What the Bosch Dryer Symbols Mean


With the AntiVibration design Bosch machines with special AntiVibration side panels reduce vibration thanks to the extra rigidity of the housing. In addition, all Bosch washing machines and tumble dryers have optimum noise reduction, even the spinning is very quiet.

Sensitive Drying Thanks to the Sensitive Drying system, your laundry is dried with gentle, warm air that envelops the fabric on all sides. The inner surface of the drum is particularly gentle on textiles, and the blades gently distribute the laundry inside the machine. The result: soft and crease-free laundry.

Self-cleaning condenser This dryer has a unique self-cleaning condenser system. It can be cleaned up to 4 times per drying cycle. This not only avoids regular cleaning and maintenance of the appliance, but also provides the highest level of energy efficiency with every drying.

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Description of drying symbols

Not all garments can be tumble dried. Automatic drying is not allowed for some articles. So before you throw your clothes in the drum, carefully study the signs on the label.

The image of a crossed out washing machine on the label means that the automatic drying and spinning of the garment is prohibited.

Let’s understand what icons are found on the clothes tags. Let’s tell you what meaning the images have.

  • Picture of a washing machine. Item is allowed to spin and dry in automatic mode.
  • Automatic washing machine with a horizontal line underneath. This icon indicates the need for gentle drying and spinning.
  • Washing machine with two lines drawn underneath. Only gentle wringing and drying is allowed.
  • A machine with a dot in the center. Indicates that clothes can only be tumble-dried at a low temperature.
  • An image of a washer with a pair of dots in the center. Allows medium-temperature drying.
  • The automatic machine symbol with three dots in the middle informs about the possibility of drying at the maximum degree.
  • White rectangle with an even outline. This icon permits drying the garment in automatic mode.
  • The crossed out rectangle. No allow clothes to be dried in the machine.
  • Symbol of a rectangle with a curved line on top. Only vertical drying possible.
  • Square with 3 vertical lines. Sign permits clothes to be dried in the machine, but without spinning.
  • Square with a horizontal line inside. Indicates that items must be dried horizontally only.
  • Square with two diagonal lines in its left corner. Sign permits clothes to be tumble dried in the shade.

Once you find one of these symbols on the label of your favorite dress, follow the manufacturer’s advice. If it can only be dried horizontally, lay the wet product out on a table, but never hang it on a rope. If the laundry is advised to dry in the shade, keep it out of direct sunlight.

A symbol that categorically forbids the automatic drying process

Nowadays, there are almost as many signs for drying clothes as there are for automatic washing. If something is mixed up and dried automatically thing, which it is strongly contraindicated, you can consider that all rules of care for clothing are crossed out in the worst case you can even spoil the product. So, the “No Drying in the Dryer” sign looks like a circle inscribed in a square, and it’s all crossed out.

In principle it is not so difficult to remember this designation for yourself because the image crossed out crosswise, as a rule, always means a ban, so it is always worth to be careful and pay attention to detail.

How to decipher?

Depending on the model, your Bosch washing machine may have different icons on the panel. However, we can distinguish a few common signs, which are present on almost all machines.

  • Circle with a vertical stripe is power. Use this button to turn the appliance on and off.
  • A t-shirt with a stain is an obvious designation. This is an intensive mode designed for cleaning heavily soiled items.
  • Taz with a vertical dash. prewash mode (soaking).
  • Iron. ironing. Of course, you will not get perfectly ironed laundry out of the machine, but you will not see strong bruises on it either.
  • A bowl full of water and an arrow pointing up indicates an increase in the amount of water. When this function is activated, the wash takes longer because of the extra rinse. This mode is used in cases when it is necessary to remove completely the detergent from laundry (for example, if a person suffers from allergy to powder). This option also comes in handy in case you accidentally put more powder than required.
  • Spiral. spin. You can turn it off if you wish. Also some models allow you to adjust the intensity of this process.

Machines of the medium or high price category have a display. It displays important data concerning the washing: this is the temperature, the maximum load, the time remaining to the end of the process.

Also, if an error occurs during the operation of the unit, its code is displayed.

bosch, dryer, symbols, mean

In addition, on such devices, you can monitor at what stage of cleaning the laundry is. This is aided by special indicators with lights that light up when the operation starts. Opposite each illuminated circle there are also icons, allowing you to understand what is currently happening in the washing machine:

The different washing modes are worth a closer look. The choice of the appropriate option allows you to clean dirt in a quality manner without affecting the wear and tear of things.

  • Butterfly (or some article of clothing with a butterfly). delicate mode. It is ideal for silk, satin and other delicate fabrics that require gentle handling. Washing temperature in this mode. 30 degrees.
  • The picture of a onesie. for any child’s clothing. Here, on the contrary, a high temperature is used, which allows to eliminate all bacteria and to wash clothes as thoroughly as possible.
  • Images of a jacket (or a snowy mountain) for winter clothes. This mode allows you to wash down jackets without the risk of getting the thing with a bunch of stuffing. Washing takes place at 40 C.
  • Month and stars. night mode. This solution is relevant for residents of areas where electricity and water are cheaper at night. Here the washing process takes place without spinning. The user can terminate the process by pressing the appropriate button in the morning.

You can change the duration of washing if you want. There are special options for this, indicated by certain icons.

  • Image of an alarm clock. a vigorous washing for 1 hour.
  • Alarm clock, painted halfway. half-hour operation of the machine.
  • A table clock painted on ¼ of the screen indicates the fastest wash cycle possible. In this case, the wash will stop after around 15 minutes.

Of course, in such a short time (the last two modes) you can not fully wash things. But if your clothes are not too dirty and you just need to freshen them up a bit, you can use this solution and save time.

Press the drain button if you need to drain the water. It is complemented by an icon depicting a basin with an arrow pointing down.

This option may come in handy if you don’t want to wring out your clothes. There are also emergency situations where you need to stop the process.

bosch, dryer, symbols, mean

Icons on the washing machine: deciphering

Immediately after the purchase of a new washing machine the question arises. how to operate it correctly? Each model has its own nuances in the designation of washing modes and various functions. Some machines have all the levers and buttons signed in Russian, others in English, and some on the panel you can find icons in combination with inscriptions or even just pictures.

Quite often the washing modes and other additional functions are indicated on the control panel of the washing machine with icons

How to understand the icons on the washing machine? The obvious answer to such a question is to familiarize oneself with the manual. And what if you lost the document or if you got your washing machine without an instruction manual?? In our article we will tell about the signs on washing machines: common to many brands and used by individual manufacturers.

How the dryer works: the principle of operation and functionality

The washing machine has made taking care of your clothes much easier. If you put dirty things in it, after a while you can take out absolutely clean things. True, after washing, clothes need to be dried as well. For this purpose, traditionally used a balcony, on which stretched rows of ropes, or special room dryers. But manufacturers of household appliances have long since figured out how to improve the drying process, releasing special dryers.

True, this technique is not yet very popular. Many still consider it an unnecessary luxury. Whether you need a dryer, of course, you decide. But agree that the ability to dry laundry immediately after washing has many advantages. Firstly, your balcony will finally be free from the ornaments in the form of ropes and wet clothes, and you can safely spend time there without fear of soiling the washed clothes. Secondly, you don’t have to wait several hours for the clothes to dry. Thirdly, it does not set the dust from the street and are not penetrated by unpleasant smells, such as cigarettes, which beloved husband smoked on the balcony, while there was drying laundry. Many models of dryers can even save the owner from the need to iron clothes. they can be immediately put in the closet.

A tumble dryer is a must for families with young children, where loads of laundry needs to be washed and dried on a daily basis. Our moms and grandmas used to hang wet onesies over the kitchen stove to dry them quickly, but we can optimize this process with a dryer. Some models can disinfect clothes with steam, which is very important for children’s clothes.

The dryer can be used for other purposes, too. For example, to freshen everyday clothes, if there is no need to wash them. It can clean soft toys that accumulate a lot of dust, fluff pillows, or gently dry shoes.

How does it work this miracle of technology and what you should pay attention to when buying a dryer in the first place? You can learn more about this and more in our article.

Bosch dryer error codes.

Bosch dryers do not differ much from washing machines, but the error codes for these devices are different. If you do not find a description of your malfunction or error, please contact us for advice.

  • Power supply capacitor or pressure sensor is defective.
  • When an error occurs, there are three beeps. Call Customer Services.
  • Error occurs if the module did not receive a heat pump feedback signal when the program started.
  • Unplug the dryer and reconnect it.
  • Turn off the dryer for exactly 10 minutes and then you can continue drying your clothes.
  • Most likely a faulty power relay. Please call for service.
  • Units include control unit and display module.
  • Check the washer-dryer motor tachometer.
  • Lint filter must be cleaned.
  • Node temperature sensor has failed. Must be replaced.
  • Contact customer service.
  • Please note. Some sources state that this is a blockage. However, this is not the case. Error 06 means that the heating element (TEN) has failed.
bosch, dryer, symbols, mean
  • Power circuit between control module and heating system has broken.
  • The thermostat needs to be replaced.
  • This could be due to a damaged DEB, hatch sensor or locking hook
  • Perform a complete diagnosis of the system. Replace defective parts.
  • Inspect sensors, wiring, and contacts. Install defective parts.
  • The drying condenser is clogged. Clean condenser to fix problem.
  • The drip tray is full. Fluid drains automatically through the hose during normal operation. If not, clean the canister manually.
  • Have repairs repaired by a professional. It will check the control board, overwrite the memory if necessary.
    Service call is necessary

  • If the machine interrupts the program and the display shows code F11, then diagnose and replace the propulsion system.
  • When F12 lights up, dry the unit.
  • At F13 perform flow dryer diagnostics.
  • Contact a service center to solve the problem, because the problem is in the electronics.

Symbols for drying.

Having a tumble dryer makes your life much easier: You can wash and dry clothes first, then load both machines repeatedly, saving you time and space, because you don’t have to hang them up. However, dryer owners have a number of questions, such as: What can you put in the dryer? And where to find the dryer code on the appliance label??, and Which drying mode should I choose??

These are perfectly legitimate questions. In addition, it is quite normal to ask them repeatedly. The fact is that a wide variety of fabrics are used to produce clothes, which is why there are many drying programs and additional features that can confuse even experienced users. It is extremely annoying to take your favorite sweater out of the dryer and see that it has shrunk and now fits unless you are a child.

We have created this guide to help you avoid common dryer mistakes. As a global manufacturer of automatic washers and dryers, we want to make clothes drying for you even easier and more intuitive. That’s why we’ll explain all the symbols in detail and give you some important drying tips.

You need a quick overview? Download and print out our dryer symbol chart:

It’s very simple. In order to avoid having to write on the main panel of your washer what this or that function means, the manufacturers of Bosch decided to indicate these settings and programs in the form of special symbols. They are an ingenious solution, because symbols take up less space on the washer’s main panel than words, they are easier to remember, and they are more informative.

If you look at a certain icon, in most cases it is intuitively clear what it identifies. For example, the image of a butterfly is the embodiment of tenderness and lightness, respectively, this icon programs the delicate mode, in which you can wash things from delicate fabrics.

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