What’s the best way to cut plastic panels?

This device is used by specialists with extensive experience, who are professionally engaged in the work of finishing. Using a jigsaw provides a very smooth cut and makes it possible to shorten the PVC strip without much effort in physical terms. Having bought such a tool, you can be sure that there will be no more difficulties with high-quality cutting of panels.

Using an electric jigsaw is a quick, but not very good method. It is unlikely to achieve a very straight cut with it, also on the edge of the panel are often chipped, so it is best to abandon this option, giving preference to the same for the angle grinder. Using this tool will ensure a smooth cut, but only because of the high speed panel begins to emit unpleasant odor and toxic substances.


Using such a power tool helps to cope with cutting panels and reduces labor intensity compared to a hacksaw or a construction knife. It is convenient to use the electric jigsaw when preparing a large number of workpieces.

When working, the place of the cut is first marked on the front surface, and then smoothly cut the desired size, guiding the tool on the marking scythe line. Under the jigsaw foot put cellophane or other material that will prevent the possibility of scratching the PVC panel. In the case of simultaneous cutting of several workpieces, they are fastened with plastic clamps or wrapped with transparent adhesive tape. At the same time, it is better to insulate the front surface from scotch tape (lay a sheet of paper).

How to avoid mistakes

A major mistake when cutting sheets and working with plastic panels is not knowing that PVC sheets cannot tolerate low temperatures. Work with them should be at a temperature of plus 5 degrees Celsius, or even more. If the temperature is lower. the viscosity of the panels decreases, which will lead to chipping and jagging on the cut line. at best. In the worst case the plastic panel will simply crack or crumble in your hands.

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Plastic panels are a material that cannot withstand high temperatures and are quite fragile. This must be taken into account when cutting.

In any case there can be inaccuracies, errors and punctures. he who does nothing is not mistaken and does not learn from his mistakes. You just need to know the right information, follow the rules, take into account the recommendations, and calculate all a couple of steps forward, and then there will be fewer mistakes.

Before you get to work, read the advice and recommendations of experts. This will help to avoid mistakes and spoiled material.

What can be used to cut the PVC panels

Plastic trim material can be cut both lengthwise and crosswise. Of course, the main workpieces are subjected to a crosscut. When you want the sewn surface to be completely covered, you have to use a longitudinal cut. Before the work is determined by what to cut the plastic panel at home or at an industrial facility. The number of blanks needed to cover the surface of the walls is of no small importance.

Using many years of experience in the use of PVC materials in interior decoration, we will allocate with what you can cut the plastic panels:

Using any of these tools, will help solve the question than to cut the PVC panel, but each of them has features that must be considered when performing the work.

Glue for PVC panels. what is better?

The choice of adhesives presented a large, so for a long time to decide what to glue the metal to the concrete or plastic panels to the wall, will not have. But some types of glue cannot be used specifically with PVC, as they can deform the panel and ruin its appearance.

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What compositions are suitable for fixing PVC panels on the concrete:

  • Emfikol 34012A. a viscous adhesive specifically for PVC panels, providing high adhesion and strength. No color, which is very important for plastic materials.
  • Gluberit 636 is moisture-resistant, requires only one side to be applied. Produced on the basis of synthetic resins, absolutely safe for human health and well-being.
  • Moment Crystal. an expensive, but high-quality compound that will fix the plastic boards on any surface. Glue is colorless, it can be used to fix PVC panels without fear.
  • Liquid nails. also a good option, which is given a separate article.

When choosing a glue, you need to remember that the high cost. not always a guarantee of high quality and the best choice. For PVC panels finishing concrete walls, many people use the Moment Montazh and Titan. But before buying, be sure to study the packaging markings, instructions, ask for advice from the seller (if he has extensive knowledge, not just pointing to the most expensive compound).

For plastic panels, it is advisable to choose appropriate adhesives designed to work with PVC and concrete.

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Technology of installation of plastic and wood-fiber board is the same. But Fibreboards do have a special feature. their unlaminated parts become deformed and swell when exposed to water. When fitting the apron to the size of the room, it will in any case have to be cut. To protect joints from water, corner, end and butt aluminum strips are used. They keep the lamellas from getting wet.

If the kitchen design does not involve hinged cabinets, the end strips are fixed not only on the sides, but also on the top cut.

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What tool is suitable for cutting plastic panels?

In the arsenal of masters of finishing works there are many ways to cut plastic. And everyone who is engaged in the repair itself, can choose any of these ways, to use professional tools or improvised means, based on their needs and capabilities. Consider in detail the pros and cons of each method:

  • The plastic cutterThe plastic cutter. Available at any construction store. It can be used to make a perfectly straight cut on a PVC panel without much effort. The only disadvantage is that it only cuts in a straight line so you can’t make rounded cuts. If you want, you can construct the cutter yourself. from a strip of metal about 1 cm wide and 2 mm thick. One side should be sharpened at an angle of 45 degrees, and the handle should be wrapped with electrical tape so as not to cut your fingers while working.
  • Hacksaw. For plastic suit tool with fine teeth, pay attention that the teeth on the blade were not bent in different directions. That way the cut will be straight and smooth, and the plastic will not get wrinkled. The hacksaw is a good way to cut several panels at once by stacking them on top of each other.
  • The jigsaw. With it the process of cutting panels will go much faster than with hand tools. But there are some nuances to working with an electric jigsaw: The electric jigsaw1. Immediately disengage the pendulum function. 2. use a fine toothed saw. 3. regulate the speed of the saw blade (choose the slowest one, so as not to melt the cut). The jigsaw is excellent for cutting panels in a pile, the main thing is that the height of the pile must not exceed the length of the saw.
  • angle grinder. The most convenient tool for cutting PVC panels, with an angle grinder with a cutting disc you can make both straight and curved cuts. Remember that when cutting plastic, the tool should work at the lowest speed, otherwise the cut edge will melt, and the panel will be ruined.
  • Knife. If you do not have a more convenient tool, you can use a simple kitchen or office knife. The narrower the blade of the knife, the easier it will be to cut. A loaf knife with a serrated blade is ideal, it leaves an even edge without breaking or chipping.


This attachment is useful when quick and good cuts are important to solve a problem. The speed of such a tool is high, and, at the same time, the quality, better than any of the above described. But, when working, you need to carefully inspect the panel for possible chips and lay it backwards to the cutter, and face. to the supporting surface. This is due to the fact that the cutter can penetrate the surface of the PVC workpiece by 2-5 millimeters.

The tool simplifies and speeds up installation work. Buying the cutter will close the question how to cut the plastic panel, and other methods are no longer relevant. Using it, it is important to remember that to make trim on the spot with such a tool is not possible.

What to cut the plastic panel at home?

What to cut the plastic panel at home? This question is very relevant to thrifty homeowners who have decided to cover the walls of the toilet and bathroom with decorative PVC panels. The material is practical and may well replace ceramic tiles, where there is a lack of time or money for a full repair. In this article we will find out what to cut plastic panels, so as not to damage the material and make a neat edge.

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