What oil to lubricate the chain of an electric chainsaw

Oils for electric chainsaw

As in the case of gasoline-powered saws, garden chain tools with electric power units necessarily need lubrication. Oil in this type of machinery is only necessary to keep the cutting headsets working. Without the right amount of quality lubricant, the bar and chain will start to jam and fail fairly quickly. To prevent this, the owner of the tool should constantly monitor the fluid level, as well as on time to flush the parts responsible for the headset drive.

In most cases, the factory lubrication organs of the electric power chainsaw set include:

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  • A reservoir for periodic fluid application;
  • A strainer, which cleans the fluid from foreign solid particles;
  • a short hose of technical rubber through which the compound flows from the tank to the moving parts of the tool;
  • Oil pump. it pumps fluid from the reservoir to the rubbing elements of the tool drive;
  • The oil pump. it transmits the power from the electric motor to the chainsaw‘s oil pump.

The pump is the key here. As the engine crankshaft speeds up, the built-in pinion receives enough force to drive the oil pump. As it works, the pump increases the pressure inside the lubrication system. Air pushes the fluid out of the tank toward the guide bar. Once in the contact area between the saw’s crankcase and the guide rail, the fluid flows into the groove that is needed to lubricate the guide rail. The chain is the final link in the lubrication system and has a chain chain groove or holes in the chain links. Through it the chain oil for the electric chain saw spreads along the entire length of the cutting assembly.

Why do you need to lubricate the chain of your electric chainsaw?

Lubricating the chain saw helps reduce friction. Tool parts do not become too hot when in contact with each other. The friction forces are smoothed out. The means to lubricate the chain of an electric chainsaw prevents failure of both the chain itself and the bar.

Sometimes the power saw requires extra effort during cutting. This is an indication that low-quality lubricant was used or that the amount of lubricant was insufficient. Then you need to check the oil level in the reservoir immediately. It is also possible to lubricate the chain itself to finish the job.

If you use the proper chain oil and apply it on time, your chainsaw will be easier to use. It also protects the health of the tool. Lubricating the machine prevents breakdowns and malfunctions.

What chain oil to use for chainsaw chain lubrication

Adhesion is the index of adhesion of the material, in this case oil, to the metal surface of the tire and chain.

Why it’s needed? The thing is that the chain on the bar is moving at a high speed, and if you use oil that has low adhesion, most of it will fly off the bar and the lower part of the bar will not be lubricated. This phenomenon can be observed by conducting a little experiment. Start the chainsaw, point the end of the bar toward some light surface and add as much gas as possible. The result will be oil spots, which is a proof of the theory.

Types of grease for electric saws

The modern market of lubricants offers several options for such products. The formulations differ in basis. synthetic, mineral or semi-synthetic. In recent years, lubricants formulated with plant-based components have become popular. Each variant has strengths and weaknesses:

  • Synthetic lubricants. If we consider lubricants by stability, the leaders will be synthetics. Substances can ensure the operation of electric saws even in very cold weather (up to.40 degrees Celsius). The disadvantages are the high cost of the product.
  • Mineral lubricants. Products of this group are quite popular, because they cost many times cheaper than synthetics. On the other hand, the technical.Parameters are inferior to synthetic lubricants. Mineral-based oils cannot withstand temperatures from.25 degrees Celsius. Lubricants solidify and have a detrimental effect on individual saw parts. The substance is not suitable for winter time.
  • Semi-synthetic lubricants. Intermediate between synthetic and mineral oils. Perform their functions well. Have an affordable price. Not up to the level of synthetics in terms of properties.

Choosing the right compound for chainsaw lubrication is easy today. When choosing, you should be guided by the operating conditions of the saw and the composition of the lubricant.

Selection criteria for self-selection

The problem of how to replace the brand chain oil that is not on sale is actual for many peripheral regions. According to experts, a full-fledged analogue is the products of the well-known brands STIHL and Husqvarna, which are identical in their main characteristics. The motor oils and chain oils of these manufacturers have proven to be the best in all respects.

In view of the range on offer, the consumer can choose in favor of a more expensive chain oil or its low-cost counterpart. In addition to branded products, the list includes Enkor, Nanotek Standard and Nanotek Premium oils that retain their working properties at temperatures up to.30°С.

Mineral-based versions are represented by Makita and Makita Oregon brands, organic chain oils Makita Biotop, STIHL Bio Plus have identical lubricating properties and are sold in packages of 1 to 25 liters.

Professional sawyers for the most part prefer brand-name lubricants. Continuous use of one brand of oil allows you to learn its capabilities and use them to their best advantage.

Disadvantages of Substitute Lubricants

If you use a cheap substitute in your oil system, you may have to replace your chainsaw long before it will run out. It is a proven fact that the use of substandard oil reduces the life of the sawing mechanism by 35-40% on average.

  • Used automotive oil contains in its composition micro-particles of metal, combustion products and acid-alkali compounds, which have a negative effect on the wear and corrosion resistance of the metal of the saw mechanism.
  • It is also not recommended to fill your chain saw with automotive and tractor engine oils. This filling can initiate a decrease in performance and even breakdown of the oil pump drive of the lubrication system.

Only in the absence of other options, for one-time work, you can fill the system diluted to a standard density. car oil or diesel oil.

Chain and bar lubrication principle

The main organ of the chainsaw fuel system is the oil pump. When the engine speed begins to increase, the worm gear gives an impulse to the pump shaft and it starts to move. The shaft rotates, creating pressure inside the oil mistral. Thus, under pressure, the oil moves along the mistral to the tire.

The oil channel ends where the chain saw‘s crankcase contacts the guide bar. There is a longitudinal groove in this section. When the bar is put on the chain saw, the oil channel is in line with this groove. The groove regulates the oil flow to the chain saw bar, and the amount of oil has nothing to do with the tension of the chain.

Types of oils for chainsaw lubrication

There are special brands of such materials to lubricate the chain of an electric saw. There are many variants available on the retail network. They all have different compositions. Their basis can be synthetic, mineral and semi-synthetic. There are also chain products based on vegetable raw materials. Each variety has its own characteristics. Choosing, you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the material.

The most effective are the synthetic varieties. They can be used even at very low temperatures. frosts below.40 ° C, ensuring the normal operation of the tool. But a serious disadvantage of such materials is the high cost. To buy them consumers can not always afford. Therefore, they give preference to other options.

The price of mineral oils is two or more times lower than synthetic oils. But their quality characteristics are also noticeably lower. In conditions of low temperatures, even at low temperatures.25 ° C they cannot reach their destination in the motor, and the parts begin to be subjected to friction, and as a result the mechanism quickly fails. This is why they are useless in cold conditions and other lubricants should be used.

Semi-synthetic oils are a middle ground between mineral and synthetic oils. These materials for electric and gasoline-powered saws are available for sale. If you need to buy chain lubricant for your electric chainsaw, it is better to choose the brands and grades of materials that are listed in the manual of the machine. Usually these are the types that have the most desirable characteristics for this particular model.

Tips for oil selection

It is understandable that you should regularly add oil to your electric chainsaw. But another point, which one, too, can catch you off guard. All the variety of existing types of lubricants can be divided into several types:

special, adapted specifically for electric saws. contains in its composition adhesive additives, which serve to improve the adhesion of the fluid to the blade itself and prevent it from instantly draining.

new environmentally friendly formulas made only from safe vegetable raw materials.

engine and transmission oils can also be used as lubricants for certain models, which is regulated by their instructions. But mineral oil should be avoided. in addition to its lubricating effect, engine oil can also be used to clean up residues of “biological” grease, which not only clogs up the oil system, but can also provoke serious damage.

Incredibly, many have learned to use used engine oil and even sunflower oil to lubricate the chain. This solution is economical because it allows you to reuse the resource, but it also poses many dangers to the cutting tools. For example, used car oil can clog the oil filter and the pump, which in general threatens the prospect of going to landfill. In this case, the load on the motor increases, often leading to overheating and its failure.

Vegetable oil is generally a risky option and should absolutely not be used for pouring into the oil tank. The extreme case where it is acceptable, use to lubricate the outer surface of the chain. Out of the offered variants, the special oil is the best. Experienced experts advise to buy the lubricant of the same company as the saw itself, but the price of such a product can be overpriced by several orders of magnitude compared to the universal chain lubricant, which is serious competition to expensive and not always available branded analogues.

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