What trimmer for the grass is better gasoline or electric?

Electric or gasoline grass trimmer: see which one is better to choose

Not long ago representatives of older generations in our country saw smoothly mowed lawns only in foreign movies. But, in recent years, an abundance of lawn mowers and trimmers appeared in our country. In this article we have tried to tell you in detail about the difference between electric and gasoline trimmers for grass and what is preferable to buy.

Lawn mower. a heavy machine capable of mowing grass on smooth surfaces. In addition, mowers are very noisy and break down quickly. If only small stones get in the way and the blade can be broken.

Lawn trimmers are more compact, lightweight and functional. Not only grass, but also branches up to 3 cm can be trimmed with this lawn trimmer. diameter.

Working with the trimmer, you can adjust the height of mowed plants, mow stony and uneven surfaces.

Pluses and minuses of the gasoline grass trimmer

Gasoline grass trimmer is a device that encapsulates a great functionality, it has recently enjoyed great popularity among users. It copes with its tasks with its special head, as well as a fishing line. Equipped with such a device internal combustion engine, additionally equipped with plastic discs or special metal knives.

Gasoline trimmer can be of two varieties: with a 2-stroke and 4-stroke motor. The first performs its work on a mixed fuel. oil and gasoline in the tank. The second variety is considered more powerful, oil and gasoline have to be filled separately. Another of its features: the first can work with a stronger noise than the second.

Two-stroke grass trimmer will be quite difficult to fill because of its special size, but it weighs a little and is quite easy to move.

  • Easy to maintain and easy to use. The internal structure and method of operation does not carry any special difficulties. absolutely everyone is able to understand it.
  • Reliable. The petrol mower can run for 24 hours without shutting down. During this time, it does not get too hot and guarantees perfect results in every condition of use.
  • High performance index. Its power gives its owner the possibility to mow even hard-to-reach areas in the shortest possible time and with high quality.
  • Unobstructed movement of the device from one point of the site to another. The petrol grass trimmer does not depend on a socket, which means that you can freely move it around the site.
  • Noise in use. lawnmowers are very vibrating and make a lot of noise, which, of course, is not to the liking of some consumers.
  • Environmental pollution. Such a device, which operates on fuel, during its work can form a large number of exhausts, which at this time have a negative impact on nature, polluting it.
  • Higher cost. Gasoline trimmer for grass is quite expensive, which can be explained by its increased productivity and positive technical characteristics.

Gasoline grass trimmers can be quite different in modification and configuration. The set with the trimmer can include different types of knives and nozzles: for grass, for stronger limbs, as well as for snow removal. You can advise the buyer to look at the manufacturers of such devices as Kawashima, Kasei, Dolmar.

Gasoline grass trimmers: pros and cons

lawnmower is a multifunctional device, which has recently become very popular. Copes with its tasks by means of a special head with a fishing line. Equipped with an internal combustion engine, additionally equipped with plastic discs or metal blades.

  • easy maintenance and operation. The internal structure and operating principle does not present any special difficulties. everyone can figure it out;
  • reliability. Gasoline grass trimmer can work “without sleep or rest” for 24 hours. In this case, it will not heat up and can guarantee the perfect performance of the assigned duties in any conditions;
  • high efficiency. Enviable power makes it possible to mow the lawn even in hard-to-reach places as quickly as possible and very qualitatively;
  • easy movement on the lawn. Gasoline grass trimmer does not depend on a power outlet, which means you get complete freedom of movement.
  • Noise in operation. Lawn mowers vibrate and make noise, which, of course, is not to everyone’s liking;
  • nature pollution. A fuel-powered unit produces polluting exhaust fumes during operation;
  • expensive. Gasoline trimmers for grass are expensive, which is explained by the high performance and technical characteristics.

In general, such machines have earned numerous positive reviews.

Those who are not afraid of the price, choose them. However, their “rivals”, electric trimmers for grass, also have many advantages.

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Choosing a grass trimmer

Before you go to the store, you need to decide which grass trimmer to choose. electric or gasoline. It is also necessary to determine what amount of work he will do. Important condition. whether there is electricity on the territory. It is necessary to pay attention to what kind of grass grows on the site (lawn, meadow, weeds).

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What we should be guided by when buying:

  • Select motor type: Electric or petrol.
  • Decide on the power of the device.
  • Choose a machine with a top or bottom mounted engine. For electric models.
  • Know your fuel tank capacity (gasoline models).
  • Choose the shape of the handle (can be T-shaped or D-shaped).
  • Decide on the type of cutting tool (line for the trimmer, metal or plastic knives, disks). Models with a fishing line are cheaper, but require the purchase of spools. Discs and blades made of metal last longer, do not require frequent replacement.

The quality of work and its convenience also depends on the following functional details:

  • The width of the strip that the device mows;
  • Cord length (electric);
  • Usability of device;
  • Weight;
  • Safety;
  • Appearance;
  • The presence of additional attachments (if necessary);
  • The choice of the manufacturer’s company;
  • Price.

Before buying, you can look at reviews of popular models on the Internet. It is better to choose a model of a proven manufacturer. Powerful devices cost more, but they will last longer. Gasoline grass trimmers are more expensive than electric trimmers, but they have many advantages. You also need to decide whether you need additional attachments. If there is no need for them, it is not worth overpaying, it is better to choose a simple model.

Varieties of trimmers of the electric group

Mowers of the considered type are easier to use: to turn on you will need to press the start/stop button of the device. Among them, a distinction is made between mains and battery models. The first work from the domestic mains, the second. from the battery, which must be charged before using the grass trimmer.

For your information! Electric trimmers are divided into two subspecies, depending on the location of the motor. This unit of the device can be at the top. at the end of the tube, and at the bottom. near the mowing head. In the lower position, there is no gear unit, but the power of such a device. less than 700 watts. Devices with a top-mounted motor have more of this parameter. up to 1.2 kW and higher.

The power of the drive determines the ability of the grass trimmer to cope with different vegetation: from soft grass to dense thickets of weeds, bushes and branches. Thus, devices up to 0.9 kW mow the grass with a fishing line, at a higher value, the spool can be replaced by a knife or a disk with a sharp cutting edge, which will cut tougher weed stems.

The non-stop period of the electric grass trimmer does not exceed 20 minutes. Then you need the same amount of time to let the motor cool down. Cordless devices work as long as the charge lasts, usually for 20 to 25 minutes.

Just a side note! Towards the end of the battery charge, the rotation speed of the mowing head drops, and when mowing hard grass or cutting branches, the battery drains even faster.

Which grass trimmer to choose?

the grass trimmer (or lawnmower/electric mower, depending on the motor) is designed for cutting and trimming grass and small bushes. Before you buy a trimmer for the grass, you need to clearly understand where you will work with it and what you will do.If your plans include working large areas, mowing tall weeds and bushes, or making hay for the livestock, it is better to opt for gasoline models. Gasoline grass trimmers are more powerful, can easily cope even with heavy thickets, can work for a long time, and the movement of the mower is not limited by any wires. Electric grass trimmers are great for lawns in the countryside. They’re lighter than gasoline-powered trimmers, less noisy, and much less maintenance-intensive. Their disadvantages are the flip side of the advantages: you have to constantly drag along a huge extension cord, when cutting large amounts of grass, you need to give the device a rest from time to time. Bottom-mounted models are best if you have a soft grass area that hasn’t been started.

Electric, Power 1400 watts, trimmer line, metal blade, line diameter 2.Mowing width: 7 mm, width of line 38 cm, width of blade 25.5 cm, weight 5.6 kg.

Technical and customer features

When choosing a trimmer for grass, you need to consider a number of indicators, one part of which is related to the quality of operation of the device, and another. to the convenience of the user himself.


This parameter varies from 0,5 to 3 liters.с. For gasoline models and from 350 W to 2,2 kW for electric trimmers. Choose a suitable mower can be based on the nature of the vegetation. the higher, stiffer and thicker the stems, the more powerful the motor should be.

Tank capacity

This criterion is relevant for chain saws and ranges from 0.5 to 2 liters. The average value. 0.8-1.6 liters. Professional models have a higher capacity.


The parameter shows how much area the device is able to process per unit of time (usually per hour). It is connected with the power, tank volume, battery capacity. Manufacturers specify this value in the documents of the device. For large areas you will need to buy a grass trimmer with a high capacity.

Cutting width

This indicator of trimmers varies from 25 to 40 cm and depends on the power and type of attachment.

Please note! The width of the mowed furrow affects the performance of the device.

Line feed mechanism

According to this classification, there are three types of manual mowers, regardless of the type of power supply (electricity or fuel):

  • with manual feeding. the engine is stopped, the spool is removed, the cord is changed;
  • with semi-automatic feeding. the release of the line is carried out during operation by pressing the head to the ground;
  • with automatic feeding. the line is pulled to the right length when reducing speed or starting the motor.

Line diameter

Different grass heights and hardnesses require different cord thicknesses. But the power of the drive also influences the choice of cutting material. Recommended diameter can be found in the instruction manual of the machine and on the reel.

Weight of the device

The values of this criterion vary from 1,5 kg. for electric trimmers up to 9 kg. for brushcutters (with an empty tank).

Special Note! When choosing a mower on the basis of its weight, you need to strike a balance between the technical data of the grass trimmer and the physical capabilities of the owner, and when choosing a machine with an internal combustion engine you need to additionally take into account the weight of the fuel.


This criterion depends on the shape of the boom, handle, tube type (solid, collapsible, telescopic). Some models come with wheels/removable wheel bases so you don’t have to carry the grass trimmer for long periods of time.

Extra attachments

In addition to the filament reel and discs/blades for use on trimmers, there are brush cutters, cultivators, brushes, chain saws, and other attachments for specific tasks. Not usually part of the standard set, but can be selected and purchased separately.


The shields on the cutting heads protect the mower from sharp ends of the filament and the blades of the knife/discus. Devices can have different degrees of protection against moisture, which is especially important for electric trimmers. However, most devices are not designed to work in the rain or with wet grass. Professional lawn mowers are best able to handle wet weather. Bottom-mounted electric mowers can only mow dry grass.

Noise, vibrations, exhausts

These disadvantages are more characteristic for gasoline machines, especially for models with two-stroke engines.

Advice! It is necessary to protect the ears when using high-powered brushcutters. Many manufacturers advise wearing special goggles to even mow lawns.

trimmer, grass, better, gasoline, electric

Features of electric mowers

The lightweight and compact electric grasshopper uses power from the mains cable or the built-in battery as its power source. There are budget models with low power starting from 250 W. But the most popular models are electric mowers starting with 800 W, more powerful, with the engine located on top.

The design of the boom also makes a difference. Straight metal versions are used in electric mowers with blades. But most of the models in stores are designed to work with cord.

Among the advantages of electrocouplers are the following:

  • low weight of the equipment. there is no heavy load on back and hands;
  • versatility. older people and teenagers can use them;
  • affordable ;
  • easy starting without additional tricks;
  • low noise level. no need to wear ear protectors;
  • no harmful emissions into the atmosphere;
  • low vibration load, safe for your health;
  • no special requirements for storage;
  • in battery models. independence from the location of electrical outlets.

Disadvantages are also enough. It is worth considering that mains-powered electric mowers require the use of extension cords, the availability of access to a socket. they cannot be used after rain or in the morning (after dew): there is a danger of short circuits. Low power significantly limits the range of possibilities for the use of electric mowers on the site. their destiny is removal of thin stems of grassy plants.

Another serious disadvantage is the weaker construction of the equipment, it is much more likely to break, and the vulnerable node can become both the motor and the boom. Cordless products have a much more massive design, weigh up to 4.5 kg and require wearing a special shoulder strap.

Electric trimmers are difficult to mow areas with differences in elevation. they simply can’t handle the task.

What is planned to mow trimmer main parameter of the choice

A good grass trimmer is not one that has a large power reserve, but one that handles the task as efficiently and productively as possible. To achieve such results, you need to decide what kind of grass you plan to mow with a purchased tool. It can be a young ornamental lawn grass, which does not grow more than 10-15 cm in length. For such purposes, fit a low-power electric unit, which will not consume much power, and still effectively cope with the mowing of young and fresh grass.

If you plan to mow large and thick-stemmed grass, then for such cases you will need not just powerful, but also high-performance tools powered by gasoline engines. Relevant are the purchase of gasoline trimmers, when the work is done to mow the grass outside the private home, so it is necessary to choose such units.

That’s interesting!Note that electric and gasoline grass trimmers are divided into household and professional. They can have the same power parameters, but differ in the permissible operating time. Household machines can not be operated longer than 1 hour a day with breaks every 20-30 minutes. Professional trimmers are designed to run for 10-15 hours a day (the exact figures are given by the manufacturer in the technical description).

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