What you can do with an angle grinder

What can be made of the angle grinder with their own hands: ideas of selfmade

The question of what to do with dried and severed branches in the garden, for dacha owners is usually solved simply. This “trash” is simply burned. And at the same time, if the branches are shredded, you can already use them in the garden for various purposes. Today’s story, which sent us Vasily Kayumov from Timashevsk Krasnodar region, will tell about how to make with their own hands and completely inexpensive angle grinder shredder for branches.

I have a small garden plot, because most of the territory is occupied by buildings, including the garage, which is “part-time” workshop. But the problem of dried out branches, which must be cut down, is still quite acute. The thought occurred to me that burning them would be wasteful at the very least. After all, if, for example, the branches of an apple tree are turned into wood chips, they are perfect for the smokehouse. With this thought I went to the workshop, where I came across an angle grinder. And so it began.


For the review, I chose a mini drill of 400 Watts flexible shaft It was packed in two different packages, but wrapped with courier tape and gathered in one package.

The mini drill was additionally packed in a plastic bag with air sections.

Safety precautions when working with an angle grinder

Despite the simplicity of the device, safety precautions must be observed when working with the angle grinder. The machine shaft rotates at a speed of 2,500 to 10,000 rpm, depending on the speed range. Revolutions, not only dust, but also sparks are emitted when processing materials. Safety glasses, gloves and goggles are a must. The most important safety precautions:

  • When working with concrete or stone in an enclosed space must protect the respiratory organs with a respirator;
  • there should be no flammable materials in the vicinity of the work place and the room should be well ventilated;
  • Do not use the tool on ladders, in an unstable position;
  • All operations to change the operating mode of the angle grinder must be performed only after the electric motor has stopped rotating completely;
  • it is strictly forbidden to remove the protective cover or use attachments that do not correspond to the technical characteristics of the tool.

There have been numerous cases of injury and even death of people who neglected these recommendations.

Types and peculiarities of use of the angle grinder

The popularly known angle grinder is nothing else but an angle grinder. This power tool, according to average citizens, is necessary for every self-respecting owner.

No wonder, because in addition to grinding, the device is able to perform high-quality cutting of various materials, ranging from simple wood to metal angles and fittings.

Most often in everyday life, this tool is not used for grinding operations, but just for cutting materials.

Fittings, metal angles, metal pipes and other metal products are most often cut with an angle grinder. Therefore, its presence in the arsenal of the owner of the house or apartment is quite reasonable. not to invite the same for the basic work of a stranger

Processing of brick products. a popular phenomenon, especially during repairs. For these purposes, the angle grinder should be equipped with special discs. the device for cutting metal and fittings in this case is not suitable

For concrete or concrete products such as walls, floors, individual elements should use the cutting disc recommended by the manufacturer to perform these tasks specifically. over, in view of the increased dustiness it is necessary to protect the olfactory organs

For wood and its derivatives special discs must be used, which the manufacturer suggests to use for working with wood. You also need to wear the proper type of guard to protect you from heavy sawdust, chips, and wood dust

A really cool, homemade all-purpose machine from an old burned-out bolger by hand.

Really cool, homemade all-purpose machine from old scorched hand sanders. This video shows how to

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However, if you wish, you may substitute manufacturer’s recommended compositions for similar products. For foreign USM models, products that include additives identical to those used by the Bulgarian manufacturer are quite suitable.

If molybdenum is present in the grease, a composition labeled MoS2 should be purchased. NLGI2 composition is suitable for bolters that are serviced with consumables of the second viscosity class. The ISO standard corresponds to lubricants marked ISOL-XBCHB 2. If the product was made according to German DIN quality standards, the new oil must contain the DIN 51825-KPF 2 K-20 marking.

What you should know about angle grinder

What you should know about angle grinder 10.09.2012What you need to know about the angle grinder Posted on 10.09.2012 in Plumbing tools, Plumbing technology

Angle grinder or, as more often we got used to call it, angle grinder came to us, strangely enough, from Bulgaria in the 1970s.

Generally, angle grinders (or grinders). a pretty broad term. But I will talk about the peculiarities of working with angle grinder from the plumber’s point of view. I will share some examples from my experience. And say a few words about safety when working with tools.

Conventionally for myself, I divided the angle grinder into three types: small, medium and large. (Do not take into account the very large ones)

The best combination, in my opinion, is to have a large and a small angle grinder in operation.

The small angle grinder is very easy to get into tight places, it is lighter and safer (it is easier to hold) The medium-sized angle grinder is the alternative when you do not have a large, and a small one is no longer able to finish cutting. Well, and the big one is designed for cutting big pipes (it has a great depth of cut). Т.е. has a disk of a larger diameter and, accordingly, a deeper cut, which is important when working with large diameters.

Once or twice for household needs or every day (professional need)? If you need an angle grinder for odd jobs or you buy it just in case, buy a household grinder. It is inexpensive, and if you have to work all day, just let it cool down every half hour.

If you want an angle grinder for household needs more reliable (not to overheat), I recommend to take a small angle grinder for the price of 3-4 cheap. Large angle grinders are rarely needed for household purposes. If you work with pipes, then the small angle grinder can saw pipes up to a diameter of 50 mm (with a 125 mm disc) When buying an inexpensive grinder, you should keep in mind that it will not serve long, because it is made of cheaper materials.

The first thing that usually “flies” in household grinders with intensive use are the gear bearings.

10 things to consider when buying an angle grinder for continuous use

The disc speed averages 6. 11k. RPM. Some go faster than others. When buying an angle grinder, it would be helpful to understand if you will need a disc speed control. For example, if you need to grind something melting or even flammable at high RPM, as I often have to do, a speed control is very helpful.

Power = Endurance.

The more powerful the angle grinder, the more durable it will be. Professional angle grinders, as a rule, an order of magnitude more powerful than household, at the expense of which the tool is easier to work and it takes much longer to overheat.

Soft start system.

Many powerful grinders in the more expensive segment, are equipped with an electronic system that smoothly starts the disc. Т.е. the disk is not switched on instantly, but with a limited current and, as the speed increases, the current increases to the maximum. Although it happens quickly and to determine whether there is such a system in the angle grinder will need to turn it on. If the angle grinder does not jump out of your hands when you switch it on, the system is working. However, do not confuse the soft starter system with a weak angle grinder. There are angle grinder itself is low-powered. They start with a small jerk and spin out a few seconds. But as soon as you touch the work material with the angle grinder, the speed drops drastically.

Maintaining rotational speed.

Some angle grinders are equipped with a system that allows you to maintain optimal disc speed. Т.е. when cutting material, the speed of the disc will not depend on the load, on how hard you push the angle grinder. (Of course, we talk about reasonable pressure, because it can be unsafe)

Brushes turn off when power is switched off.

Many professional grinders are equipped with a brush cut-off system in case of a sudden power outage. For example, if the power was turned off during work, the angle grinder will not start working when it is turned on. It must be turned off and on again. It can happen that the power is interrupted during operation, and the craftsman forgets to turn off the angle grinder and goes looking for the circuit breakage or the cause of the shutdown. If the electricity is turned on unexpectedly, the angle grinder with such a system will not turn on and will not start sawing all around itself at the moment of absence of the master.

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Protection against accidental start-up.

Most grinders have a safety button. To start the grinder, you need to push the lever forward and only then press the button.

Stopping when the disc is broken and clamped.

Some grinders have a system that detects disc rupture and turns off. Also, such an angle grinder will shut off if the disc begins to jam. The machine does not have to be yanked out and the risk of the disc flying off is minimized.

Balancing the disc.

Expensive grinders know how to automatically balance the disc. When cutting, very often the blade wears unevenly. To avoid strong vibrations while working, the spindle has a clever bearing that balances the uneven disc.

Grip mounting options.

The machines come with a fixed main handle and an additional handle that can be unscrewed. And there are grinders where this handle can be screwed in from the other side or from above.

Vibration protection.

The more expensive versions have handles made from anti-vibration material to make them more comfortable to work with. It is important when you work with the machine for a long time. In addition to all this, professional angle grinders are made in a rugged and waterproof housing, which is important in plumbing.

Safety precautions

Never disregard safety precautions when working with a grinder. At the end I will tell you a real case from my practice. But in order.


Good day all. Today I will show you a few ideas that you can make from an old angle grinder. Any master or just who does homemade men’s work himself, faced with this. angle grinder failed for some reason, can not perform the functions of an angle grinder. In fact, either the gearbox or the electric motor can break. Consider the first case where the gearbox is out of order, but the motor is serviceable.

1- Let’s turn an angle grinder into an engraver with your own hands. All you need to do is take apart the gearbox and cut off everything you don’t need anymore. The end result should be something like this. Next, we buy the collet chuck ER11 and install it on the shaft of the angle grinder, removing the pinion which rotates the gearbox.

You should have a design like this. The result is quite a powerful engraving machine, given that the power angle grinder rarely less than 500 watts, and sold in stores engravers mostly from 130 to 200 watts.

Now, however, consider the case that the angle grinder is not out of order, but simply became unnecessary, or the gearbox has a big backlash and it became impossible to saw. Let’s turn it into an engraver first. This time you need to buy a flexible shaft at your local electrical supply store. They don’t cost much. This is what it looks like.

The next step will be difficult to describe in two words, so I’ll just say that it will be necessary to combine it and the angle grinder with a small tricks, because the shape of the grinders is different. there is no definite method. You might need a welder. Perhaps you can do it with epoxy. Casting the necessary parts to secure the flexible shaft.

3-What else you can do with an angle grinder is an electric grass trimmer! All we need is a wood disc, a hoe and some tape. Fix the disk in the angle grinder, then fasten it to the hoe. so it does not dangle with tape. All!! Done!! Here’s roughly what you should get.

4-The next idea, you can build a wood lathe. All we need to buy. a chuck from the drill, the other parts probably lying cargo in the garage or at home. In this picture it is a metal construction and it takes a lot of time to build it. I advise to do the same but out of wood. It’s cheaper and lighter.

5-Make an angle grinder into a cut-off machine. All you need is a couple of planks, a door hinge and self-tapping screws. Here’s what’s going to happen. You can read more about it in this. Article

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What can be done with the angle grinder: DIY from the angle grinder with their own hands

Due to its versatility and practicality, the angle grinder is a very popular tool. It can be found in almost every garage, and in almost every home workshop. Use this tool to cut metal, stone, tile, grind surfaces.

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angle grinder is excellent for use on a stationary machine and as a more precise tool, and as a motor with a gear for all sorts of homemade. The angle grinder is very often used for construction, repair, installation tasks. angle grinder is advantageous in that with the number of bits used, the number of options for its application increases.

Cutting machine / stand from angle grinder

Cutting disc machines are very commonly used in metalworking, mechanical engineering, furniture manufacturing, woodworking. This equipment is also suitable for the household. it is used as a very handy tool to perform various works in the garage and workshop.

On the cutting machine it is convenient to perform a variety of tasks: to divide the metal profile into segments of desired length, to cut sheet metal, making the same workpieces in large quantities in a short time, cut ceramic tiles, cut parts at any angle, to obtain cuts of desired length and depth.

Self-made crosscutting machine for wood

With the help of the end saw, the dacha worker will greatly simplify his life. This type of saw is offered in all construction supermarkets, but a brand-name trimmer is quite expensive.

In order not to buy such a tool, it can be assembled with a broach, using improvised material and old tools, which almost every owner has in his arsenal. Now we will see how to assemble a home-made mitre saw with our own hands. You can see an example of how to make a crosscut saw here.

How to independently make a circular saw from an angle grinder

Occasionally a tool such as a circular saw is needed in a home workshop. However, for these infrequent tasks, buying a saw is unprofitable. In such a case, it is recommended to make a circular saw with a drive from an angle grinder. This option is much cheaper than buying a factory-made saw to work with it for a couple of hours. You can see an example of such a home-made mower here.

Homemade lawn mower

Instead of a new lawnmower is quite realistic to assemble a model with their own hands. for this you need an angle grinder and straight hands.

Such a lawnmower turns out to be less powerful and with small dimensions. In most cases, instead of knives, special lines are installed on it to cut the grass. this is shown in the photo. A mower from an angle grinder is convenient because the tool can be easily removed and used for its intended purpose. How to make a lawnmower from an angle grinder described here.

Electric bike with a drive from an angle grinder

Today we will consider how to assemble with our own hands a full-fledged electric bicycle, using an angle grinder as a drive.

Homemade electric cultivator

Those involved in farming, as a rule, have such equipment in their arsenal as a cultivator. With the help of this equipment it is possible to cultivate the ground and not to twist off large areas of land, not to disturb its fertile layer. The only and significant disadvantage of such a machine is its price. Because of this, farmers in our country often use a manual or electric cultivator, which is made with their own hands from an angle grinder.

Milling machine from an angle grinder

Angle grinder is a tool that can also be used as a milling machine. In this case, it is important that the angle grinder can be removed from the homemade machine if necessary. To make such a construction, you need to fix the grinder under the made table or workbench, and lead the tool shaft into the hole of the workbench through an adapter with a collet clamp for milling cutters. With the made tool, you can do different work with wood, using a different cutter.

Stroborezmer from the angle grinder with their own hands

angle grinder can be used for such tasks as cutting cuts in the wall. These are cuts for laying wiring, pipes, and other elements. If you take a stock angle grinder for such work, it is very difficult to control the depth of disc plunge. To solve this problem, a special frame can be made.

It should be remembered that the advantage of such a device for the angle grinder is that the depth of the slot can be adjusted.

Such a frame is made in the form of a sole with a stop, by means of which the tool can be moved along the wall with an even burial. That way you get the chink of the right depth. In order to make such a stitch cutter, you need to keep in mind such details as a protective cover and a special dust collector. For the latter can serve as a bag, but more convenient would be to connect a hose from a vacuum cleaner.

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