What trimmer for the grass is better battery or gasoline

How to choose a grass trimmer that won’t let you down

Power, type of power, cutting elements, and other parameters to look out for.

Modern mowers are divided into two types: electric and gasoline. The first ones are based on an electric motor, which is powered from the mains or a built-in battery. The second has an internal combustion engine that runs on gasoline.


The simplest and most affordable are corded grass trimmers for grass. They do not require regular maintenance and are ready to use immediately after purchase. Such models can boast of environmental friendliness and low noise level. Although, unlike other types of trimmers, electric ones are always tied to a power outlet, and their range is limited by the length of the cable. Not very dense grass and small areas.

Cordless grass trimmers are an upgraded version of corded trimmers. They are lighter and completely mobile and self-contained. However, the price for them is twice, if not three times higher. Plus, the battery must be recharged.


Grass trimmers with this engine are more expensive than corded electric, but less expensive than battery-powered. These models are the most practical, productive and hardest to work with. They are self-contained, can easily cope with dense grass, weeds, and even bushes. Such mowers are quite noisy, require periodic maintenance and need preparation before work.

Most trimmers are equipped with two-stroke engines that are fueled by a mixture of gasoline and oil. Less common are models with a four-stroke ICE, which have a separate lubrication system and run on pure gasoline. They make less noise and vibrate less, but they are heavier and more expensive.

Patriot TR 235UES

In eleventh place is the PATRIOT TR 235UES. This is the most inexpensive model, which is presented in our rating, however, it has all the necessary features to help you quickly and without much effort to get your lawn in order.

The product is made of durable plastic, the length of the boom can be adjusted to your liking, reducing or on the contrary, increasing its size. You can also adjust its angle. A wide handle allows you to securely hold the grass trimmer in your hand. The weight of the device is about 3.5 kg, which allows you to manage it, even a fragile girl. The engine runs at speed of 8000 rpm. Mowing width is small. 26 cm. The device is relatively quiet, producing a noise level of 86dB.

The model includes a battery and battery charger. Battery capacity is 2 Ah. It is designed for 50 minutes of productive work. This is enough time to cover a small area. Charging it takes about an hour.

Carver Promo PBC-43

In tenth place is the model with the lowest price in the ranking Carver Promo PBC-43. The brand specializes in the manufacture of garden equipment, belongs to the company Uraloptinstrument. Among its advantages is the release of proprietary ignition systems with an easy start and fuel economy system.

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Grass trimmer is designed for cutting grass and small bushes in private households. Equipped with a three-blade blade and a blade head. Standard cutting width of the blade 25.5 cm. Featuring a 1.7L air-cooled, two-stroke engine.с., With robust, chromed cylinder. Compact tank with 0.95 litre capacity.

Convenient, ergonomic design with comfortable U-handle design. It has controls on the hood for better control of the tool. Shoulder strap reduces strain on the user while working. Increased size of the safety guard contributes to safety. The brushcutter is an average weight of 8 kg.

According to the owner’s testimonials, the lawnmower easily manages long grass and growth up to 3 cm. Easy start-up, has good performance. Fuel economy, operator comfort.

  • Cost/performance.
  • Easy start system.
  • Chrome plated cylinder.
  • Convenient design and operation.
  • Economical fuel consumption.
  • Enlarged hood size.

This section includes electric grass trimmers, distinguished by a decent build quality, modern design, availability of additional functions, high performance and power, the ability to use the knife as a cutting tool. Therefore, they can be equated to professional devices.

Such garden grass trimmers cope with mowing grass of any length, they easily clean the area not only from the branches of bushes, but also from young trees. Everything has been designed into these models for safe and comfortable operation.

5 Makita UR3502

The device from Makita Company opens the rating of the best garden trimmers of premium segment.

The UR3502 with straight shaft and D-shaped handle easily cuts and trims grass with 2 mm nylon line. Power motor (located on top) is 1000 watts, allowing the device to treat an overgrown area up to 500 square meters.м. Grass trimmer is able to clean lawns around trees, between benches, along fences. Cutting head rotates at 6500 rpm. Grass trimmer mows a swath 35 cm wide in one pass.

Weight 4.9 kg, easy to carry and store. The cordless grass trimmer operates on AC power, so a power outlet and extension cord are required to trim your lawn. D-handle can be folded and its length can be adjusted to the operator’s height. The set includes a protective cover, which is installed over the cutting element and protects the user clothing from grass clippings and dirt. The unit is also equipped with a shoulder strap, which makes operation much easier.

Numerous reviews have noted that the Makita UR3502 electric mower is reliable, well-built, easy to maintain and has good mowing ability.


The fourth position is occupied by the electric grass trimmer from the German company STIHL, designed for garden work.

trimmer, grass, better, battery, gasoline

The FSE 71 does an excellent job in small spaces: around flowerbeds, along paths, between seedbeds. The unit is equipped with a head with two 2-mm diameter lines, which can be adjusted by touching the unit to the ground. The engine is located in the upper housing area. Its power is 540 watts, and the rotation speed of the cutting head is 7400 rpm. Cutting width up to 35 cm.

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Comfortable operation is promoted by the soft anti-vibration nozzle on the handle, the device for fastening the power cord and the convenient D-shaped handle. Weight of the electric grass trimmer is 4 kg. The device comes with safety glasses and a detailed manual, in which the manufacturer does not recommend using plastic and metal blades as a cutting element. The electric mower is particularly low-noise and gentle on the environment.

Users choose the STIHL FSE 71 electric garden trimmer for its smart design, robust construction, good cutting and easy operation.

3 Oleo-Mac TR 111 E

The third place goes to the Oleo-Mac lawn trimmer.

The lightweight and compact TR 111 E is well-balanced thanks to the top-mounted motor. The powerful electric motor is 1100 watts and is largely protected from grass and dirt, so the air intake is always clean. High maneuverability of electric mowers allows mowing excess vegetation along the fence, around poles and trees, between the benches.

Curved, non-disassembled shaft is made of aluminum, so the grass trimmer has a low weight. 4.5 kg. A thermal relay protects the motor from overheating during continuous operation. It comes with a bobbin for smooth line feed and a suspension strap that helps distribute the workload evenly.

The Oleo-Mac garden trimmer features a large blade guard that completely covers the cutting element, unlike other models where the coverage is partial. No chance of injury with this tool.

The electric grass trimmer has received many positive reviews, which note its high-quality construction, high power, lightness, maneuverability and safety of use.

2 Bosch AFS 23-37 (0.600.8A9.020)

The second line is occupied by an electric tool from Bosch, designed for the care of a small garden plot.

The AFS 23-37 has a comfortable straight boom and a D-shaped handle. That makes it easy to control your movements and ensure effortless mowing precision. Included shoulder strap optimally distributes the weight on the operator’s body. The weight of the unit is 5.2 kg.

To start working with the trimmer, you just need to plug it in and start the engine, which has a top position. Equipped with a powerful 950 W motor, the cutting unit operates at a speed of 6000 rpm and cuts through tall grass and reeds effortlessly. The cutting width is rather impressive at 37 cm. For coarse vegetation, the 3.5 mm nylon trimmer line can be replaced with the metal blade that is included in the package. Also features a blade guard to protect the cutting elements.

Users choose Bosch electric mowers for their high power, easy controllability, good cutting of grass of any length and cane, maneuverability, reliable build quality.


STIHL electric lawn mowers are at the top of the class for lawn and garden work.

The FSE 81 is a high-performance power tool equipped with a powerful mowing head, overheat protection, anti-vibration handle, electronic adjustment of cutting element speed. The device is ideal for mowing grass and coarser vegetation in small areas, mowing along curbs, between seedbeds and clearing areas around trees. The cutting attachment for the trimmer is a filament trimmer with a cutting width of 35 cm.

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Husqvarna 128R

A lightweight Swedish-made trimmer for grass, perfect for small landowners. Has a power of 800 watts at a weight of only 5 kg, which will effectively operate the device, even for women and the elderly. Features modest fuel consumption and decent RPM (up to 8000). The engine is a two-stroke and the cutting system is based on a trimmer line and knife, increasing efficiency.

Powerful enough for lawn mowing, grass growth and small shrubs. Working width of grass trimmer is 45 cm. Adjustable handle and long handle, so the cutting edge can be parallel to the ground for comfortable use. Easy start possible due to the fuel pump.


Lightweight, efficient device for lawn care or small grounds. Battery and charger included. Height-adjustable boom, D-shaped handle allows for two-handed grip. Optional accessory: Guide wheel for lawn edge trimming.

Basic performance

This machine belongs to the semi-professional devices: it is powerful (1.9 hp), equipped with a reverse start system, which does not cause kickback. As a tool in Echo SRM-350ES the line for grass trimmer or the knife is used, which is convenient for clearing land from high and thick grass: weeds, deadwood, weeds.

The grass trimmer is economical: with a gas tank capacity of 0.84 l, it can work continuously for several hours.

The machine is quite heavy at 6.7 kg, but a three-point harness is included to make it easier to use by spreading the weight on the lower back and shoulders.

Echo SRM-350ES is quite maneuverable, so it will be easy to work with him in areas that do not have a flat surface. This is a solid machine that will be a reliable helper in the countryside.

The features

Handy electric grass trimmer that handles even old grass. It is lightweight, so it is comfortable enough to mow grass in hard-to-reach places. The main disadvantage of this model. rather short handle, because of which it can be uncomfortable for tall people to work with it.

trimmer, grass, better, battery, gasoline

Grass trimmer use and care

To extend the life of such equipment as a trimmer for grass, you should follow the rules of its use and storage. It is very important to follow safety precautions that will avoid injury when working with this type of equipment.

  • Protective goggles, work gloves, overalls and earphones should be worn before work.
  • Grass should be cut evenly, removing one third of the total height of the grass cover at a time.
  • The average height of the lawn should be 4-5 to 8-9 cm, depending on the time of year.

The trimmer should be taken care of, carrying out its regular cleaning and timely maintenance, which will make the work as safe and very effective as possible.

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