What to saw a wave slate with what disk

Cutting asbestos cement slate with your own hands is quite realistic. I can assure you that the above methods work, the only difference is the quality of the cut edge. If there are any questions write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will try to help.

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Slate is still considered the most popular roofing material.

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General tips on how to do the job

In order to ensure a smooth cut, eliminate the breakage of slate and not to harm your health, you should follow a few simple recommendations.

It is obligatory to protect respiratory organs.

    This rule applies to cutting asbestos-cement roofing materials. Both asbestos and cement have a very negative effect on the human body, so every precaution must be taken to minimize damage. Choose a respirator with special care, experienced builders strongly recommend not to use the simplest paper or gauze masks, their effectiveness is very low. Especially in cases when the worker has to move all the time. Only a professional respirator with replaceable filters can ensure reliable protection of the respiratory system.

A high-quality dust mask with replaceable filters is the right choice when working with large quantities of slate

Protective glasses are the obligatory element of outfit while cutting slate plates

Overalls and gloves will also not be out of place while cutting slate

Practical advice. To reduce the amount of dust during the cutting of asbestos-cement slate should constantly moisten the place of cutting.

If you work in the open, always stand to the leeward side. It is not necessary to cut slate in the rooms. the dust will cover all surfaces, it is difficult and time-consuming to remove it.

It seemed that slate has lost its relevance in modern construction. Gray color, dull appearance, depressing associations with the poverty of Soviet life. However, the technical and performance characteristics of the material do not allow it to melt into the past irrevocably. In addition, modern manufacturers have learned to overcome its aesthetic shortcomings. Painting slate in green, red, gray-blue colors, allows manufacturers to skillfully use its operational advantages, attracting the attention of buyers. Slate is in deserved demand because:

In addition, this material has high characteristics:

The material is simple to install, it is easy to handle. The practicality of slate is also well known to the Russian people. Even old, removed from the roof sheets can be used to arrange a pen for poultry, pets, fence, vegetable bed, flowerbeds, some outbuildings.

This roofing material is differentiated by the form of the sheet, it comes flat and corrugated. Wave type comes in three types:

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The disadvantages include the composition, which includes asbestos harmful to the body and the environment, brittleness, difficulty of transportation. Over time, mossy formations appear on the surface, reducing the aesthetics of its appearance. But this can be avoided by treating the surface with primer.

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Ways to cut slate

Getting ready to work with such material as asbestos-cement sheets, you need to be prepared for the need for its sawing. Therefore, when buying slate first necessary to decide how to cut it.

Below are the most common in the circles of home masters ways to cut slate.

Sawing off slate with an angle grinder with a disc for stone

This method is more convenient to cut slate in two. One person cuts with an angle grinder sheet material, the second at this time, sprinkles the place of incision with a thin stream of water. It is necessary to pour water with a hose or just from a plastic bottle. Such a simple and at the same time cunning method allows you to avoid heavy dust emissions, which fly through the air and dirty tool. When water is used, asbestos dust simply flows to the ground.

Cutting slate angle grinder with a diamond wheel

Before sawing slate with an angle grinder, it is advisable to wet the place of the cut.

When using this method, it is necessary to resort to the means to protect the eyes and airways. Applying diamond discs, you can cut the slate in a variety of directions, plus conduct grinding of the edges. To solve the problem of dusting, it is recommended to saw the material in the open air, remembering that you need to choose a location where the wind would carry the rising dust away from the person.

If you need to saw slate in the cold season (in the presence of snow), you can proceed as follows: lay a sheet of material directly on the snow and saw with an angle grinder on top of it. This way most of the dust will be left on the snow.

Before you cut the slate, it is advisable to moisten the line of the future cut with water. The first thing to do is to mark the line on which the tool will run. After that, put rags abundantly moistened with water on it. Leave the slate in this way and wait two to three hours. As a result of such manipulation, the asbestos cement will soak and become more elastic than before. Wet slate is easily cut with an angle grinder, a regular hacksaw or an electric jigsaw. When using any of the mentioned tools don’t press the slate with force otherwise you will split it.

Sawing slate with a cutting machine

Slate can also be sawn with a cut-off machine. Stone cutting discs are used when doing this work.

You need to run the disc over the moistened mowing line of the cut, without using force. There should be a risk, which should be moistened with water again. After that, again run the machine over the ridge, deepening it. Repeat this three or four times, you will achieve such a deepening of the cut, at which the slate on the planned mowing line can be easily broken.

Other tools for cutting slate

It is possible to use an electric jigsaw with a reduced rpm or the most common hacksaw. In any case the main criterion for work is accuracy and correct use of force to avoid fractures and splitting of the sheet.

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It is very easy to cut flat slate with an ordinary cutter. To do this, lay the sheet on a flat even surface and mark the line of the cut. Then use a ruler to draw a line along the planned mowing line. After making two or three passes, deepen the score. Then break the sheet according to the marked mowing line, putting a rail under it in advance. It is also possible to cut wavy slate in the same way, when the line of the cut goes along the wave. The slate can be cut in two minutes with the slate cutter. And working with a cutter, you can significantly reduce the amount of asbestos dust compared to the use of an angle grinder.

Organization of work when cutting slate

Slate is a rather brittle material, and when it is sawn apart otherwise small particles and fibers of asbestos, which is very harmful to health, get into the air. In order to avoid damage to the sheets not along the cutting line, you need to protect yourself from the adverse effects of asbestos dust

, You should accurately follow the technology of work and use protective equipment.

During the works on cutting slate sheets

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  • Protect your respiratory system with a respirator, eyes with goggles, skin with gloves and tight clothing. The operation of power tools (angle grinder, cut-off machine, jigsaw, etc.) is very important to keep an eye on.д.) is accompanied by a strong noise, so the use of protective headphones is recommended;
  • In order to reduce the release of dust and reduce the fragility of slate, you can pre-moisten the place of cutting with water using wet rags, or water the place of contact between the power tool and the sheet material in the process of cutting;

Consider further how to cut slate for roofing: corrugated and flat asbestos cement sheets lend themselves to different tools.

How to cut flat and corrugated slate. methods and tools

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Roofing slate is no surprise. it is the most common roofing material throughout the vast territory of the former Soviet Union. However, with what and how to cut a flat or wave slate. quite fragile products. often remains a mystery for the younger generation. Let’s try to bring clarity to this question as well.

How to CUT SLATE. How to cut slates Thick or Thin DIY or Trade

Alternative options

Hacksaw and jigsaw cuts well on ondulin, but quickly sits on the asbestos-cement sheets.

How to cut slate with an angle grinder. what kind of disc to cut

This procedure can be done using two types of slate discs:

Stone disc. In this case it is not necessary to apply much force. It is important to organize a constant supply of water in a thin stream at the place where the angle grinder and the slate touch. In this way, cooling of the disc and prevention of dust is achieved. The easiest way to do this is to put a helper with a garden hose or a cut plastic bottle nearby. When working alone, the water hose is fixed in a convenient position for watering. Using an angle grinder and a disc for stone, it is better to perform the cut along the slate wave. For convenience, before starting work, the sheet is marked and laid on a flat surface. If the cut is made near the edge of the sheet, under it set a wide board.

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If necessary, cutting in the transverse direction to the waves, the procedure is divided into two steps. First make an incision of the convex ridges. Then, turning the slate upside down, the procedure is repeated: it turns out that those ridges that were at the bottom, are on top. If everything is done correctly, the sheet falls apart neatly into two parts. After finishing work, the tool should be thoroughly wiped of dust, especially its working part. The fact that if the asbestos-cement layers harden, it will be very difficult to remove them from the disc surface for the angle grinder on slate. Use a soft dry rag for cleaning.

Diamond wheel. With the help of an angle grinder with a diamond wheel you can cut the slate in any direction. For greater efficiency, it is pre-wetted, increasing the elasticity and pliability of the material. In addition, it will significantly reduce the amount of dust produced. If cutting is carried out in the wintertime, the slate sheets can simply be laid on top of the snow: in this case, most of the asbestos dust will simply be absorbed into the snow cover.

In addition to cutting in any direction, the angle grinder with a diamond wheel can grind the edges of the slate. The material’s resistance to climatic influences is improved through this. It is also convenient to cut the corners of sheets with a diamond wheel, if they are not shifted halfway during installation.

Safety at work and important tips

How to saw slate is not as important as observing safety rules at work. Protection of the working person was mentioned above. Special care must be taken when working with high-torque power tools.

Professional tools make the job easier

This applies first and foremost to angle grinders and hand-held circular saws. One should be no less careful when working with an electric jigsaw. All listed tools have great power and in unskilled hands can become source of danger to both the worker and others.

If you are cutting for the first time, or if the worker is inexperienced, it is better to make a margin of about 10% on the sheet. Such a reserve will allow you to cover losses on chips and rejected material. Sawing asbestos-cement slate is not as difficult as it may seem at first. However, to improve quality, it is better to practice on small fragments. This will not only allow you to “score a hand”, but also to work out a certain technique.

Before you cut the wave slate into parts, you need to carefully measure and calculate. This avoids unnecessary loss of material and saves time. In case of serious doubts about your abilities, you can always ask a specialist.

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