What you can cut with a hand jigsaw.

How to cut plywood: techniques, ideas, process. Plywood treads

Plywood crafts will decorate your garden and flowerbeds, kindergarten plot and playgrounds in the yard. Of this material you can create decorative elements of the interior of the room, wall panels or toys for kids. Figures of animals and birds, people and insects look interesting. You can make fairy tale characters and saw puzzles for children.

It is not difficult to cut out of plywood, you need to buy the material, have the necessary materials for surface treatment and painting the finished products. Figure thought out in advance, it’s either immediately drawn on the surface of a wooden sheet, or copy pictures from sites on the Internet, if you do not have artistic ability.

The article will tell in detail how to cut out of plywood, which material is more suitable for the work. You will learn detailed information about the types of plywood sheets, and also what jigsaws are more convenient to use when sawing out the contours. We will also tell you how to correctly transfer a drawing from a printed sheet to a wooden surface. Let’s present several options for products from plywood sheets, created by masters at home.

What a beginner should know

Before you begin the work, it is necessary to plan them carefully. For this purpose it is necessary:

  • Choose the right material
  • Understand the technological methods;
  • Prepare the necessary tools;
  • Choose an idea, a plot.

You need to start with the simplest of crafts. After acquiring certain skills, you can proceed to complex products.

Choice of material

It is necessary to take into account that plywood is different, and therefore you should pay attention to such nuances:

  • Type of veneer. The main options are FC and FSK. FGC plywood has increased moisture resistance. As a rule, the cheaper and more common type FC is used.
  • The quality of the surface. You can use such grades: NSH. sheets with a roughly finished surface; Sh1. sanding one side of plywood; Sh2. plywood with a double-sided sanding.
  • Texture. It is clearly manifested by lacquering or impregnation of the material, creating a special appearance. The structural pattern depends on the species of wood used. One of the most decorative is considered to be birch plywood. For simple crafts, the cheaper pine plywood is used.
  • Sort. It establishes the possibility of the presence of defects (knots, small cracks, delamination, etc.).п.). For crafts, it is better to take the material without visible defects.
  • Thickness. It is chosen according to the size of the handicraft and the technology used. Plywood thicknesses from 5mm to 2-3cm can be used. For sawing, the best option is 6-8 mm.

First of all, you need to decide on the type of plywood

If the material is chosen correctly, it will be easy to work with, and the handicraft will be of high quality and durability.


The basic operations used in the manufacture of crafts from plywood:

  • Sawing, cutting. This method is used to form parts of the required size.
  • Sawing out. External sawing allows you to give the part a rounded or any irregular shape, as well as decorate the edges. Necessary patterns are created inside the workpiece with the help of inside sawing.
  • Sanding. It is essential for cutting edges and the entire surface.

Cutting helps shape the desired size of a plywood sheet

Methods of finishing deserve special attention. Burnishing, varnishing, staining, impregnation with special compounds, painting ensures an attractive appearance. Special techniques can be used. decoupage, artificial aging, inlay, etc.п.


In the manufacture of plywood crafts such tools and devices are used:

  • Hacksaw. It is used for sawing, t.ч. Cutting of large sheets.
  • Jigsaw. It is the basic tool for sawing. Children’s crafts are usually made with hand tools. Adult craftsmen can use an electric jigsaw.
  • Sanding machine or emery board of various grit sizes.
  • A set of files, files of different shapes (flat, round, triangular). With their help the edges are processed. In addition, they help to correct the contour of the internal sawed patterns.
  • Clamp, stands, vise. These fixtures are needed to secure the parts during machining.

As additional tools you will need: a drill or a key turner, an electric screwdriver when making complex prefabricated items, an awl, a hammer, a screwdriver, glue, paint and varnish brushes, a spatula for applying primer.

We will also need measuring and drawing tools: compass, ruler, protractor, angle, caliper.

Choosing the right material and tools

Since we saw out of plywood with our own hands, it will be logical to use it as the basic material. There are quite a few varieties of this lumber on sale. For making small items, small pieces of plywood 3 to 5 mm thick will do.

Lumber should be chosen that is not laminated, i.e. there should be a clean wooden surface on one side and on the other.

Of the tool can be used:

  • hand jigsaw. which has the advantage of high precision of cut;
  • jigsaw. The advantage of which is the high speed of cutting without the need for much effort.

Let us consider the listed categories of tools in more detail.

The tool is made up of 3 basic elements:

  • a U-shaped frame with two jaws;
  • handle mounted near one of the clamps located on the frame;
  • cutting blade. is a narrow metal strip with teeth.

The principle of use is quite simple. first the blade is clamped in the frame. Then, holding the jigsaw by the handle, make a series of forward and downward movements. As a result, the plywood is sawn.

Important: The small size of the teeth makes the cut in wood neat and smooth. But, due to the small thickness of the blade, you have to work carefully, as it often breaks.

An electric jigsaw is a device that is driven by an electric motor.

Artistic sawing with a hand jigsaw

Manual modification of the tool represents a massive handle in which there is a motor and a mechanism transmitting force to the cutting part. In the manual version of the jigsaw, the blade is not fixed on two sides in a frame, but one side is fixed in the clamp.

Here is a photo of the fixed jigsaw application

How to Make Straight Rip Cuts with Your Jigsaw | Rockler Skill Builders

Stationary modification represents a tabletop on which the jigsaw is rigidly fixed. Unlike the manual variant where the blade is mounted on one side, here it is mounted on both sides.

In addition to the listed categories of the tool for work with plywood, sandpaper of different abrasivity degree may be required. Sandpaper will surely come in handy for aligning the cutting line and eliminating minor flaws made when sawing.

Important: In order to assemble the parts you cut out of plywood into one piece, you may need to use woodworking adhesive for some of your handicrafts.

Requirements for the workstation

The workpiece to be machined must be well lit

hand, jigsaw

Before you start sawing out various patterns on plywood you need to properly equip the place where you will work.

What are the requirements for the workplace?

  • The table to be used as a workbench must be spacious, not less than 1 by 1 meter;
  • The table must be stable, that is, under the influence of mechanical stress, it should not sway;
  • There should be ledges on the edge of the table on which you can mount a vise or install a clamp;
  • The workplace should be well lit, e.g. with a swiveling LED lamp;
  • The workplace should be easy to clean, that is, there should be no carpeting in the vicinity, in which sawdust can get stuck;
  • The room in which it is supposed to work with plywood should be well ventilated.

Important: It is advisable to equip a shelf for storage of ready-made fakes and for storage of tools. Instructions for making the rack are described in detail in the relevant articles on our portal.

Choosing a pattern for sawing

Scheme of sawing out details for the “Dinosaur” figure

What should be the drawings for artistic plywood sawing? If there is no experience in working with lumber, it is better to start sawing with a jigsaw from simple schemes.

For example, you can draw simple geometric shapes by hand and try to cut them out.

Parts drawing for making a fruit vase

After successfully completing this task, you can proceed to more serious exercises. For example, sawing a monkey out of plywood or cutting out other complicated ornaments is sure to give you pleasure and help you gain the missing experience.

In this article we bring to your attention a number of drawings, on the basis of which you can make such useful things as vases, caskets made of plywood, etc.д. But you should only start working on such schemes when you have already gained considerable experience in cutting.

Jigsaw tricks. Secrets and tricks of working with the jigsaw, its little known possibilities

The invention of the electric jigsaw has facilitated the work of many professional craftsmen. After all, thanks to the tool can make not only flat, but also shaped sawing.

This is interesting! The first tool was created by Albert Kaufman, who simply replaced the sewing needle in the machine with a saw blade.

If you choose a certain saw, the jigsaw cuts any material, and any density. Easily carve wood and tile panels.

How to cut a circle

Any material is sawn only in dry state that there were no chips, and the saw did not break off in 2 parts.

To get an even circle, you will need a compass. But the school one will not cope here, a bigger diameter is needed. The alternative is a pencil, rope, and nail. A nail is hammered into the center of the wooden surface, a string with a pencil on the end is wound around it. As the rope is pulled, the circle is circled.

To make the jigsaw cut a circle, first make a hole for the saw with a drill. The saw is inserted into the hole and slowly guided around the drawn circle.

Or use a special device that is attached to the jigsaw soleplate. The rod allows you to set the proper distance to get a perfect circle. This will allow you to cut rounded shapes without first marking.

How to work with metal

First select the right saw, as each material has its own peculiarities. A wave saw with fine teeth up to 0,6 mm is suitable. For aluminum, on the contrary, choose a saw with large teeth.

Moisten the blade with water or technical oil to speed up cutting and prevent the metal sheet from overheating. If the metal is thin, then put a piece of plywood under the bottom, so that the sheet does not sag. The work is performed smoothly, without sudden movements, with minimal vibration and recoil.

Making connecting components

With sufficiently high precision of cutting, they cut out parts that are firmly connected to each other without any additional fasteners. It is quite easy to make components out of wood, as it lends itself well to cutting, firmly connected to each other.

Openwork elements made of wood

There are a lot of wooden furniture and home decorations on the market. These include balusters, corners, overlays, consoles, etc.д.

Because of the maneuverability of the tool and a fine saw, beautifully carved figures are obtained. Masters create unique facades, frames and other interior details.

Using a foot start

In the west, many people have already noticed the convenience of a foot start jigsaw. It is possible to control the operation of the device, which saves enough time. Pressing the foot pedal starts the tool and instantly turns it off when you release the foot.

This accessory is not only a convenience, but also a safety feature.

Frequent blade changes

The saw blunts over time, which impairs the quality of the tool and increases the likelihood of failure. The motor will start to run as hard as it can and eventually break.

To avoid dullness too quickly the blade should be lubricated with oil to reduce stress and prolong its life.

To make sure the blade is of good quality, you only buy saw blades from reputable manufacturers. Various third-party companies often sell defective products that are not covered by warranty. With this rule, the owner of an electric jigsaw will protect himself from a sudden breakdown of the saw blade.

Using improvised means when sawing

When cutting materials, you should interact as little as possible with the blade. After all, any contact with the working saw will result in serious injury.

Therefore, if you need to hold or correct something while working with the jigsaw, use auxiliary tools, such as a wooden bar or a saw.

How to learn?

Before you start working, you need to prepare the table, the material, the tools. It is a good idea to study the instructions (preferably a video) on the technique of sawing the selected pattern.

If you have never used a jigsaw before, it is necessary to start learning how to work with it by simply sawing a piece of wood.

In general terms, the basics of the work are as follows.

  • Draw a simple pattern on the wooden workpiece, for example, some simple geometric shapes.
  • Drill a starting hole.
  • Now you need to secure the blade with a screw. Fasten it securely, otherwise you may be injured during the following steps.
  • Put the workpiece on the pad and lightly press it with your free hand. Take the jigsaw in your working hand and start sawing by jiggling it up and down. During the work, the workpiece should be rotated from side to side, but the jigsaw should remain in place.
  • After the initial sawing it is necessary to saw several ovals, circles or diamond shapes on the workpiece according to the same scheme.

If there are no problems, then you can proceed to sawing out the simplest ornament. First it is drawn on the workpiece, and then the sawing is done.

Exclusive children’s crafts

If you want to make a car model from plywood with the jigsaw, you can use a ready-made sample drawing.

It is important to observe the proportions and the basics of technology. To create a handicraft it is necessary to saw out the following details with a jigsaw:

Making schemes, according to which another person will produce, it is necessary to clearly mark all the elements, to describe the order of actions and their sequence.

Jigsawing with an electric jigsaw. The subtleties of sawing with a jigsaw

Today, many people want to decorate the interior with nice little things, such as elements with carvings. Very popular wood products with beautiful ornaments and patterns. Wood always decorates the house, creates comfort, and most importantly, is a natural material. Wood carving. a very pleasant and interesting activity, which can be mastered by everyone, if you carefully study the process and prepare for work.

Features of work

Jigsaw is a tool that allows you to saw out of plywood various elements, create ornaments. The thin blade with teeth makes various cuts, lines and allows you to create decorations from wood. The jigsaw is also used in construction, but in this article we will talk specifically about cutting decorative elements. Cutting with a jigsaw has a number of features. There are a large number of variants of this tool. The two main varieties are the manual and electric jigsaw. Originally, the hand jigsaw was invented. This design consists of an arc and a blade. The blade is secured with clamps that allow you to change the tension. The frame includes the handle.

Clamps can be positioned to rotate. It allows you to change the plane and create complex carving elements. The hand jigsaw blade and its entire design are subject to wear and tear, so the saw has to be replaced often. Craftsmen who work with hand tools have many spare saws to replace. An electric jigsaw is a tool that runs on the mains. There are gears in the body, there is a handle on the body, and the sawing element is in the front at the bottom of the body. Sometimes there is a foot that helps you cut smoother. There are models with attachments used to facilitate sawing, edge alignment.

When working with an electric jigsaw, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the parameters that are prescribed in the manual, so you know exactly how to use the tool for sawing patterns. This tool differs from a hand jigsaw in the attachment of the saw blade, its thickness, and its weight. The electric jigsaw has more weight and less precision, but is much more efficient.

It is possible to use the jigsaw for construction work. Long work with such a tool is difficult. For decorative elements it is heavy and not too accurate. The material can be damaged, and the accuracy of the pattern can be distorted.

How to cut skirting board or baseboard corners. No power tools required!

Choosing the right material

To work with a jigsaw for sawing, plywood is used. The best thickness is 2-8 mm birch plywood, for very delicate and dense designs use sheets up to 3 mm thick. And also specially prepared wooden blanks are used. It is more difficult to work with wooden workpieces, but very beautiful edges are left. Plywood is easier to use and more affordable. Before you start working, it is worth to prepare good quality plywood. It is important to pay attention to some features of the material.

  • For artistic cuts, sheets less than 5 mm thick are used, for furniture elements, 1-2 cm thick sheets are used.
  • If you are going to cover the product with a colorless lacquer, the color of the plywood should be chosen carefully. If the finished product will be covered with paint, colored varnish or stain, the plywood can be any.
  • Plywood should be well dried to 40-65%. Raw material will cause tools to jam.
  • The quality of plywood for artwork should be high, plywood of the first or highest grade.
  • Carefully check the material for knots and foreign stains.
  • Check that the material has no bloat, voids, or resin stains.
  • Check the sheet for delamination.

What can be cut with a hand jigsaw

Artistic sawing from plywood is a type of amateur art. It allows you to create a variety of artistic home products. The material for

Another Christmas tree toy in the form of a tiger cub. the symbol of the year 2022. It can be cut from plywood or any other sheet material. You can assemble from two layers: a backing

Getting ready for the New Year, sawing a tiger out of plywood. The 2022 year symbol. Not a tiger to be exact, but a cute little tiger cub. The picture can be applied by burning

KrAZ army truck. The rear balancer suspension works, the wheels rotate, and the spare wheel is removed. A bulky cargo platform can be filled with the “very necessary” things.

Another Christmas tree in the form of a merry bull symbol of 2021. Although it may not be a Christmas tree. It all depends on your imagination. You can make it on a stand in the form of

We continue to decorate the Christmas tree with our own hands. we saw another symbol of year 2021. And not just any bull, but a cheerful and charming bull )). To have such a cheerful year!

We already know that the year 2021. The year of the bull and many people want to celebrate the new year with this symbol. The easiest variant is to make the ornaments in the form of a cheerful bull. It can be sawed

Getting ready for New Year’s Eve! According to Eastern tradition next year 2021. year of the bull. If so, we’ll saw out of plywood a puzzle figure of an angry bull. Let’s hope so,

Maybe someone could use a cantilever clock like this. If yes. So saw, saw and hang. It’ll be nice. You can do it in one layer or you can do it in several, as you like.

♪ Everything will be mixed, there’ll be flour ♪! ♪ All bad things must come to an end ♪! And not to forget about it, make yourself a table symbol of the windmill. In a moment of despair, look at this one

For fans of the East, and also inhabitants of the East, who would like to make a small souvenir with their own hands. You can saw from plywood such a yurt, which you can still meet

Today, no master, regardless of specialization can not do without a computer. Without a computer and the Internet where we could find new schemes for sawing, schemes

Against the backdrop of the environmental boom, we’ll turn our faces to nature. We’re going to saw a well. To the townspeople it’s some exotic structure, but to a great many of the population it’s

Lyudmila Pelymskaya’s fifth artist’s album “Artistic Sawing” is out. In the album included sawing schemes of VAZ, wall shelves, caskets, executed with inherent to the author

For lovers of sawing a great gift are the albums of the wonderful master Lyudmila Pelymskaya! It so happened that on our pages often appeared individual works

For fans of masters by their own hands there is a scheme of sawing out of a cylindrical lace casket. Such a box can be a gift for your mother, wife or daughter. The bride is unlikely,

What you can carve with a hand jigsaw

An openwork casket made of plywood can certainly decorate your interior. Anyway it is guaranteed to attract the attention of your friends and acquaintances. Of course you can not hide in it

Another variant of a napkin holder for sawing. The principle remains the same. Napkins, folded in a triangle, inserted in a circle in the form of a dress. And who are you going to wear this dress on?

Continuing on the napkin thing. Here is the scheme of sawing a napkin holder in the form of a lady in the attire of the early twentieth century. A few napkins folded in a triangle will add a little variety to the interior

If you want to live in a castle of your own, and you are a little short on funds, try to saw out of plywood and assemble a Disney castle. You won’t be able to live in it, but it’s a nice change of pace

Another pretty napkin holder in the shape of a Firebird with a tail from napkins. You can also saw it out of plywood, plastic, acrylic, or any other sheet of paper. Groove width

Some of us are used to using napkins during meals, which is weird, but true! Some people have napkins on the table right in a plastic wrap (what’s the big deal

hand, jigsaw

For fans of water rides on the boat. You can make yourself a small boat and warm evenings dream about the soonest end of the quarantine.

During the quarantine, many people miss work, especially office workers )) So that during the isolation they can feel themselves in their usual place of work, I suggest

Sawing a diver out of plywood. Diving most likely will not fall under quarantine since a protective suit is used when diving, an eye mask, and the airways are protected

Sawing an SUV out of plywood. The design allows you to build three versions of parts: closed, open and with a tilted windshield.

This peaceful warship can be made with your own hands from plywood. Why Peaceful? And because it’s small and made of plywood.

Since a lot of attention is given to ship models here, I suggest a simple model of a pirate ship, which you can saw out of plywood.

“Keep your money in a savings bank.”. Kuravlev’s character said so in the movie “Ivan Vasilievich Changes his profession”. And then I added. “Unless, of course, you have it.”. So that’s it

Continuing with the car theme let’s saw an American Kenworth tractor. It’s not an easy job, but the result can be great. Especially if you are careful with the

Recently on these pages appeared the scheme of sawing a decorative panel 3D ornament with their own hands. It takes a lot of hard work to make one of these things,

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