What power tillers are good for plowing a vegetable garden

Cultivator is designed to facilitate the farmer work in the garden. It must cope with the task at hand, qualitatively cultivate the soil, loosen the soil, dip the beds, fight the weeds. Correctly selected device will serve its owner for many years. Here are the most popular models with an optimal price-quality ratio.


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Popular professional cultivator, which is great for cultivating plots of 6 acres. It is equipped with 4 tillers with diameter 215 mm, which allow cultivating the soil up to 42 cm in width. Equipped with a 3.5 liter 4-cycle gasoline engine.с., which is enough for confidently tilling the ground.

One of the main advantages of the machine is its compact size and low weight (30 kg), so it easily fits in the car trunk. The hardened blades are designed for a long service life and due to their unique construction they can sharpen themselves in the ground.

In addition to its primary function (loosening the soil), it can also be used to remove weeds, weed between the rows, and dip potatoes. But additional attachments must be purchased separately.

DAEWOO Power Products DAT 3530

Compact unit at a reasonable price. It is suitable for work on light soils and performs well on medium-heavy clay soils. The machine housing is designed so that it can be easily dismantled for repair and service in the event of any problems or malfunctions.

Its tines are made of high-strength steel and are therefore excellent for loosening even hard soils. They also help move the machine forward. The unit can be transported in the car, just fold up the handle.


Inexpensive cultivator perfect for country and garden work. Despite its compact size, it can easily handle heavy soils.

In addition to milling machines, it can be fitted with various attachments and functions as a potato digger or potato planter, fertilizer device and more. However, it must be purchased additionally.

  • Inexpensive.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Good soil cultivation.
  • Easy operation.
  • Attachments can be hooked up.

Champion BC6712

Powerful mid-range cultivator that easily handles larger workloads or heavy soils. It is equipped with small wheels, which serve not so much as a running, but rather as a supporting function. Thanks to them, the cultivator stands firmly on the surface. Tiller is driven by rotating blades.

Equipped with a large gas tank, enough fuel for several hours of continuous operation. Engine = Top-mounted for improved air cooling. And to make it easier to store and transport, the handles can be removed.

Huter GMC-6.5

A great machine at an attractive price. It has good power, which allows using it on small plots. cottages, homesteads and medium-sized areas. farms.

This cultivator has a single-cylinder, four-stroke petrol engine that produces 6.5 litres.с. Single and double tines available for soil cultivation. Tank capacity of 3.6 l guarantees uninterrupted operation for several hours. Adjustable handlebar height for the individual user. It is easily removable, making it easy to transport.

Hammer RT-50A

Robust middle class cultivator. Easy to operate, simple to start and capable of producing up to 5 horsepower. The kit includes four cutters that process in one run the ground, a width of 50 cm.

The model is attractive due to its compact size. No gearbox. The machine can only move forward at the same speed. Only 1.2 liter gas tank capacity.

Hyundai T 850

Small, easy-to-drive cultivator with 6.5 horsepower, designed to facilitate its owner’s work in the garden. For more convenient movement around the site, it is equipped with a wheel fixed at the front.

The model is equipped with metal tillers that quickly and efficiently plow the soil and clear the weeds. They perform equally well on soft and hard ground. Operator’s handle is adjustable, making it more convenient to operate.

  • Simple design.
  • Ploughing is soft without big clods.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Easy to start.
  • There is a reverse speed.

Neva MK-200-H5.0

Good model for a low price. Its unusual appearance is no reason to doubt the quality and reliability of the mechanism. Easy to control, easy to operate.

The machine is equipped with four cutters. If necessary, the number of blades can be reduced if the area to be cultivated is smaller than the working width of the blades. Features a manual gearbox with three speeds, one reverse, two forward.

Caiman TRIO 70 C3

A modern machine that meets all customer requirements. And its high price is due to the use of high-quality materials in its manufacture. Despite its small size, this model is powerful enough to. Low gasoline consumption is especially impressive.

It has a manual gearbox with two forward and two reverse speeds. It can be used not only as a cultivator, but it can also be connected to other kinds of attachments: a trailer, plough, weeders, ridgers and others. Working width can be adjusted by removing or adding router bits, paired on both sides.

Echo TC-210

The small power tiller. Perfect for work in the vegetable garden, in the greenhouse, around trees, in the garden, in flowerbeds. Planting, hoeing, fighting weeds will be simple, fast and effective. Even a woman can operate it.

This model’s gas tank has a capacity of only 0.5 liter. But the low fuel consumption allows plenty of work. It comes with steel tillers sized to work a 21 cm wide soil in a single pass. Blades penetrate the ground to a depth of 25 cm.

Husqvarna TF 338

One of the best cultivators, by. easy and reliable in operation. It’s attractive because of its light weight and excellent maneuverability. Easy to transport, space-saving and, thanks to the folding handle, easy to move. The machine is equipped with a special bumper that protects the engine from damage.

The set includes 8 cutters, wheels, providing more convenient movement of it from the place of storage to the place of cultivation. It is equipped with a manual gearbox with three speeds: 1 rear, 2 front.

  • Large-diameter rubber wheels are included.
  • Working width. 95 cm.
  • Plows heavy soils well.
  • Runs quietly.

Types of Motoblenders

Now separately consider the types of power tillers that are on sale. They can be roughly subdivided into extra light, light, medium and heavy.

Extra light power tillers. Have a weight of up to 20 kg, their power. up to 3 liters.с. They are perfect for small garden plots up to 20 acres. Due to compact size and light weight, they are easy to control and easy to maneuver on the site. Easy to transport and store.

These machines have a narrow working width of 25 to 30 cm, enabling them to plough even narrow furrows and work in hard-to-reach places. The working depth is about 8 cm, that means it is preferable to use this type of power tillage.

As a rule, ultralight power tillers are equipped with a hook-shaped cutter, which allows effective digging out unrooted weeds.

These units are great for working on flowerbeds and beds and can also be used for greenhouse work.

Light duty models. They weigh up to 40 kg and have an output range of 2.5 to 4.5 l.с. Working width of such power tillers. 50 to 90 cm, the power tiller penetrates to a depth of 15 to 18 cm. Light class power tillers are equipped with a four-stroke engine, which results in high efficiency.

Light models have different rotational speeds of the tiller and therefore different capabilities. Motoblocs with the ratio of 100-130 rpm are preferably used for bayonet stubble cultivation. Models with 150-180 rpm are used for plowing soil with a thickness of 5 to 10 cm. For tillage before planting, it is better to use the 180-200 rpm power tillers. For weed control, we recommend power tillers with 200-200 rpm. Professional models have 320-350 rpm.

Lightweight tillers can also be used for tilling and furrow cutting.

3.Medium power tillers. Weight of these machines. 60-100 kg. The high weight greatly reduces vibration at work, as well as provides the ability to loosen the soil deeply.

This class of machines has up to 7 liters of power.с. Most models are equipped with a transmission, usually with one rear speed and two front. The presence of this feature provides ease of movement and increases maneuverability.

Mothballs of medium gravity have greater functionality to them it is possible to choose various attachments to perform different types of work (hilling, harrowing, digging root crops, etc.).д.).

Heavy power tillers. Professional machines used by farmers and utilities. Their power up to 16 liters.с., and weights of more than 100 kg. Can act as a mini-tractor for clearing snow or hay. They are also capable of carrying loads. Heavy trucks have a wide range of accessories and attachments.

mounted equipment

Motor blocks perform a wide range of agricultural operations, including tillage, plowing, harrowing, hilling, weeding, mowing, seeding, harvesting, etc. To perform all these operations special additional equipment such as seeders, harrows, etc. is used.

Besides purely agricultural operations, the tractor blocks can also be used for carrying loads and snow removal, as power generators and pumps.

Different models come with a range of branded attachments. Usually only wheels and tillers are included. Everything else must be added if necessary. So even when choosing a model, you need to decide for what functions the single-axle tractor will be used.

Often other brands and even customer tools can be used in addition to brand name optional equipment. There is nothing to stop you from transporting loads on just about any size trailer.

The single-axle tractor is equipped with a power take-off shaft (PTO for short) to operate the attachments. pumps, generators, seeders, etc., are connected to this shaft.

  • three-speed gearbox;
  • High reserve of motoresource;
  • reliable fixation of wheels, hexagonal axles;
  • the ability to equip the unit with a plow, a cart;
  • a rugged cast iron gear case prevents stones from getting caught.

Mobil K MKM-3 PRO

Versatile, multi-purpose, yet extremely lightweight (69 kg) single-axle tractor for all kinds of jobs. It can be used to remove snow from the area, pump water for watering plants, remove weeds from beds, weed, plow the ground, etc.д. Each of these functions has its own attachments, which must be purchased separately.

High-powered engine and three-speed reduction gears ensure good machine performance. Innovative “Zero-balance” technology prevents the machine from digging into the ground or hanging on one spot. Responsible for smooth self-steering and stability of the implement.

The unit is equipped with self-sharpening burrs that dig into the ground during work. Handle changes position both horizontally and vertically. Very convenient even for persons of reduced stature. Two transportation wheels on the rear of the body give the possibility to distribute the weight of the machine evenly and transport it without any load on the human organs.

  • Low weight among similar models.
  • Versatility.
  • Durable cutting element, hardened by high-frequency currents.
  • Variable steering system in the horizontal and vertical planes.
  • High noise level during operation.

But despite the advantages of lightweight power tillers, the most popular were and still are middle class analogues. The good compromise between price and power, as well as functionality, makes it a great buy for most users. That is why this category of equipment received the most attention.


Buyers looking for an inexpensive mid-range single axle tractor will love this model. Its power is quite high. 7 horsepower, which is enough to plow quite a large plot. In addition, the width of tillage is 83 cm, so you do not have to spend extra time, plow it. Four forward gears let you choose the best option for your individual terrain and conditions. A reverse allows you to bypass an obstacle, free the cutters from foreign objects and just makes the work more comfortable. It’s nice that the noise level is not too high. only 78dB. That’s why we can say with confidence that even if this is not the best single-axle tractor among inexpensive models, it definitely belongs among them.

  • A powerful 4-stroke engine;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • low noise level when working;
  • five speeds;
  • affordable price;
  • ergonomic handle.


This machine will ensure confident operation even in extreme conditions. Plow the ground after rain? No problem for the PATRIOT Ural cultivator. The device will be irreplaceable assistant on a country site or at industrial ground treatment. Ability to install attachments, both domestic and foreign-made.

  • Extreme wheels, 50 cm in diameter, with aggressive tread and high cross-country ability, can pass on different terrains, do not sink in the wet ground.
  • Powerful engine that can plow a hectare of land in one pass.
  • Reinforced frame construction, will ensure safety in case of falling or overturning the machine.
  • Convenient throttle and gearshift hands on the handlebar.
  • Quality assurance from the manufacturer. All machines are tested before sale.
Weight 105 kg
Engine Patriot P175FC
Plowing depth 30 cm
Plowing width 90 cm
Power 7.8 л.с
Fuel tank 3.5 л
Transmission 4 speeds front, 2 speeds rear
  • large size pneumatic wheels, provide excellent traction;
  • Metal mudguards, for protection from dirt;
  • Build quality, appreciated by users on many resources;
  • Convenient gearshift knobs.

Champion DC1163E

Russia, the home of the brand;

Made in China

Similar in technical characteristics to the Aurora, but less expensive. Main purpose of this machine is to plow tillage. Thanks to its high weight of 141 kg and its big-diameter wheels, it has a good grip on the ground and easily copes with any bumps and irregularities.

  • Plowing depth of the field varies from 10. 30 cm;
  • Safety for the operator due to mounted fenders over the wheels;
  • Powerful pneumatic wheels provide good passability;
  • Handy handle for adjustment and control;
  • The possibility of using additional equipment. haymaker, motor pump, potato digger, plow, flail hoe;
  • Equipped with manual and electric starter.
Weight 141 kg
Engine Champion D300-1HK
Dimensions 1800x1100x800
Electric start Yes
Plowing depth 30 cm
Plowing width 110 cm
Speed 3
Engine manufacturer Champion
  • Economical, hardy diesel engine;
  • Availability of manual and electric starter;
  • has a muffler and parking brake, which more expensive units are famous for;
  • multifunction.

Neva MB-23B-10.0

Small agricultural machines are designed for heavier loads and can be used to lift virgin land, work on compacted soil.

Reliable and efficient 10.06 l engine.с. Shows high performance. Up to 1.7 m working width with 8 tillers. To make a turn in a small area, you can disengage the left wheel of the machine.

By power class and weight

Mobil K MKM-3 COMFORT MBK0018432

  • Convenient control
  • Good value for money
  • Compact
  • Maneuverable
  • Easy start
  • Rich equipment

It’s worth starting with, because this model is a prime example of how Russia also embraces this market. For a low price, you can get a quality and sturdy single-axle garden tractor that can handle the most basic tasks. Not enough weight for serious jobs, but plenty of different attachments. Easy to carry in the trunk thanks to its size.

Salute 100-X-M1

Another Russian model gets into the rating, and all thanks to the high technical characteristics of this class. The thing is that here you use the Honda engine, which you just can’t help but love. Runs well, but sometimes there is a feeling that there is not enough weight for quality and fast work, and it also makes a lot of noise.

Celina MB-600

  • Low price
  • Maneuverable
  • Powerful
  • Endurance
  • Comfortable handle
  • Sturdy body
  • Good equipment

Celina MB-600 is one of the best representatives of the middle class, to improve the garden or plow the virgin land. Sturdy and comfortable handle makes it a pleasure to use. Fuel tank lasts a long time, so for 30 grand you can get a very good tool with a good package. But before you work, you must tighten the nuts on the wheels, otherwise it will drive sideways, they somehow do not hold well.

Champion BC9713

  • Powerful and productive engine
  • Quality materials
  • Rugged mounts and wheels
  • Maneuverable
  • Low price
  • Nice design

A popular manufacturer offers a quality product in a wide range of weights and price categories. In this case, for a very low price you can get a high quality product, which few can stand in comparison. The standard problem of this firm in the high rate of fuel consumption, you can still point to the length of the handle, which wants to be more authentic, but it’s not critical.

Huter GMC-7.5(М)

  • Powerful
  • Very passable
  • Very low price for the segment
  • Multifunctional
  • Economical fuel consumption
  • Great performance and endurance
  • Easy start

If you compare motor blocks in the heavyweight category, this one will put many competitors on their backs, because for a very low price in this segment a powerful engine, economical fuel consumption and a large potential for work are able to give. Easy to start and maintain, but there are a couple of points is the welding seams, some look very bad, so it is better to buy a welder, just in case.


  • Powerful
  • Easy to maintain
  • Versatile
  • Multifunctional
  • Convenient operation
  • Large number of attachments
  • Low price
  • Nice look

This single-axle tractor is very cheap for the heavy class, but the benefits do not end there, because it has great potential and the ability to attach a trailer, special attachments and so on. Very easy and comfortable to drive on any kind of terrain. But it is inconveniently located the place for filling the oil, but otherwise it is a very good garden helper.

Neva MB-23B-10.0

  • Very powerful
  • Balanced running
  • Good equipment
  • High quality materials and workmanship
  • Comes filled with oil

Even an inexperienced user it is clear that the best heavy motor blocks for processing land plots are the most powerful, so let’s start with the Neva MB-23B-10.0. This brand has long been able to prove itself in the market, and with this model has once again confirmed the capabilities of. The engine of this model can withstand any test: plowing a field, riding with a cart fully loaded. Only you have to shell out the appropriate amount of money for it.


  • Powerful
  • Passable
  • Good value for money
  • Rich basic equipment
  • Rugged stand
  • Large rugged wheels

This brand is rarely happy with new models, but this single-axle tractor is really very powerful, it makes no difference for the country house or a real construction site, no difference where to put the full power. So for those who have this machine for the first time, you have to be careful at the beginning of use, it is very fast and easy to start. Large wheels that allow it to go everywhere and haul loads.

Mobil K Ghepard CH395

If you list the best and most reliable power tillers of 2021, the Mobil will take far from last place. Its engine doesn’t compare to any other model. This is no longer just a single-axle country tractor, but the most professional equipment for heavy-duty work. Versatility and passability is worth its money, because it is a completely different segment of machinery.

Rating of the best motor blocks in 2021-2022 for reliability, price and quality. Top 10 models for villas

To facilitate the processing of the land, the owners of summer houses and country houses are increasingly acquiring power tillers. With their help, the process of tilling the land, planting or harvesting crops, work on the yard becomes much less labor-intensive.

However, the large range of this equipment on the market makes it difficult for buyers to choose. We offer you the rating of power tillers by reliability and price, selected on the basis of high estimates of their owners. It allows you to narrow down the choice and choose the most high-quality unit.

Comparative table

Each single-axle tractor from our rating of the best models of 2020-2021 differs in its technical characteristics, for ease of comparison we have compiled a comparison table, which indicated the most important parameters of each machine.

Model Engine displacement, cc. see. Power, l.с. Tillage width, cm Fuel tank capacity, l Weight, kg Average price,
Mobil K MKM-3 PRO 196 6,5 105 3,6 69 42 990
PATRIOT Pobeda 198 7,0 100 3,6 78 27 595
Huter GMC-7.5(М) 208 7,0 85 6,0 100 29 790
Aurora GARDENER 750 207 7,0 50-100 3,2 52 29 669
Mobil K MKM-3 COMFORT MBK0018432 212 7,07 73 3,6 67 38 040
PATRIOT Ural 220 7,8 90 3,6 84 35 245
Neva MB-2KS-(168FA) 196 6,5 81-126 3,6 85 36 445
Celina MB-901 270 9,0 72-113 3,6 115 38 580
DAEWOO Power Products DATM 80110 225 8,0 60-110 4,5 86 40 495
Champion BC1193 270 9,0 110 6,0 132 46 245
Neva MB-23B-10.0 305 10,06 86-127 5,3 105 59 830

Light class power tillers. the best models

If the amount of work in the countryside is not great. you only need to plow a few acres of land once a year. then it makes sense to give preference to lightweight power tillers. They can not boast of high power, and the functionality in most cases is limited. But their price can pleasantly surprise even the most economical buyer. Low weight makes loading and operating a power tiller much easier.


The second generation of tractor blocks is available in three modifications, depending on the width of the attachment and the range of installed engines. Stable demand and high popularity of the model is due to the use of innovative solutions in its design, which achieved the highest performance specifications. In addition, the manufacturer paid special attention to comfort when working with this multifunctional unit, making operation easy, and maintenance reduced to a minimum.

The technical part of the walking tractor, which includes engines and controls from renowned Japanese, European and American manufacturers, meets all world standards and the Russian state standard. MOBIL K STRONG TRASMISSION 2000 transmission developed in-house ensures that the power tiller travels at the optimum speed for the most efficient tillage. Extended functionality with drawbar and torque take-off pulley for active equipment.

  • Smooth gear shifting without effort;
  • The ability to install a variety of equipment;
  • Reduced vibration;
  • Die-cast aluminum gear housing;
  • Low vibration level even at high rpm;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Easy start.


Looking for a light, inexpensive yet good single axle tractor? Take a closer look at this model. Judging by the reviews, most users have no regrets about this acquisition. On the one hand, the unit is quite powerful. the 198 cubic inch engine provides 7 horsepower. than enough for plowing a small area. It is nice that the weight of the power tiller is only 78 kg, so you won’t have any extra problems during transportation.

The model has a reverse function that allows you to start the engine in reverse. very useful if something gets wrapped around the moving parts.

The fuel tank capacity of 3.6 l allows to work on a relatively large area without refilling. It is a pleasure to realize that the working width is no less than 100 cm. a lawn can be ploughed in only a few passes. 8-inch pneumatic tires provide good traction on any terrain.

PATRIOT Kaluga (steering wheel)

Buyers looking for lightweight, but powerful equipment will love the PATRIOT Kaluga single axle tractor. In terms of price and quality the single-axle tractor is a good compromise. It weighs only 73.6 kg, which does not prevent it from having high power. as much as 7 horsepower. Three gears. two forward and one reverse. make it easy to choose the one that will be most suitable in a particular situation. The fuel tank holds up to 3.6 liters of fuel, so stops for refueling are quite rare. a nice advantage that saves time when working with the tiller. And the working width is rather large. 85 cm. A fairly wide swath can be plowed in one pass, so you don’t have to waste any extra time. No wonder that the model gets quite good reviews from its owners.

Mobil K MKM-3 COMFORT MBK0018432

Perhaps the best motoblock in terms of reliability and quality in the lightweight class is this one. It is really comfortable to work with, primarily due to the power of 7.07 horsepower. You can easily and quickly walk over the plot, digging the ground to a depth of 34 cm. True, the width of the working area is not as large as many users would like it to be: only 73 cm. So for large plots, a single-axle tractor is not the best choice. However, it is silly to put other demands on a lightweight tiller.

The Mobil K MKM-3 COMFORT can reach speeds of up to 8.3 kilometers per hour when moving forward and up to 2.6 kilometers per hour when moving backward.

Surprisingly, with such advantages, the weight of the unit is quite small. only 67 kg, which will pleasantly surprise users who often have to load it into the car and unload it back. So, there is no doubt. this is one of the best motor blocks of the light class.

  • quality assembly;
  • low fuel consumption;
  • deep tillage;
  • excellent ergonomics;
  • It is easy to buy accessories and attachments;
  • excellent maneuverability;
  • easy to start.
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