What wood band saw to choose

Types, classes, main parameters of band saws

Let us have a closer look at each type. Toothed saws differ in length and closed blade, visually resemble hacksaw blades. Versatile in use, they can cut metal, wood, synthetics, meat, fish, etc. д.

Toothless friction saws, despite the name, still have small teeth, but with a different purpose. Here they contribute to active heat generation during operation, which greatly increases the tool’s productivity. This type is characterized by the following dimensions:

Electrospark saws are used to work with workpieces over 15 cm thick. Depending on the material to be cut, they can be freely used even with thickness of blanks 3040 cm.

Bimetallic tines are now the most popular, used for cutting metal, for example. This saw is made of two kinds of steel: the base is made of stiff spring steel, the teeth are made of tool wire. After the teeth are milled and the tool is deburred, the weld is almost invisible to the untrained eye. This method makes the blade flexible and the teeth as strong and durable as possible.

Even though movements during work are directed towards the machine, the operator is safe and there is no risk of injury. This distinguishes band saws from circular saws.

The range of application of the machines is also determined by the size, geometry and pitch of the teeth. Let’s highlight a few basic rules to help you choose the right blade for your application:

  • The larger the workpiece, the more solid the teeth should be. If you work with long workpieces choose alternate tooth pitches to reduce resonant vibrations.
  • Use M71 strength blade for steel, M51 is sufficient for medium-hard materials.
  • Pay attention to the angle of sharpening. For cutting materials with a ductile structure, its sharpness is important.
  • For working with profiles and pipes the blade with reinforced teeth is the best choice.

Not all machines are universal and are suitable for cutting any material. If you intend to work with metal workpieces, choose a tool with appropriate power.

Advantages of the band saws:

  • they make straight and curved cuts;
  • cope with workpieces of varying thickness;
  • the errors are minimal, professional equipment guarantees a high precision of cutting;
  • no additional grinding of the cut after machining;
  • Some models have the ability to handle more than one workpiece at a time.

Criteria to pay attention to when choosing a band saw:

  • kerf size;
  • type of blade;
  • speed and belt tension;
  • power;
  • power consumption;
  • dimensions and weight;
  • possibility of changing settings.
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Proxxon 27172 MBS 240/E

Very serious bandsaw for professionals or for those that often have to saw metal, plastic or thick wood. It is irreplaceable in places where a circular saw is no longer useful. And if you put a diamond band, it will cut ceramics and glass with ease and very accurately. Cutouts can be made in different ways. longitudinal, transverse, rounded, oblique. Electronic adjustment of the band speed (from 180 to 330 m/min) is provided by the manufacturer, allowing to accurately set the parameters to obtain the perfect cut without necessity of further processing.

And the tool itself is made of aluminum reinforced with ribs, with surprisingly high quality. Working table is rigid, 45 degrees inclined, designed for additional mounting of the cooling system and the angle. Another advantage, which is often pointed out by users in reviews. surprisingly quiet operation for such a tool.


Rating of the best cordless bandsaws for wood

Cordless bandsaws are very popular. Yes, they do not have as much power as stationary ones. But you can work with them almost anywhere. you do not even need to have a power source. Therefore, they often work on a variety of construction sites to quickly and accurately cope with sawing wooden products of any complexity. Based on user reviews and technical specifications, declared by the manufacturers, experts have identified several successful models in this category.

Milwaukee M12 BS-0

A very good cordless band saw that will appeal to the user who appreciates a compact and lightweight tool. Thanks to its weight of 3.It is easy and comfortable to work with 2 kg, and transportation is guaranteed to be easy. you can easily put it in any suitable bag or bag. However, this does not prevent the tool from having a pretty good depth of cut. up to 41 mm. Therefore, the owner will have the ability to easily handle even quite thick boards while working. this best budget band saw will not let you down. The infinitely variable speed control, electronic motor protection and backlighting make sawing boards a real pleasure. cutting wood has never been so easy and pleasant. No wonder that this popular saw model gets great reviews from users.

  • low weight;
  • smooth start;
  • Light and compact;
  • precise cutting;
  • Long battery life;
  • deep kerf.

Metabo MBS 18 LTX 2.5 0

You need a reliable band saw that can cut both wood and metal? In this case, take a closer look at this model. It has enough power to handle any job.

When buying a cordless tool, be sure to clarify whether the battery is included in the delivery, so that later you don’t have to spend a large sum on the purchase of accessories.

Experienced users will also appreciate its comparatively low weight of only 4.1 kg. For such a high output, this is really not very much. Finally, the tool will easily cut even very thick boards. up to 64 mm, and this is a serious indicator. It is nice that you can buy a saw at an affordable price.

  • suitable for working with metal;
  • Saw very thick boards;
  • compact dimensions;
  • long warranty;
  • battery charge indication;
  • has infinitely variable speed control.
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Makita DPB181Z

When choosing a manufacturer, many customers prefer the reliable Japanese firms. Quite justified. you will have to overpay a little, but the tool will be guaranteed quality. In addition, this saw is characterized by a very low weight of only 3.5 kg, so it is not difficult to carry it around. However, this does not prevent the saw from having a considerable cutting depth of up to 64 mm, which makes it possible to saw even very thick boards in a matter of seconds. Many users like the versatility. the tool is compatible with different 4 and 5 Ah batteries. Finally, it is worth mentioning the backlight, which allows productive and easy work in low light conditions. So it really is a good option for the home handyman.

  • low weight and compactness;
  • well-thought-out ergonomics of the handle;
  • removable base plate;
  • the ability to work with batteries of different capacities;
  • backlight.

Bosch GCB 18 V-LI 0

At the end of the cordless device rating is a very good band saw that allows you to work effectively with wood, metal and plastic. What makes this possible is the stepless speed control and the fairly high power of the tool. The nice thing is that it comes with two saw blades. Although, as is usually the case, the battery is not included in the saw. you will have to buy it separately, which is worth remembering when choosing. Many users note that the tool allows you to get a very even and smooth cut. They also appreciate the electric saw for its relatively low noise level when working. only 90 dB, which can be called an excellent indicator.

  • availability of backlighting;
  • high build quality;
  • stable maintenance of the set revolutions;
  • easy maintenance;
  • possibility of working with plastic and metal
  • smooth cut;
  • small weight.

The best band saw for metal

Compact equipment, designed for sawing metal products. The power of the installed engine determines the performance of the device, the depth of cut.

JET J-349V 50000333M

Swiss company manufactures its products in Taiwan. This allows it to declare a more favorable price for customers. Power of this tool: 1 kW, the band moves at a speed of 80 m / min. The maximum size of metal workpiece 90°. 125 mm, 60°. 50 mm, 45°. 80 mm. Machine has dimensions: 650h310h450 mm, weight: 19 kg.

  • Quick change of saw blade.
  • motor is cooled effectively by holes in the shroud.
  • The following vise is included for work piece fixation.
  • Cutting angle can be adjusted on a scale that is easy to read.
  • Mobile transport options.
  • Clean cut.
  • Sturdy base for easy working.

Metabo BAS 261 Precision 619008000 400 W

  • principle of operation: manual
  • Stand type: stationary
  • maximum workpiece height 103 mm
  • Power consumption 400 W
  • voltage 220 V

Advantages: Quiet operation. Disadvantages: Vibration. Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Great choice.

  • operating principle: manual
  • frame type: stationary
  • maximum workpiece height 80 mm
  • Power consumption 250 W
  • 230 V voltage
  • operating principle: manual
  • frame type: stationary
  • Max. workpiece height: 90 mm
  • power consumption: 350 W
  • 230 V voltage
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Advantages: For small jobs is excellent. Weaknesses: Cutting depth is too low.

wood, band, choose

Metabo BAS 318 Precision 619009000 900 W

  • principle of operation: manual
  • base type: stationary
  • The maximum height of the workpiece 170 mm
  • power consumption 900 W
  • 220 V voltage
  • Cutting width: 190 mm
  • cutting speed: 15 m/s
  • metal work
  • design features: the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner
  • number of speeds

#SkillCentreAtHome. What Bandsaw to Buy

Advantages: It is a good choice for not much money. It is only necessary to buy quality saws, which for this size is very inexpensive and be sure to set up properly according to the instructions the machine itself. Comment: I am satisfied with the machine.

Best band saws rating 2022

review of the best reviews. Rating of the best band saws 2022 in Russia list 2019. 2020.

Mostly in the arsenal of home craftsmen have chisels, peorator, hacksaws, saws, hammers and other tools. Band saw in the household is not common. This equipment is intended for carpentry workshops or production areas.

The band saw is actively used on foreign production sites. Depending on the type of band saw you can make processing of wood, plastic, metal, and in catering. frozen carcasses with large bones.

The popularity of the models that made our list of the best, due to their high efficiency and quality. When compiling the rating, we took into account customer feedback. Each item description contains its characteristics. To all of the elements in the top for clarity is attached a photo.

After reading the rating of the best saws, it will be easier to understand how to choose the most suitable one. The best band saws, according to buyers’ opinions, were rated according to four criteria: cutting quality, noise level, completeness of equipment and reliability of assembly.

Rating TOP-7 best band saws for wood: what to choose, reviews

The band saw has gained its popularity not only in home carpentry and woodworking workshops, but also in large industries. It considerably simplifies the work with wood and makes a cut even and smooth. It’s also ideal for shape sawing. Unlike jigsaws, chain saws and band saws, this device does not wiggle or come off the base, providing maximum safety and comfort in operation. In this article, we pick seven of the best band saws that deliver a sharp, chip-free finish.

What you really should be looking for in a band saw for woodworking

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