What’s the best single axle tractor for ploughing?.

Top 15 best power tillers: 2020-2021 rating of the most reliable

The single-axle tractor is a popular variation of the high-performance but small-sized tractor.

The main purpose of the machine. reducing the physical effort of a man during the cultivation of the land.

To work effectively and quickly, it is important to correctly approach the choice of model.

To do this, you should understand a few questions. what kinds of power tillers, what models are in the top list of the best equipment.

Choosing a single axle tractor, or 30 years of evolution for nothing.

Hello! Although the D2 site is dedicated to automobiles, I can’t find anything in the users’ blogs. You will be surprised more than once, but I have not found comprehensive information on power tillers. Forums of farmers and collective farmers. that long and fruitless, and the typical articles from copywriters. “how to choose and buy a single axle tractor” did not arouse confidence because they are crap! (Friends, I understand that this topic is boring, and far from interesting articles drive2, but those who will compile the entire text at the end of the publication bonus!).

In the first case at thematic forums they start to ask you how many pigs they have this year and try to find out how they had a crop in the past year And Internet publications on custom-made topics give themselves away from the first lines, as they are starting to openly “pour water”, filling the cost of the article, and telling everything from creation of the world to the present day. And what offends me, as an amateur writer and engineer by training, are blatant technical bloopers in such publications. over, trying though that somehow find useful information, already in half an hour flipping through a network the head goes round. In general also not a variant.

Therefore, I have collected together, bit by bit, what I found on the net, watched on YouTube, and in what I have practical experience of many years. It has been decided to pour these exertions on pages of the personal blog. After all, there is a problem, but not many solutions. Suddenly, who needs this kind of information, I would be happy if I can help.

So, from the moment the engine was invented, a man has been trying to put it somewhere. In some cases, this “somewhere” looked controversial and unusual, but in essence it did its job, and spread around the world in millions of copies.The first patent for a single-axle tractor was issued in Germany, back in 1912. Inventors of this miracle and patent holders are considered Konrad von Mayenburg, and the company Siemens-Schuckertwerke. They produced aircraft engines, self-propelled baby carriages, farm equipment and household appliances. In fact, nothing has changed since then. In fact, it is a front wheel drive unit. In the USSR, they were called the single axle tractor, or the walking tractor.

And it is necessary to dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s and define what is a single axle tractor and what is a power tiller.If it was originally designed only for milling and without wheels, it is a cultivator. For example, the most common motocultivator. “Mole. But if it is a wheeled machine, capable of pulling a plow, or a trailer, or any other attachment, but allows the replacement of the wheels with milling machines and performs milling, then it is a single-axle tractor.And although the first single-axle tractor was manufactured in the USSR only in 1948 somewhere in Perm, the term “single-axle tractor” began to be used only in the 1980s. When various design bureaus and research institutes started to provide the industry with such small-scale mechanization.All power tillers are divided into light, medium, heavy and extra heavy. If the first two categories are composed only of engine and transmission, the latter two can be equipped with power takeoff shaft or simple gear pump for hydraulics.For obvious reasons, the typical area of six acres of the majority of city dwellers, the most common power tillers are light and medium. Heavy, it is too cumbersome, will not fit in an SUV, and disperse is nowhere.In general, my choice, like most Russians, went in the direction of middle-class power tillers. But it’s not that simple.

Background. In our family since the early 90s, lives and dies a single-axle tractor “Cascade”. Early, with hood and headlight. Look at !

Beautiful yellow, with a red gearbox and gear wheels. It’s over 25 years old, and 10 years ago it underwent an operation to replace the carburetor, starter, and then the motor with a Chinese Lifan (complete), and five years earlier the transmission parts were replaced. And it is worth noting that there were no adapter plates, and all the connections were made by hand. Only then went on sale intensively power tillers with already installed Chinese and American motors. It’s a shame we had to give up the false hood and headlight, but that’s the way it is. Time has shattered his arrogance, he’s rusted and stiff. It worked hard with its cutters, in all the gardens of our family, at times digging into virgin lands, and struggling with the roots of the trees.

2021 Peterbilt 367. Single Axle Tractor

From the useful options, which it acquired during this time, I will note only the system of cruise control, in the form of a wire bent by a ring which fixes the clutch lever, and keeps it pressed. It helped a lot in the big vegetable gardens, and it’s easy to pull off if your hand slips. Why this option was thought of only in the 15th year of ownership, don’t ask. Just take it and use our idea)))

So there you go. With enough experience with this kind of machinery, I needed a new single axle tractor in another village, so I started to monitor the market.The Russian motor-block market now is a mix of Soviet developments and Chinese technology. Nothing worthwhile has been invented since the collapse of the Soviet Union.First candidate of course for me personally is a single-axle tractor “Cascade”, but they are no longer produced and no one can buy a new one. The engine is in standard on DM-1 cascade, with Zhiguli pistons, bottom valves and totally disgusting timing drive and lubrication. I remember this motor for its poor starting, it was difficult to start, that’s why the starter often broke. By the way, it’s the timing gear that’s slipping from time to time.Cascade” single-axle tractor is an upgraded single-axle tractor “Luch. And “Luch” is the brainchild of the Perm Aircraft Engine Plant.(It always amazed me how we make both rockets and tractors with ladles at the same plant) Further modernization of “Cascade” is single-axis tractor “Oka.

Although in essence from Luch to Cascade I have not found any changes in the design (maybe I did not look hard enough). Only the color has been upgraded, and a little bit of the layout.These power tillers have a chain-driven design, the gearbox housing itself is stamped, steel. Needle roller bearings of the primary shaft and conventional bearings at the bottom of the axles, sealed with cuffs.

The engines with this transmission are from 6-8 liters.с. Now, for perverts and masochists still produce bm-1, and for decent and educated citizens have long been put Lifan and Briggs and Stratons. The first go back to the ideology of the most common Honda engine, rewritten by China in a new way, and the second is a dark horse for me. But I suspect the Oriental roots are there as well. The clutch drive is by lever with a V-belt transmission. Two forward speeds and two reverse. The gearbox itself has a lever-operated V-belt drive.

How to choose a cultivator for dacha

What is the difference between cultivator and power tiller

First of all, let’s clarify the definitions. what we will understand under the word “cultivator”. The fact that these mechanisms are very similar to the motor blocks, about which we have already had a detailed conversation on our portal. And there is probably a need to draw at least some conditional border between them.

What do farmers use power tillers for??

This unit, equipped with a powerful drive, more like a mini-tractor, and helps in a number of agricultural operations. What a single-axle tractor is better to buy and for what. read in a separate article of our portal.

So, the single axle tractor is remembered. And now let’s look at the cultivator, which is more suitable for countryside conditions. What is the difference between them.

  • In the first place let’s put the power of the drive and the massiveness of the unit itself. The first indicator of cultivators rarely reaches 5. 6 horse powers, and this is true for the most powerful models. And so. mostly from 1 to 3 liters.с. In terms of total weight, most cultivators. in the range from 20 to 40 pounds. Although there are exceptions, some battery-powered models weigh less than 10 kilos.
  • And now the second. fundamental and most defining difference. The matter is that engine power in a power tiller is mainly transferred to wheel drive. Plus. there is a selection of power to the attached equipment. The single-axle tractor drives itself on the land and can activate passive implements (ploughs, harrows, potato harvesters, seed drills, etc.) with its power take-off.п.) The power take-off also actuates active attached implements.

The cultivator, on the other hand, does not have a wheel drive with power takeoff. Those wheels that we see are just additional points of support for easier movement of the unit on the site. And all power is transmitted to the tractor via the gearbox to rotate the cutters, which in fact, cultivate (plough and loosen) the soil, remove roots, mix soil and fertilizers, etc.п. Simultaneously, the rotation of the tines also provides the power to push the machine forward. making the work of the machine a little easier for the operator.

  • All other differences, one way or another, are derived from the already mentioned key. a single axle tractor is best suited to large areas or tasks that require a lot of mechanical effort. For countryside conditions with their proverbial “six hundred square meters” such a machine looks like an excessive luxury, although, of course, it can be rented so that in the spring or (and) in the fall in one day to plow the entire plot qualitatively.

But for a wide range of almost daily summer agricultural work. hoeing, hoeing, fertilizing, weed control, etc.п. The smaller, more economical cultivator is better suited to work in narrow row spacings or between bushes and trees.

Criteria for choosing a cultivator for country houses

So, it is decided, we will choose cultivator for country houses. How should we evaluate it??

Type of drive

This is necessary to deal with first of all. much depends on the planned conditions of the unit exploitation.

  • The most common models are cultivators with petrol internal combustion engine. With fuel and oil in reserve, one can work anywhere, without reference to the place.

The engine can be a two-stroke or a four-stroke.

Two-stroke engines are much cheaper and even more powerful than their four-stroke counterparts. But this is, perhaps, the end of their benefits. But there are more disadvantages. These include higher gasoline consumption, the need for precise preparation of fuel mixture and oil dosage, noisier operation, noxious exhaust, and much shorter lifespan. And after failure such engines are easier to throw away rather than repair. Nevertheless, they are quite popular, widely used. their advantages for many outweigh the negatives.

Powerful Husqvarna T50RS four-stroke gasoline engine cultivator

Four-cycle ones are powered by pure gasoline, but they have a lubrication system. Their fuel consumption is lower and they run more stably without overheating. There are usually four-stroke ICE engines in medium and high capacity cultivators. Repairability is much higher. And the cultivators with such engine have a much longer service life, they are given a longer warranty.

  • If there is no skill (and desire to learn) to handle a gasoline engine, and the area to be cultivated is in close proximity to the house, you can opt for an electric cultivator.

Such units usually have a small or medium power, up to a maximum of 2÷2.5 kW, which, however, the brand-name models are enough for quite decent performance indicators. Too much power is not welcomed, because for the cultivator’s work it is necessary to stretch a long cable, sometimes several tens of meters. And this is already becoming dangerous from several points of view.

Stroyday editor-in-chief.ru. Engineer.

the main advantage of electric cultivators is the absence of exhaust, that is, they can cultivate soil in closed agricultural buildings. greenhouses, greenhouses, greenhouses, winter gardens, etc.п no harm to the plants. It’s also very quiet, which is sometimes very important. The performance capabilities of electric models are not much inferior to gasoline models, and in some respects they can even surpass them.

The disadvantage is also obvious. you have to stretch the cable and constantly monitor its condition, above all not allowing it to get under the cutters. In addition, the cable can be dangerous for small children or pets.

How to choose a single axle tractor: important criteria

Choosing a single-axle tractor for your dacha or garden, it is important to consider a number of basic criteria. The right combination gives you a machine that performs well, is suitable for your application and is comfortable to operate.

Type of power tiller and purpose

Above we have already talked about several types that stand out in this technique. Which kind of variety you buy will tell you how well the machine can do the job you want to do.

So, ultra-light motor blocks weighing up to 20 kg are suitable only for a small land area, fueled with oil or gasoline and help loosen the top layer of soil.

A light model weighing up to 40 kg can safely be purchased for a plot of up to 60 acres. This option is suitable for almost any land works, but it is better to use it for working light soils, because the power indicators are quite small compared to other types of.

An average single-axle tractor weighing up to 60 kg is a good choice for a vegetable garden or a one-hectare orchard. Most often such a model is equipped with a front and rear gear, so it can be used for full plowing of any type of soil.

If the area of your plot is from 1 to 4 hectares, then it is worth looking at heavy, powerful and oversized models. There is extended functionality, which explains the versatility. Weight limit is not present: from 60 kg, the choice is limited only by the manufacturer’s ability and thought.

What is the best engine for a power tiller?

The center of any power tiller is the engine, which in this technique can be two-stroke or four-stroke. If you want to get a model with high motoresource, it is worth buying a four-stroke. The power of the motor should be selected according to the area of land, it is better to leave a small margin: this will protect you from slippage, especially if we are talking about heavy soil (with a lot of roots, stumps and stones or with an admixture of clay).

Transmission unit

Naturally, tractor blocks use manual transmissions. There are many variations of transmissions, each with pros and cons. The most popular is the toothed one, but the most high-tech is the hydrostatic one. It significantly reduces the final weight of the machine and makes it easier to operate.


The steering depends on the type of power tiller you choose. Heavy models often have a special brake, allowing the most comfortable for the operator to stop the moving technique. Lightweight blocks do not have a brake, because there is no urgent need for it.

How it is recharged

When buying a power tiller, especially for regular use, you should consider the possible expense of recharging. The machine may be powered by petrol, diesel or mains electricity. The latter option is only suitable for small plots, so there is no risk of getting tangled in a long mains cable and not having to pull extension cords all over the garden.

optional equipment

Most modern power tillers are made so that it is possible to connect additional equipment that significantly increases the efficiency of. It can expand the labor potential and add several useful functions to the technique.

of the best power tillers for the countryside according to

The choice is based on many parameters. It is important for the equipment to be as efficient as possible, suitable in power and other characteristics for a particular area, soil. We have selected nine of the best models for tillage in the country or suburban areas, based on the many reviews of those who have already tried them in action.

Mobil K MKM-3 PRO

Versatile, multifunctional, but the lightest single-axle tractor (69 kg) used for all kinds of work. It can be used to remove snow from the ground, pump water for watering plants, remove weeds from seedbeds, weed, plow soil, etc.д. Each different function has its own attachment that must be purchased separately.

Powerful motor and gearbox with three gears ensure good performance of the machine. Innovative zero-balance technology prevents the machine from digging into the ground and hanging in one place. Responsible for smooth independent movement of the machine and its stability.

The machine is equipped with self-sharpening burrs that can be ground during operation. Handle can be turned horizontally and vertically. Very comfortable even for people of short stature. Two transport wheels on the back of the housing allow the machine’s weight to be distributed evenly and transported without any strain on the human organs.

  • Lowest weight of similar products.
  • Multifunctionality.
  • Durable cutting unit hardened by high-frequency currents.
  • Variable steering system in the planes: horizontal and vertical.
  • High operating noise level.

Zubr MTB-300

Inexpensive gasoline single-axle tractor with four-cycle engine, 7 L.с. It has a low weight, making it easy for the user to control. But this does not affect the performance and quality of travel on loose or very hard terrain. Hardened, self-sharpening steel tillers work the ground well.

Equipped with a cast-iron reduction gear, large wheels with deep treads for excellent traction. The handles can be folded and adjusted in different positions, making it easier to operate and more efficient. Behind the wheels is another. transport. wheel, created for easy storage, transportation, use of the unit.

The power tiller has 3 speeds of which 1 is reverse and 2 is forward. It is easy to attach various attachments: plow, trailer, snowplow, etc.


Agile single-axle tractor with gasoline 4-stroke engine. It comes with hardened steel cutters, which are excellent for working in virgin, heavy soil. High quality cast iron gear adds to reliability.

Equipped with a three-speed gearbox, large pneumatic wheels, which have good cross-country ability on any ground. There are protective wings above the wheels, preventing splashing mud and lumps of soil in different directions, including the operator.

Handles are equipped with rubber pads for maximum ease of operation. The vehicle is maneuverable and highly functional, since different types of attachments can be connected to it.

  • Easy to service.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Cast iron gearbox.
  • Small in size.
  • Rides pretty fast even in first gear.

Hyundai T 1300

Compact equipment that attracts customers by its low cost and ease of operation. Equipped with reverse and two forward speeds. 6 rotary hoe blades included.

best, single, axle, tractor

Height-adjustable operator handle for easy operation. The single-axle tractor is equipped with two large pneumatic wheels with deep tread. Engine output of 7 liters.с. Enables to quickly perform any type of work with various attachments, which, if necessary, can be purchased separately.

  • Good cross-country ability.
  • Forged sabre-shaped cutters.
  • Adjustable working width.
  • Convenient operation.
  • No plow from this manufacturer available for this model.
best, single, axle, tractor

Aurora COUNTRY 1000

Economical gasoline single axle tractor built to handle large areas of land. Reliable and long service life. Up to 8 rotary hoes are available, divided into sections, one of which can be removed to reduce the working width. Cultivation width varies from 80 to 120 cm, depending on number of rotary tools used. Loosening depth is 30 cm.

Has a three-stage gearbox. The gear lever is located on the handlebar for easy operation. Optionally, it can be hitched to other attachments, like a mower, a trailer or a plough. However, these must be purchased separately.

Cast-iron gearbox housing provides additional protection against stones. Height and horizontal adjustment of tiller arms enhances user’s ease of control. the single-axle tractor is equipped with a headlamp, so it can be used not only in daylight but also in the dark.

  • Adjustable handles.
  • Convenient clutch.
  • The possibility of choosing the working width.
  • Reliable gear reducer.

How to choose a single axle tractor. expert recommendations

First of all, you should pay attention to the engine. Some motor blocks are equipped with gasoline, and others with diesel. The former are usually less powerful and allow you to work independently. at any distance from home. But the latter are hardier and heavier, the degree of their productivity and endurance is much higher.

When choosing, you should also pay attention to the mechanism of torque transmission. In a power tiller it can be implemented by a PTO or belt transmission.

You also have to pay attention to power. It is impossible to give unique advice here. it all depends on the needs of a particular user.

Finally, we should not forget about functionality. Some customers only need to plow the land, while others would like a more versatile machine that helps with a variety of jobs.

What to look for when choosing a power tiller

After deciding on the weight category of the walking tractor it is necessary to pay attention to other parameters. Among the variety of models to choose the best is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Evaluate the capabilities of this, quite a complex device, according to a number of criteria, the most important of which are:

  • engine power;
  • type of transmission and the possibility of locking the differential;
  • type of gearbox;
  • PTO (power takeoff shaft);
  • track width;
  • center of mass.

the brand of the manufacturer is also important. It often determines the quality of workmanship, as well as the reliability and efficiency of the power tiller.

power unit

Choosing a single-axle tractor, first of all, you need to pay attention to the engine, namely the brand of its manufacturer and the declared last motor life. Finding out where the nearest service center is for your favorite lawn mower is also worthwhile.

Most often, motors from well-known foreign manufacturers are installed on motor blocks of any class, such as:

The engines of these companies are characterized by high reliability and significant motor life (from 500 to 2000 motor-hours). Especially popular engines Lifan, which, all other things being equal (the declared manufacturer is not less than 1100 motor-hours) is also inexpensive to operate.

The premium-class motor blocks may be equipped with long-life Yamaha engines, the declared service life of which is from 3 to 5 thousand motor-hours.

Chinese engines Zongshen, loncin

Many domestic and foreign manufacturers design motor blocks, using a line of Chinese engines Zongshen and loncin. These engines, as well as Lifan motors, which are popular in Russia, are copies of motors produced by the Japanese company Honda. All of these engines manufactured by well-known Chinese companies have a fairly decent motor life and good reliability. all thanks to the use of the most advanced technical solutions that help to increase their service life, such as, for example:

  • Cast iron cylinder liners;
  • Oil level sensors, which automatically shut off the engine when the oil level drops below the minimum level;
  • treatment of crankshafts by high frequency currents etc.д.

Chinese engines are much cheaper than the original Japanese or American engines. Suffice it to say that repair of the latter may in some cases exceed the cost of Chinese motors. That’s why many experts recommend to buy power tillers with Chinese engines. In this case, the difference in their cost will compensate for the purchase of the second such engine.

IMPORTANT! It is necessary to be attentive to purchase Chinese motors with GX marking in their names. Most often it is found on engines installed on Chinese motor blocks Shtenli, Groff, Spec, Stark, Fermer, Alikak, Skiper, etc. All of them are produced in the same Chinese factory, and their motors have a capacity from 8,5 to 18,5 l.с. have nothing in common with Honda motors and are of low quality. The GX designation means that these engines are just a copy of a Honda motor. They do not last more than 500 motor-hours at best, and most of them fail after 300 motor-hours of work. Another typical drawback of these reducers is the 85% power loss after only 2 seasons of operation.


On power tillers you can find gearboxes such as:

Additional information. old motor blocks had gearboxes consisting of a worm gear and a pinion. Such design was notable for high efficiency, but could not withstand high loads. So, for example, even working with an oscillator or a light plow leads to gearbox mechanism overheating and failing. Nowadays there are practically no motor blocks with worm gears.

Chain reducer. The chain reducer is a reliable and simple design, consisting of a chain and a set of gears. It is used in light and medium-sized power tillers with small and medium engines. Easy to maintain and simple to repair. Provides reliable work on small plots, but the applied implements are very limited (light plow, dibble).

IMPORTANT! The chain can stretch over time and needs to be replaced in a timely manner. If the gear case cannot be disassembled, the entire unit must be replaced.

Gearbox. Gearboxes are considered the most reliable and unpretentious in operation. Able to work in any terrain, even the most extreme conditions. Gearboxes are fitted on heavy tractor tractors with a PTO that work with heavy implements. Practically eternal gearbox, the main thing is to change the oil in time.

One of the main disadvantages of gear reducers is a high noise level and its cost.

Vario gearbox. The most common gearbox. The gear-chain reducer is only found on domestic-made power tillers. Available in one-speed, two-speed and more. Design provides high flexibility at work (ideal output shaft speed of 80-120) and has a low vibration level. Very high service life and reliability of the gearbox. Structurally it is the most complicated and can not withstand heavy loads. Development of this gearbox was driven by the need to increase the number of forward (up to 4) and reverse (up to 4) gears.

Main criteria for choosing when buying a cultivator

Working width. The width depends on the size of the cultivator, the bigger it is, the faster the area can be cultivated. It can be increased by additional cutters, but it will require additional power input. To estimate the optimal size of the tiller, you can calculate that every 15-22 cm (depending on the type of soil) requires 1 liter.с. Models with working width of 30-50 cm are well suited for works in a cottage and homestead.

Plowing depth. Tillage depth is different for various models of power tillers. The general pattern. the more powerful the unit, the greater this parameter. For the simplest models it can be 10-20 cm, and for the most productive models it reaches 40-45 cm. Not all crops need to be tilled at depth. this must be considered when choosing a power tiller.

Unit gearbox. The transmission of torque from engine to working tool is implemented by gearbox. In motocultivators, several types of them are used:

Worm gears. the most compact, designed for small loads, used on lightweight machines. Gear is the most reliable and expensive option for powerful cultivators. The chain drive is distinguished by the maximum service life at a relatively low price, it has a good maintainability. Chain gear. ideal in terms of cost and reliability, improves performance.

machine weight. Cultivator weight is directly related to its productivity, because the more powerful the engine, the bigger its dimensions and weight. It is also possible to determine its functionality. The lightest models are used on small plots for simple loosening work, and the most massive and oversized models are used for tilling uncultivated, wild soils and working with attachments.

Cultivator productivity

Cultivator productivity is determined by motor power, weight, and working width. The more these parameters, the higher productivity. When choosing a gearbox, you need to consider the area to be treated and select the unit according to the tasks you want to perform. Otherwise, if the device will work at full capacity, it will wear out faster and will fail sooner.

Medium horsepower units with 2.5 to 3.5 l.с. Machines up to 35 kg in weight with a working width of about 30 cm are suitable for country houses, to work in the garden for loosening seedbeds. For greenhouses and small flowerbeds, where the maximum maneuverability and accuracy is required, miniature cultivators weighing up to 15 kg and with a capacity of 1-1,5 liters are suitable.с. For the cultivation of large fields, where there are virgin lands, you will need equipment with power from 5 liters.с. and a working width of about 100 cm. There are special heavy-duty models with wheels and rear-mounted cutters. Models are available for sale, which have adjustable both the distance between the blades and the depth of processing. by changing these parameters can increase or decrease the productivity of technology.

Rating TOP 11 best models

We have collected the best models for you in this rating by price, quality and reliability.

Mobil K MKM-3 PRO

The Mobil K MKM-3 PRO single-axle tractor ranks well-deservedly first among power tillers in terms of ease of operation.

Ideal Zero Balance technology minimizes strain on your back and arms, reduces vibration on the steering wheel. Weight is distributed evenly over the tiller, preventing the single-axle tractor from pitching forward and backward. Perfectly balanced single axle tractor does not sink into the ground.

The blades are made with Long Life Blades technology and have a unique design that enables them to cope with all types of soil. No need for sharpening or maintenance, blades self-sharpen in the course of operation. A huge variety of attachments: ploughs, ridgers, potato diggers, tillers, skidders, brushes, snow blowers, cart trailers and much more.

  • Linear forward speed is 2.5-8.5 km/h;
  • Gear housing is aluminum;
  • All gears and shafts are hardened;
  • Engine. Loncin G200FA;
  • capacity. 6,5 liters.с.;
  • Engine type. 4-stroke;
  • Number of gears. 2 forward 1 backward.
  • power;
  • compact dimensions;
  • large working area;
  • minimum noise;
  • installation of additional equipment.

Hyundai T 1300

The single-axle tractor with a gasoline engine from the famous Korean manufacturer is perfect for plowing and leveling land.

The panel position can be conveniently adjusted for easy operation.

The model is equipped with a reverse function, which significantly increases its maneuverability.

You can expand its functionality by installing additional mechanisms.

  • working width. 90 cm;
  • tillage depth. 30 cm;
  • engine power. 7 liters.с.;
  • fuel tank. 3.6 л;
  • dimensions. 72x49x87 cm
  • weight is 93 kg;
  • noise. 96 dB.
  • power;
  • compact dimensions;
  • large working area;
  • minimum noise;
  • installation of additional equipment.

Hotshot vs Single Axle Semi vs Tandem Axle Semi My thoughts on my setup and some Questions Answered

Champion BC1193

The machine is equipped with a four-stroke petrol engine. Control panel positioning is adjustable, making it easy to operate the machine.

Reverse drive for better maneuverability.

High ground speed allows the machine to work a 110 cm wide swath quickly.

Noiseless operation and functionality.

  • working width.110 cm;
  • tillage depth. 30 cm;
  • engine power. 9 l.с.;
  • engine capacity. 270 cc. engine capacity. 270 cc; engine power. 9 l
  • fuel tank. 6 liters;
  • dimensions. 180x80x110 cm;
  • weight. 132 kg;
  • noise level. 78 dB.

PATRIOT Nevada 9

Model with a working width of 110 cm is suitable for use on large areas. Powerful petrol engine, disc clutch and high-quality gearbox provide reliable and effective work.

Thanks to the saber design of the cutters, the device copes with the plowing of virgin land.

Large wheels provide excellent all-terrain mobility.


Reliable and practical single-axle tractor with wide swath in a single pass designed for wide plowing.

High performance and versatility.

Due to its high power, the model can be equipped with a plow, snowplow, and other equipment.

To increase cross-country ability, it is possible to install a tracked attachment.

Weima WM1100BE (5×12 wheels)

Gasoline singleaxle tractor perfectly copes with tilling and leveling the ground. The installation of additional equipment can significantly increase the machine’s productivity.

Adjustable tillage depth.

Cutter diameter is 350 mm, which ensures efficient and fast processing.

  • working width is 80-130 cm;
  • tillage depth. 30 cm;
  • engine power. 9 liters.с.;
  • engine capacity. 406 cc. see;
  • Cutter rotation is 145 rpm;
  • fuel tank. 5,5 l;
  • dimensions. 105x78x57 cm;
  • weight. 135 kg.

Celina NMB-901

Equipment is designed for plowing large areas. Use on heavy soils with clay admixture is possible.

The model is equipped with a reinforced gearbox and a powerful Russian-made gasoline engine.

This ensures quality machining and high performance. Variable width and working depth.

  • working width. 72-113 cm
  • tillage depth. 30 cm;
  • Engine output 9 litres.с.;
  • 270 cc engine capacity. see
  • fuel consumption. 374 g/kWh;
  • fuel tank. 3,6 l;
  • dimensions. 136x780x100 cm;
  • weight is 123 kg
  • noise. 92 dB.

Neva MB-2KS-(168AF)

The single-axle tractor is suitable for any kind of terrain, even clay soils. Reinforced gearbox and powerful engine provide high productivity.

Cultivation depth 20 cm.

Cultivate an area up to 126 cm wide in a single pass.

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