What to saw plexiglass at home


You can cut thin polymethyl methacrylate with a box cutter, a box cutter or a home-made cutter.

To obtain an even cut line it is necessary to make a marking. Along the planned mowing line of the cut you need to place a metal ruler and press it firmly by hand. Using careful but firm strokes, run the torch several times along the ruler. When the blade is cut by more than 50%, gently chop the material along the scythe line of the resulting fold. Roughness and irregularities should be treated with an emery or grinder.

As for the disadvantages, this method of cutting plexiglass requires a certain skill and skill. Lack of experience and sloppy movements can cause damage to the building material.

Plexiglas can be turned, drilled, milled and processed in many other ways. There are even special machines for these purposes, although sometimes normal equipment is enough. For example, large production facilities use lasers to cut plexiglass, but such cutting is impossible at home. So what to cut plexiglass by usual craftsmen? They use it for this purpose:

Knife for plexiglass

This method is ideal when it is necessary to make straight long cuts, e.g. to obtain a Plexiglas plate. What such a knife looks like is shown in the picture:

As a rule, it is independently made from a fragment of the blade of a saw for metal cutting, although for this purpose can be used and other material. A sheet of Plexiglas is placed on a flat, hard surface, marked, and a ruler is applied along the place of the future cut. Holding the ruler, it is necessary to pass the knife several times on the planned mowing line, deepening to half the thickness of the material.

It is usually enough, then the sheet can be simply broken with your hands, as shown in the picture.

An example of cutting plexiglass in this way is shown here:

Using a hacksaw or similar tool

Practically any saw can be used in this case, most often a hacksaw on metal, a jigsaw or other similar tool acts in this capacity. Please note that this cutting method has poor thermal conductivity in Plexiglas and the heat released in the sawing area melts the material itself. The result is often a fused cut after passing the hacksaw.

To avoid this, water is often used to cool the sawing area.

It can be made much easier by using a power tool (power saw, jigsaw or angle grinder). For the best cutting quality, the tool must be operated at high rpm. How the whole job is done is shown here:

Using heat

In this case a heated nichrome wire is used. The general principle of operation should be clear from the illustration.

A nichrome wire is stretched between the two holders, to which a voltage is applied. Its magnitude is adjusted so that the wire heats up to red hot so that it is able to cut Plexiglas.

In its finished form, such a filament can be attached to the jigsaw or some other device, such as the one shown here:

The quality of the cut is quite satisfactory, there is no trash and waste in the process, the most important thing is to choose the right heating mode.

Here are not all of the ways in which you can cut plexiglass, but they are used more often than others in carrying out such work.

plexiglass, home

One of the operations with which often have to deal home craftsmen. it is cutting plexiglass. For these purposes you can use a saw, a special knife, heated nichrome wire. It is with their help craftsmen most often and cut plexiglass.

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Plexiglas: what to cut at home

At home, cutting plexiglass is required very rarely. Usually such work is performed by specialists in the workshops. However, this skill can also be useful in everyday life. Sometimes you want to make a vase, an aquarium, or a small decorative table with your own hands. So, the subject of our review. plexiglass. How to cut such material?

Nichrome spiral

If you decide what to cut plexiglass at home curvilinear shape, it is recommended to try such a spiral.

The main thing is not to forget that plexiglass melts at about 160 degrees. A nichrome spiral is an excellent tool for cutting plexiglass. But keep in mind that it can get up to six times hotter. To control and regulate this process, have a rheostat handy.

Otherwise, this is a good way to cut plexiglass. The main thing is to stick to the recommendations.

Acrylic can burn. Therefore, when working with a spiral, give an allowance of 0.2 to 0.5 mm.

With this device you will solve the question, what to saw plexiglass at home. You can finish the workpiece off with a sanding sandpaper. The material lends itself to such processing.

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Figuring out how to cut plexiglass with a nichrome spiral, keep in mind that there are 2 methods of its application. Cut horizontally only straight, and vertically. curved.

Ways to cut plexiglass

Plexiglas is one of the first composite materials, it combines well the properties of plastic and glass. Thanks to the special physical and mechanical features of this polymer material, among which we can highlight the strength and flexibility, it was possible to create a product that lends itself to a variety of processing methods.

Plexiglas, which is also called acrylic or plexiglass, can be cut, sawed, cut, sharpened and perform other effects. Different names in most cases are associated with manufacturers and brands. It is not only a good substitute for glass, but also surpasses it in a number of ways:

  • Has high mechanical strength compared to glass;
  • Plexiglas can withstand heavy loads, which makes it capable of being used to create large containers;
  • Due to the ease of processing, it is used to create graceful interior elements or other small things with complex shapes.

Cutting plexiglass: how to cut plexiglass at home?

One of the most common synthetic materials used in domestic and industrial applications is plexiglass, which is produced by polymerizing methacrylic acid and ester components. Because of its composition plexiglass is called acrylic. It can be cut with a special tool or improvised means. When cutting plexiglass with an electric tool difficulties often arise due to the fact that the material begins to melt and stick to the cutting blade. Nevertheless, there are still ways to cut acrylic at home.

Rules of operation

Plexiglas can even be cut with elementary improvised means. Even a banal metal saw will do. In industrial settings sometimes even special lasers are used. But in the majority of cases people try to find some compromise between perfection of the tool and its cost. So in practice we usually have to use circular saws, band saws and cutters. It is advisable to work with a band saw where a clear straight cut is not necessary (i.e. when obtaining preliminary blanks for molding).

Torsion speed of the draw frame is 700-800 m per minute. Cutters are useful for applications where a clean, smooth contour is needed. Circular saws are used to make precise, straight cuts. The line of the cut will be very clear.

Cast acrylic is recommended for sawing with carbide-hardened teeth; optimum cutting speed is 800 to 1,200 m per minute.

In industrial conditions it is better to process plexiglass on high-speed equipment. Faster cutting and slower feed rates produce a great edge. Cutting cross-section of the blades is 25 cm. The discs themselves are made of high-speed alloys. Conventional ferrous metals can also be used, but with hardfacing hardfacing components.

The laser cuts much more precisely than is possible with mechanical tools. Less waste for such applications. But in this case the stress inside the product will increase. Gluing such surfaces is very dangerous.

How to easily cut acrylic sheet

Plexiglas can be drilled with a stationary or movable drilling machine. The drill bit should be made of a high-speed alloy. It is calculated on the maximum productivity. The deeper the drill is drilled, the more often the drill has to be raised. This allows chips to be removed while reducing the material heating. Cooling of cutters with special fluids or compressed air helps to reduce dangerous internal stresses.

In most cases rippers are used for engraving, they are mounted on pantographs. The rippers themselves are equipped with small cutters of various profiles.

For complicated cases, laser cutting systems are used. To get a better engraving, the depth of the beam should be limited.

Rough or deformed plexiglass can be ground with a wet emery machine coated with fine corundum grains. When the rough sanding is finished, the surface is treated with polishing compounds like VIAM, crocus. The work is done either by hand or with polishing equipment. Cut edges and matt surfaces can be easily polished mechanically with diamond cutters. High-temperature flame polishing is used on curved cuts and other difficult cases. It is necessary to work as carefully as possible, carefully cleaning the treated layer, and the stresses are prevented by annealing, which facilitates gluing or coloring.

Plexiglas should be molded in three stages:

Useful tips

There are a few tips on how to saw plexiglass without chipping. To get a clean cut, leave the acrylic for a while over a gas torch.

Another option: you can use the simplest lighter. True, it takes a lot more time.

Plexiglas can be cut out with a jigsaw. Use narrow saw blades.

How to Cut Plexiglass Without Chipping

When you buy them, look for the ones marked MP.S. These are the most effective devices to solve the problem of how to cut plexiglass.

During work, watch the speed of the tool. The number of turns depends on it. In practice, the speed is chosen experimentally. The most important thing is not to melt the plexiglass.

Be sure to wear a face mask. It allows to avoid splinters, which fly with great speed during cutting.

How to cut Plexiglas

Plexiglas or Plexiglas is a grateful and pliable material. It is easy enough to process and is often used in the home. With it it is much easier to work, but you need to know some features, what would cut the plexiglass in domestic conditions.

Plexiglas softens well when heated, so you can give it any shape. It is an advantageous property for the production of various decorative items.

Plexiglas is quite simply processed by all locksmith tools, which allows you to not just cut, glass for photo frames, but also to build a transparent pergola or greenhouse.

Depending on the application of the plexiglass, you can choose different tools for cutting.

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