What’s better – chainsaws or electric saws

Design features of electric saws

The main design difference between chainsaws and electric saws is in the different types of drive and power units. Obviously, but the electric ones use an electric motor, which can be installed longitudinally or transversely. The type of clutch depends on it. In the former, the rotary motion is transmitted through the gearbox, while in the cross-cutting models it is done directly.

Useful at! In fact, the construction of the models can be called identical: the motor operation drives the sprocket, which in turn pulls the saw chain.

Chainsaw or electric saw: which is better to choose?

Before buying a tool for your needs, you should understand its technical characteristics and compare them to your needs. First of all we should clearly state our needs.

If we will use the saw in our own garden, most often the tool is required to cut the cut wood into smaller pieces, for this it is enough to have a compact, handy electric saw, powered from an outlet with normal power.

However, if the work requires more power, or if we have to work in harsher conditions, away from the power source, it will be necessary to buy a high-quality chainsaw. Both the first and the second type of saws are currently on the market with many models, and at least a few manufacturers are global brands that specialize in this equipment. It is always important to compare offers not only in terms of price, but also in terms of parameters, because they will mainly determine the performance of the tool in specific conditions.

First of all, the most important decision will be the choice of the motor, as well as other main parameters, let’s consider them in detail. Below are the comparative characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of saws that will help you to choose and buy a chainsaw or electric saw correctly.

General parameters that are very important in the daily use of this device.

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  • Versatility.Naturally, when buying more expensive equipment we want it to serve us as often as possible and for different needs. So it’s worth choosing models that are useful for cutting down trees in the garden, for example, but also for cutting logs for fuel. Of course, a lot depends on our needs, but more versatility means less operating costs.
  • Safety. although modern saws are equipped with safety systems, it’s always a good idea to reacquaint yourself with safety systems when working with such a dangerous tool. The appliance should have an overheat prevention system, safety switches and quick start-up.
  • Eco-friendliness. much depends on the efficiency of the power system itself, which, for example, consumes less electricity or fuel and therefore has lower emissions. Many manufacturers have their own very strict standards in this area, often certified.
  • Operational comfort. provided by features such as quiet operation and comfort (which is important for long-term use), performance and wireless connectivity. These qualities are especially important for professional models designed for higher requirements. But not always the most expensive option is best suited to our needs.

Electric and chainsaws have been in use for a long time, so individual models have evolved so much that sometimes it’s hard to find the one device of your dreams in the huge range. Nevertheless, overpaying for equipment that is used once or twice a year is not always advisable. Let’s analyze what we will need, what features are most important to us. Then the likelihood that we will buy a good appliance that meets our expectations is greatly increased.

Electric tools are designed for home use. Compact size and light weight provide maximum ease of use. The productivity of the tool is quite enough to perform simple tasks:

  • Trimming openings in a wooden wall;
  • Sawing small quantities of building materials;
  • Sawing firewood;
  • Pruning branches of trees, etc.
better, chainsaws, electric, saws

The productivity of chain saws is higher by an order of magnitude. Models are equipped with powerful power units that provide the tool with flawless performance in various conditions. If you are buying a chain saw for forestry applications, it is better to give preference to. Such models are designed for voluminous workpieces, able to work for a long time without interruption. But we are talking only about professional models. The power output of amateur class chainsaws and electric saws is in the same range.

Electric tool limits work to the length of the mains cable. It is more convenient to work with a gasoline-powered saw if you often have to move from place to place. over, when using a chain saw, you should always make sure that the electric cable will not get under the teeth of the tool, because it can lead to serious trouble. There are no such risks with a gasoline-powered saw.

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Important! But chainsaws have higher efficiency. The fact that the electric motor heats up faster and cools down slower, so you need to take breaks every 15-20 minutes to let the motor cool down. But the time of continuous work of gasoline tools is by an order of magnitude higher.

Gasoline-driven devices


Power Gasoline-powered power tools provide more power and higher performance than electric models (from 2 to 10 kW, depending on the model).

Reliability chainsaws are not afraid of rain or snow, many are well adapted to temperature changes, the gasoline motor is not afraid of voltage fluctuations (t. к. it is not powered by electricity).

Mobility. Chainsaws run on gasoline, do not require constant access to power. Such saw is convenient to transport, you can take it to the woods and other remote from the power grids. Chainsaws are also useful on construction sites, in phases where electricity is not yet connected.

High performance. Chainsaws are divided into classes, depending on power and purpose:

  • Household gasoline chain saws, power of 2-3 liters. с.;
  • semi-professional chainsaws with capacity of 3-6 liters. с.;
  • Professional chainsaws have 6-13 liters of power. с.

Two-stroke engine. Works on a mix of gasoline and two-stroke oil, has a long service life, high power. The internal combustion engines that are installed in gasoline units are air-cooled and are not prone to overheating, depending on their class, the duration of non-stop sawing can range from 45 minutes to several hours. Daily operating time can vary from 2 to 12-14 hours (depending on class and model).

Chainsaws are heated for temperature fluctuations; many are equipped with a summer/winter switch and, when the switch is pressed in winter mode, the heated grips and carburettor turn on.

Most gasoline units are equipped with a primer manual fuel pump to help start the chainsaw by pumping the fuel mixture into the carburetor.

Inertia chain brake and protective shield, as well as the chain catcher will reliably protect the equipment operator from rebound during the kickback, provide the necessary safety to the operator at work.

Anti-vibration system. Special dampers and rubber pads successfully dampen vibrations that occur during sawing.

Chain lubrication. Oil delivery is automatically controlled by an oil pump and can be regulated or not.

The chain tensioner is located on the side of the gasoline-powered machine and can be instrumental or non-instrumental.

Best Electric Chainsaw in 2022. Top 5 Electric Chainsaws Review


The presence of harmful exhaust fumes, it is forbidden to work indoors.

High gasoline price.

complicated preparation for work and maintenance:

  • Tool assembly, chain tensioning;
  • preparation of fuel mixture in appropriate proportions from 2T motor oil and unleaded gasoline AI-92;
  • filling up the chain saw with technical fluids (chain oil and fuel);
  • difficult to start (described in the manual);
  • check idle speed, lubrication, brake system and functionality.

Vibration. The anti-vibration system does not fully perform its tasks, so fatigue occurs with prolonged use.

The chainsaws (especially in the pro and semi-professional classes) weigh quite a lot, which requires extra effort and endurance from the operator.

Noise. Chainsaws are very loud, in order to reduce the noise level, some manufacturers equip the unit with a muffler, but these measures are not always effective.

Where and for what purpose chain saws are best

  • Professional chainsaws are best suited to logging companies, farms and utilities companies, where high output, speed, endurance and continuous increased loads are needed.
  • Chainsaws are indispensable in the household, where it is necessary to prepare fuel for the season, make a log cabin, build a bath, a shed, perform dismantling of any old building, to put in order the garden and surrounding areas.
  • Construction is another area of chainsaw application. Power saws are ideal for indoors, chain saws are great for outdoor jobs cutting logs and heavy hardwood boards.

We suggest you to look at the prepared review of the best chainsaws rating. How to choose the device according to the method and frequency of use.

When choosing a chainsaw, it is important to determine for what purposes it is taken and in what conditions it will be used. There are high-performance models among both gasoline and electric units. Ideal, but expensive option chain saws from reputable manufacturers.

If finances do not allow do not despair, good inexpensive models are available from less well-known companies. It would be good to go to the forum and read reviews about this or that model you like, to communicate with the owners of the equipment directly, to clarify the features of the chainsaw.

Choosing the best: electric or gasoline chainsaw

For sawing logs, boards, tree trunks on a garden plot, a chainsaw or an electric saw is suitable. Choosing the right tool from these two options can be difficult. These saws are similar not only in appearance but also in design. Choosing what will suit more for the task at hand. gasoline or electric saw, it is necessary to study the main characteristics of these devices, as well as their pros and cons.

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The class of chainsaw affects how long the chainsaw can be operated and the amount of time it will run continuously.

  • Amateur. Power of 1.7 to 2 liters.с. Engine life 200-400 hours. Used for country work. Suitable for pruning branches, cutting firewood, etc.д.
  • Farmer (semi-professional). Power 2.2 to 3.4 liters.с. Service life. 600-800 hours. Not built for everyday use, but more rugged than chain saws. Good for private households. Suitable for cutting firewood, pruning branches, etc.д.
  • Professional. The most powerful (over 3.4 liters.с.) chainsaw. than 2500 hours. Capable of working 8-10 hours a day. Used for day-to-day work at the lumberyard or construction site.
  • One-handed. Lightweight and compact saws. Power not more than 1.4 liters.с. Used for working at heights, trimming small knots, as well as shaped and artistic sawing.

Gas Chainsaw V.S. Electric. SHOCKING OUTCOME ! ! !

Tools differ in design and functional parameters. It is necessary to understand the main differences between the two devices.

Construction of a chainsaw

One of the key elements of this equipment is the engine, working at high revolutions. It is fueled by gasoline mixed with special oil. Fill up the tank with the fuel and start working.

Use of gasoline in its pure form is prohibited. This causes the machine to fail right after you turn it on.

Also, in addition to the engine, the required elements include the brake, the oil pump to lubricate the chain, the tire, the clutch. The model is started manually. Chains can be used in different ways, depending on the type of equipment and the task to be performed.

The design of an electric saw

The saw headset in this model is similar in design to a chainsaw. But most electric saws do not have a clutch. It is replaced by a soft-start button. The engine is less powerful than its rival. This is because an increase in performance entails a heavier tool and higher power consumption. Because of such nuances, the equipment is less economical and easy to operate.

better, chainsaws, electric, saws

The design is equipped with a protective arc to make the tool safer. There is also an oil pump. Its intensity of operation depends on the speed of the chain. Oil must be filled in time. Otherwise parts wear out more quickly.

The Truth About Electric Chainsaws

Differences in basic parameters and price

Working principle and cutting parts are similar in both devices. The difference lies in the drive. The electric tool is driven by an electric motor. Needs access to mains power. A chainsaw requires fuel that includes gasoline to function.

The described differences have influenced the characteristics of both devices. The power output of the models also varies. Noted that electric saws have less power. There is a difference in the number of revolutions. The electric saw has a maximum of 3,000 per minute, while chainsaws have up to 15,000. But the electric motor has a higher gear ratio. On electric models, the chain is about 30-percent slower.

The difference is that one type has a clutch and the other does not. This part enables the chain not to rotate when the model is idling. Electric saws have no such feature. Their chains start to rotate as soon as they are switched on.

The bars are not fastened in the same way. The electric models have a keyless chain tensioning system. But chainsaws are fastened with nuts, tightened with a wrench. This is the more reliable and proven method. The tightening torque can be checked visually.

Separately worth mentioning is the center of gravity. Gasoline units are built in a balanced way. This makes them convenient to hold and work with. force is required to hold electric models in hands. A cable connected to the mains supply complicates the situation. It can either lie on the ground or hang and pull the back of the equipment down.

Choose the right model for you based on your needs. Cost does not always play a major role. But if you compare the price of both types, electric saws are cheaper.

Differences in operating an electric and chainsaw

Electric models do not require serious preparation for work. Install the saw element, fill with oil and connect to the mains. Many models have quick-clamping parts, thanks to which the chain is tightened or changed in just a couple of minutes.

Chainsaws are more difficult to prepare. Some models have clamps on the nuts that cannot be disassembled without a wrench. Chain tightening is done manually with a screwdriver. The nuts will hold the elements tighter, but this procedure takes longer.

You also need to prepare the fuel before using it for a gasoline-powered unit. To do this, gasoline is mixed with oil, then loaded into the tank. The mixture can be made in the morning. But it is not necessary to prepare fuel in advance for several days. It loses its properties when stored for a long time.

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It has been noted that, thanks to its more balanced design, the chainsaw is easier to hold. Therefore, it is possible to work longer with it. With electric models, the cable often gets in the way, making them difficult to use. This also makes them less safe. Working on such equipment is not allowed in the rain.

Otherwise, the safety level of the devices is the same. If the rules of operation are not followed, you can be seriously injured when using both types.

What is better, an electric or chainsaw?

Any owner of a dacha plot sooner or later thinks about buying such a gardening tool as a saw. If you have already established your desire to buy a saw, but are in doubt about which one to choose. Gasoline or electric, this article is for you. So, what is better: a chainsaw or an electric one??

As always both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. Putting aside everything superfluous, gasoline and electric saws can be compared on several points.

The first and most obvious difference between two types of saws. in the degree of their mobility. If a chainsaw is portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go, then any work with an electric saw will have to be done where there is access to the mains. So if you’re looking for a chainsaw for touring purposes. for hiking, picnics, hunting and fishing, you should choose a chainsaw without unnecessary hesitation. If you need the tool only for country houses. you can easily do with the electric analogue.

As for ease of maintenance, the electric chainsaw wins unconditionally on this point. It is easy and pleasant to work with, it is much easier than a gasoline engine, and does not require any additional preparation. Simply plug in the saw and go. But the chain saw is heavier, requires more physical effort and, most importantly. regular gasoline mixture.

If we consider gasoline and electric chainsaws in terms of operating time, the chain saw is the winner. It is more powerful and rugged, and can work for longer without risking overheating. It does not have any negative side effects, because it will not stop working at the last moment (provided you keep an eye on the fuel level in the tank, of course). The electric saw loses out in this regard. To avoid overheating it needs a break every 15 to 20 minutes.

The environmentally friendliness is also worth mentioning. The electric chainsaw is completely environmentally friendly, unlike the gasoline-powered saw. It produces much less noise and no air pollution. Here lies a small disadvantage: the environmentally friendly electric power does not allow you to use the saw when it is raining, which gives the chainsaw an added advantage.

To summarize, electric saws are lighter, easier to handle and environmentally friendly, but are tied to the power grid and are not designed for prolonged operation. This type is more suitable for users who want to work in comfort and minimum voltage. Gasoline saws, on the other hand, are willing to work longer and solve more labor-intensive tasks, and of their disadvantages it is worth noting the considerable weight, the need for maintenance and the presence of exhaust. This variant is ideal for those who are willing to put in the effort and perform demanding tasks. The choice, as always, is yours!


Electric chainsaw: can be used outdoors in warm and cold weather, but only in dry weather and without precipitation. the saw’s mobility depends on the length of the cord. It can be used indoors in every room and has no exhaust emissions, as long as it is connected to a 220 Watt power outlet. The saw has a low noise level.

Gasoline-powered saws: they can work outside (even in frosty weather) and in a ventilated room, because the saw has exhaust fumes. It should be noted that this chainsaw is completely self-contained and does not need any external power supply.

Huter BS-62 chainsaw in the photo

The HÜTER chainsaw BS-25 has an engine power of 1200 W, 45 links on a 12″ bar and a link thickness of 1.3 mm with a chain pitch of 3/8″.

And then there’s the ELS-1500P electric saw with a 1500-watt motor with 45 links on a 12-inch bar that is 1.3 mm thick and has a 3/8-inch chain pitch.

Both saws have automatic chain lubrication. The gasoline saw also has an anti-vibration system and a chain brake. There is no need for an anti-vibration system on the electric saw.к. the electric motor does not have any vibrations.

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