What’s the best oil for a 4-stroke power tiller?

Peculiarities of using air cooled internal combustion engines

Blower motors operate under more extreme conditions than internal combustion engines equipped with water systems. optimum working temperature of antifreeze is in the range 85-95°C (maximum. 120°C). The thermal range of the air-cooled engine is 130-150°C.

Accordingly, fuel and lubricants for liquid-cooled systems are not suitable for air-cooled engines. Oil for such devices is endowed with a special package of modifiers to meet the extreme operating conditions, which, regardless of the model of the unit, must provide the following characteristics

  • optimal viscosity coefficient at high thermal loads;
  • high wear, non-stick and anti-friction properties;
  • temperature resistance;
  • thermal conductivity;
  • resistance to oxidative reactions, corrosion;
  • guaranteed engine start in winter.

The minimum amount of improving additives should be 20-25%. The amount of each reagent is determined experimentally based on the performance of the engine.

For high-capacity engines and applications in high temperature regions, the oil cooler is an additional feature of the lubrication system.

Now about the oil that you should put in the gearbox. There is no definite rule about this, but many agree that automatic transmission oil is a good way to fill such a gearbox. As for me, I use ATF Dexron III type oil.

Type of device Professional, 4-stroke, gasoline, single-cylinder engine with cast-iron cylinder liner and overhead valves.
Compression ratio 8,2:1
Fuel tank capacity 6.5 liters.
Fuel consumption up to 3.9 l/h.
Oil volume in the crankcase 1.1 liter.

Oil for a motor block should always be chosen in accordance with its engine. Modern models are available with a 4-stroke engine, but there are also those with a 2-stroke engine, for which 4-stroke oil is tantamount to a quick death. Also for the diesel engine, you can not use products designed for the gasoline engine, and vice versa.

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It is better to fill a single-axle tractor with the lubricant that is specified in the manufacturer’s instructions. However, in practice, many owners of domestic brands violate this rule, preferring to use imported analogues instead of the recommended domestic products, because the quality of domestic ones does not suit them.

A very important question: what oil to pour into the gearbox of a motoblock? The thing is that engine oil and gear oil are absolutely different types of lubricants: in the first case you use engine oil, and in the second. transmission oil.

What kind of oil for the cultivator can be poured into the engine or gearbox

On country plots are often used power tillers and cultivators. Such designs are represented by a combination of engine and transmission. Engine maintenance involves timely oil changes. The engine is designed to reduce friction between components and provide additional cooling. You can choose an oil for a cultivator according to several different criteria.

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Each machine, including power tillers, comes with a passport and instruction booklet. In the instructions the manufacturers always recommend the types of oil that will allow the equipment to serve for a long time and not to break down.

It is important to know that during the operation of a power tiller the engine oil performs four functions at once:

When a motoblock engine with air cooling, the lubricant burns and remains on the hot cylinder, after which there is a smoky exhaust. The deposition of resinous substances dramatically affects the contamination of some parts and complicates their lubrication.

Antioxidants are recommended for use with the oil, which cleans the engine of dirty deposits. If you choose the proper SAE oils for your power tiller, you are committed to the longevity of your machine.

When using a single axle tractor it is necessary to choose a lubricant based on the climatic zone.

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For example, when using SAE 10W30 type grease at temperatures of 5°C or higher, its consumption will be much higher and there will be a greater chance of engine failure. Summertime lubricants should not be used at temperatures below 5° C. Such use leads to hard starting of engine and damage of cylinder surface. to menu

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1.1 Classification of oil grades by viscosity grade

The viscosity grades of motor oils are typically classified according to SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).

  • Summer grades. oils in this category are used in summer, have high viscosity and are not marked with a letter. These include: SAE 20, 30, 40, 50, 60.
  • Winter grades. these oils are used in winter and are of low viscosity. The letter designation for this grade is W (Winter). These include: SAE 0W, 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W.
  • All-season varieties. the most popular nowadays, as they are used both in summer and winter. These are indicated by the double combination: 5W-30, 10W-40.

In addition to the differences in lubricants according to seasonal characteristics, they are divided into two types according to their composition:

Also, all oils are divided into lubricants for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. Usually 4-stroke air-cooled engines are installed on power tillers. Only four-stroke oil should be used in these engines.

Checking the oil level with the dipstick in the oil filler hole

An air-cooled engine heats up more when running than a water-cooled engine under the same operating conditions. Therefore, the filler fluid must have low volatility and high thermal-oxidative stability. Also, modern oils must be environmentally friendly, i.e.е. the amount of smoke and toxicity of exhaust gases is controlled.

Since waste is often simply burned in boilers or steam generators, it must not contain components that produce toxic compounds when burned. In motocultivator, which runs on gasoline, and has no instructions, it is better to pour 4-stroke oil brand 5W30 or SAE30.

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Winter or gear oil, e.g. 0W40 is preferable for winter. But for such quality you have to pay. You should not save on this, because high-quality oil affects less wear and tear of the engine and its durability. to the menu

What oil to use

There are a large number of different oils on sale, which can be poured into the gearbox and engine. The main classification is as follows:

  • Summer grades are characterized by higher viscosity, designed for use in summer. High ambient temperatures result in higher viscosity, which lowers the load.
  • Winter grades are used in winter and have low viscosity. Negative ambient temperatures are the reason why the oil’s viscosity increases. Manufacturers take this point into account and make the substance less viscous.
  • All-season versions are considered the most popular. They can be used in all operating conditions of the cultivator, suitable for four-stroke engines and other variants.

Different bases can be used in the manufacture of the substance. According to this feature are distinguished:

  • Mineral. This option is much cheaper, but does not handle the load.
  • Synthetic. Such a substance is produced by using modern technology. So it provides the required level of motor protection against wear and overheating.
  • Semi-synthetic. A product from this category is cheaper and, at the same time, is considered to be universal.к. is added to various devices.

Manufacturers produce versions for two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Tiller with the first type of motor is much cheaper; maintenance involves adding a lubricant to the fuel.

best motorcycle oils

Air-cooled, four-stroke engines need more lubricants. in the quality that meets the requirements that we will tell you about.

Owners prefer to use oil marked Sae, which should be filled into the engine at a temperature no lower than 5 o C. It contains a multifunctional additive package with anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.

This fluid is good for protecting against wear and overheating of the rubbing parts of the engine, ensures its cleanliness and increases the life of the engine. Sae lubricants are produced with different bases, which affects their market price.

So, the price of synthetic for a package of one liter varies from 240 to 290, mineral. from 350 to 510

The oil “Scout-5l” also has exceptional lubricating characteristics, which gained a high reputation among the domestic owners of power tillers, and it can be called a full analogue of Sae 30. It is of comparable quality, but more affordable, which makes this product even more popular. Such oil in a 5-liter container costs 1390, which is only 278 per liter

Oil requirements for power tillers

Read this manual carefully before using it for the first time. The main specifications section of the manual gives a lot of information about engine and fuel grade, as well as the manufacturer’s recommended consumable grades for each specific application. In order to extend the life of agricultural equipment, these requirements must be complied with.

Lubricants designed for four-stroke engines should not be used in two-stroke machines, and vice versa. The principle of operation of the lubricant in two-stroke and four-stroke motors differs significantly. In equipment with a two-stroke engine, oil is added to gasoline, the products of its combustion are removed together with the exhaust gases. And in a four-stroke engine, the oil continues to circulate in the system, so its characteristics should remain stable as long as possible.

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Winter oil is characterized by low-temperature viscosity, indicated by the letter coding “W”, is used at temperatures from 0 to.35 degrees C. If you use a power block to clean snow, you will have to buy the winter version for lubrication.

For summer jobs, it is recommended to buy consumables with a high-temperature viscosity. Summer types of lubricants do not have a letter coding. They can be used at temperatures as low as 10 degrees C. The maximum efficiency limit is indicated in the marking. There are special brands that work even at 50. If you are working in very hot weather, consider these types of lubricants.

All-season consumables are suitable for all-season use. They do not lose effectiveness at temperatures from.10 to 30 degrees C. The multi-grade versions have the same viscosity as the winter versions, and in their composition contain lubricating properties identical to summer ones.

What types of oil to use in small engines (4 stroke motor oils)

Mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic substances are used in the motors of garden units. If the operating instructions do not contain specific recommendations from the manufacturer, you can follow your own preferences in choosing a lubricant. However, we must remember that according to its working characteristics the outdated “mineral” loses out to modern analogues, “semi-synthetics” has a higher stability, and “synthetics” are too fluid compared to the other types.

best, 4-stroke, power, tiller

Do I need to add oil to gasoline for my power tiller??

This important question interests the vast majority of novice farmers. Before giving an answer to it, it is necessary to study the technical characteristics of the motoblock available in the farm, and specifically. the stoke of its motor. According to this feature, all internal combustion engines are divided into 2-stroke and 4-stroke.

The fuel mixture of fuel and engine oil should be filled only in 2-stroke engines. In the process of its preparation it is necessary to adhere strictly to the proportion specified by the manufacturer in the enclosed operating manual of the power tiller. When refueling power harvesters, working from 4-stroke engines, it is not necessary to perform such a procedure, as the work of 4-stroke such engines supports pure gasoline.

It should be remembered that to fuel diesel motor blocks, you can not dilute the diesel with motor oil, as all such motors belong to the class of 4-stroke internal combustion engines. If you do not observe this rule and pour a mixture of fuel and motor oil into a 4-stroke engine, it will inevitably lead to engine damage, resulting in the need for costly repairs.

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