What oil to use in the STIHL 180

STIHL semi-synthetic chain oil

Oil for chainsaw chains STIHL is an environmentally-friendly lubricant because it is made from high-quality, virgin rapeseed. No contaminants in the oil that could contaminate the environment. Use this product is an option in all climates, and it will lead such a life even at low temperatures. STIHL chain oil reliably protects saw chains against wear. You can buy this composition of course in different volumes. it depends on the characteristics of the chainsaw and the degree of strain on its surface.

Varieties of oils

In deciding which chain oil to use for your chain saw you should first follow the recommendations of the machine manufacturer. Of course, the best lubricant will be the original oil. If it is not available, ordinary automobile grease can be used.

What oil to use for a chainsaw, depends on its future operation, and the classification of the lubricant. from the composition. It is divided into groups:

Synthetic grades are able to withstand temperatures of minus 40 degrees. Semi-synthetic products work in the medium temperature range (-30. 25 degrees). Sometimes manufacturers add special additives to improve the characteristics of the lubricant. They change the properties of the oil, making it possible to choose a lubricant that suits the future operating conditions.

Depending on the type of tool engine, the oil consumption. In a four-stroke motor, the combustion chamber has a special design. Therefore, no traces of soot remain in it. To achieve a similar effect in a two-stroke motor, you have to pour a special oil. It is very important that the fuel is matched to the lubricating fluid.


Chainsaw sprocket lubricant

To extend the sprocket’s working life, as well as to reduce the friction force, the manufacturer installs a needle bearing. STIHL chain saw oil is used for its periodic lubrication.

list of the best

And now let’s look at the most optimal, both in terms of quality and price category, which are widely used for chain saws by STIHL. And directly give them a small characteristic, so:

This oil is widely used directly for small four-stroke engines. It can be used regardless of the time of year, but it must be remembered that the air temperature must not be below the.15 °C. This oil is sold directly in bottles with a capacity of 0.6 liters and it costs about 360.

This oil can be bought in a bottle with a capacity of one hundred milliliters, for only 90. It must be added directly to the petrol. Their ratio should not exceed 1:50, i.e. 20 gr. oil and one liter of gasoline.

What’s more, this lubricant has been specially developed for STIHL machines. Its main ingredient is minerals. But it can also be used in other models of other manufacturers. The main thing is that these chainsaws have a two-stroke engine.

The weight of the container in which the oil is sold is one liter. It is designed specifically for STIHL chain saws, but is perfect for other manufacturers’ machines. Diluted directly with 1:50 gasoline. And this oil is based on mineral additives. The price of this kind of helper will cost you within 500.

Sold in a one-liter bottle with a dispenser for three and five liters. Diluted with gasoline in a ratio of 1:50. Specifically made for two-stroke STIHL chain saw engines. It is also made on the basis of mineral additives.

It is also widely used for models of tools from other manufacturers. The main thing is that these chainsaws have two-stroke engines. It costs 600.

STIHL HP Ultra for two-stroke engines 100 ml

This kind of oil is available in a bottle with a capacity of one hundred milliliters. It needs to be added directly to petrol at a ratio of 1:50. Made directly for STIHL chain saws.

It is a fully synthetic oil, which has a high level of lubricating advantages. It may also be directly applied to other chainsaw models with two-stroke engines. This oil costs up to 120.

STIHL chainsaw engine oil for two-stroke engines 5 l

Sold in a five-liter canister. Intended for dilution with gasoline in the proportion of 1:50. It contains mineral additives and is formulated specifically for STIHL two-stroke chainsaw engines. It is also widely used for the lubrication of other chainsaw engines. The price range is 1500.

STIHL HP Ultra chain saw oil for two-stroke engines 1L. with a dispenser

The oil is sold directly in a bottle, which has a kind of dispenser for three and five liters. It is designed to be mixed with gasoline; the ratio of these additives must be no more than 1:50.

This oil has been specially formulated for STIHL power tools. Widely used and applied to devices of other brands that have two-stroke engines.

How to use STIHL oil for chain lubrication

Sold in a bottle with a capacity of one liter. Is a synthetic-based oil, and which has a high level of lubricating characteristics. over, with this kind of oil you can prevent the chain from seizing up straight away when it is in use for a long time (see “chain lubrication” on page 56). how to sharpen the chain). The price range is 215.


What to replace the original expensive oil and is it worth it?

In situations where there is no possibility to use the original ones, you can replace them with car engine oil. Cheap car oils such as Autol or diesel variants of grease, due to reduced adhesive properties, are unsuitable for long-term use.

Some owners, despite the recommendations still use analogues, preferring to change the tire and chain, but here everyone decides for himself. Have any negative impact on the lubrication system, such oil can not, and thus the difference is only as protection of the tire from the friction of the chain.

Two-stroke boat motors with a combined lubrication system require a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil: for break-in. in the ratio of 1:25 (1 liter of oil per 25 liters of gasoline); for long-distance travel in high-speed mode, transportation of heavy loads. in the ratio of 1:50 (1 liter of oil to 50 liters of gasoline);

If you own a STIHL chainsaw or are considering a new model, here is an overview of the STIHL MC 180. API-TB and API-TC class synthetic air-cooled two-stroke engine oil is a good choice.

Often, the most famous manufacturers (STIHL, Husquarna, etc.). д.) Specify the quantity of fuel required in your Instruction Manual or your chain saw Instruction Booklet. The most popular proportion is 1:40 or 1:50, which means you need 40(50) parts of gasoline for 1 part oil.

The quality of fuel and oil is also important. To fill up the STIHL MS 180 chain saw the manufacturer advises to use only gasoline with a higher octane rating than 90. STIHL 2-stroke engine oil is the right lubricant for your machine.

Let’s talk about the oil flow device directly to the chain

Mainly want to put Accent on the fact that remains to do our customer chainsaws manufacturer STIHL have a fairly small size, but, nevertheless, they are very massive. These features are what attract future buyers of this kind of equipment to the models of this company. You can also handle wood in many different ways with this machine, making it particularly easy to work with wood (see “Woodpile Handling” on page 25). how to cut wood).

STIHL 180 chain saw oil flow adjustment.

STIHL chain saws also have a high cutting performance. This machine is also equipped with the latest accessories (see “Accessories”).Sawsaw angle grinder attachment) additional accessories, thanks to which contribute to the convenience and ease of use. But actually let’s talk directly about the device, which the manufacturer has equipped its chain saws. The direct chain lubrication system of a STIHL chain saw consists of:

It is worth noting that the direct oil supply through the work of the pump has a special adjustment. Also an important fact is that the chain is lubricated throughout the life of the chain saw. It is for this reason that this part serves its owner well for a long time.

Undoubtedly, the chain must be systematically lubricated during operation, so the oil for its direct lubrication must be continuously supplied to its surface. Because that is what the direct design of the tool is all about.

In the process of operation of the device, oil starts to come out of the bar groove directly and is immediately absorbed by the sawdust.

Stihl MS-180 подача масла

This is why the process of lubricating the chain area itself is automatic. But it is worth noting that there are some models that have what is called a dosage of oil, which must be fed directly to the chain. And of course the models, the price range of which is quite low, have only a manual pump working directly through the action of the drive, which is located on the handle.

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