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Manual jigsaw (choice and operation)

Currently, there are many specialized tools for cutting wood and other materials of similar density. Each type of device has its own characteristics, and is intended for a certain type of work. For example: the chainsaw is perfectly sawn the trunk of the tree, the circular will make an even, shallow cut, and the jigsaw will be able to cut out the most complex figure shape, even inside the workpiece. It is about the last tool, we will tell in this article. Subsequently, we will explain in detail what a manual jigsaw is, how to choose such an instrument of optimal quality and show how to use it correctly.

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The design of the device is extremely simple and includes a handle and an arched frame with clamps and screws. A consumable element of a hand.Lobby is a miniature file, the length of which can reach 130 mm. For a clearer view, what the jigsaw looks like, we added several images that clearly demonstrate the appearance of this device.

The assembly of the tool is as follows. Saw blade (be sure to teeth down), is fixed at the handle of the tool. Next, place the upper part of the file in the opposite groove and clamp with the help of fasteners. At the same time, the frame is slightly squeezed with a hand so that after fixing, the canvas is stretched. If the tool is assembled correctly, during its operation, a characteristic high sound should be heard. With insufficient tension, the files will break very quickly.

In order to demonstrate as much as possible how they collect a hand.Lobby, the photo is not enough, and we added a visual video.

Stationary design for intensive operation

If you are professionally engaged, you can make a more complex and reliable design. For blanks, we select durable and solid materials to reduce parasitic vibrations during operation.

  • The bed is cut out of the heavy woody boat slab (you can use old furniture), a stand for a lever structure of textolite or organ. The levers themselves are made from a square steel pipe. It is not necessary to buy blanks, they can be found in your garage (shed) or at the reception points
  • Fasteners for the canvas can be made independently or selected from the old jigsaw (hacksaw for metal). Conventional files for a jigsaw machine for wood are used. You can fix the clamps with screws, or using tin and soldering iron
  • It doesn’t matter which device you take from the drive from. The main thing is a working electric motor and an efficient gearbox. You do not need power, torque will provide gear ratio of gears

The design is assembled from the standard elements of the gearbox. If necessary, fastening the connecting rod can be strengthened with an additional metal insert. All racks and fasteners are made of metal. So there is less vibration, and there will be no wear.

  • The material of the countertop does not matter, the main stiffness and smoothness. It is necessary to provide a turn around the longitudinal axis. Therefore, the working slot should be long
  • So that your hands are free during operation, it is better to run the electric drive using a foot button or pedal. You can use the old device from the sewing machine or make the button yourself
  • In order to make a jigsaw machine more accurate, it is necessary to eliminate the background of the canvas at the saw point. For this, a roller guide is installed
parts, lobby, laser, pointer

It can be made with your own hands again from improvised materials.

The lever supporting the guide is made mobile so that the device can only be used if necessary.

  • The tension of the canvas in this design is carried out by a spring. The lower lever provides reciprocating movement, and the top is needed only to maintain a sawy canvas

Bottom line: you can make an electrician yourself without large financial costs. The main thing is to decide on the tasks, and choose the optimal design.

A very interesting home.Made jigsaw machine turned out to be Alexander. Step.By.Step description with an explanation of the sizes of details See in this video.

Varieties of manual eleans

Hand lobby with an electric drive can be classified by type of power:

The industry also offers hybrid jigsaws, that is, with power from both the battery and from the network, but such devices did not receive widespread widespread.

Network electrolobsics are powered from the household power supply 220 (c) by means of a current.Pissing wire with a plug fork. Thanks to the power of the electric drive from the remote source, it becomes possible to significantly reduce the dimensions and weight of the device. In this case, network models demonstrate solid performance.

But the main advantage of electrolobes for 220 (c) is an affordable price.

Of course, network models have a number of disadvantages, some of which are considered critical under certain circumstances. The presence of a network wire noticeably limits the freedom of movement of the jigsaw. The wire can be confused and interfered, which is why safety is reduced and a general production culture falls.

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Additionally, an electric network model cannot be used at those objects where there is no electrification. This problem can be solved through a generator, but in this case a number of related problems arise.

Batteries. Completely autonomous technique. The battery block makes it possible to work with a jigsaw anywhere and any time. In general, the power of battery models is enough to effectively cope with cutting high.Strength steel.

Of course, the battery block makes an electrician for metal more massive and heavy. But the absence of a current.Pissing cord nevertheless compensates for this lack. Of the negative moments, one can still note a very high price of this type of jigsaw. The battery electrician is usually 2-3 times more expensive than the power of the network analogue similar in power and functional capabilities.

Autonomous and portable electrician with batteries are usually chosen when the user is important for the freedom of body movements. Lobziki of this type perfectly cope with curly threads!

Now more about the types of electrician and saw paintings.

Work with wood

Despite the solid functionality, the most commonly electric jigsaw is used to work with wood and its derivatives. The use of this device is always justified: starting from a rough sawing of tens of meters, a wood-brown slab or beam, and ending with delicate processing of a laminate or plywood.

There is nothing cunning about how to work with an electrician: press the start button and start processing the selected material. It is most important to carry out the work cleanly, smoothly and if necessary, without chips. In order for the work of a wood jigsaw to argue, it is enough to know a few simple rules.

Speed. When working with wood, the maximum speed is permissible. If you need a more even cut, without chips, the speed is reduced. The optimal speed mode is set depending on the processed material. When forming extra chips on the surface, it is better to lower the speed or change the saw blade.

Files. For rough cut and thick wood, a file with large teeth with an average step of 4 mm is suitable. It is better to carry out more delicate operations on a straight cut with a smaller teeth and better backward sharpening. For curly cutting, it is better to use a thin saw with large teeth.

Sprinkled without chips. When an electric jigsaw is used to work with wood and its derivatives, a fishing line for a trimmer of the cut is almost always accompanied by unpleasant chips that spoil the general view of the product. This defect is especially noticeable and undesirable on decorative and facing materials. Fortunately, this problem has a very simple and effective solution, called the “anti.Skill”.

This compact device from an plexiglass is installed in the sole of some models of the jigsaws, and does not allow the saw canvas to pull out pieces of material when working. It should be noted that this method provides pure cut only with files whose teeth are directed upward. Unfortunately, not every manufacturer produces such inserts, and they are not universal.

If for your model of a jigsaw, such an improvement is not provided, it can be made independently from a piece of plywood or plexiglass. In the video presented below, “How to work with a jigsaw on wood without chips”, the process of manufacturing such an impromptu liner is clearly demonstrated.

Small trick. If you need to make a clean section, but there is no liner and it is not possible to make your own, ordinary tape can come to the rescue. Just stick the strip along the cut line, and it will be much more accurate.

Summary of the lesson “Lobzik device

We draw your attention to the fact that in accordance with Federal Law No. 273-ФЗ “On Education in the Russian Federation” in organizations engaged in educational activities, the training and education of students with disabilities both together with other students and in certain classes or groups is organized.

“Hassp is the whole truth. How not to poison a schoolboy at breakfast or lunch?””

Certificate and discount on training to each participant

Topic: “Lobzika device. TB rules when working with a jigsaw.

Purpose: to form ideas about the device of the jigsaw, about tools and devices for cutting products from plywood. Teach to install a canvas in a jigsaw.

Equipment: lobby hand.Handed, sawing table, drawing, copy paper, simple pencil, awl, files, subfilles, plywood billet 110 x 110 x 4 mm (by the number of students).

Lobzik. A tool for cutting products from wood and plywood.

The jigsaw is a metal frame, at the ends of which there are screw clamps with nuts for fastening a file. A narrow thin metal strip with small teeth.

Manual jigsaw: 1. Frame; 2. Pen; 3. Clamping nuts; 4. Saw.

The correct refueling of the file to the jigsaw.

Check if there are a jigsaw.

Fasten the file in the clamp of the handle so that the tops of the teeth of the file are directed to the handle.

Fasten the opposite end of the file in the upper clamp of the lobe frame. The canvas of the file should be well tinted, otherwise it may break on the bends. Fixing the upper part of the file, the frame of the jigsaw must be compressed. To do this, the upper part of the frame should rest on the edge of the layout of the workbench and press the handle on the handle.

All work on drinning plywood is sitting at a drinker. The saw should be moved in a strictly vertical position and cutting is carried out from top to bottom; The movement and movement of the file should be without jerks.

During sawing, hold the workpiece with your left hand and it is supplied to the workpiece along the marking line.

Initially drank all the internal cuts. To install a saw in the inner propyla, a through hole was pre.Drilled or with an awl with an awl. Make the same hole in places of steep turns. The outer diameter of the hole should easily touch the marking line so that the canvas then goes along the tangent. With internal cutting, the upper part of the canvas is passed through the hole and fixed.

Drinking on the right side of the marking. On steep turns, turn the workpiece slowly, and the movement of the canvas of the jigsaw is made in the same rhythm (40-60 movements per minute).

The teacher demonstrates the components of this tool shown in the figure, focusing the attention of students on the proper fixation of the file (teeth tilt towards the handle).

For cutting a jigsaw, a drinking table is used, which is attached in the lid with a strip.

The teacher clearly demonstrates the student table, tells the students interesting information that he is sometimes called (in external resemblance) “Lastochkin’s tail”; shows the method of fastening the table using a clamp. Then the teacher demonstrates various working poses when cutting down and standing.

A. In a round hole; b. In the cut of the table.

Making volumetric products in the invoice.

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Products made in this way are several contour blanks glued among themselves in the “package”. The difficulty of manufacturing such a product is that the blade of workpieces must be cut as accurately as possible, without leaving the side of the marking line.

Closed parts must be squeezed with clamps or in the clip of workbench and withstand them in this state until the glue completely dries. After gluing, the product is processed with sandpaper before giving glued blanks of the total circuit, sharp ribs are rounded.

The base is made of a strict plank or thick plywood. It is desirable to color the collected and processed product, the eyes are cut out of paper and glued to the finished figure.

Having captured sufficiently with the techniques and skills of cutting a jigsaw, you can proceed to the performance of a light carving.

Spring thread. Work requiring certain skill, accuracy and patience. Sometimes one mistake made, turns a long, painstaking work into an incorrigible marriage. To carry out propyal threads, it is necessary to choose a high.Quality, well.Glued plywood. Before applying the picture, the workpiece must be carefully treated with sandpaper. It is also necessary to take into account the location of the picture on the workpiece. The pattern should be located strictly along the fibers of the upper layer of plywood. Punches with an awl, to cut the internal contour of the thread, must be done very carefully, especially when cutting a small ornament. Drinking start after puncture of all holes in details.

Fundamentals of propyal threads. Planar, through ornament. Working up thread skills is best on the details of a repeating pattern that is applied to the workpiece using templates.

After cutting the part, it is necessary to perform its finished processing using sandpaper.

Patch carving is a type of propyal thread. In the manufacture of products decorated with overhead threads. The propyal thread is superimposed on a continuous base, as a result, a part consisting of two layers of plywood is obtained. The patch thread increases the strength of the product and its aesthetic perception. For a more distinct highlighting the contour of a drunk pattern, it is recommended to cover the basis with a dye.

Curivoline sawing

For curvilinear sawing it is better to use narrow canvases. In this case, the radius of rounding is small, so our saw is almost no different from the “standard”. However, and very narrow canvases are “contraindicated”. They resist the side departure worse

One way to start a cut is to drill a hole for a file. It is made on the cut line or away from it When working on small radii, it is necessary to navigate the position of the canvas. Keep in mind: guidelines that help with a straightforward cut (“flies” on an insert or stove) will inevitably be played from the right course Sometimes you can do without sparkling: we abut the tool with the edge of the sole so that the future washed off does not cross the markings, and turn on the jigsaw. Carefully tilt it to contact with the workpiece and then increase the angle until the through slice appears. Turn off the jigsaw, wait until the canvas stops, take out and install it in the working position Smoothly rounding the fishing line for the trimmer of the cut, we go out on the marking. Moving along it, we direct the tool, turning it around the axis of the canvas. No lateral efforts are unacceptable, pushing the jigsaw forward is practically not required

The scope of application

The most widely used, the jigsaw has received in the field of woodworking in the manufacture of decorative, design elements. The tool has become an indispensable assistant for working with wood and its derivatives (wood-fiber slab, wood-cutting plate, plywood and other). Capable of doing jewelry, a jigsaw (manual or electric), has become an integral attribute of any carpentry workshop. In domestic use, the device is no less high demand and allows you to perform a huge range of work.

In addition to working with wood, the jigsaw can be confidently used for the sawing of plastic, ceramic tiles, glass and even soft metal. For cutting fragile materials (glass, tiles), there are special saw canvases covered with abrasive spraying. Metal files, unlike wood, have a stronger alloy and small teeth. To work with plastic, you can use both canvases for metal and wood.

If you consider only manual models, we can say with confidence that work with them can be equated with relaxation. A person engaged in figured sawing is completely focused on work, training attentiveness and concentration. In case of error, you can simply start by a new. The workflow perfectly develops the imagination and motor skills of the hands, and inexpensive materials make it available for each.

Electrics in the work: three typical cases

Installation of built.In furniture in the kitchen

It is necessary to assemble cabinets, install and fix the countertop, cut the sink into it. There will be a lot of specific work for the electric jigsaw: cut holes for heating, water supply and sewage pipes in the cabinet wall, cut a piece of wood plate in the place of the countertop, cut a round hole for steel washing in it.

The master uses a reliable and productive tool. It is equipped with a nozzle and connected to a vacuum cleaner. When cutting sawdust, do not fly around the entire room. Plastic lining on cast soles of the jigsitore protects the surface of furniture parts from scratches.

Arsenal of a home master

If you like to make something with your own hands or in your house in your free time, you get a box of tools with an antresoli and you will be happy to take work.

It is necessary to make several shelves on the balcony for storing empty glass cans and other things necessary in the farm.

It is necessary to purchase several suitable shields in the construction hypermarket in advance in the construction hypermarket. Make a frame for the future rack from the racks, and then cut out the shelves of the required size from the wood-bearing plate.

The main assistants in this work will be an electric jigsaw. It is stored in a separate convenient case along with a set of files for different occasions. Perhaps your model of a jigsaw has a slight power, but it does not take up a lot of space when storing. Fast.Sounding cartridge for files, spectacular laser pointer, parallel emphasis in the kit. The design of the jigsaw is very attractive. Working it is a pleasure.

Auxiliary tool in the brigade of finishes

A brigade of three masters finished a three.Room apartment in a new building. The whole range of work has been completed to get a well.Maintained apartment from a concrete box with bare gray walls.

One of the main working tools is an electrician. It was used in many cases:

  • For construction goats, the boards were sawn with a jigsaw.
  • Balcony trim with lining. A jigsaw cut a beam for a crate and a lining.
  • Laying laminate on the floor. The material was cut with a jigsaw.

Such intensive and diverse work quickly wear out tools. Masters in the brigade prefer to buy medium.Level tools so as not to bother with a guarantee and repair. The murdered jigsaw is easier to throw away, and buy another for a new object.

Storage of tools

In order for the tool to serve for a long time and regularly, it is important not only to comply with the rules of its operation, but also to store it correctly. The best option is the jigsaw in the case from the manufacturer

parts, lobby, laser, pointer

Such a suitcase is convenient for storing spare parts, and for transportation. But not always the tool is sold with the case. In this case, you need to know that the jigsaw, like any power tool, is afraid of water and excess humidity. Therefore, it must be stored in a dry, well.Ventilated place. Cardboard or wooden box will serve as protection against mechanical damage. If the warehouse is unheated, then in the cold season, before starting work, the tool should “thaw” in a warm room for 20–25 minutes. During this time, the lubrication of the gearbox will again become elastic.

Full.Time case for storing and transporting the makita jigsaw

Using an electrician in the household, do not neglect the rules of personal security. During work, you can not be distracted, talk on the phone or do other things. To protect the eyes and respiratory systems, it is recommended to use a respirator and protective glasses. The use of homemade nozzles is justified when they do not pose a health hazard and preliminary tests have successfully passed.

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