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Rating of electric lawn mowers

Among the variety of lawnmands, it is sometimes problematic to choose the right. Although today you can buy an electrical or gasoline unit without difficulty. But summer is not far off, so you should hurry up with the purchase. This article presents a rating of electric lawn mowers recognized as the best in price and quality.

Place Model
one. Makita Elm3320 Prices Review
2. Bosch ARM 37 (0.600.8A6.201) Prices Review
3. AL-KO 112858 Silver 40 E Comfort Prices Review
4. Stavr GKE-1700 Prices Review
5. Hyundai Le 4600S Drive Prices Review
6. Huter ELM-2000T Prices Review
7. Gardena PowerMax 1100/32 Prices Review
eight. Makita Elm3720 Prices Review
nine. Bosch ARM 34 (0.600.8A6.101) Prices Review
ten. Makita Elm4620 Prices Review

How to choose a lawn mower

We selected the 17 best electric lawners into our review. Places in the ranking were distributed taking into account the opinions of the expert community and consumer reviews.

Criterias of choice

Before choosing a particular model, the following parameters must be taken into account:

  • The volume of electricity allocated for the House (can be clarified in a resource.Supplying organization);
  • The remoteness of the lawn or other landscaped territory from the house;
  • The condition of the intra.House wiring and extension cords;
  • The area of ​​the landscaped territory;
  • The height and type of grass in the landscaped territory;
  • Relief of the landscaped territory;
  • Desired haircut mode;
  • The amount of the budget for the purchase of a lawn mower.

The volume of the selected electricity

For most private houses, the volume of selected electricity (power) is 5-15 kW, however, in the presence of electric heating, the volume of the selected power may be increased.

If the power of the lawn mower exceeds ½ or 1/3 of the selected power, then when all consumers of electricity are turned on, its overspending may occur, which often ends with the house disconnection from the mains.

Therefore, the more power consumers in the house and the higher their total capacity, the less electricity will go to the lawn mower, which means that this parameter determines the maximum power of the mower.

If you do not know what power is allocated to your home, find an agreement concluded with a resource supplying organization or request a certificate, but you will have to pay 1-4 thousand for this.

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You can reduce the influence of the selected power on the power of the braid by turning off the rest of the electricity consumers, however, if you forget to disconnect one of the consumers for some reason, then the probability of overspending and subsequent disconnection of the network will sharply increase.

In this regard, the most popular for ordinary residential buildings and cottages are mowers that consume 1-3 kW. They have sufficient power for the mowing of lawn and not too high or dense wild grass, and also do not load the electric network too much.

In houses with an officially installed electric heating, mowers with a capacity of 2.4–5 kW are in demand, because they have greater performance, and they have to be used in the warm season, when the load on electric networks is minimal.

The remoteness of the territory from the house

The farther the site is located from the house or sockets in it, the more the cable should be.

In addition, the cable cross section is of great importance, because the more powerful mowing is connected to the network, the more the cable cross section should be, which means the harder and heavier the extension cord should be.

For lawn mowers with a capacity of 1 kW, any, even very thin and flexible two.Core cable is suitable, however, for mowers with a capacity of 3–3.5 kW, the cable cross section should be 1.5–2 mm 2.

An extension cable even 100 m long will weigh 6-15 kg, however, it is very difficult to find a ready.Made so long wire with a fork and outlet, because its length rarely exceeds 50 m.

If you use several extension cords, then the likelihood of disconnecting from each other, as well as electric shock, increases sharply.

In addition to the large weight, a powerful extension cord is also quite hard, therefore, the farther the site is from the outlet, the more difficult it will work with the lawn mower due to the power cable that interferes with normal, which can confuse your legs or get under the Lenger Model knife.

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Wiring and extension cord

Even the gas mowers of small power (less than one kW) consume such a large current that with faulty wiring, this can lead to a fire.

best, lawn, mower, electric, manufacturers

After all, any bad contact is a area with high electrical resistance, which heats up during the passage of electric current, and the stronger the current, the more thermal energy will be allocated.

In addition, home sockets and protective electrical equipment are designed for a certain current strength, therefore, its excess will also lead to heating and possible fire. The same situation with extension cords, without which it is impossible to use electric lawnmands. Any defect can lead to heating with the subsequent fire of the cable or other problems.

Often it is the state of sockets or extension cords that limits the power of electric mowers, or even makes their use impossible.

Therefore, when choosing the device, it is necessary to take into account the condition of the home power grid and wires that will connect the lawn mower with the outlet.

One of the ways by which you can increase the power of a suitable lawn mower to use is the laying of a separate line with a special outlet and connecting sufficient length of the extension cord on it on the coil. This will not only save the fire, but also reduce the negative impact of the lying wire on the movement of the lawn mower or person around the site.

Land area

Theoretically, any lawn mower can mowed grass on any area, but in fact, much depends on the width of the mowing (capture), because the smaller it is, the longer the device will process a plot of a certain size.

The longer the lawn mowing engine works, the stronger its bearings and windings heat up, so too long work can damage the engine and it will have to be fixed or changed.

Part of the manufacturers indicates the maximum area of ​​the site, which the device can process for one application.

For example, for the ELM3800 model from Makita, the width of the mowing of which is 38 cm, and the engine power is 1.4 kW, the maximum area of ​​the site is 500 m 2.

For most network electric motors, which are installed on the lawnmands, the operating time under load is 20-50 minutes, so to determine the maximum area of ​​the site, it is enough to multiply the width of the apparatus by the path by the path that it goes during this time.

How to choose?

To choose the right lawnical mower, it is necessary to determine which parameters are the most important, and what can be donated.

For example, those who need the most cheap 2-in-1 device, that is, with the rear emission and the grass collector, it makes no sense to consider expensive models, so this is a minimum equipment for such devices.

If you need the maximum functional device, you will have to choose between cheap low.Power and expensive powerful mowers. If you want to study this issue more seriously, then we recommend that you follow the link.

Makita PLM4628N

Powerful self.Propelled gasoline.Type mowel for a large area of ​​up to 1400 kV.M. The model is equipped with an adjustable handle with a three.Stage system. The case is made of durable steel with an additional lateral emission. The mulching function copes well with the task. The grass collector is easily attached and removed. According to users, the model is not bad, but most likely it is suitable for more professional purposes, and not for home use.

Huter GLM-4.0

(China, approximately 15,000). A gas station with a powerful engine and a bevel width of 46 cm with a grass carrier volume of 60 liters. The model is professional and designed to process a large site. According to users, he copes even with very neglected areas, which indicates high power and performance. Despite the fact that there are authorized brand centers in Russia, it is difficult to find the necessary spare parts, so they must be ordered directly from China and wait long.

Comparative table of the best electric lawn mowers

Using a 5-position lever, you can set the mowing value in the interval of 2-7 cm, the power of the engine is 1.4 kW, which allows you to pump out a strip 37 cm wide.

It works with a noise level of 84 dB using a three-level lever, you can adjust the height of grass within 2-6 cm, weight 13 kg.

Battery 40 V, Digipro electric motor is a brilliant type, therefore it differs in efficiency, reliability, silent work.

A 1.6 kW engine is reliably protected, plastic ram collector, hard, 65 liters, with a filling indicator.

Greenworks 80V GD80LM46SPK4 4.0ah

Has Digipro’s browned engine, which is distinguished by durability, silent work, a high torque that excludes the effect of “zabovkazyatka”.

The height of the cut can be adjusted in seven positions in the interval of 3-6 cm, a slope strip 28 cm.

TOP-5 brands presented in the Russian market

Than 50 brands of electric lawn mowers are represented on the Russian market and at least 30 of them have received worldwide recognition. There are domestic models that showed themselves as reliable durable unpretentious devices (we will only analyze the best options in this group below).

best, lawn, mower, electric, manufacturers

The top of electric lawns from year to year practically does not change. There are established leaders here, and they relate to them:

    – Another manufacturer from Japan. Was one of the first to propose a garden tool for household use with characteristics comparable to professional tools. The distinctive features of its devices are ergonomic design, functionality and obedience, the highest power in the class, wear resistance of models.

  • German Bosch electric lawnies. The best models of 2022 in various nominations. In Russia, they received a championship in combination of reliability, price and functionality.
  • The Swedish brand Stiga is considered the most balanced in price and quality in Europe. This is one of the most budget, but technical solutions in the market.

Reviews and discussions

We have prepared links to forums where users can advise the desired model, as well as to specialized lifting sites designed to publish reviews about certain purchases:

In this video, your attention is offered top 10 best and highest quality models of electric lawn mowers. After watching the video, you can compare them and determine for the winner of this rating.

Best Electric (battery Powered) Lawn Mower Ever Created!

The list is on the basis of a survey of owners and their reviews on which model is better to purchase for a summer house and lawn in a private yard:

Which electric lawn mower is better to buy

When choosing a suitable electric lawnutow, you need to be guided by your needs and take into account the operating conditions:

  • For small areas, any model is suitable, both small and large in power. On the other hand, for large areas of 5 hundred parts and more light appliances is not suitable due to limited performance.
  • It is better to get a brand that is served in one or more service centers nearby. Durable units also require periodic renewal of some components and spare parts.
  • There is a difference in the method of adjusting the height of the haircut: medium. The simplest and fastest, wheel lever is longer, but such models are cheaper.
  • Mulching is an additional function, but on budget models it is not required.

The main thing when buying is to clearly determine in which the unit will be used and take a model that fully meets the needs.

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