What to make a table for a circular saw

Circular saw with their own hands: how to make a manual and semi-automatic circular saw (80 photos)

In practical terms, the circular saw is an indispensable tool in the home when repairing or running a wood business. With its help do such work as:

  • splitting of wood;
  • processing and obtaining the same size of strips, planks and slats;
  • Creating connections on the boards;
  • obtaining straight edges when cutting boards and slats.

In the household, the circular mini saw is often used to cut firewood from the leftover debris in woodworking.

When making a circular saw with your own hands, you can get a machine with many unique additional functions:


The design of the table consists of only two elements:

If desired, craftsmen can complement the product:

important: the circular saw is mounted under the table, only its disk is located on the tabletop. The hole for the saw should be slightly larger than the disk. In this way, the sawdust will not clog the mechanism.

Such a furniture item must be sufficiently strong and reliable. Keep in mind, the greater the power of the saw, the higher will be the load on the surface of the table.

You can also add to the advantages of a homemade circular saw table:

  • Comfort and convenience in the work;
  • Money saving;
  • high productivity of work;
  • the ability to make the product, based on personal needs and features of the workshop.

What to make a table for a circular saw

No wooden work is without sawing. A manual circular saw is not very handy for my tasks, and I’ve had the desire to make a table for a circular saw for a long time. Т.к. I have a small workshop. I needed a small table, too. Last week I finally made it. (“Lazy. Engine of progress” I had to saw for the next wooden workpiece and I didn’t even want to start without it) It took me 4 evenings to make a table with accessories.

The table is simple but very functional.Table dimensions (W520 x D500 x H230 mm), crosscut sled (W580 x D170 x H80 mm)

Slit saw stop.

For the table top I was able to find at the market a sheet of laminated plywood 9mm. What was very pleased he was perfectly sawed: all sides strictly 90 o. On the table top attached handheld circular saw BlackDecker CD601. (1100W, 5000rpm, 170mm). The saw can change depth and angle of cut.

With the saw perfectly aligned to one side of the table I fastened it with M4 screws. For this I had to drill the iron base of the circular saw in four places.

For installation on the table, in general, any circular saw will do, but if you choose the type of attachment with screws to the base. then it is better to choose the model with iron base. Cast can crack.

There is another popular way to attach the circular to the table without drilling holes in the base. attach it with clamps that fix the base pressing it to the surface. Only this way seemed to me not faithful enough in terms of accuracy and reliability of installation and I did not use it.

make, table, circular

One more important parameter of a manual circular saw. is an opportunity to connect a vacuum cleaner. If to saw without vacuum cleaner. The fine wood dust rises into the air.

The base is made of 22mm panels Particle board. I chose the size of the base in such a way that it was possible to attach the tooling to the edge of the table top.

The circular saw cut to the top side of the table top. Height. 40mm (Bosh wood blade 160mm). The tabletop reduces the depth of cut by 9 mm. Depth of cut is set on the circular saw itself. It is convenient that the disk can be completely hidden in the table.

UPD: IMPORTANT! On a number of budget circular saws it may happen that the disk is under an imperceptible inclination. And all cuts will be beveled. It is obligatory to check with a tool square, that the disk is under 90 degrees, relative to the table surface. (it is possible to check the angle of the saw relative to the original blade before installing the saw). If the blade is not at a right angle and it is not possible to set the perfect angle of the platform. it is possible to put some strips of tin under the platform on one of the sides, achieving the ideal angle (it is possible to put washers under the screws that fasten the saw to the table, but this solution is worse)

To make the saw starter more convenient to control. put the start button (it turned out that this. the most expensive part of my table 🙂 )

Inside of the table I put the outlet for the saw, which will now be turned on by the start button.

To do this, the saw button on the handle was fixed with a coupler in the pressed position.

This is how you attach a vacuum cleaner to the saw. In general the table is ready and it is possible to saw. (made in one evening and one morning).

Of course it is possible to saw without equipment, using slats and clamps, but it is not convenient.

The process of assembling the table for the circular saw

First the subfloor is adjusted to the optimum size. Wooden table top is treated and left for a day to soak in an antiseptic compound. Grind the metal base to prevent jagged edges.

make, table, circular

Wood preservative is a modern building material that protects all types of wood in structures.

Using an electric saw

The process of assembling the table for the electric saw:

  • First the squared timber is prepared and smoothed with a planer. From them assemble a strong frame. On each side of the base must be drilled holes with a diameter of 5 mm.
  • Holes of the same diameter are also made in the bars.
  • On the table top we install the legs and crossbars. To ensure fixation, it is recommended to take clamps. They will help fix the legs while the glue dries. They are additionally secured with metal brackets and fastened with self-tapping screws.
  • Fix the saw with M4 bolts. The process is performed from the back side.
  • For making a parallel stop two strips of plywood are sawn off. Their width should be the same as the tabletop width. The average size is 10 cm. All corners must be rounded and ground.

Important! When installing an electric saw, the start button must be secured.

For this, a wire is suitable, which is put through the hole in the handle and twisted in the desired position.

Hand saw

For the hand saw you need a sheet of plywood of 20 mm. The workpiece of the tabletop is made according to the chosen size. The marking is made with a pencil, sawing is performed with an electric jigsaw. At the end perform the milling of the edge. Billet necessarily sanded with sandpaper.

Take care about its stability. No loosening is allowed, otherwise it will have a negative effect on safety.

  • The header is turned over, on the underside a marking is made for the hand saw. Place the saw against the base plate, without the disc, and mark out the dimensions of the sole.
  • Make an indentation of 10 mm using a hand router.
  • Then the saw is tried on, and the marks are corrected.
  • On the underside make a marking, which is designed for the stiffeners. For them prepare blanks from a board of size 50×100 mm. Optimal positioning. up to 10 cm from the edge of the table.
  • The longitudinal ribs are sawn and fastened to the table top with joinery glue. Clamps are used for fixation. Apply the same principle to fasten the lateral U-bars stiffeners.
  • After the glue dries, drill holes in the ribs and fasten them with screws.
  • For the legs of the table boards of 50×100 mm are used. An average height of up to 110 cm is optimal. The feet are screwed to the outside of the ribs with strong bolts. To improve stability, you can use 50x50mm joists.

The handheld circular saw is installed in the prepared slot on the underside, the sole plate is bolted in place. A toothed disc is inserted into the slot. Following the technology and following all the steps, you can make a homemade table with minimal effort to fit your height.

Regularly check the position of the table and its strength. The construction should be stable, without loosening.

Start button and electrics

The regular power button must be shunted or, if this is not possible, clamped with a clothespin or harness. Instead of a button on the handle, there will be a small electrical cord running inside the box.

On the outside front side of the box, install a twin start/stop button with a lock. Its normally open contact is connected in the power supply cable. The ends of the wire are connected to a plug socket screwed on the inside.

After the saw is plugged in and tested in operation, you must pull a triple folded kapron stocking over the air intake grill.

Tools and requirements for the working process

What should be the table for a crosscut saw with their own hands, decides of course the master himself. Mandatory requirements can include:

  • A safe and firm fastening of the saw;
  • Even and smooth working surface of the tabletop;
  • Easy access to the start and stop buttons.

Self-made table can be made of wood

In stores, they mostly offer products made of stainless steel. But the tables for routers and circular saws made of wood are not inferior to them in quality, and the service life of the material is not reduced.

Make a table for a manual circular saw with your own hands, using the following tools in the work:

In addition, you need a tape measure and a pencil, as well as wood varnish for protective properties.

Advantages and features of the tool

The circular saw has its own advantages: it allows you to make an even cut, increases the speed of installation, provides convenience of work, saves electricity. If you change the disk, you can also overcome the soft metal. To make a complete tool for work, you need to set it on the table and provide access from all sides.

The following conditions must be observed:

  • The table must be well reinforced, for which purpose its legs are sometimes poured concrete or bolted down;
  • The hand saw is secured to the table top with iron clips to ensure safety at work;
  • Grounding is necessary.

The table is very wide and inconvenient to work on. The optimum size should not exceed 60-70 cm, so that it is comfortable to hold the bar (not on outstretched arms). If the working surface is not static, the quality of the cut is impaired. The wire can be secured to the floor with brackets, so that you don’t trip over it accidentally while working.

As an option, make an additional socket under the tabletop.

Preliminarily it is necessary to prepare a drawing of the tabletop with the dimensions. This is almost a drawing, but simplified. On paper, you need to specify the size of the gap for the disk. in width and length, where it should be in relation to the edges of the table. Immediately you will be able to imagine your work at such a device.

Drawing and dimensions

Before you start working, it is recommended to make a drawing of the product. On it indicate all the dimensions, materials of manufacture and other important information. You can make a quality drawing of any furniture item with the help of special computer programs.

Making a drawing of the table, be sure to take into account the size of the circular saw. Each tool brand will have a specific size.

If during the working process you like to leave materials on the table, then the dimensions of the tabletop should not be less than 120 by 120 cm.

Making furniture with your own hands brings considerable savings of money. Laminated chipboard is the material glued from sawdust, which is used mainly for this purpose. After sawing its edges have an unattractive.

Time goes on, the child grows, his needs increase and change. Cradle, crib, then a larger bed, a personal closet, and come to the desk. The child is going to school, and he needs to.

Over the centuries, the lomber table has evolved from a purely utilitarian item into a stylish interior decoration. Now behind him, not only to play, but also to arrange tea parties or lunch. Practical option for poker.

You can make a table book with their own hands, independently developing and implementing its appearance, while saving a lot of money. However, do not settle for the standard model.

Even if the production of furniture. far from your sphere, to make a country table with their own hands to gather with family and friends on warm summer evenings. quite an achievable task. Its main advantage.

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