What to do if you don’t have a screwdriver

What you can use instead of a very small screwdriver?

Another option is to use a toothbrush. Melt one end with a lighter, and then insert it straight into the recess at the screw head. After waiting a bit for the melted plastic to solidify, turn the brush counterclockwise. Of course it won’t help if the screw is tightened too much.

If you don’t have a flat-blade screwdriver you can use any flat object to remove the screw. Use a plastic card, such as a bank card. Insert the card into the recess and turn it counterclockwise.

What you can unscrew a small screw with?

Instead of a knife, if the screw is not tightened too much, you can unscrew it with a fingernail, a plastic bank card, a coin, or a metal ruler, a metal hacksaw blade, and a. т. д. If the screw is a Phillips screwdriver, you need a knife with a sharp end.

If it really screws loose, with a strong magnet, you can just pull it out. If there is no magnet, or can not get anywhere, and screwdriver easily twists, you can epoxy epoxy glue a nail 40-50 mm hat to the screw, and then, after a day, unscrew carefully.


Bolt with a torn edge

Now we’ll figure out how to unscrew a screw with a torn edge. Typically, the reasons for this trouble are:

  • The parts that the bolt was holding were shifted unnaturally. This leads to its clamping and spoiling.
  • The bolt itself was too tight when tightened.
  • The tool used to tighten it was the wrong size and improvised means were used (screwdrivers or chisels are often substituted for larger wrenches if smaller ones are not available).
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Before you can unscrew a torn off bolt or nut, you need to do some preparation. This will allow you to spend less time and effort and sometimes save expensive equipment.

Sequence of Actions

  • Coat the joint with a liquid to help it unscrew. Such liquid can be the famous WD-40, brake fluid or kerosene. Take your time, let the fluid do its job. As practice shows, you can safely leave the part in peace for thirty minutes or even an hour.
  • Take any tool at hand and tap lightly, not hard, on the hardware on all available sides. Your goal in this case is not to run the bolt like a golf ball, but only to loosen it slightly in place of its attachment. There is a risk of damaging the threads during this activity, so balance your force and swing.
  • If you have the opportunity and space, try to heat the bolt. For this you can use a gas torch. Make sure there are no flammable liquids or objects near the workplace. Also make sure before you start heating that in case of an emergency you have a place to retreat to. Do not heat the part with an open flame in an enclosed area. It is better to open the gate or move the bolt in the air. Rust and fat burned off in this way will turn into ashes and will not impede unscrewing the screw anymore.

How to unscrew a nut easily?

If the hexagon is small, a TORX star of suitable size can be hammered into it and unscrewed by it. If the head is accessible, it is worth trying to unscrew the screw with a pair of pliers, a gas wrench or a hand vise. A hammer and chisel almost always helps if space is available.


Varieties of screws

To begin with, a screw is a cylindrical rod with a special head that has a screw groove. Screws are produced according to a number of regulations, including GOST 1144-80, GOST 1145-80, etc. д.

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At the same time, there are two main types of grit are:

For designation in this case diameter and length of the screw (for example, a product with a diameter of 5 mm and a length of 3.5 cm will be referred to as 5×35 mm). In addition, hardware can be classified according to the shape of the slot and the features of the head itself:

All these varieties are made with a cross-shaped slot, with a straight (flat) and Torx (the latter is also known as “star”), as well as with internal hexagon and other, less popular variants. There are also self-tapping screws with the head of the six-and octahedral shape (roofing), which are also made with different slits.

For your information! According to the type of thread, screws are also divided into several varieties, which are primarily determined by the materials to be joined and the specific purpose (metal, wood, drywall or small household appliances).

How to open a very small bolt?

Tape it shut, then find small screwdrivers and screw it on. A box cutter is ideal for this. Buy a screwdriver for eyeglasses. In optics.

  • Heat and cool
  • Find the right tool
  • Knock on the head of a bolt or screw with a hammer and impact screwdriver
  • Use a penetrating rust remover or lubricant
  • Drill out the screw
  • Braze or weld a screwdriver or hexagon to the screw.

How to unscrew a torn off bolt?

When there is enough room to use an adjustable wrench or pliers, that’s fine, but what about other situations?

Simple, reliable ways to undo a bolt or nut

How to undo a hex or star head bolt

To remove the element, use a gas wrench with compression of the part, make a kerf on the flat with an angle grinder and unscrew with a screwdriver, an extractor of appropriate size, special tools (nutwrench, stud wrench), which is advantageous to buy only if you have to deal with such problems quite often.

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Fit TORX star size (should not be too big and should fit through the hexagonal socket). It is inserted tightly into the flat and the bolt is unscrewed with a jerk, to avoid tearing off the spline of the sprocket. When hammering in sprockets with holes in the center, they break off, so using them is not recommended.

Any construction or auto store sells extractor kits. Externally, this device looks like a metal bar with a tapered thread on the left side and a faceted base on the right. They are used to undo nuts with torn edges. To do this, drill a hole strictly in the center of the bolt, hammer in there the right size extractor and unscrew with pliers. It’s fast and easy to do, because the cut on the extractor is reversed.

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Drill with reverse. an indispensable thing. Make a hole with a thin drill bit near the bolt. Take a left-handed drill bit with a smaller diameter and in the mode of inverse rotation drill out the damaged bolt.

How to unscrew a rusted bolt in a faucet?

Use penetrating liquids or vinegar before unscrewing. Dampen a cloth with vinegar and wait a few hours for the liquid to penetrate. Then put on a socket wrench with a turner and unscrew gently with counterclockwise jerks.

Often, holding a rusty nut with a wrench from below, it is impossible to turn the “head” of the bolt with another wrench from above. In such a situation, you can try a drop of kerosene on the bolt and nut and let stand for a while to let everything “soak”.

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