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What is the best gasoline grass trimmer?

All models presented in the review are worthy of choice for amateurs and professionals. Which gasoline trimmer is better. depends on the scope of application, individual requirements. For work on a small cottage does not require a powerful tool, and with high loads will cope only with a lawnmower with direct drive. VyborExperta team.u recommend the following brands:

  • Patriot PT 553. for a large country site;
  • Elitech T 33P is a convenient collapsible model;
  • Echo SRM-22GES. lightweight grass mower for the country house;
  • Sturm! BT8952D. will please you with its set;
  • STIHL FS 250. the professional’s choice.

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What tool to choose from our rating? With the correct tasks to cope with any trimmer for grass from our review, and the title of best lawnmower awarded to the most reliable technique.

Choosing a brushcutter for hard, energy-intensive work, you should first of all be guided by the power of the engine, because the higher this parameter, the better the machine will cope with their work.

Also the power of the engine and the engine displacement determine the engine life and therefore the service life of the machine.

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Therefore, when working under serious load, a powerful but inexpensive Chinese device may be more viable than 10 times more expensive, but noticeably less powerful lawn mower from the U.S. or Europe.

best, trimmer, grass

Hello Pavel. You are right on the one hand the combustion chamber volume and the displacement are not the same. When the piston reaches the top dead center, there is still a free space above it, formed by the cavity in the cylinder head, which enters the volume of the combustion chamber and notches in the piston. And usually the volume ratio is called the compression ratio. But! In two-stroke engines, the compression ratio is about 10, which in theory should mean that the volume of the combustion chamber in the cylinder head is 10 times less than the volume of the cylinder, but in fact it is not. And the ratio is much smaller. For example, still popular car engine VAZ 21083, whose claimed volume is 1499 cm3, compression ratio 9.8, but the combustion chamber volume in the cylinder head, including the space under the gasket and the distance from the top dead center of the piston to the edge of the cylinder block, and recesses in the pistons for valves is 164 cm3, that is, the total volume of 1663 cm3, but in no instructions, no description of this figure is not specified, because it does not reflect the actual engine capacity.

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In application to two-stroke motors, which are equipped with powerful trimmers for grass, the situation is the same, because their compression ratio is 9-11, depending on who and how does. However, the main problem is that an average buyer does not understand the difference between total volume and working volume, but is able to compare the figures of different models. For example, one grass trimmer has a 30cc engine, the other has a 50cc, so the second one is more powerful. For example, one grass trimmer has 30 cc or a 50 cc engine, so the second one has more power.

So on the one hand you are right, but on the other hand, historically it has been the case that with internal combustion engines, only the displacement and, if important, the compression ratio are specified. This applies to any motorized machinery, from trimmers, to ocean-going ships, which is why we did not confuse readers with information that will in no way help them in assessing the capabilities of this or that trimmer for grass. But, as you paid attention to it, we decided to clarify the situation, maybe for someone the size of combustion chamber will be really important?

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Before you teach the others, please understand the terms combustion chamber volume and working volume. You’ve got the wrong idea.

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