-cooled
Transmission US hydraulic gearbox assembly
Speeds Stepless forward and backward
Capacity 6 cc.Foot (170 L) or 300 lbs
Brake Disc
Cables protected
Wheels Front 400 × 10.4 ply, rear 400 × 8
Drum Material red plastic spray
Weight 131 kg
Size 128,74,108 (L W H cm)
20GP 24PCS
40GP 54PCS

Q: Could you attach a customer brand to the products?

A: 6 months for use or 1 year after leaving the factory

A: Solid box, steel frame with cardboard cover or wooden box

A: 30% deposit T / T, balance against copy B / L or L / C as

A: Timely delivery 15-20 days after receiving deposit

How to make the right choice

Chemical composition is an important factor in choosing an engine oil. Minerals are excellent for reducing the frictional force of parts, thereby reducing aggregate wear. Semi-synthetic oils provide more stable engine performance. However, they have an increased fluidity that is not suitable for engines with heavy wear elements. Synthetic oils prevent fouling, protecting the engine from breakdowns.

Engine oil poured into a single axle tractor must meet the following requirements:

  • Reduced kinematic viscosity over a large temperature range. This is to avoid oil starvation during engine warmup.
  • The oil should have low coking characteristics. This property is particularly relevant for air-cooled power units.

During machinery operation, the lubricant performs several functions at once: cooling, cleaning, lubrication and sealing.

What oil to fill in the gearbox of a power tiller??

You can fill your gearbox with the transmission oil specified by the equipment manufacturer or chosen from an available list. If the manufacturer does not specify that you can not use, select the oil according to the parameters of the device. To choose the right oil, look at the alphabetic and numeric designations. What can be found on the oil bottle:

  • SAE. oil viscosity. The letter W is on the package, with minus temperatures on the left and plus temperatures on the right. This gives an indication of the time of year and the temperature conditions in which the lubricant is best suited.
  • API. type of engine fuel. There is next to the letter S. this is for gasoline, and if C, then for diesel 4-stroke.
  • ACEA. energy efficiency rating. If the load of your power tiller is high, it is better to use oil with the highest index. The higher the numbers, the more resistant to wear and tear your equipment will be.

There are some of the most common types of oils:

  • 10w30, 10w40. multigrade, high corrosion resistant.
  • 0w30, 0w40. suitable for use in winter.
  • 15w40, 20w40. are used at high temperatures.
  • 5w30, 5w40. multigrade, multigrade, can be used if it is not below freezing outside.25 degrees.

There are also “win-win” options. If the package has double marking. SG/CD or SF/CC, then the grease is suitable for any power tiller with any fuel.

Considering that motor blocks are used more often in summer, all-season or corrosion-resistant oils are more in demand, which extend the life of the equipment. The oil producer can be anyone, but often in the counters are brands ZIC, Mobil, Shell Helix and Castrol, which showed a good price-quality ratio.

Engine oil for power tillers: what kind of oil to use, how to check the level or change the oil

To extend the life of a gasoline or diesel engine, you need to make the right choice of engine oil. Its untimely replacement reduces the life of the engine. How to choose it, in what quantity, how to pour it into a single-axle tractor. let’s talk about this in more detail.

Each mini-tractor or power tiller comes with a manual and product data sheet. In the manual, the manufacturer lists the suitable types of fuel and lubricants that can prolong the life of the equipment. Oil in the engine performs a function:

Air-cooled oil sits on the walls of a hot cylinder. These deposits contaminate engine parts and make lubrication processes more difficult. That is why there are antioxidant additives in the lubricant. They clean the cylinder walls from carbon deposits and increase the service life of the engine block. Different climates require different lubricants. They differ in viscosity, composition and purpose.


Viscosity is defined as SAE J300. For mechanisms, it depends on the following characteristics:

Engine oils are available in both winter and summer versions. Winter oils are marked with a W. Low-friction winter grades are often used, marked SAE 0W, 25W and intermediate values 20W, 5W, 15W and 10W. Compounds for summer applications do not have letters in their names. They are of high viscosity and are designated SAE 20, 60, SAE 30 or 40. Using summer brands in the winter causes problems with starting the machine. Winter grades cannot provide good lubrication in the summertime.

Scientists have developed all-season compositions used to pour into a single-axle tractor in summer and winter. Their designations are 5W-40, 10W30.

By composition

In addition to seasonal characteristics, lubricants are divided into types according to their composition:

Air-cooled engine gets hot quickly when running. Engine oil lowers its temperature. The wrong category causes engine failure. It is not recommended to use synthetic oil mixed with mineral oil.

By Assignment

When the need arises to change the lubricants, each manufacturing company recommends pouring a different brand. Honda agricultural machines use all-season 10W-30 brands of the SF category. Subaru specifies 10W-30 in its recommendations for operation in moderate climates, 5W-30 in cold regions. Category of oil quality. SE.

Lifan products require summer grade SAE-30, for winter conditions SAE 10W-30. No quality category specifications. All-season 10W-30 or 15W-30 SF or SH quality in Kaluga engine.

How to make the right choice?

The instruction manual is included with the purchased device. The brand of engine oil needed is indicated there. Your manual also has information about how to change your oil. Unfortunately, in most cases people either do not read this documentation at all or it mystically disappears somewhere.

Before you go to buy new oil, find out the model of your motoblock. You should also take into account the type of engine, because the diesel oil will not work for a gasoline engine, and vice versa. There is a special oil for every engine type. Some manufacturers of motor blocks produce branded oil, specifically for the manufactured equipment.

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