What screwdrivers are needed for macbook.

How to disassemble macBook 12

We analyze the new 12-inch laptop Apple MacBook Retina 2015. Let’s see the characteristics:

MAC Tools Cordless Screwdriver Review [SBD4V52S]

12-inch Retina display with IPS matrix with a resolution of 2304×1440.

Intel Core M Dual.Core processor with a frequency of either 1.1 or 1.2 GHz (and 1.3 GHz as an option).

8 GB of RAM LPDDR3 frequency 1600 MHz.

Apple decided to use USB-C for all tasks and now the old Magsafe and Thunderbolt are no longer used.

screwdrivers, needed, macbook

A 29-watt adapter with a USB-C connector from the MacBook set (in the middle).

60-Watt adapter for Magsafe 2 connector from MacBook Air (right).

The use of a USB-C connector should lead to a decrease in the number of wires and a decrease in breakdowns, when they are broken down, let’s see how it will be in practice.

The thickness of the Air Macbook is. 1.31 cm, weight. 0.92 kg.

The previous model weighed 2.27 kg and had a thickness of 2.74 cm.

The previous model had Magsafe, Ethernet, Mini DisplayPort and a USB pair.

The “butterfly” hatches from the cocoon. As Apple called the keyboard mechanism.

Apple called the new display “the most subtle and energy-efficient Retina display of all that have ever been used on Mac”. The screen pixels have a larger diaphragm, that is, more light penetrates inside. Hence. Energy efficiency without prejudice to brightness.

Sceces with Pentalobe slots in the form of a five.Pointed star.

Remove the cover cover. There is a lot of interesting things inside.

The battery and motherboard are attached to the lower part.

The case should be opened carefully, the cables will stretch hard. Looking under the lid on the back, you can get to the connectors.

Like the 13-inch MacBook Pro, the A1534 model is supplied with the FORCE Touch trackpad. Disconnect the cable going to the track and keyboard.

To connect the battery, the connector is used as on the iPad, we are discharged using a plastic blade.

After the cable going to the USB-C elegant connector has been disconnected.

The connector is located one, without an additional fee.

We will unhsis of the audio payment connector, which combines a mini-jack with a double microphone.

Two halves parted. Next, go to the motherboard.

Using the Intel Core M processor, Apple was able to get by with smaller form factor and miniature radiators.

Red. 8-gigabyte mobile module LPDDR3-ELPIDA/Micron FB164A1MA-GD-F.

Orange. 128-gigabyte module of a single-level flash memory TosHiba Th58TFT0DFKLAVF NB2953 (and another one on the back of 256 GB).

Yellow. Microcontroller NXP 11U37. The volume of flash memory-128 KB, volume of static memory-10 KB.

Green. Temperature sensor SMSC 1704-2.

Blue. Texas Instrument SN6508 (probably a power converter of the same type with SN6501).

Red. Intel SR23G Core M-5Y31 dual-core processor with Intel HD 5300 graphics.

Features of parsing macbook

As people say, eyes are afraid, and hands do. At first glance, it is even scary to touch the elegant device once again without the need. However, like any other computer technique, Apple macbooks are versed using a set of tools and devices. The only difference is the need to purchase special screwdrivers for analyzing computer equipment and a plastic blade, which will be required for neat disassembly of the housings, since the elements in them are characterized by miniature.

Despite the number of models of macbooks produced by Apple, the technology of disassembling devices is practically no different, only elementary differences in the form of the number of bolts and their location are different.

Consider the technology for analyzing devices on the example of popular MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptop models.

Such sets can be bought in specialized stores

Slate for MacBook Retina, Air 11 “13” 2010. 2017 Pentalobe 1.2

M. Kozhukhovskaya. Pickup is carried out after confirming the order. Classes of shipment of goods, check with our operators by phone or you can wait for the call of our specialists by placing an order on our website.

Problem 2: I will tell you how to kill the battery

Working for a big monitor is much more pleasant. A lot of windows are placed, you can effectively arrange the working space, delight the realistic colors of the worthy matrix (Era Elt is already in the distant past) and eyes are not so tired. Normal people buy Mac mini or Mac Pro for such a goal. Our man. Connects a laptop via Display/Thunderbolt Port, complements it with the branded Apple Keyboard and Magic TrackPad, and feels like a “winner in life”.

To whom I belong, I think, you already understand. 24 hours a day MacBook flaunts on my desktop, never turns off (the benefit is minimal for it) and all this time is connected to the network adapter.

After the purchase, my MacBook Air could boast of three hours of autonomous work. Six months of operation in the “system unit” and battery life decreased to 40 minutes, and the number charge cycles exceeded 650. You can see the menu About this Mac. System report. The number of reloading cycles.

Apple’s official website shows a guarantee to save 80% container after 1000 recharge cycles. But, apparently, the company’s engineers imply a more adequate operation option.

Detailed instructions for those who decided.

Do not repeat my mistakes and belong to your MAC battery. How to do this I will tell below.

What is fraught with ? You feel constantly attached to the outlet, and to the question: “You have a laptop”, you simply find it difficult to answer.

Verdict. It has been decided. The time has come for general prevention. The first item in the list is the replacement of thermal paste on the processor with all the ensuing dust elimination. Second. Battery replacement.

Apple repair tools

Through the lower lid MacBook Pro? The smallest screwdriver? Portable screwdriver? Yes, at on.

Antistatic blade is extremely important in the repair of Apple and any other technique. Thanks to the property.

Antistatic blade is very important in the repair of Apple and any other technique. Antistatic lop.

Antostic blade can be used for various purposes in the repair of electronic.

Inspection mirror with a long handle. Useful device for those who need, for example.

There are situations when you need to look somewhere, but the place is inaccessible, nothing under.

An indispensable tool for those who constantly check iPhones for performance. Data p.

A set of three screwdrivers for analyzing iPhone. Pentalobe 0.8 will be required to unwind the ends.

Basic set of screwdrivers for analyzing Apple technique. Pentalobe is necessary for unwinding the end.

Professional anti.Impact bottle for alcohol with a special lid. Usage.

Plastic mediator for repairing phones and tablets Apple Jackly Openning Tools. Will help in.

This plastic knife is created specifically to dismantle the iMac matrix. The length of the knife is calculated.

Iphone, MacBook Pro, IMAC type repair tool, is not much different from a standard tool for repairing accurate mechanics. The main chips in screwdrivers (nozzles) are cunning types. For example, the type of screw Pentalobe. This is a five.Pointed star like Torx, but Torx has a six.Pointed star. Pentalob can be size 0.8 mm. This is applicable to the iPhone (lower screws), it is 1.2 mm. Lower cover MacBook Air, Retina. When repairing iPhone, MacBook, iPad, the so.Called dielectric shoulder blade is used to raise the loops, since the train is very thin and fragile. Our assortment of the tool allows you to repair any node of any device. If you are not sure what nozzles, bits, sets are needed for repair. Just call us, we will give a full answer.

Sets of screwdrivers for repair iPhone, Mac, Apple equipment

A set of three screwdrivers for analyzing iPhone. Pentalobe 0.8 will be required to unwind the ends.

Basic set of screwdrivers for analyzing Apple technique. Pentalobe is necessary for unwinding the end.

Set 10 in 1 with a convenient small handle and with 8 most popular bits for techniques for repairing.

Set of “emergency” to your apple satellite. Shapes of the pen factor make a set for us.

You are ready for BZZ BZZZ? Still would! This is an auto.Configuration in juicy configuration will be excellent gifts.

Union of the leading German company for the production of high.Quality Wiha tools and the famous.

The BEST Accessories for YOUR M1 MacBook Air!

A special professional set for disassembling and repairing all Apple iPhone models.

Incredibly compact and convenient set to analyze everything that comes to hand. Present.

Repeated? Iphone repaired his wife? Refined and alien wife. We are still for home repairs. Tool, s.

Convenient and compact screwdriver with bits from Pros’Kit. It is equipped with a storage compartment.

Single screwdriver is always more convenient than bit. The sting is thinner, more conveniently form, and you are not needed to change the nico.

Professional, portable set of tools 16 in 1 case. This is a complete set for repair.

We offer the widest selection of tools for Apple technology: screwdrivers, mediators, attires, Apple Pentalobe. There are always a single screwdriver and professional sets for the repair of iPhone, iPad, MacBook, MacBook Retina, MacBook Air, IMAC and other equipment. Our experts are always happy to help by phone with the choice of the right nozzle for your laptop, phone or monoblock.

Review of goods

Professional screwdriver Jakemy for MacBook Air 11 “13” 2010. 2017 Pentalobe 1.2 for parsing the lower panel. Rubber handle for convenient torsion, reliable chrome-vanadium steel. High quality for professional, accurate work. Apple Pentalob 1.2mm. The screwdriver is ideal for disassembling the lower cover of the MacBook Retina 13 “15” 2012 and 2013. The quality of steel guarantees a long service life.

  • Macbook Air 11 “2010. 2015
  • Macbook Air 13 “2010. 2017
  • Macbook Pro Retina 13 “2012. 2017
  • Macbook Pro Retina 15 “2012. 2017
screwdrivers, needed, macbook

Screwdriver for MacBook Retina, Air 11 “13” 2010. 2017 Pentalobe 1.2 YO271 Professional JAKEMY screwdriver for MacBook Air 11 “13” 2010. 2017 Pentalobe 1.2 for parsing the lower panel. Rubber handle for convenient torsion, reliable chrome-vanadium steel. High quality for professional, accurate work. Apple Pentalob 1.2mm. The screwdriver is ideal for disassembling the lower cover of the MacBook Retina 13 “15” 2012 and 2013. The quality of steel guarantees a long service life.

screwdrivers, needed, macbook

Full analysis of MacBook Pro Retina

As always periodically, our friends from the Macplus service tell us and our readers about different curious and not very cases for the repair of “apple” equipment. This time we will learn about how to completely disassemble the brand new Mac Book Pro Retina.

The other day, MacBook Pro Retina fell into our hands and we, of course, could not resist the opening of the “fresh” device. Meet the analysis instructions!

The new MacBook Pro is radically different from its predecessors. In terms of analysis, he is close to MacBook Air 2010-2012.

1) unscrew all the screws around the perimeter of the back cover by the Pentalobe screwdriver.

2) Next, be sure to disconnect the battery loop. Then we disconnect the train connecting the motherboard and a fee with HDMI connectors, USB and cardrider. You need to work with trains very, very carefully.

17) We do p.16 for the right side. The only difference is that the screws on this side are closed by a plug.

18) Disconnect the display, you can do it at any stage, but we prefer to do it at the very end.

19) unscrew the three screws of the left column and extract it.

22) Disconnect the battery. Unfortunately, it is glued to the topkeys, therefore, in order to extract it, it is necessary to heat the topkeys at a temperature of 70-75 degrees (we used the thermal station).

So, the analysis is completely completed. I would like to say that the assembly quality is, as always at the highest level. But there is a spoon of tar. Repair MacBook Pro Retina. A very laborious process. The banal replacement of the touchpad requires a lot of time.

Masterm in



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