What’s the difference between a lawn trimmer and a petrol grass trimmer

What’s the right thing to do. a grass trimmer or a lawn mower?

The word “grass trimmer” came to us along with lawns from England. The root word is “to trim,” which stands for “to tidy up. You may also hear a few other options:

In order not to be confused by names, it is necessary to understand what exactly all these words mean. Although a grass trimmer allows you to quickly cut the grass, it is not similar to a scythe in principle. However, “lawnmower” is a synonym for “garden trimmer for grass”. Sometimes you may hear the opinion that “brushcutter” should be called exclusively grass trimmers with a gasoline engine. That’s not quite right. the meaning of “lawnmower” is exactly the same as “trimmer“. As for the prefixes “petrol-” and “electric-“, they denote the belonging of a garden tool to a particular type of. These are the types we will talk about next.

How to choose a gasoline trimmer for grass?

The tool has not limited mobility and a powerful engine, expanding the scope of the tool. Those who first decided to buy such a tool are interested in what is better to choose a gasoline trimmer for grass. The first important thing to consider is the availability of a service center within reach and the ability to purchase spare parts. When choosing, pay attention to these points:

  • engine power;
  • Type of cutting tool;
  • Type of boom and handle;
  • Belt accessories;
  • mowing width;
  • the volume of the gas tank;
  • the number of additional attachments.

Attachments on the gasoline trimmer for grass

The device is so versatile that it can work in different positions. Garden gasoline trimmer for grass can be equipped with the following attachments:

  • Drill. The power of the motor creates a huge torque on the drill.
  • Running wheels. Help reduce friction of the tool on the surface, which facilitates the work and improves its quality. Self-propelled gasoline lawn mower has qualities that reduce wear and tear on parts.
  • Lopper. Uses the hacksaw principle. Can prune branches up to a height of about 2.5 meters.
  • Garden shears. Help cut back hedges and shaped bushes. Models have different boom lengths.
  • Lawn aerator. Used to aerate the surface of the ground by piercing it. The same way the crust is broken on the beds.
  • Cultivator attachment for gasoline grass trimmer. Used for loosening soil.
  • Water pump. Helps pump out the water or pump up liquid.
  • Brush and roller. Used for sweeping paths and lawns.
  • Snow blower. Helps remove snow from selected surface.

Rating of gasoline trimmers

Among the great variety of models, an inexperienced person can get confused and make a wrong choice. Not only do you need to know the basic features, but you also need to be familiar with the most popular choices. To date, the rating of the best models is as follows:

  • STIHL FS38. Super lightweight model for low grass. STIHL gasoline grass trimmers work with a fishing line only.
  • Patriot PT 4555 ES. Used for cutting tall growth. Needs a long warm up period.
  • Huter GGT-2500S. Powerful model with low fuel consumption. Can trim shrubs and small trees.
  • AL-KO 112387 FRS 4125. Features an effective anti-vibration system and a wide range of uses.
  • Echo SRM-2305SI. Versatile model with low weight design.
  • Makita EBH341U. Gasoline grass trimmer has a four-stroke engine and less vibration.
  • Husqvarna 323R. The lightest model. You can install a brush cutter or lopper if you want.
  • Oleo-Mac Sparta 25. Impressive size with low motor power.
  • Solo 154. One of the most powerful professional options.
  • STIHL FS 490 C-EM K. The most powerful model.

To determine the differences between the devices under consideration, you need to understand their features.

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Grass trimmer

Grass trimmers usually have a light weight and minimum power, which does not exceed 600 watts. They can be easily handled by a girl or an elderly person. It’s a good idea to use these products for minimal trimming jobs. The tools are suitable for trimming soft grass in flat areas without debris.

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Electric vs. Gas Weed Eater: Which Is Better?

The kit includes a gasoline or electric motor. The grass trimmer is not suitable for continuous use. To avoid overheating, take a short break every 15 minutes.

  • The presence of a medium-sized shoulder strap, which provides a comfortable distribution of the load;
  • Simplicity of design. the engine is located at the bottom, there is no gearbox, the shaft is curved;
  • D-shaped handle, which facilitates gripping the arm with the palm of the hand and reduces strain on the hand.

Minimal attachments included. The main cutting accessories are considered to be 1-2 knives and a line not more than 2 millimeters thick.


This is the term for brushcutters with a gasoline engine. It does not need to be charged or connected to a power source. Therefore, the device can mow grass over a large area. It operates for up to 8 hours.

Engine power of the device is 0.8-7.8 horsepower. Maximum parameters are typical for professional devices.

In addition, lawnmowers are divided by the shape of the handle. Thus, the following handle options are possible:

  • D-shaped. characterized by a high degree of maneuverability and can be used for paved paths, hedges, trees.
  • J-shaped. used to perform work with a blade for grass, when the gearbox needs to be kept away from the body.
  • T-shaped. designed for work on large areas, when it is required to make wide oblique movements.

How to Select the Right Trimmer or Brushcutter

Depending on the types of mowers are such:

  • Household. used in households. With their help it is possible to ennoble small areas.
  • Semi-professional. used in agriculture. They can operate continuously for 15 hours per week. This design is considered reliable. It is reinforced by steel elements.
  • Professional. used in park and municipal services. Such devices are characterized by powerful engines and can work up to 15 hours a day.

lawn mower

This is the largest group of devices, which are characterized by high power and are suitable for household and professional tasks. The most popular options include gasoline-powered devices that can operate autonomously.

Gas vs Battery Powered String Trimmers for a Lawn Care Business

To the pluses of brushcutters it is worth attributing the following:

  • easy to use;
  • High resistance to wear;
  • Not demanding to the quality characteristics of fuel;
  • a variety of nozzles, which greatly simplifies the work;
  • T-handle for a comfortable grip and the ability to hold the tool with two hands.
  • Mowing head. It is used to cut young branches. It also helps to mow grass that is not too thick. This design does not harm young trees and shrubs.
  • Plastic knife. Use it to cut thinnings in sedge. It also helps to remove unwanted grass. It is necessary to use the device very carefully, because there is a risk of damaging young shoots and favorite flowers.
  • Metal blade. This device is suitable for all work on the site. It is worth using if the previous attachments did not give results.

Selection by cutting tool

Quite often dachnikov ask the question of how to choose a gasoline grass trimmer. Also important is to consider the cutting attachment. For example, low-power models usually have a cord or fishing line. But if you want to become the owner of a stronger version of the equipment, then you should consider a model with a disk in the form of a mill or metal blades. The cutting filament can be within a certain thickness, between 1.2 and 4 mm. Each machine comes with a defined line thickness. Do not exceed the recommended thickness, otherwise premature wear and tear on the sleeves would occur.

It is also important to pay attention to the structure of the cord. Its cross section can be round, polygonal or square. Even shaped cords with rounded spurs or stars in the cross-section are commercially available. This variety allows you to choose the most suitable line for your area.

Deciding how to choose a gasoline grass trimmer, you should also pay attention to models that have trimmer blades. When mowing grass twice a season, you should buy a model with blades, giving up the option with cords. This recommendation is due to the fact that tall grass gets wrapped around the spindle when the line works.

As for blades, they can be metal or plastic. With the latter, you can easily kill tough and dry plants, but green shrubs are better cut with a metal tool. For stony areas, knives will not be suitable, otherwise you will get a kickback when you collide with a solid object, which is not safe for the operator.

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When choosing a grass trimmer, you should also pay attention to the number of blade blades. heavy clippings can be cleaned up better if the mower blade has more teeth. If you have to make hay, you should not buy a three- or four-blade blade, since it will crush the grass too much.

So the two devices have the same function. landscaping. And the difference between the brushcutter and trimmer for the grass is in their technical capabilities, design features and direct purpose.

The lawnmower is the more powerful machine. It usually works on gasoline. This device can stay in continuous operation for quite a long time, which is especially important when you need to mow large areas. Lawn mower copes not only with thin grass, but also with weeds, shrubs, breakthrough trees.

But where it is necessary to correct hard-to-reach areas, such as spaces between closely planted shrubs, it is preferable to use a trimmer. Such a tool will evenly cut the soft grass on a small area and make a clear edge of the lawn. Keep in mind that long continuous work of such devices does not affect in the best way, and if you need to mow a lot of grass, you should do it in several stages.

Grass trimmers most often use battery power or electric. Their cutting part is traditionally a fishing line. The handle of this type of units is usually closed, D-shaped. Meanwhile, the brushcutter has it similar to the bicycle handlebar. so it’s easier to control the more weighty, compared to the trimmer, the tool. On this equipment, the cutting element, in addition to the fishing line, can be a knife or disc.

What’s the difference between a brushcutter and a trimmer?? In that the first device works louder, the second makes much less noise. Speaking in general, the grass trimmer is more suitable for home use. A lawnmower is an indispensable tool in the hands of those who are professionally engaged in the treatment of various areas.

Rating of the best electric and chain saws: features of devices, which is better and what is the difference

An electric grass trimmer or lawn trimmer is an affordable and effective solution to lawn care problems where no extension cord is hard to come by. For such devices as electric grass trimmers, the rating of the best is made on the basis of technical characteristics, cost, design features and convenience in operation.

Grass trimmers and brushcutters: who to choose as an assistant?

Garden equipment answers. how to choose a trimmer for grass or brushcutter. What is the difference between a grass trimmer and brushcutter. Features of the choice and use of garden equipment.

difference, lawn, trimmer, petrol, grass

and more often, city dwellers are trying to escape from the bustle of metropolitan cities to the countryside to enjoy the tranquility, clean air and simple beauty of nature. The optimal solution for many is a homestead plot, which serves for recreation rather than for growing fruits and vegetables.

Naturally, after a long absence there is a need to combat vegetation, which often grows not only on the lawn, but also in other places, where the use of large-sized equipment such as lawnmowers is problematic. It is in such cases to cope with undesirable vegetation will help trimmers for grass and brushcuts.

Grass trimmer and lawnmower: what is the difference?

Grass trimmer and lawnmower are often confused, calling trimmers all kinds of equipment. Meanwhile, these devices differ not only in design features and power, but also in the scope of application.

The grass trimmer is characterized by the lower position of the engine and relatively low power. This equipment is quite enough for regular maintenance of the site and mowing the lawn. Power of electric trimmers usually does not exceed 600 watts. Grass cutting is done with a fishing line, which usually does not exceed 1.6 mm in diameter. Grass trimmer is great for mowing special lawn grass. In addition, there are models equipped with wheels, which not only facilitate the work, but also allow you to get an even cutting height across the lawn. With their help, you can cut the grass that creeps up on paths and lawn edges. However, the small power of the device does not allow to fight with dense thickets.

Electric mowers, unlike trimmers, have more power (1200-1300 watts), and the engine is moved up the construction, which provides optimal balance and better controllability. Unfortunately, the need for constant connection to electricity not only limits the radius of movement and gives some inconvenience in the work, but also can overload the weak wiring of the cottage site. Dependence on electricity is their main disadvantage.

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Only a grasshopper with a gasoline engine can provide autonomy and great power at the same time. There are many different models of petrol-powered brushcutters: from lightweight 0.7 to 0.8 liters. с. up to professional. 3-4 liters. с. Lightweight mowers are quite comparable to electric mowers in terms of power and performance, although they are slightly more expensive. In most cases, a lawn mower with one horsepower is quite enough for use on a dacha plot.

There are also models equipped with batteries, but so far only grass trimmers and lightweight electric grass trimmers are available. Usually the battery lasts for about 30 minutes of work, after which you need to recharge it. The weight of such a design is also a pleasant pleasure, although among the disadvantages should be mentioned the high cost and limited battery life.

The problem with selection

To select the appropriate model of the many varieties that are currently available on the market, you need to determine what will be used for this equipment. If the plot is small and it is regularly cared for, a grass trimmer or electric mower will be the best option. In cases where it is a question of processing a large area and the owner needs power and autonomy at the same time, it is better to look at the scythes with a gasoline engine.

For an area of a few acres, a 1 kW or 1 L. с. (for electric and petrol engines respectively). If the only intended task is to care for the lawn, a light grass trimmer will be more than enough.

Powerful lawn mowers are suitable for professionals, although models for intensive and domestic use are also distinguished among them.

There are also electric brushcutters that can be fitted with a knife. They are needed in cases where you need to mow grass for hay or remove thickets of weeds over large areas. In other cases the blade is hardly ever used and there is no point in readjusting the grass mower.

Advantages and disadvantages of the brushcutter

Lawn mower is a serious and expensive tool, so it is also important to study all its pros and cons before buying.

  • No wire, mobility and independence from the grid. running on gasoline;
  • high power. copes with dense thickets, bushes, trees;
  • Productivity. it works for a long time, serves a large area.

The following features of the tool can be attributed to the disadvantages:

  • High weight. it requires a lot of energy to work with it;
  • Exhaust fumes inhaled by the person working with it;
  • The need for constant refueling;
  • high noise level.

Lawn mower. a powerful and productive tool, but these advantages counterbalance the significant disadvantages, which not every gardener will want to put up with.

What is the difference between a grass trimmer and a lawnmower

Most of the owners of country houses, try to make the lawn in front of their house looked as beautiful as possible. In this regard, the market for specialized equipment is constantly replenished with new, supposedly more productive and efficient models, for the manufacture of which, numerous domestic and foreign companies are responsible. Indeed, the lively competition allows the end user to be sure of the high quality of the products they purchase. Nevertheless, the great variety of such products generates a lot of questions.

Almost the most important of them is the question: what is the difference between the lawnmower and the trimmer for the grass? Let’s note at once, many experts believe that the lawnmower and the grass trimmer are one and the same tool. In fact, the classification of these devices states that the grass trimmer is essentially a generic name, while the lawn mower is a narrower one, as it is one of the varieties of trimmers. Besides, the use of these two materials is the same, since they are both ideal for cutting grass in places that are difficult to access, where it seems impossible to use a lawn mower. Be that as it may, there are a huge number of nuances that make these materials completely different and it would be foolish not to tell you about them as well!

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