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STANLEY FatMax 0-20-331

There is a special type of hacksaw called a Japanese hacksaw. It is unknown why exactly Japanese, and what relation they have to this country, but they are united by a special form of design. The first thing here is a square blade. Approximately the same is used when working in a jig or when sawing laminate at the moment of laying. There is also a movable handle that can be fixed at a comfortable angle.

On the edges of the blade here have special rims that do not allow the blade to slide off the workpiece and not damage it. Ideal when sawing in the jigsaw, which gives the saw direction. And the fine and frequent tooth allows you to saw even laminate or fiberboard blades, avoiding chipping and defects that are very common with conventional saws.

Japan makes the best steel for cutting tools. Japanese hand saw has an original shape, works by pulling on itself. Blade is flexible, sturdy, thin. Original mixed tooth design ensures a very accurate cut. Used for sawing precise grooves, cutting complicated studs, suitable for work in the garden, with decorative materials.

Stanley FatMax 0-20-501

The Japanese wood saw has two cutting edges. Designed for precision carpentry work. Gives a clean cut across fibers. Edges in 7 or 14 TPI pitch allow optimal adjustment to the density of wood being cut and the cutting speed requirements. Blade is flexible, suitable for operations in tight spaces, where space is limited. Quick change of cutting element.

Equipped with ergonomic two-component anti-slip handle. Knurled surface provides a firm grip. Holes are provided for convenient hanging storage. No handle backlash ensures accuracy for compound cuts.

Top 5 Best Hand Saws Review in 2022

Bahco ProfCut PC-9-9/17-PS

The products of the famous Swedish brand are manufactured for a European holding in Japan. Wear-resistant carbon steel for long life. Model is designed for angle and crosscutting of various densities of wood. Unique tooth shape allows for clean cuts. Quality that eliminates the need for regular sharpening.

Cutting surfaces are on both sides, 6-8.5 pitches and 17 TPI. permits intensive sawing or high-precision notches. Less than 1 mm cutting width, no splintering or scoring, makes it ideal for decorative applications. Two-piece handle lies well in hand, ensuring a secure grip.

  • Flexible, durable metal;
  • Easy replacement of cutting element;
  • Good quality hardening;
  • Tidy longitudinal cut;
  • Low weight.

Handle shape

The shape of the handle is an important design element. The handle of hand hacksaws can also be classified according to quite a number of features. Features include the following:

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  • Different materials are used in manufacturing. In most cases, the handle is plastic, as such material is lightweight and can withstand exposure to moisture. Metal and wood can also be used in making the handle.
  • The shape also varies considerably. In some cases it is represented by a simple handle, in others by an element with a hole.

It is important that the handle is comfortable to use, because otherwise long sawing times can create a lot of difficulty. Also it must be firmly connected to the working part, because otherwise the stress you apply can damage the joint.


There are a variety of hand hacksaw options, but the main (or most common) ones are the full-frame ones, which use 12-inch or 10-inch blades. Regardless of the type of hacksaw, it is important to make sure that you buy a high-quality tool made of a special steel alloy.

In more modern models the blade can be adjusted in length, so you can remove branches of different thickness. Cutting element is placed in the columns, which are on the frame. Many people don’t understand that they can set it in different positions for their own needs. The blade is easy to move left-right or up-down.

Among the huge range of available products, all models differ in shape of the handle, dimensions, size of the teeth and other parameters. The buyer should consider his own needs when choosing the material of the blade and its size. If you intend to saw boards and remove small branches, then you should consider a tool with a metal cutting width of 28 to 30 centimeters. For construction purposes, the blade is used from 45 to 50 cm, but you can find on the market and more. it all depends on what kind of work is planned to perform.

The effectiveness of the tool depends on the proportions, so a wooden workpiece should have a thickness that is half that of a hacksaw. That makes for a more gradual motion, and therefore the task in hand can be completed more rapidly. The large teeth must enter completely into the material. only in this way will the sawdust be removed.

How well thought out the handle by the manufacturer will determine the user’s comfort during work. This design element is attached behind the blade, and sometimes a pistol grip can be found on the market. The handle is made of two materials: wood and plastic. the more expensive versions may have a rubberized grip that significantly improves the hand/face contact.

Another feature that can distinguish wood hacksaw from one another is the firm and size of the cutting teeth. If you look closely, the pointed elements never stand behind each other, because in this case the tool will immediately get stuck in the material. To make the task easier the teeth are given different shapes that are also used for different sawing options:

The tool with teeth for longitudinal sawing is used for work along the wood fibers. The main distinguishing feature. each pointed element is quite large and sharpened at right angles. The tool looks as if it cuts the wood, working on the principle of a chisel.

If you want to saw crosswise, you need a different unit where each tooth is sharpened at an angle. There are also Japanese teeth, which are narrow and very long, and the upper part of the blade has a cutting edge with a double slant. It is possible to find on sale and universal tool, which can be used in both cases. Its teeth are sharpened symmetrically.

Model rating

A wide variety of manufacturers are involved in the production of saws. The Japanese models are the most popular on the market. Their main differences are as follows: they move on themselves, thin blades and often planted incisors are characteristic, the cut is rather narrowed without risk of damaging wood fibers, the handle is twined with bamboo for convenient work.

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The range of Japanese tools is represented by several models:

  • “Cataba” is a saw with teeth made either longitudinally or crosswise on one side only;
  • “Rioba” is a combination type of hacksaw, the cutters are placed on both sides, with one for longitudinal cutting and the other for crosscutting;
  • “Dozuki”. are needed for making narrow cuts, the size of the teeth is reduced to the handle, making it easier to start work.

Among other hacksaws particularly reliable are saws of the Swedish company Bahco and the American company Stanley. The tools from the German company Gross are of consistently high quality.

From the budget segment, Teflon-coated hacksaws from Gross Piranha are in demand, as well as the universal tool brand Stanley General Purpose.

Among Russian-made tools popular are hacksaw “Zubr”, “Enkor” and “Izhstal”.

Popular manufacturers of wood saws

Good wood and metal hacksaws are in the range of most manufacturers of hand tools. Choosing one of them, pay attention to the popularity of the brand name. Only the best companies supply the highest quality models that do their job perfectly.

  • BAHCO (Sweden);
  • Kraftool (Germany);
  • Zubr (Russia);
  • Sparta (China);
  • Biber (Germany);
  • Gross (Germany);
  • Vira (Russia);;

How to use a hacksaw

Rules for choosing a handheld wood hacksaw rating and review of the most popular models

It is extremely difficult to overestimate the need for a wood hacksaw in the household. This simple tool is a reliable and faithful assistant in repairing apartments or construction of a country house, it can be useful for refining a garden plot or complex care of a garden. However, before you go to the store, it is not unreasonable to know its technical and operational characteristics. To learn more about how to avoid mistakes when choosing a wood hacksaw, read our article.

Best Hand Saw For Cutting Wood 2022[Top 5 Picks]

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