What to fill in a motorblock gearbox. How much oil is pouring into the gearbox of a walk -behind tractor

Oil replacement in the gearbox

Motobobloks “Neva”, as well as MK100 and MK200 motor-cultivators, are equipped with mechanical gear-chain reducers placed in aluminum buildings. The MK70 motor.Cultivator has a mechanical chain gearbox in a steel case. In order for the gearbox to serve for a long time, it is necessary to regularly conduct maintenance of motor vehicles. On the issue of diagnosis and elimination of malfunctions, contact authorized service centers.

When choosing a transmission oil for the gearbox, you should focus on the information specified in the operating manual for a walk.Behind tractor or motor.Cultivator. The use of stamps of oils that are not included in the recommended list will lead to the accelerated wear of the gearbox details.

Model of technology Used transmission oils The volume of filling in the gearbox
MOTOCHANTER MK70 Twisted by consistent lubrication of lititol-24, which does not require replacement during the entire service life of the product
MOTOCHANTER MK100 Twisted by consistent lubrication of lititol-24, which does not require replacement during the entire service life of the product
TM-5 GOST 17479.2-85
Unine tractor MB2 CS: GO TSP-15K (80W90), 2.2 l
TEP-15 (-5 ° C to 35 ° C) GOST 23652-79 (SAE90 API GI-2),
TM-5 (-5 ° C to.25 ° C) GOST 17479.2-85 (SAE90 API I-5)
Unine tractor MB compact SAE85W-90 API GL-5 1.15 l
TM-5 GOST 17479.2-85
TSP-15K (80W90)
Unine tractor MB2 TSP-15K (80W90) 2.2 l
TEP-15 (-5ºС to 35ºС) GOST 23652-79 (SAE90 API GI-2)
TM-5 (-5ºС to.25ºС) GOST 17479.2-85 (SAE90 API GI-5)
Unine tractor MB23 TSP-15K (80W90) 2.2 l
TEP-15 (-5ºС to 35ºС) GOST 23652-79 (SAE90 API GI-2)
TM-5 (-5ºС to.25ºС) GOST 17479.2-85 (SAE90 API GI-5)
Unine tractor MB1 multiagro SAE85W-90 API GL-5 1.5 l
TM-5 (from.25 to 35) GOST 17479.2-85
TSP-15K (80W90)
Unine tractor MB2 multiagro SAE85W-90 API GL-5 1.5 l
TM-5 (from.25 to 35) GOST 17479.2-85
TSP.15k (80w90)
Unine tractor MB23 Multiagro SAE85W-90 API GL-5 1.5 l
TM-5 (from.25 to 35) GOST 17479.2-85)
TSP-15K (80W90)

What kind of oil to fill in a single tractor

As a rule, in the instructions for motor engineering, the manufacturer indicates which brand of machine oil and in what volume it is better to use. If there are no such recommendations, the tool is selected according to the following characteristics:

The SAE parameter indicates the viscosity class of the substance and consists of a letter-cyphpric abbreviation, where the letter “W” indicates the possibility of use at low temperatures. The number standing in front of it denotes viscosity with negative values ​​of the thermometer, and the numbers after a dash. With plus. These indicators characterize how easily the liquid will pump through the system, and how quickly it will reach the surfaces of the rubbing parts without allowing their dry friction.

The API parameter shares the lubricant in operational properties into categories C and S. Category C includes funds intended for four.Stroke diesel engines, which have air cooling, to category S. For gasoline motors. Therefore, when choosing a liquid, you should definitely pay attention to this marking, since for the diesel and carburetor engine it has different composition.

The ACEA parameter classifies the oil according to HT (viscosity at high temperatures)/HS (shift speed), which shows how much lubricant is energy.Saving. The higher this value, the better it protects the engine nodes from wear. It is recommended to pour a substance with a high MPAS in a tractor, a mini.Tractor, as well as the heavy motoblocks of Neva, designed for large loads.

Below are the types of machine lubrication, which in their characteristics are the most optimal for the cultivator or motoblock. Of course, they can be used if there are no special recommendations from the equipment manufacturer, and in accordance with the markings S and C. So these are oils:

fill, motorblock, gearbox, much
  • 5W30, 5W40. All.Season, which can be poured into motorcycles at an ambient temperature not lower than.25 about C;
  • 10W30, 10W40. With anti.Corrosion properties;
  • 15W40, 20W40. Designed for pouring into the engine at a temperature of 45 O C and higher;
  • 0W30, 0W40. Created for winter use;
  • Mil-L-designed for military vehicles and can be used on motoblocks with diesel engines (with code 2104) and carburetor (with cipher 46152).

A lubricant with double marking (SG/CD, SF/CC) can be poured into any motors: it is universal and equally suitable for both diesel and engines operating on gasoline (as, for example, TEXAS motor cultivator). Among the variety of lubricants, the tool manufactured under the brands Mobil, Castrol, Zic, Shell Helix is ​​most popular. To improve the action and improve quality, additives are added to it. Oil Additiv, Bizol, Cera Tec and others. They can be used at ambient temperatures from.25 o C to 25 ° C.

Also, when choosing lubrication, it is necessary to take into account the seasonality and weather conditions under which it is planned to use garden equipment. Although the motoblocks of the bison, farmer, salute, Neva, favorite, centaur, champion and other models are designed for functioning in the summer. No one forbids to benefit from them in winter. So, with the winter operation of equipment as a snowman or carrier of firewood, it is recommended to fill a lubricant specially created for low temperatures into the motor.

Which oil is better to pour in the engine engine

There are a lot of disputes which oil should be poured into the engine of the home walk.Behind box. Who considers their point of view correct, others refute it, but only one thing can resolve these disputes. The instructions for the device created by the manufacturer of the equipment. Each of the manufacturers in it indicates the exact amount of the flooded oil, the method of measuring this quantity, and even the type of oil that is used.

What all of their points of view converge is that the oil should be intended specifically for the motor. There are two types of oils. Oils for two.Stroke engines and oils for four.Stroke. Both of these options are used for motoblocks depending on which engine is installed in the model. Mostly motoblocks have 4-bed engines, but to determine the type of engine, it is worth viewing its factory marking.

Both types of oils are divided into 2 types in composition. This criterion allows you to select semi.Synthetic and synthetic oils, or as they are also called. Minerals. There is an opinion that synthetic oils are more universal and can be used constantly, but this is not so.

Automatic Transmission, How it works?

The use of oils is divided according to the seasonality of the use of the walk.Behind tractor. So, some models can be operated in the winter season, and due to thickening natural components sensitive to a decrease in temperature, semi.Synthetic oils cannot be used in winter. But the same oils are successfully used in the summer and reliably protect the technique.

So, the oil is used as not only a lubricant agent for the components of the engine, but is also an environment that effectively holds the soon produced in the process of burning fuel, and metal fractions that appear in the process of washing the parts. That is why most oils have a thick, viscous structure.

What kind of oil to fill

A large number of different oils are found on sale, which can be poured into a gearbox and motor. The main classification is as follows:

Subaru Impreza Gearbox OIl change 5 speed

fill, motorblock, gearbox, much
  • Summer varieties are characterized by increased viscosity, intended for use in the summer. The high ambient temperature becomes the reason for the increase in viscosity, due to which the load decreases.
  • Winter varieties are used in the winter, have low viscosity. The negative ambient temperature becomes the reason why the viscosity of the oil increases. Manufacturers take into account this moment and make the substance less viscous.
  • All.Season options are considered the most popular. They can be used in any operating conditions of the cultivator, suitable for four.Stroke engines and other options.

In the manufacture of substances, various foundations can be used. On this basis, they distinguish:

  • Mineral. This option is much cheaper, but it does not cope with the load provided.
  • Synthetic. A similar substance is produced when using modern technologies. Therefore, it provides the required level of protection of the motor from wear and overheating.
  • Semi.Synthetic. The product from this category is cheaper and, at the same time, is considered universal, t.To. Added to various devices.

Manufacturers produce options for two.Stroke and four.Stroke engines. A motor.Cultivator with the first type of motor costs much cheaper, maintenance provides for the addition of a lubricant to fuel.


Periodic maintenance of the motor block allows you to extend the life and improve the characteristics of the equipment. The gearbox is considered one of the most important elements, the purpose of which is to increase the transmitted effort. The oil in the gearbox is poured in order to reduce the degree of wear between the two rubbing elements. When choosing transmission oil, it is taken into account:

Each manufacturer of the walk.Behind tractor indicates the most suitable brands according to GOST. Various gearboxes can be installed with the Honda engine, the features of which are the choice of oil.

For diesel walk.Behind tractor

On Honda and other cultivators, diesel engines are installed. The advantages of such a node are as follows:

Diesel mechanisms are characterized by a complex design, so special attention is paid to the choice of proper oil. The classification is carried out as follows:

  • CA. An option designed for use in conditions of low and medium mechanical stresses. A substance can work with low.Hearted diesel fuel. The inclusion of additional elements in the composition allows the composition to exclude the likelihood of corrosion, as well as a halter. Not suitable for use under severe operating conditions.
  • CB is a substance suitable for use at low and medium.Sized voltages when pouring high.Sulfur diesel fuel. Unlike the previous type, the option under consideration provides higher corrosion protection.
  • CC. Such oil in motor blocks must be poured with medium and high mechanical loads. Additives reduce the likelihood of deposits when exposed to high temperature.
  • CD. This type of oil is used to maintain an engine that does not have a supercharger on which a turbine is installed. The special composition protects the metal surface from the effects of corrosion.

It is recommended to give preference exclusively synthetic oils, t.To. They are able to provide high surface protection. Minerals are much cheaper.

For a gasoline cultivator

Gasoline engines are widely used, t.To. They have high efficiency when applying. Unlike diesel devices, gasoline vibrates less during operation, with a start in the winter period there are no problems. In this case, the following oil is poured:

  • SA. A similar option can be used at low mechanical stresses, when additives are not required.
  • SB. A substance suitable for use in the middle range of mechanical voltage. A special composition provides a weak degree of oxidability, stable lubricating properties.
  • SC. The lubricants of this group are suitable for servicing motors that are not equipped with a PCV system. This option eliminates the likelihood of the formation of various deposits at high temperature.
  • SD. A product of this category is used for engines equipped with a PCV system. Compared to the previous option, it more effectively copes with the task of protecting the surface from the formation of deposits.
  • SE. Used to maintain engines that were released after 1972. A special composition protects the device from wear and corrosion.
  • SF. The substance is used to maintain motors that were released after 1980. New production technologies made it possible to increase the performance of the substance.
  • SG. Such oils began to produce for engines released after 1988. In basic qualities, the product is similar to the one that belongs to the category of SF, but, at the same time, is characterized by additional properties.
  • SH. A version of the lubricant, which has been put on sale since 1992. This category includes universal lubricants.

The most common is the gasoline cultivator, t.To. It is easier to maintain and operate.

Is it possible to fill in car oil

Most often, car oil is most often found on sale. It is available for an internal combustion engine of cars, but is used in various fields. In some cases, car oil is poured into the engine engine engine. When considering such an opportunity, it is worth considering:

What kind of oil to pour into the motor blocks of the Neva

The quality of the lubricant in the walk.Behind tract is gradually reduced and becomes unusable. Along with this process, engine wear occurs. To prevent the process of wear, you need to change the lubricant mixtures in a timely manner. In the instructions, the recommended brand is written and its number is indicated. When buying, it is necessary to take into account the level of its viscosity, quality classification. For the Neva walk.Behind tractor, you need to purchase oil in the gearbox and the engine.

Neva Unoine tractor is equipped with different engines. They need lubricants of different brands and manufacturers. They should be poured into the engine taking into account the viscosity and category. For example, the Neva MB-2 Unoa Tractor is equipped with an American BRIGS (Bridge) engine, MB-23 is carried out on the basis of Honda engines.

If an apparatus with an Honda engine is purchased for a land plot, it can be poured into the SAE 10W-30 brand in summer and winter. The Lifan engine is suitable for the same universal remedy. Subaru company itself produces lubricant for its technique. With the Subaru engine you need to buy a lubricant of the same company. Her brand is OW20. It is suitable for winter and summer operating conditions of the motor. It is permissible instead of it to fill the 5W-30 of the same manufacturer.

Briggs Stratton engine is poured by SAE 10W-30’s summer motor oil. SAE 5W-30 is suitable for winter conditions. Its consumption is greater than that of other engines, so the level should be checked more often. If necessary, the lubricant is added to the norm.

Reducer is an important part of the walk.Behind tractor. For proper operation, it is necessary to pour good quality oil in the motor unit of the Neva, periodically replace it. Such oils include TEP-15 and TM-5. Its volume is 2.2 liters. The spent liquid in a hot state is drained through a special hole and filled with a fresh. These types are suitable for MB-1 devices. When replacing, the unit is installed in a vertical position, a container for draining the development is placed under it.

The first replacement is made on the just purchased unit after 30 hours of operation, then every 180-200 hours.

If the unoic tractor is rarely used for work, the replacement is done at least once every two years. In the Neva MB-2 unit, you need to pour tap-15V oil, instead you can use the TAD-17I brand.

You need to know when the oil changes. In the just purchased unit, it is necessary to check its level. Some motoblocks are sold without lubricants. If necessary, you can pour oil and run the device for 20-25 hours. Then the replacement is made after 100-250 hours. Dates are indicated in the instructions.

What kind of oil to pour into a gearbox

Typically, manufacturers indicate the necessary information and give the recommended mixtures in the passport. Also, data care data can be found in the service documentation or on the company’s website. If there is no access to data, the selection should be performed based on the points.


Typically, motoblocks are operated exclusively in the warm season. For this reason, only summer or all.Season liquids should be chosen. You should also take into account the working temperatures of the environment. For summer heat, lubricants with high resistance to shift and temperature oxidation are suitable.

If you select lubricants according to European standards, you need to build on the SAE J306 table. Here, fluids of type are considered optimal for the middle strip:

Of the domestic options, you should choose oils according to GOST 23652-79.

The basis

Three varieties of the basics of gearboxes are presented in the market 2021. For this class of technology, mineral or semi.Synthetic mixtures are usually used. Fully artificial lubricants are not in demand due to their high cost and the lack of the need to use such a high.Class formula.

Is it possible to pour car engine oil into a single tractor?

You should not take risks and pour automobile oils into the unoic tractor, since the engines of cars and motoblocks have different lubrication principles and temperature modes of operation. Also, motoblock engines have other peculiar qualities (design, the material from which the degree of forcing, etc. D.) that can be incompatible with the characteristics of car oils.

Source: http: // Sadovaja-tehnika.COM/Motobloki/Maslo/

Oil replacement in the motorblock gearbox

The gearbox in the walk.Behind tractor is a very loaded part. It transforms and transfers torque from the gears. Therefore, the thorough and high.Quality lubrication of the gearbox can significantly extend the period and quality of its service.

Oil replacements in the gearbox should be carried out in the following sequence:

  • The same-based tractor is installed above the observation pit or on some hill;
  • First unscrew the cork from the hole for the bay, which is usually located on the gearbox. Then we substitute the prepared container for the waste oil under the drain hole, which is located below;
  • Когда все масло полностью стечет – нижнее отверстие для слива тщательно закрывается;
  • We fill the gearbox with oil. Some gearboxes are equipped with a level in the form of a through bolt, others have a probe on a cork. Focusing on the indicators of the oil level, pour the right amount, tighten the plug in the pouring hole.

The first replacement is carried out at the end of the run.In. The second change of oil in the gearbox is carried out approximately every 75-200 hours of operation. But it all depends on the model, so the exact deadlines should always be clarified in the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to replace the oil seals on a walk.Behind tractor?

If the oil leakage occurs, you need to replace the omentum. The algorithm for replacing this element is performed according to the following scheme:

  • Mills are removed from the shaft, pollution and oil residues are completely cleaned;
  • The bolts on the lid that protects the gearbox are turned away. A tightly sitting cover is tapped with a hammer;
  • A worn.Out oil seal is pulled out and carefully wiped the place under it;
  • At the edges, a new oil seal is treated with a sealed tool. The part is installed and the lid is twisted.

Dismantling and replacing the omentum takes a minimum of time. Therefore, before using the walk.Behind tractor, you need to make sure that the sealant used is completely dried.

The above recommendations and algorithms are suitable for the technique of the following brands: Neva MB-1 and MB-2, cascade, farmer, eye. Therefore, you can independently perform simple actions to replace oil and oil seals.

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