What to choose a grass trimmer for gasoline

What is the best petrol trimmer??

Among the leaders in the production of professional garden equipment companies Husqvarna, Echo, Hitachi, STIHL, gasoline trimmers which are characterized by reliability, high functionality and good technical characteristics. It is also worth noting attractive and ergonomic design of modern products. The mentioned manufacturers produce and benzotrimmer amateur and semi-professional class at affordable prices.

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All kinds of Chinese brands of varying degrees of integrity, mimicking the German (yes, hello Huter and such like it), and Russia (and at best we are talking about the local reassembly of the Chinese designer under brands like Zubr), confidently occupy the budget segment of the market and already well established in the average. It is necessary to understand, that the low price is not taken out of thin air: it is necessary to choose among popular and widespread models, as operational experience (and inevitable breakages) on them already had time to type before you, and with spare parts in case of what there should be easier.

Gasoline trimmer for grass. which one to choose?

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What to pay attention to when choosing a gasoline trimmer for grass? The decision will depend on the tasks facing you:

All brushcutters are categorized by engine type into two-stroke and four-stroke.

The first are unpretentious and simple to arrange, but require the preparation of a special fuel mixture, have a high noise level and produce a large amount of exhaust gases. Of these models are especially popular Husqvarna 323 R, Ryobi RBC31SESO, Patriot PT 3055, Partner Colibri II S.

The latter are complicated in maintenance, but do not require preparation of mixture, have lower noise level, economical fuel consumption and low level of wear of the internal components of the engine. Among them are worth noting Makita EBH341U, Patriot PT 3155 T, Caiman VSP255S-EH025. Two-stroke engines are more common, so it makes sense to opt for them, especially if you consider that the type of motor does not affect the performance of the tool.

The next thing worth paying attention to is the shape of the boom.

Straight line is characteristic of professional models with high power, capable of withstanding heavy loads. It is conditioned by the use of a steel shaft for transmitting the torque from the motor to the cutting tool. Al-ko FRS 4125, Ryobi RBC31SESO, Hitachi CG 40 EY have it, for example. T (CG40EY-T), Kalibr BK-1900.

A steel cable runs in the bent boom instead of the shaft. Such a device is usually used for household and some semi-professional mowers. They are not required to be particularly reliable and resistant to overload, and the intensity of use of such models is not too great. Among these trimmers are particularly successful STIHL FS 45, Interskol MKB-43/33, Elitech T 1000 RK.

Next, it makes sense to assess the characteristics of the tool, namely its power.

This parameter will directly determine the performance of brushcutters, its ability to work with a particular type of equipment, the ability to mow a variety of grass, weeds or even bushes.

In our store you can always buy models with fantastic power: STIHL FS 550 K, Echo SRM-4605, Husqvarna 343 F. These machines can cut even small undergrowth and are used for clearing wild vegetation in the woods. The price for them is high, but what they offer in return is worth it. This is the choice of true professionals.

The more modest the amount of work required and the softer the vegetation on the site, the less power you need to trim the grass and therefore the cheaper it will be.

As for the price, here, as always, very much depends on the brand.

But there are fairly well-known brands that offer excellent quality products at very affordable prices. For example, Husqvarna 128 L, Ryobi RBC430SBD, Elitech T 1250 V, Champion T284.

Another important feature to evaluate this or that model is the volume of the fuel tank.

On its size depends the time of continuous operation. Let’s say you have to prepare a petrol-oil mixture three times a day or all six. As you understand yourself, the difference in time required is quite significant. Here the most optimal is with a capacity of about 1 liter, for example Hitachi CG40EYA (TP). It increases the total weight not so much, and gives quite a long interval of working time between refuellings.

But there are models with a very small tank. As a rule, they either belong to the domestic class, or designed for small amount of work with a significant load. For example, the STIHL FS 450, Partner BC 433B are ideal for clearing brush in small clearings.

Then we look at what cutting attachments are available.

Usually if we buy a lawn mower with high power and high output we expect that we can mow almost anything with this tool. So it’s worth looking at whether a particular model has steel blades and disks. After all, it is this tooling that makes up, as they say, the main striking force, allowing the trimmer to chop small bushes and easily deal with the thickest thickets of tall grass. It also makes it possible to make hay quickly or to simply clear large areas of vegetation.

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It is therefore advisable that the tool you choose can work both with a fishing line and a metal or plastic blade. Examples of such models are Patriot T 535 Pro, Husqvarna 327 RX.

At the next step let’s choose a handle.

Since the work with a brushcutter is usually quite long, the handles of such tools should be as comfortable as possible for the user and provide a firm grip on the tool in his hands.

The T-handle is the best in this respect. It allows you to mimic as closely as possible the movement of a conventional non-motorized grasshopper when working on large territories and to hold and guide the tool securely with both hands. Patriot PT 3355, Echo SRM-22GES, Kalibar BK-1400 have such a handle.

You might also see J- and D-shaped handles. They are more typical for semi-professional and amateur models, such as Elitech T 1000 RK, Husqvarna 128 RJ, Kalibr BK-1900.

Special mention should be made of the unusual gasoline grass trimmers for professional work. Their peculiarity is that the engine is located separately from the boom in a special bag, which is attached to the shoulders of workers. It communicates with the cutting attachment via a flexible shaft. Examples of such models are STIHL FR 450, Patriot T 552 Pro Plus.

When choosing a tool, always have a clear idea of what you need it for. Then you won’t have to complain that the grass trimmer you bought isn’t powerful enough or that it is lying idle and not working off the money you invested in it.

If you want to cut hay, you really need a professional model with a steel blade or disc and a straight boom. It seldom happens that the ground in wild fields is flat, and anything can grow there, up to small bushes. That’s why it’s best to choose a heavy-duty tool from the start to avoid unnecessary problems.

It’s up to you. You won’t find any bad models of gasoline trimmers in our store. Each is unique in its own way and designed for a specific job. The most important thing is to choose correctly the right tool for you, and then its use will bring joy.

And if you have any questions, you can always get useful recommendations from our managers.

Choosing a gasoline trimmer for grass in 2021-2022: rating of the best in quality and price

Currently, more and more people seek to “escape” from the hustle and bustle of megapolises and acquire dachas in the countryside. It helps to relax mentally, get some fresh air, relax with a fishing rod on the river. A site is not only a rest, but also a labor, which is to take care of the territory: the fight against overgrown grass, weeds, bushes. In this article, we will consider the rating of gasoline trimmers 2021-2022, which are excellent for these purposes. They have their own nuances, pluses, minuses, characteristic features, about which we will tell in detail.

Choosing a cordless trimmer for grass

Well, first of all, this type of trimmers excludes the main disadvantages of electrocosms. electric dependence and the need to use extension cords.

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Buying this type of grass trimmer you can mow not too dense grass thickets even if there is no electricity.

It is noteworthy that these grass trimmers have the lowest vibration and noise level of all types.

Among the disadvantages of such a tool, many owners allocate low-power, a short period of use on a single charge and a long time to recharge the batteries.

All battery-powered models have a bottom-mounted motor and, in the vast majority of cases, use only a fishing line as a cutting element. Low motor power allows you to mow only small areas of thin-stemmed vegetation.

Working time of the grass trimmer on one battery is about 20-40 minutes, depending on the intensity of use, and its recharging period can reach a day or more. Therefore, such models are suitable if the amount of work on your site is small and the frequency of use of the grass trimmer does not exceed one time in two or three days.

The choice of this type is justified, if you plan to mow the grass not often and in minimal quantities.

In the initial category you can find lawnmowers, power up to 1.8 kW, positioned as domestic and semi-professional devices for lawns and homesteads. Such inventions, as a rule, are recommended for use on flat surfaces to remove fine growth. In some cases, for shrubs. Previously stipulated that the main disadvantage of such garden equipment is a high level of noise, vibration.

PATRIOT PT 553 (11)

Opens the top 10 gasoline trimmers this year PATRIOT PT 553 (11), positioned as a semi-professional lawn mower for grass. At the same time, customer reviews indicate that this technique is really effective to cope with overgrowth only on level plots. Among the advantages we should highlight the quick start system called Easy Start, as well as a reliable primer for the power supply. Convenience in use can be explained by the presence of a bicycle handle for precise handling of the device. The sharp and wear-resistant three-blade blade cuts through tough weeds without much trouble. Paired with a powerful propulsion system, optimum efficiency is achieved even for shrub removal. The tool weighs only 7 kg.

Kalibr BK-1800

Good gasoline trimmer at an affordable price recently pleased the company Kalibr. Model BK-1800, has a fairly strong unit, the power of which is due to the name, as well as easy operation. Powerful 1800 watts are powerful enough to cut small growth and even brush. In addition, the engineers of a popular company have taken care of the presence of a steel blade and spool with a fishing line of 2.4 millimeters. Air-cooled design prevents premature wear. You can’t complain about the quality of the electronic ignition. The capacity of the fuel tank in this case is 1.2 liters. It is worth noting the simple height adjustment of the handle, as well as good equipment. In the box you can find a shoulder strap, assembly tools, disk (knife), spool and clear language documentation. The only disadvantage is a higher noise level of around 110 dB.

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Champion T433-2

If you haven’t decided which gasoline grass trimmer to choose for your summer cottage or garden, you should pay attention to Champion T433-2 with 1250 watts or 1.7 horsepower, if you like. Sufficient power to remove the grass on flat areas. The T433-2 has a fuel tank capacity of 0.95 liters. No longer needed for domestic use. The manufacturer has taken care of a comfortable U-shaped handle with a straight split-type boom. The length of the construction reaches 1.49 meters. Worth noting is the thickness of the cord of 3 millimeters and a low level of vibration against counterparts. only 15 (m/s2). Noise level is rather high. 120 dB, which is typical of many budget solutions with high performance.

Huter GGT-1500TX

Model Huter GGT-1500TX positioned as a good budget gasoline trimmer for the lawn and garden grass, which has a two-stroke motor 1.5 kW. Performance is enough to serve even large areas. Regardless, the tool weighs only 6.78 kilograms. Due to the collapsible design and lightweight boom, cope with this unit will be able to handle even novice users without any skills and abilities. At the same time there is a reliable and quality backpack belt, the kit includes goggles to protect the operator. The unit received from the engineers a well-known company a reliable motor, a rugged construction and convenient controls.

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The best inexpensive gasoline trimmer for grass in 2021, in our opinion, is a model PATRIOT PT 3555 ES, different from many analogues all-metal forged shaft and high performance. There is no doubt in the reliability and longevity of this tool. The brand has already earned a reputation as a responsible manufacturer of garden equipment. Actually, the power is quite enough for mowing the lawn from the grass. an excellent model for the garden, homesteads. Even on uneven terrain, the machine demonstrates effective and stable operation. The anti-vibration system is a nice bonus, as are the advanced controls in the ergonomic handle. Many users have had time to appreciate the easy access to the air filter, the quality of the spark plug and the high level of service.

The gasoline trimmers are produced by nearly every tool and small construction equipment manufacturer: from the global industry leaders to anonymous brands from China. The variety of proposals raises a lot of questions about the right choice of the manufacturer of gasoline trimmers for the grass, not to mention the layout, build quality, ergonomics. Perfect when all the benefits of a grass trimmer are combined in one package. Despite the fact that each manufacturer has positioned its equipment as the best on the market, the first lines of the rating of the best gasoline trimmers remain almost unchanged:

  • Husquarna
  • Makita
  • Oleo-Mac
  • Champion

For weed control, lawn care on an area with a complex profile, grass trimmers are used. Gasoline-powered models handle dry and stubborn grass, shrubs, and bushes well. Mobile, handy when working around fences, garden trees. The best gasoline trimmers for grass is equipped with reliable motors, have easy operation. VyborExperta Team.u decided to find out which brands are worthy of attention of dacha owners, private home owners, professionals of public utilities.

By the name, it is clear that these grass trimmers are powered by electricity. They can be 200 to 1500 watt (sometimes more). Given the performance, we can conclude that electric grass trimmers are designed for use in small houses, cottages. For large territories, of course, it is more appropriate to focus on gasoline analogues. Keep in mind that you will have to constantly pull the power cord, and if the grass is away from the outlet, you will also need an adapter. Fortunately, this appliance is less noisy, attracts light weight and is easy to carry.

Greenworks 1301807 GST1246

Greenworks 1301807 GST1246 is a new addition to the list of top grass trimmers that can cut even dense vegetation. In the 230V line, this unit has the most powerful power unit. 1200 watts, which is enough to work in the home. Boom has a straight design, so it’s not too convenient to work in hard-to-reach areas. The technique is designed more for cutting dense grass and small bushes. For this purpose, a steel shaft is used. In the kit, you can find a durable saw blade, and the cutting width reaches 44.5 cm. The cutting part is also represented by a fishing line, which has a diameter of 2 millimeters. Users praise the comfort and quality of the soft grip. Implemented an excellent safety system against accidental activation. There is a protective cover.

Denzel TE-1400

Another inexpensive but good trimmer for dacha pleased the company Denzel. In particular, we are talking about a model of TE-1400 series with a sharp paddle blade and effective line. The motor power in this device is 1400 watts. Noisy as it may be, it makes up for some minor inconveniences, which can also be attributed to the quality of the rotary cutting system. Grip width of up to 43 centimeters is sufficient for fast and efficient work in the field. The deck of this technique is made of high quality plastic. At the same time, the equipment attracts with optimal dimensions and relatively low weight.

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Top 10 trimmers for the grass this time is not without the presence of a battery-powered model. Of course, from the company STIHL. The great advantage of the FSA 45 series is comfort in use. Certainly, the power is not enough to work with dense bushes, but the model is much quieter than its counterparts, and almost does not vibrate. Among other things, the cordless mower weighs only 2.3 kg and has an operating time of up to 20 minutes. With a string, the score will be lower. If you believe the reviews, it takes from 145 to 210 minutes to charge this product (if you need 100%). According to buyers’ Комментарии и мнения владельцев, you can understand that the grass trimmer attracts easy repositioning blades, there is a limiting clamp.

Makita UR3000

Considering electric grass trimmers for the garden, it is difficult to ignore the reliable Makita UR3000 series model. The unit has an ergonomic design with a rotating head that swivels up to 180 degrees. That helps you remove brushwood even in hard-to-reach places with minimal effort. Powerful enough for larger household plots. An important detail is the clever design, which can easily be adapted to the height of the user. It is comfortable to use. Комментарии и мнения владельцев from independent customers attest to that. Its strengths include a high level of reliability and a long service life.


The best cordless trimmer for grass in 2021 is the model STIHL FSE 71, the main feature of which is a device designed to unload the power cord. This model has a working width of 36 centimetres, the standard feature for most brushcutters in this class. The rotary cutting system has a long service life and is very efficient even when mowing dense undergrowth. Special attention should be paid to the quality of implementation of the curved boom, which implies long use without unnecessary fatigue in the performance of even complex tasks.

  • low noise level;
  • curved design;
  • optimal characteristics;
  • wide scope of application;
  • compact dimensions.

Working principle, types, design

the grass trimmer is a tool for cutting the grass. Represents a motorized scythe, equipped with an electric or gasoline engine. Increased efficiency compared to conventional hand-held mowers, maneuverability. the best trimmer for grass will qualitatively remove vegetation even near curbs and fences.

The design of the tool is as simple as the principle of operation. After starting the device, the engine transmits the rotation to the cutting system, where a disk or spool with a fishing line is installed. There are also protective elements. a crampon or hood (depending on the model). To make it convenient for the operator to work, the boom of the device has a long length and is often adjustable for a person’s height.

To know how to choose a trimmer for grass, you need to become more familiar with the types of tools. There are two categories of devices:

  • Electric. Power tools have a simplified design. Some models operate from the mains, others from a battery, that is, they are not tied to a connection point. Electric models are lighter than gasoline models because they don’t have a fuel tank. But they depend on the length of the cord. Often the cord is short, and an extension cord is used when working. The user is tied to the outlet, so they don’t go far from home. Electric tool. the best option for small household plots. Also, you can’t work with it when it’s raining. Battery-powered equipment is not tied to power. But its power is very low, the tool is suitable only for mowing young grass.
  • Petrol. Thinking what grass trimmer is better to buy, users often give preference to gasoline models. They are not tied to the power supply, the range does not depend on the length of the cord, to monitor the charging of the battery is not necessary. In addition, the best gasoline grass trimmers have a very high power, so they effectively cope not only with grass, but also with tough bushes, shoots of young trees. At the same time, the tool does not need to stop to cool down. Work with the device during rainfall, rain. not an obstacle to bring the lawn in order. You need to be prepared for the fact that the device is heavier than an electric mower, but it is less noisy.

The rating includes the best trimmers for grass, working on gasoline, as many users are concerned about what model should be preferred. Consider the tool that is most in demand among consumers in 2021, and find out what gasoline trimmer is worth to buy for the treatment of the lawn.

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