What screwdrivers are needed to disassemble the Playstation 4

Choose a screwdriver for disassembling iPhone

Cell phones are firmly embedded in the daily lives of almost everyone. Like any other technique, these electronic gadgets, too, tend to break and fail. A large number of models and brands means that there are an unlimited number of spare parts and tools for repair. The main tool in fixing the phone is a screwdriver. After all, even just to diagnose a malfunction, you must first disassemble the body model.

Detailed disassembly of the Playstation 4 game console

Now that one of the popular game consoles of the new generation has been announced and appeared in the use of many players, many were interested to look inside and find out how everything is arranged inside the device. And as always, the famous team from iFixit immediately proceeded to the disassembly and a detailed inspection of the equipment. So, we present you a detailed disassembly of the game console from Sony Playstation 4 as standard.

To begin with a look at the modified style of the new console.PlayStation4 has a Blu-ray/DVD drive and two USB 3 connectors.0, located in the front. At the back of located: the plug for power, digital optical audio output, HDMI, Ethernet and port for connecting external devices such as a Playstation camera. Remove the top cover and get access to the hard drive.The PlayStation4 hard drive is removable and can easily be replaced with a drive with a larger capacity.Playstation 4 does not support the connection of external hard drives. For further disassembly you will need a set of screwdrivers with interchangeable heads.Unscrew the fixing screw and remove the hard drive from the console.Now you need to remove the stickers that conceal the screws.It is convenient to do this with tweezers. Remove 4 T9 screws and take off the bottom cover.Remove a couple of fixing screws and take out the power unit from the device.The power supply is designed for AC 100 to 240 volts and if you have the necessary adapters the console can be used in any country.Remove a couple more screws and take out the Blu-ray/DVD drive. Playstation 4 is not backward compatible with the PS3, PS2, PS1 i.e. after inserting the disc for the PS3 in Playstation 4 you can not play.At the moment, the drive Playstation 4 has no support for music CDs, but Sony promises to fix this in the near future with a new software update. We continue to poke around in the console.Remove the remaining panel and unscrew the cover.

Remove the motherboard.Let’s take a closer look and examine it.

SCEI (Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.) CXD90026G SoC (includes AMD Jaguar Cores and AMD Radeon Graphics GPU)

Samsung K4G41325FC-HC03 4 Gb (512 MB) GDDR5 RAM (total of 8 x 512 MB = 4 GB)

SCEI CXD90025G Secondary/Low Power Processor for Network Tasks

Samsung K4G41325FC-HC03 4 Gb (512 MB) GDDR5 RAM (total of 8 x 512 MB = 4 GB)

I nternational Rectifier 35858 N326P IC2X

The only thing left is to remove the radiator and fan

Let’s have a look from above at what we have done. Let’s get this pile of stuff organized and sorted. That’s more like it, isn’t it??To put everything back together, it is necessary to do it in the reverse order.And that’s all.Best of luck. Most of the content for this article was taken here Playstation 4 Teardown iFixit

Playstation 4 hard drive: How to choose and replace it properly

The reasons for replacing the hard drive Playstation 4 can be several. The most banal: broken or malfunctioning HDD.

Sometimes the standard 500GB can not hold all the latest games, because their volume is quite a bit. Even 1TB hard drives are not always up to the task.

If you are dissatisfied with the speed of the console itself, for example, do not like that the games take very long to load, replacing the magnetic drive with a solid-state drive will help solve the problem.

In any case, before you go to the store, you need to understand what hard drives are suitable for Playstation 4, and how they are installed in the console.

How To Open/Disassemble a PS4

Playstation 4 can be repaired in our workshops. You can count on our experts’ many years of experience. Call to make an appointment!

First, turn off your console. The Reset button is located in a small hole on the back of the controller next to the L2 button. Using a paper clip, press and hold the Reset button for a few seconds. This should be enough to reset your controller.

How to connect the joystick to the Playstation 4 with a USB cable

  • Press the power button on the Playstation 4 console to turn on the device;
  • Insert the other end of the cable from the Playstation 4 controller into the USB port of the console;
  • Press the PS button (or its equivalent) on the gamepad and hold it for three seconds;

How to disassemble the Playstation 4 Slim

Turn the game console and remove the front panel of the hard drive. It is removed by a slight movement to the side.

Remove one screw that fixes the hard drive basket.

Remove the hard drive from the game console.

Next, take a Torx T8 screwdriver and unscrew one screw that was located under the warranty seal.

Now you can remove the lid of the Playstation 4 Slim console. This is done quite simply, take your hands at a corner of the console housing and pulling upward, crack the case around the edges, then lift the lid up.

Take a Phillips screwdriver PH0 and remove the screw that holds the power supply Playstation 4 Slim console.

Turn the game console and remove the top cover. It opens very simply, grab the case at the edges on the front of the console and pull up on the cover.

Now remove the power supply from the Playstation 4 Slim console, to do this remove the 3 screws with a Phillips screwdriver PH0, and remove WI-FI antenna from the power supply. Then take a Torx T8 and unscrew 3 more screws and remove the iron plate from the PSU case.

Use auxiliary tools to pry the power supply so that you can grasp the housing and pull the power supply upwards.

Disconnect the 4-pin cable from the power supply, and disconnect the Wi-Fi antenna from the motherboard.

Turn the game console and disconnect all cables from the motherboard, pulling them down, except for the widest cable, to disconnect it, open the connector lock and lift the cable up.

Remove 30 screws from the top of the case (marked with yellow circles).

Disconnecting the fan rail (marked in green).

Disconnect the second WI-FI antenna from the motherboard and remove the antenna from the metal plate housing the console (marked in red).

Lift the iron plate up and see the iron mount on the motherboard, unscrew the two screws and remove the mount (marked with yellow circles).

Now the most difficult, in my opinion, the Playstation 4 Slim disassembly phase. It is necessary to disconnect the 4-pin connector from the motherboard (marked in red), the difficulty is that it is impossible to grasp this wire normally, and the wire itself is fixed rather tight in the connector. Try to free this wire as much as possible and gradually, rocking it sideways, remove it from the motherboard.

Once disconnected, the motherboard Playstation 4 Slim can be removed from the case by lifting it up.

Using a cloth, remove the old thermal paste from the surface of the radiator and video processor Playstation 4 Slim.

Note: If the old thermal paste is very dry and you can’t easily wipe it off the CPU surface, use some medical alcohol and a cotton swab to help.

Now apply new thermal paste on the processor Playstation 4 Slim. Spread the thermal paste evenly over the entire surface of the chip.

Now move on to cleaning the cooling system of Playstation 4 Slim from dust. Turn over and unscrew two screws on the iron panel with a Phillips screwdriver.

Reverse the console and unscrew one of the thumbscrews.

Now lift up the iron plate. On the back side of this panel there is a heatsink that collects the dust. Clean dust off the radiator with a brush.

Next, clean the dust off the fan, to do this unscrew the two screws and remove the fan from the housing.

Now you can dust the fan.

The serial number has 17 digits and is located on the back of the system, in the lower left corner of the case. The model number consists of the letters CUH followed by four numbers and a letter. The model number is on the back of the system, closer to the bottom of the case.

Playstation 4 500GB console. Includes console, HDMI cable, power cord, and one wireless controller. GAMES NOT INCLUDED. Product Information.

Item Model Number CUH-1115A
Discontinued by the manufacturer No
Item weight 7.4 oz
Manufacturer Sony

How to Disassemble Xbox 360 Slim

To disassemble the Xbox 360 Slim, you will need one T9 star screwdriver and a T8 star screwdriver to remove the motherboard. Also very handy to use an awl to remove the case latches and side panels.

Most importantly be careful, our disassembly and assembly time is 5 minutes and what you can do!

To open the Xbox 360 slim console remove the side plastic latches.

Remove the internal hard drive, only if you put Freeboot, in other cases you can leave it, it does not interfere.

Continue to pry them gently with a flat screwdriver or an awl, everything comes off neatly without damage.

  • Changing the position of your console 5 ways you can reduce noise from your Playstation 4.
  • Sweep the dust off your console 5 ways to keep the noise from your Playstation 4 down.
  • Get a longer HDMI cable 5 ways you can reduce noise from your Playstation 4.
  • Replace the thermal paste
  • Get yourself a Nintendo Switch.

Overheating is one of the most common problems faced by PlayStation4 owners.Prevent overheating

  • Keeping your house clean.
  • Installing the Playstation 4 in a safe place.
  • Taking regular breaks while playing.
  • Clean your console regularly.
  • Installing extra cooling.

Make sure your console stands in an open space with space on each side. It’s best to keep the bottom out of contact with the surface. install small footstools on 4 sides to create clearance.

You need to put the console back to yourself and by pressing the corners, pull the top cover. After removing the cover you get access to the cooling turbine. Take a vacuum cleaner, you can remove the dust that is clogged there, or blow it with compressed air from special cylinders.

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