What wheels can be put on the Neva single axle tractor

Why change??

The advantages of changing wheels are:

  • Increasing the service life of the unit;
  • Increase its cross-country capability;
  • The exclusion of deformations during operation;
  • comfortable use of power tillers.

It’s better to wait with the replacement until winter. Then comes a pause in field work and you can do this business much more thoughtfully, calmly. It is recommended to improve the motor blocks step by step. First the weight is built up, additional lights are installed. and only then comes the turn of the wheels. Some masters recommend using only rims from “Zhiguli”, and the rubber itself pick up lighter brands of the same size. In most cases all-season tires are enough. Winter and summer versions are unreasonably expensive, require regular replacement when the season changes, and there is still not much practical difference.

For your information! It is better to prefer a wheel assembly with “native” pipes for the power harvester. You will have fewer problems with mounting it on the shaft. If the length of the rails is initially insufficient, they can be lengthened.

In this case it is necessary to align all parts as carefully as possible, otherwise you might get a knocking noise on the ramp when driving. Specialists recommend that you join the parts of a power tiller using the same technique as the factory-assembled parts.

It is possible to install Zhigul wheels on the single-axis tractor “Neva” as well. The work mostly consists of drilling four holes and screwing the bolts into them. Practice shows that after changing the wheels the power tillers are noticeably faster. This property is valuable when transporting various cargoes. The speed increase is noticeable on both asphalt and dirt. Sometimes you even have to downshift a single-axle tractor.

The use of Zhigul wheels also allows one to increase clearance. You can do without the trailing arm. Plowing without them becomes quite possible. Some users also notice a smoother ride. traction grows, it is enough to drive uphill on grassy areas. The standard wheels almost inevitably slip in such situations. On the whole, users are satisfied. You can meet reviews that the steering wheel is harder to turn. However, the difference is not critical.

Attachments for the motor-block with their own hands

We would like to start with the analysis of selfmade machines with our own hands. Here we are not saying that we will make the unit from scratch, because it is technically impossible for home conditions.

2010 Mack CXU612 Single Axle Tractor Truck

The main working nodes will be taken from other equipment, we only need to prepare a certain base, on which you could successfully connect all the organs of the motoblock.

I’d like to tell you about diesel power tillers on 4 wheels, the self-making of which will be discussed later. In essence, these units are similar in appearance and in their technical data to full-fledged minitractors.

To help farmers, companies produce a variety of special equipment to facilitate the work and maintenance of the farm. Here is all about the device and characteristics of the grinder Khrusha.

Millions of people in our land are engaged in gardening and farming. Cultivators for the garden. saving you time, health and effort.

Those who have their own farm should learn about milking with the milking machine. Follow this link to see the AID 2 milking machine.

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The only difference is the lack of differential lock for power tillers, but otherwise they are very similar. and the presence of the driver’s seat, and steering, and the presence of two pairs of wheels.

It is clear that the remodeling will be based on adding several additional units to the existing motoblock. an additional frame to the second pair of wheels, the installation of a steering wheel and a seat, under which the speed control should be, etc.д.

Finished version costs about 120 thousand, so not everyone has the funds to purchase it. Here it makes sense self-made, which is gaining popularity every year.

How to make a four-wheeled singleaxle tractor

To make a full-fledged four-wheeled single-axle tractor, we need a fairly powerful base machine (Zubr, Neva, etc.д.). In this case, let’s consider a remake from a Neva power tiller, because it is quite common in our country.

For more convenience, you can buy a ready-made set for modification, which costs about 30 thousand.

Let us provisionally divide the assembly process into several stages:

wheels, neva, single, axle
  • First of all, we need to take care of making the frame. We are talking about an additional structure of the supporting type, under which the second pair of wheels will be located. To make the frame we need pieces of pipe and metal angles.
  • There are no special requirements for the parameters of the pipe, but it is necessary to take into account that the load on these elements will be sufficient.
  • Use an angle grinder to cut the pipe elements and bolt them together. For more structural stability, you can weld a steel crossbeam.
  • Also you need to weld to the frame the device for attaching implements and trailed equipment. It can be attached either at the front or at the rear of the machine.
  • To fix the front pair of wheels we need a metal tube, the diameter of which should match the width of the front axle. You need to attach wheel hubs to the tube.
  • Drill a through hole in the center, and attach it to the front frame. Next we install the gearbox and the steering rods. Then install the steering wheel.
  • You can use old wheels from Soviet cars as wheels.
  • Mount the existing motor on the front of the structure. This is done so that the single axle tractor is more stable on the surface, because there will be attachments or trailed equipment behind it.

By the way, additional equipment for the power tiller will be connected to the power tiller with the help of a towbar (for the trailer to the power tiller) and a special bracket (for attachments).

Such self-made items for the tiller with their own hands are quite reliable and practical in operation, because the entire structure turns out more monolithic, representing a full-fledged device with a seat and steering wheel. In terms of functionality, they are even comparable to small tractors, which are not by far more expensive.

Consider in addition homemade tools for the motor-block Neva with their own hands, since it enjoys such popularity. In particular, you can make several options for additional equipment:


The blade is necessary not only for clearing snow in winter, but also for clearing various debris. For its manufacture we will need a regular sheet metal, which will be about 2 mm thick. Inside it should be welded 4 ribs of the same steel, but about 4 mm thick.

One must drill holes in them, through which the mouldboard and the boom will be attached. The lower part of the structure is best lined with tin, which prevents the moldboard from burying in the ground.

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To make it, we need a pair of ordinary metal lids from pots (enameled, in this case, will not work). Their diameter should be about 500 mm. Next, we sharpen the edges of the covers on a grinder, so that they can better fit into the soil.

The disc coulters need to be attached to the homemade cart with wheels. They are made from ordinary bushings and pipes, welded together.

Attachments to power tillers and power tillers, homemade, which you can quite make yourself, there are many different types:

Homemade trailer

Trailers for motoblock and their self-made are a fairly simple design, consisting of a normal box with sides, located on the wheel base.

For making our own trailer we need:

  • 40×25 mm and 25×25 mm profiled pipes. It is needed for making the hitch of the cart with the crab as well as for boards. inside and under the trailer.
  • For the body we need to make a frame structure from 40×25 cm and 25×25 cm profiled pipes. You can make the bottom of the body from an ordinary piece of sheet metal. To the bottom of the body you need to weld together pieces of profiled pipes so that the lattice is formed. On top of these edges welded a full piece of profiled tube around the perimeter.
  • On the finished frame you need to install profiled sheet, which will serve as the sides. The height of each side is about 30 cm.
  • The rear board must be made hinged. As the latches we use the usual blinds, which should be attached to both sides of the board. This board is attached to the bottom of the body with standard door hinges. On the same side you can install cataphotas, which serve as reflectors.
  • The wheels can be taken from Oka or Zhiguli cars. their diameter will be optimal.
  • The axle can also be taken from an old Zhiguli. The wheels are attached to it with a pair of bearings. The axle can be attached to the frame with pieces of pipe, up to two on each side. One end of the pipe is welded to the axle, and the other to the body.

The feasibility of making a self-made trailer is quite clear, because. which is several times lower than the price of a ready-made trailer in the store.

How to do it right?

Installation of Zhigul wheels on a single axle tractor is quite possible even for non-professionals. The holes on the two structures, which need to be aligned, do not coincide. It is necessary to take this nuance into account when doing the work. In any case, you should use the same size ramps. It is desirable that their weight is also the same.

If different rubber is installed, the gravity of the gimbals can vary quite significantly. As a result, it becomes difficult to control the Moto-Block. as they say, it “drives” to some side. The steering wheel holding becomes in such a case quite difficult. To solve the problem, there is only one option: go back to the redesign and make the gimbals completely the same. But it is possible to adapt old, “beaten” and even outwardly rusty rims. because the singleaxle tractor is used for purely utilitarian purposes.

Peculiarities of choice

If the option of installing Zhigul wheels is not considered, you will need to buy specially designed for power tillers, which must be chosen competently. To begin with it is necessary to determine how the machine will function. When a power tiller is planned to perform mainly arable work, attention should be paid to the first type of wheels. It is also ideal for digging root crops.

wheels, neva, single, axle

Diameter of such wheels can’t be less than 40 cm and width. less than 20 cm. The tread pattern of these wheels for the Moto-Block should be aggressive. The same shoes are required for the machine during planting work, when the stability of the machine is important in the first place.

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The disadvantage of such wheels is the possibility of damage to the camera, which will lead to the failure of the wheel and the need to replace it. If you buy used single axle tractor wheels, it is worth to inspect them carefully for any glued damages. Such wheels, as a rule, are included in the complete set for the power tiller Neva.

wheels, neva, single, axle

When you have to work with quite stony soil and the probability of damage to the wheels is high, the answer to the question of what wheels the tiller needs, the answer will be solidly cast. They practically no drift, but the weight is slightly higher than the previous type. Such wheels are good to equip diesel power tillers, converted into mini-tractors on 4 wheels. It is also good to put such wheels on a single-axle tractor MTZ.

The wheels for the trailer of the motor-block are chosen basically on the same principle. And it should be taken into account that when transporting goods, the pressure on the wheels of the power tiller is lower than on the wheels of its trailer, which for this reason should have an increased strength. Otherwise there is a risk of being left with the load on the road because of a breakdown. If used wheels are mounted on a single axle tractor, this danger is especially likely.

Wheels with trailing rings are required when your power tiller needs extra power. The thing is that the steel tines on the hooks penetrate the ground firmly, helping to move the machine forward. There are such wheels for all models, and the single-axle tractor Neva is no exception.

Separately worth mentioning a support wheel for the tiller, which is worth using if possible to optimize labor during plowing.

How to put wheels from Zhiguli on a single axle tractor

The sequence when installing the wheels from Zhiguli on a single-axle tractor is as follows:

  • It is necessary to attach a half axle.
  • Next, you need to remove the tires, because you won’t need rubber for the hitches.
  • After that, the metal cleats are welded on, which are responsible for traction with the soil.
  • The construction is bolted to the rim.
  • Then the disks are changed.

Wheels of Zhiguli on a power tiller

Many owners of power tillers quite often put Zhigul wheels on their cultivators and, as practice shows, they are quite happy with the result. Wide automobile wheels are more confident in tillage than the narrow native wheels from a power tiller, and, as already mentioned, they do not dig into the ground, do not slip. They are also much more convenient for transporting the machine, because of the larger diameter, the travel speed is much higher.

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