What you can make with a chainsaw chain

Survival ideas: what you can make with an ordinary chainsaw

This tool is convenient because it does not depend on a power source. You can work with it away from home. If you suddenly need a pump, a generator, a snowblower or an ice axe, the chainsaw is the heart of any homemade machine. This way you not only save money but get a really powerful and reliable tool. Based on a 4-8 liter gasoline engine. с. You can build a home sawmill, sled snowmobile, a generator for lighting, and even a cultivator. Consider the most popular chain saw do-it-yourselfers and how to make them.

Powerful snow thrower from a chainsaw

Suburban homeowners rarely enjoy heavy snowfall. At this time they have one main concern. to clear the driveways and the passageway to the house, remove the parking lot for the car from snow and make their way to the exit to the highway. Not everyone has the strength and time to work with a shovel. That is why snow plows are very popular in the season.

You can’t do without a snowplow at home

make, chainsaw, chain

But such a tool costs at least 30 000-35 000, and not everyone can afford it. But what about the technical characteristics of this device? The same 5-8 liter gasoline engine. с. And since it is so, it means that the power of a chainsaw is theoretically enough for a homemade snowthrower. The structure of the snowblower is not complicated, pay attention to the diagram:

And now a small master class on the manufacture of the device:

ImageDescription of work
For the main shaft, on which the shovel will be attached, you will need metal stands. In this case, racks from VAZ 2110 were used. They need to be welded into one piece, using a metal coupling.
You need a motorcycle star for the drive. It is welded into the shaft.
The auger will require two sheets of rectangular metal and spiral-shaped pieces. All this is cut from durable metal with a thickness of at least 2 mm.
The blades and spirals are welded mirrored to the shaft.
The shovel body is made of metal with a minimum thickness of 1 mm. The shaft is mounted inside on car bearings.
In the upper part of the housing an opening must be made for a snow discharge pipe.
A movable cover should be installed on the snow discharge pipe so that the flow direction can be adjusted.
You should replace the sprocket from the saw with a motorcycle front sprocket. For this you need to make a boring.
The engine itself should be mounted on a frame with rubber pads for cushioning.
To fix the handlebar, you need to make a strong stand from a steel tube.
The ignition system and speed control can be taken from a moped or motorcycle.

After assembling the main part, all that remains is to install the skis and fuel tank on the structure. The whole construction would weigh no more than 35 kg, so that even a frail woman could manage it.

How the whole device will look like in the end, see in this view:

A universal snowmobile from a chainsaw with his own hands

Winter fishing or hunting is a favorite pastime for many. Without a snowmobile on the cherished lake can not get, and run through the woods for the game up to the waist in the snow is no fun. It is such a “toy” is not a little. from 80 000. What needs to be prepared: a suitable sled with skis or tracks. The sledge itself can be welded from a steel or, better yet, aluminum angle. The lighter the construction, the faster it will run. As a basis, you can take the device of children’s snowcat on three skis according to this scheme:

The impulse to move the homemade machine is transmitted from the chainsaw to the caterpillar with hooks, which pushes the sledge forward. You can replace the track with a paddle with 7-8 blades, it is installed under the seat. The engine installation principle is the same as on a snowmobile. with a drive and gears from a motorcycle or moped.

As the engine for a snowmobile from a chain saw can be used “Druzhba” or more modern models, such as “STIHL. Helm is suitable from an old bike, it displays the control motor, or if possible, adjust immediately to the design from a moped. there all the control is ready.

Brakes on snowmobiles were invented by cowards. But in fact, with the chainsaw engine, it doesn’t reach dangerous speeds, so you just have to drop the throttle. Don’t get your hopes up, no traffic police will register such a product. So you can not move it on the roads. But at least you don’t have to pay tax or pass a technical inspection. For riding in the dark, do not forget to put a light on the construction.

How to make a snowmobile from a chainsaw

Makeshift sawmill from an ordinary chainsaw

In a private home construction never stops. You have built a house. you have conceived a gazebo, finished gazebo. you need a garage, a fence, a shed, a dog cage. It goes on and on and on. If there is no extra money, it is cheaper to buy round timber and unbark it into boards of needed size. You can make a home sawmill from the same chainsaw.

PictureDescription of work
Regular nuts are replaced by special fasteners, they are bored out of hexahedron.
On the sawing table on a metal tube set a movable sleeve with a platform for mounting the saw.
Adjust the thickness of the board with the help of sliding struts. The higher you raise the posts. the thicker the board will be.
All that remains is to fix the saw to the movable socket with hexes and work.

A primitive device for sawing can also be made at the place where trees are felled. To work it is not necessary to change the design of the unit, you will only need to make a small device for a chainsaw, guiding the movement of the bar. See how to do it:

Ice Drill from a chainsaw with their own hands: scheme and practice

They say that you won’t get a fish out of the pond without hard work, but in wintertime I’d like to limit this work to jerking a mormys. An avid fisherman never limits himself to one hole.

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Three, five or even more holes are a guarantee of success

But if the ice is 0.5 m thick, most of the time you will spend drilling, losing energy and mood. The ice drill will help to cope with this task quickly and effortlessly. Let’s see how much such a gadget costs: from 8,000. Why buy it, if you have a chain saw at hand? To make an ice drill, you’ll need an old electric drill, which will be used to make the drive. How to make an ice drill from a chainsaw with your own hands:

ImageDescription of work
You need the gearbox for the power drill.
From a part of the armature from the drill, the bushing and the head on 27 need to make such tool. This is the sleeve that will transfer the rotation to the auger.
One more element to make with our own hands from a piece of metal and a pipe. This is the attachment for the gearbox.
The fastening structure is fixed on the saw with two bolts.
This is how the gearbox with hub fixed on the saw looks like.
The drill bit is inserted into the sleeve. The drill pipe will be put on it in the future and fixed with a bolt.

How the homemade construction will work is shown in

Chainsaw motor drill with your own hands

The power drill works on the same principle as the ice drill. The only difference may be in the nozzle. In land works, the speed of rotation of the spiral should not be too high, so the homemade design should provide for adjustment of the speed and a simple shutdown.

It is preferable to use a worm gear for the motor auger

A boat motor from a chainsaw with your own hands

The power is the same, but the cost of the motor is five times cheaper! And what, tell me, is the point in buying an expensive boat engine?

Yes, you can’t get away from the fish nadzor on such a motor, but if you’re for fair fishing. it will be quite enough to get to the place

Manufacturers of chainsaws have long ago clarified all these points and quite officially produce to them all sorts of attachments. from the drill to the drive with a propeller. The price for boat nozzle. 5 000-6 000 It is not necessary to make essential changes in the design of the saw, which means that after fishing you can easily change the nozzle and cut wood for the fire. Now about how to set up a homemade drive for the boat:

ImageDescription of work
Remove the guide bar and the tensioning device from the saw.
The lower part of the stand with the screw is made of a gearbox from a drill, a cone from a lawnmower, an oil seal and the screw itself.
Tubing with reinforcing ribs made of aluminum.
To fix the motor on the boat transom we use the clamp. A platform is welded to it for fixing the motor.
To connect the propeller with the motor, the author of the project uses a coupling made of vtoroplast.
The motor platform is movable, its movement is controlled by a handle. Power control is also on the handle.
Install the saw in such a way that the sprocket fits into the socket and the standard bolts lock the motor on the table.
Suitable nuts have to be prepared for mounting, OEM nuts are not suitable.

How to Make a Chainsaw Chain From a 100 Foot Reel

And now the material on how this device works in practice:

How to make a moped from a bicycle and chainsaw

This moped from a Druzhba chainsaw is the most popular of the options that can be made with your own hands. He who is on a moped. always the first guy in the village, so many craftsmen start with such a device.

To turn a bicycle into a moped with your own hands from a chainsaw will require ingenuity and a minimum of engineering knowledge

A driven pulley is installed on the rear wheel, the engine is securely welded to the frame. How it will look like as a result in this story:

Moped from a Druzhba chainsaw is quite powerful, so be extremely careful and do not forget about the rules of the road!

Continuing the auto theme: karting with their own hands from a chainsaw

Young karting coaches know that more than one engine will burn out in the learning process. The problem is that the child gets lost in the speed of the machine. For this reason it is quite enough to start a training kart with a chainsaw motorcycle.

The construction of a go-kart is primitive: a frame, a seat, a steering wheel and the engine. The principle of mounting the engine is the same as on a moped, the only difference is where it is mounted. This is what it looks like:

In such a karting kids can race without risk on the track adapted for this, and the speed will be quite decent. up to 80 km / h.

If there is a mood, you can construct a Mad Max car from such a card, it will produce a furor among your neighbors

Generator from a chainsaw with my own hands

Among the tools for survival in any conditions, the generator is not the last place. What to do if your dacha suddenly lost power, and you, in addition to being left without light, and the heating will stop working without a pump. For your own safety it is better to prepare in advance the simplest generator from a chainsaw.

All you need is an old alternator from your car, a chainsaw and a bicycle chain with sprockets

To transfer the torque element, use a bicycle gear. In this case the saw should be run at minimum rpm.

The winch from a chainsaw

A winch is often needed in the economy: it will be useful at construction sites for lifting building materials, pulling transport from the impassable spring mud, and in many other unforeseen situations. Again, a chainsaw will help mechanize this device.

But you should remember: with a heavy load, the chainsaw engine can burn out

On sale there are ready-made nozzles. winches. They work this way:

But you can make a simple device with your own hands. You’ll need to make a sturdy metal frame to which you’ll attach the motor and mount the gearshaft.

Chainsaw with their own hands from a chainsaw, or how to make an angle grinder

A chain saw is the same as an angle grinder, independent of the electric drive. Agree, it is a necessary tool in the economy. To make it, you will need a unit from an angle grinder, a fairly powerful chainsaw, a belt and a pair of tires. How to make an angle grinder from a chainsaw:

The advantage of the resulting tool is that it is fully autonomous and has good power. It is arguably superior to any factory-made electric angle grinder. It is only necessary to take into account that the device is dangerous and requires a very careful approach. The most common problem is a burst disk, its splinters can cause serious injury. That’s why it is strictly forbidden to work with such a tool without a protective cover.

A toy for adults: a radio-controlled car from a chainsaw

And this toy is definitely not for kids. It is hard to say what practical use can be found for a radio-controlled machine made of a chainsaw, but its creators were hardly looking for it. For keen modelers, a full report on the device:

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In machines and devices for various purposes, chains are used to transmit mechanical forces to connected units. It carries a lot of physical strain. Which the chain, made of strong alloys, is able to endure.

The manufacturing process is not an easy one, so be patient. Experience in forging metal is also necessary. Bicycle or car chains have different metal compositions. Depends on the load of the used “donor”.

Professional knife makers advise to use high-alloy steel plate between two chain liners. A kind of “sandwich” is welded by forge welding, and the metal package will result in excellent cutting qualities and aesthetic appeal of the product.

What useful home-made items can be made from a chainsaw?

The chainsaw is very popular among home craftsmen, as it is a universal drive for original homemade designs.

Low weight and solid power, combined with compact size, allows to combine this “logger’s dream” with an ice drill and a bicycle, a sawmill and a winch.

Interesting homemade chainsaw can be made by anyone who is confident in working with a welder, angle grinder, and if necessary can get up and to the lathe.

In this case the knowledge of bases of constructing and drawing will be very useful, as the accuracy of all sizes and quality of assemblage are the main conditions of normal operation of the unit, driven by a chainsaw.

Without going into technical details, let’s consider options for the most interesting designs with its use.

Friday homemade chainsaw crafts!

The chainsaw is very popular among home masters, as it is a universal drive for original homemade structures.

Low weight and solid power, combined with compact size, make it possible to combine this “logger’s dream” with an ice pick and a bicycle, a sawmill and a winch.

Interesting homemade chainsaw with their own hands can make anyone who confidently works with a welder, angle grinder, and, if necessary, can get up and to the lathe.

In this case, the knowledge of the basics of construction and drawing will be very useful, since the accuracy of all dimensions and quality of assembly. the main conditions for the normal operation of the unit, powered by a chainsaw.

Without going into technical details, let’s look at the variants of the most interesting designs with its use.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about what you can do with a chainsaw is to use it as a sawmill. Many builders had to dissolve logs into logs with this tool.

When holding the saw in your hands, it is hard to control the accuracy of the cutting length. That’s why if a log is three or four meters long it swings out of alignment with the guide line. The solution to this problem can be quite simple. To do this, the chainsaw is rigidly fixed to the frame that slides along the guide profile.

In this case the log lies flat and is cut cleanly along the entire length without wiggle marks or slanting joints. If such a mobile carriage is equipped with four lifting screws, it is possible to precisely set the thickness of the log to be sawn.

On planks sawing from a chainsaw will also work without problems, only in this case there will be too much waste, since its cutting chain is several times thicker than a band saw.

A light makeshift snowmobile from a chainsaw is more difficult to design than a sawmill, because you need to put the gas and the clutch on the handlebars, as well as take care of shock-absorbing suspension of the carrier frame.

Besides, you need to develop yourself or use ready-made drawings of the track and properly transfer the torque of sufficient power from the motor to it. Since a chainsaw has no transmission of its own, this snowmobile is equipped with a centrifugal clutch with a poly-V belt and a chain.

To increase traction, a “traction” gear with a diameter larger than the size of the chain saw’s drive sprocket is put on the track’s drive shaft.

With the steering mechanism usually no problems, because it is taken from a normal bicycle or scooter and modify so that the central axis moves the rods that turn the ski. Power of the snowmobile engine must be at least 5 horsepower, so for this purpose it is better to use a chainsaw Ural.

The winter range of homemade vehicles will be complemented by a snowmobile made of a chainsaw, which is structurally simpler than a snowmobile. They are powered by a large-diameter propeller, which directly turns the gasoline engine.

A significant limitation for the cross-country ability of such a machine is the low power of the chainsaw. Therefore they can only move on the flat surface of the rolled snow, ice frozen lake or river. For travel in the fields will need an engine with at least 12 horsepower.

The same should know and those home inventors who would like to make a gasoline-powered helicopter of the backpack type. Such a machine requires not one, but at least two engines, working in a coordinated mode.

This vehicle is most often made for the sake of principle, not for practical use. The main driving force in its creator is the desire to test his strength as a mechanic and prove to those around him the option of original use of this cutting tool.

The base for the construction usually becomes an old grandfather’s chainsaw Druzhba and no less ancient bicycle, with which you can carry out any experiments on remaking the frame for the installation of the drive.

The power transfer is carried out through a gear pair by means of a bicycle chain, and the start of such a homemade machine reminds of the preparation for firewood cutting.

Less common are more advanced models, the base for which becomes a mountain bike, equipped with reliable brakes and shock absorbers. Such a moped from a chainsaw is equipped with a gearbox with a ratio of 18:1 and variator gear, which allows you to comfortably move it with the speed of an ordinary bicycle.

This variant of using a chainsaw is quite simple, because the task here is to transfer the torque from the saw motor to the propeller. The homemade boat motor does not need a transmission to be installed. It will require to make on a lathe a reliable adapter from the saw’s drive pinion to the propeller shaft. The propeller can be used from a standard boat motor.

The photo shows a version with a gearbox in front of the propeller, which changes the angle of rotation of the shaft by 90 degrees. The simpler models do without it, fixing the engine on the boat so that the shaft is immersed in the water at a slight angle.

It is difficult to make a full-fledged single-axle tractor out of a chainsaw because of the lack of power and traction. But many home hobbyists were able to make a lightweight motocultivator on its base.

The design of such a machine is very simple: the motor rotates a pair of gears and transmits increased traction to a single drive wheel.

It is all the same to a chainsaw’s motor what it rotates. the cutting chain or the snowplow’s auger mechanism. Here everything depends only on the creator’s design abilities and ingenuity.

Using a STIHL chainsaw with about 3 kW power, you can easily build a pretty good device for clearing loose snow. To simplify the design, some craftsmen refuse to install wheels, using conventional sledding skids.

The most critical part, which depends on how well the homemade snowthrower to cope with their work is an auger unit. It is powered by a pair of gears and a chain. The blades are made of thick cord rubber, and the intake device of galvanized steel sheet.

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The most daring inventors have long considered using a chainsaw as a propulsion system for an airplane. However, the “power” of this instrument for mastering the airspace is not enough. So no one has yet been able to make a backpack helicopter out of a chainsaw.

The calculations have shown that this requires at least four chain saws (total power of 20 liters or more).с.) of a forced design, which would allow them to increase the speed several times and work in a coordinated mode.

This device will come in handy not only when building a fence or foundation from helical piles, but also during winter fishing, when you have to drill dozens of holes in thick ice.

A motor winch is a very useful device, because with its help you can not only easily pull out a jammed car, but also submit a heavy load to the height, pull a boat to dry land or move a cut tree.

The power of such a self-made machine depends on the power of the used chainsaw, and its pulling force can reach 1500 kg. Such a winch must be equipped with a sling belt, hooks and anchors for attaching to the ground, a tree trunk or a car.

The camping power plant is assembled on the basis of Ural or Druzhba chainsaws. It consists of a frame, motor with gear reducer, control panel, generator and connecting electrical cables.

A good owner will not throw anything away for nothing, especially when quality metal is involved. If you know a thing or two about heat treating metal, you can make a one-piece cutter from a used chain.

Serious competitors to the chainsaw in the wild are Beavers, which have other advantages besides self-sharpening teeth)

Recommendations on how to sharpen a chainsaw chain at home and prevent rapid blunting

A chain for a saw is a metal base with links connected in series, which have teeth characterized by cutting properties. They can be improved by sharpening the chain of a chainsaw at home, but it is necessary to follow the rules and use special tools designed for this purpose. The latter can be homemade or factory-made.

Hand saw made of chain from a chainsaw

Homemade hand saw made from an old chain from a chainsaw: photo of the step-by-step making of a homemade device.

The craftsman has found a use for an old chain from a chainsaw, making from it a simple and practical hand saw. The device has a compact size, which allows its use in hiking conditions.

The whole process of making a home-made device is shown in these pictures. From a square or round tube to make a handle for the saw, saw off two 12 cm long blanks from the tube.

Then in the center of each pipe you need to drill a hole with a diameter of 10 mm, you can first drill with a smaller diameter drill, then with a 10 mm drill.

The result is these two handles for the saw.

make, chainsaw, chain

We take the chain from the chainsaw and saw it in one place.

Half Priced Chainsaw Chain!!! How to make your own loops of Chainsaw Chain

Now each end of the chain needs to be inserted into the hole in the handles and welded with a welder

Do not throw away old chainsaw Awesome DIY Tool Idea

That’s all, homemade hand saw is ready, to use the device is fairly simple, enough saw tossed on a tree or branch and pull the chain to yourself by the handles in turn. This way you can easily cut a small tree or branch.

Motor cultivator, snowthrower, ice pick and drill with their own hands

Motor from a chainsaw is also an excellent idea for creating a motocultivator, designed for plowing virgin land (for light soils). To work with dense and wet soils, the power and torque of the engine is most likely not enough, but for loosening the surface layer and removing the remaining roots of weeds in the ground, a cultivator from a chainsaw will be enough. The main part of the device is a rotating cutter, due to which the movement of technology on the site.

If you replace the shaft with ploughshares with an auger, as well as equip the design with a snow removal device and a pipe for snow removal, the cultivator turns into a snowplow. The motor from any saw with 3-5 horsepower will be more than enough for cleaning loose snow on the plot. It is important only to perform a convenient auger mechanism. Blades made of thick rubber are most often used for this purpose. Galvanized steel parts would work as a fence. It is easy to throw snow by installing a plastic pipe with a large diameter.

Drilling through ice or frozen ground with hand tools is quite a long and physically demanding task. Creating a power drill with their own hands will greatly simplify this task. In this case, in addition to the motor, you need to have a gearbox, which regulates the number of revolutions per minute, because such a strong rotation, as a chainsaw, the device is not required.

To create a power or ice drill with their own hands, the first thing you will need to do. to make a solid body, which is a truncated pyramid consisting of two rectangles of different sizes. Need an angle grinder, welder and metal pipes. It is inside this frame and will be installed gearbox, respectively, the dimensions of the housing will directly depend on the size of the gearbox.

make, chainsaw, chain

For reliability, experts recommend that as an auger to take a part of a good motobuyer, made of solid steel, because low-quality material will not withstand heavy loads. Another important issue is the reliable attachment of the drill, which can be carried out with an ordinary pipe, fixed on both sides with dowels or pins. This method of fixing will allow you to change drills or use other devices for work.

single axle tractor with its own hands from a chainsaw

For the construction of this device a gasoline chainsaw engine and a 2-speed chain gear are used. The frame with the structure located on it can be welded from metal profile (32×32). A motor with a gear is attached to the cross-rails of the upper frame. The fuel tank is mounted on a support made of 15×15 angle.

What you can make from a chain from a chainsaw

Hello, here is made a hand saw from a chain from a chainsaw DESCRIPTION: Take the chain from a benzo-trimer, grind a rivet on it on a sharpening skunk and parted chain, knocked out on it a rivet core, after taking two casings from a gun 16kalibrovye brass and cut a groove in them for the insertion of the chain ends and screw the screw, and fill the lead, and the other side, After removing the excess lead that ran out of the holes and finished, but I put in the remaining space matches, and the other wadding, cut wadding and inserted then poured a candle (paraffin) and went to check on the wood, saws perfectly, but will need to sharpen better to go like oil.

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