Where to find calibration tools on skadovsk

Following southwest on the railroad track coming from Janov Station, the player will reach an abandoned train with a drifting anomaly inside. You can get inside the train through the hatch in the roof of the next carriage. Jump from the bridge to the roof of the train, wait until the anomaly gets to the end of the carriage and turns around, then jump and follow it to the vestibule between the cars. Next, you should run the anomaly past yourself in the opposite direction and, running through the first carriage, grab the box of tools for fine work, lying on the last seat on the left side, then quickly retreat through the window in the vestibule.

The second toolkit is in the building of the old KBO. Through a breach in the wall, the player enters the first floor and follows through a hall with anomalies to a flight of stairs on the opposite side of the building. Having ascended to the second floor, the hero must be ready to repel a burer attack and go to the next room, where on a shelf cluttered with boxes lies a set of tools for calibration.

“S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat is a computer game whose plot is to find the reasons that led to the crash of five helicopters performing a special operation called “Farwater”. All events take place in Pripyat. A city on the river, three kilometers from Chernobyl.

A mission to find a mysterious place with lots of artifacts called “Oasis” is given by Professor Ozersky to confirm or disprove the rumor that “Oasis” exists in the “Exclusion Zone”. Once found it is necessary to check whether the “Heart of Oasis” really exists. Artifact, which according to the legends was formed in this place.

From this video you will learn where and how to collect tools.

Weapon Systems Expert” achievement. Weapon Systems Expert in Stalker: The Call of Pripyat can be acquired after Kardan receives three sets of tools for modifying items. Modifications are divided into three levels and require different tools. First level improvements require tools for rough work, second level. tools for fine work, third level. tools for calibration. Full improvement of weapons and equipment in “Stalker: The Call of Pripyat” is available to Kardan in his own workshop on the middle deck of the “Skadovsk” in Zaton and on Janov Station in the vicinity of “Jupiter. from the Scientists’ Bunker only improves equipment, and Lieutenant Kirillov in the Pripyat laundry only deals with repairing things.

Thanks to the calibration tools Kardan will be able to make third level improvements and install unique servos on the exoskeleton for running and fast walking.

Tools for rough work

The first piece is at the sawmill. in the attic of the northernmost house with the destroyed wall. The tools are on the machine. In addition to them on this loft there is a lot of useful stuff.

The second copy can be found in the train carriage under the bridge just southwest of Janow station. To get into the car, you need to jump off the bridge onto the roof of the train and walk to the end of the train, where there will be a hatch. Inside the train wanders an anomaly Tesla. You can dodge her by walking away from her. on the passenger seats or in the vestibule. Beware of dangling anomalies Burning Fluff. The toolkit is at the opposite end of the train, on the passenger seat on the left. There is also a way out of the train.

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Where to find tools in Call of Chernobyl

Call of Chernobyl. is a project that promises the player not only gameplay and graphical changes, but also a fascinating storyline with a wide range of weapons. As the story progresses, the player will often be given tasks to find tools, it is not only a good way to earn money, but also in the aftermath a good chance to make a full upgrade of their weapons and armor. Sometimes in the midst of the passage, the question of where to find tools in the call of Chernobyl, become a vital necessity.

The appearance of calibration tools, fine and rough work in the game Call of Chernobyl, is absolutely random, so their appearance in the game location can be completely unpredictable. However, there are a few guidelines, sticking to which during the passage you will relatively quickly be able to find all three sets of.

  • A great chance to find the tools, gives the taking and performing the tasks of various stalkers. For completing them the main character will get the coordinates of geocaches and caches where you can find the tools.
  • Do not ignore the found PDA, they can be source of information about tool caches as well.
  • A third option for obtaining information about the tools can be captured enemies. So do not rush to immediately kill the enemy, he can be wounded and interrogated. it can give additional tips on the caches, though with a small chance.

Further we will try to give the coordinates and places already found kits with tools, so hope that this information can simplify your search. However, remember that your passing and the chosen grouping at the beginning of the game can be very different and make adjustments.

  • at the location of amber, you can work as a guide and for each successful completion of the task can get a set of tools.
  • on the location Rostock, in one of the boxes at the bartender.
  • playing as a military, they can be obtained by performing a military exercises.
  • on location Cordon, in one of the green military boxes, next to the tunnel that leads through the railway embankment, look for it on the side of the pig farm.
  • on the territory of the bar, if you look from the side of the arena, there will be a stash with the tools on the vent.
  • playing for the military faction, completing one of the tasks you will get a cache of tools located near the entrance to NII Agroprom

Successful searches will only depend on your desire and the attentive completion of quests and tasks given by the characters. Get information about geocaches, do not pass by interesting places, talk to stalkers, pay attention to found PDAs, and the question of where to find tools in Call of Chernobyl. will become a thing of the past for you.

Where to find tools for calibration: The Call of Pripyat

If you have played any of the projects of the “Stalker” series, then you know that most of the tasks there are not diverse. You find the person who wants to give you a quest, get instructions from them, go in search of the right person, artifact, place or item, bring that item and get a reward. However, it is worth noting that the passage of these quests does not bore you, because you are never given an exact lead. You need to find all the information about the location of the items by yourself. That is why such tasks never cease to be exciting. For example, users very often have problems when they need to find tools for calibration. “The Call of Pripyat.”. this is a game that will make you run through the locations and look for the necessary objects. But if you have no desire to spend so much time, you can use this little guide.

Getting the quest

So, the first thing you need to do is to find those characters who need tools for calibration. “Call of Pripyat” marks those characters who have something to tell you, so you can easily find mechanics Kardan or Azot. The first one works at Skadovsk station, and the other one. at Janov’s station. It makes no difference which one you go to because they both offer you the same quest. To get it you need to ask in a dialogue with them if they have any work for you. That’s when you’ll get the quest, in the course of which you’ll need to find calibration tools. “The Call of Pripyat.”. this is not the kind of game where you can be given a quest to find just one item. The fact is that in addition to these tools, you will need to find several other types of.

Search for other tools

You’ll have to spend a little more time searching for rough and fine tools before you can find the calibration tools. “Call of Pripyat”. is a project in which you will constantly be tossed similar tasks, so you are unlikely to be surprised when you get this quest. So, it is worth saying at once that there will be two boxes of each tool, which will be located in completely different locations. When you go looking for roughy tools, you will need to visit the sawmill on Zaton and the train around Jupiter. When you get to the tools for fine work, go first to the Zaton substation shop, and then to the warehouses that are near the anomaly Concrete Bath, located in Jupiter. However, there is no point in dwelling on these places, because the main purpose of this guide. is to tell you where the calibration tools are. “Stalker: The Call of Pripyat”. this is a game where you will have to prioritize more than once, and in this case you had better complete these tasks as soon as possible for several reasons, which will be discussed later.

First set of tools

So, go on a search, the purpose of which is. calibration tools. “Stalker: The Call of Pripyat” has quite an impressive number of locations, so it is better to determine at once where exactly you need to go. You can find both kits in Pripyat, so you don’t have to go far, but there may be some difficulty in obtaining these kits. Head to the department store, where pseudo-dogs and blind dogs will be constantly running around and you will have to deal with them to get inside. Here you are interested in the basement, the entrance to which, however, is blocked by tushkans. But don’t rush the attack, because they won’t touch you. they’re going into the basement in droves. They will lead you to the first tool kit that is needed for this quest in the game “Stalker”. The calibration tools are in your inventory, but you need to get another set.

Second set of tools

With the second set of tools everything is much more difficult, because more complicated battles await you. Go to the old Household Services Combine, but be prepared for a fierce fight ahead. There are two floors in the building, and on the first one you will meet a lot of electricians, so you will need to destroy them methodically. Don’t try to get past them to the second floor, because you’ll only make things worse for yourself. When all the electras have been destroyed, take a breath and go up to the second floor, where an even more difficult battle with a burer awaits you. Once you have killed him, you will need to look into the small adjoining room. there will lie the tools for calibration. The kits are complete. It’s time to get back to the mechanic.


When you pass the tools to one of the mechanics, you will get a pretty impressive reward. In money it will be 7400, but that’s not all you will be offered. For your efforts you will be able to conduct all possible first and second level upgrades, as well as some third level upgrades.

Calibration Tools. Pripyat

Almost all the tools you need to improve your equipment in the game “Stalker” are already collected. Pripyat is the only location where you can find the last two kits. The first one is in the building of the department store. Make your way inside, while opening the doors to a pack of stewpokes. they’re non-aggressive if you don’t attack them. Mutants will guide you through the maze of corridors in the store. Do not hurry to follow them deep into the basement. the kit lies right by the stairs on the table.

The second set is located in the building of the old Consumer Services Combine (CSC). Carefully walk past the electrical anomalies and up to the second floor. Kill a Burer, one of the strongest mutants in the game. Experienced players prefer to do it with a knife. After the massacre go to the small room at the end of the hall. On the table you will find the last toolkit of the game. Take out his equipment and complete the modification of your equipment!

S.T.A.L.K.E.R extremely popular game by Ukrainian developer, that sold out in millions all over the world. The feature is not only the standard enemies in the form of mutated creatures of Chernobyl and zombified stalkers, but also the radioactive environment, which greatly complicates the game. To pass the missions in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. You need a special technique, which is not easy to find. In order to understand where to find tools in Stalker, you must run the location up and down, look in the most unexpected places and show ingenuity. But there are certain geocaches in which you can always get something to eat.

Professional Set of Tools for Fine Tuning. The inscription on the box says that the set was made in the GDR. Included is enough for almost any tuning or calibration job.

Pripyat. under the old department store building

Where to find tools in stalker zov pripyati, with which you can improve the combat equipment and weapons, worries a large number of those who take up to conquer the stalker world.

In today’s article, we’ll detail all the nuances of where to find tools in stalker zov pripyati.

Initially, the quest task to find thin, rough or tools for calibration on the game is taken from the NPC Kardan, your hero meets in Skadovsk on the loka under the name “Zaton.

Before you search for tools in stalker zov pripyati, you must find the NPC mechanic Azot. And this guy lives in the location of the station “Yanov” in the exclusion zone.

STALKER: Call of Pripyat TOOL LOCATIONS GUIDE with Commentary

Kardan and Nitrogen are technicians, ordering you to find three types of game tools. They come in rough, fine and for calibration.

How to beginner players to understand how to find tools in Stalker zov pripyati Kardanu? You have to look in all three lokas, which is incredibly exhausting. In stalker zov pripyati where to find tools you will not need a map, because in three locations do not get lost.

And you begin your quest in Zaton, one of the game’s locations. In the Sawmill, in a dilapidated attic of an old house, find a workbench. On it you will find tools for rough work. At the substation, where organized mercenary base, in the boxes look for a second set of. These are the tools for fine craftsmanship.

Another set of tools for roughing awaits you in the territory of the Yangs. You have to walk from the station on the rails to the bridge. Already under the bridge you will see a view of the dilapidated carriages, in one of them there are anomalous phenomena and lying tools. Just jump onto the roof of the wagon from the bridge and climb into the hatch compartment.

At the factory Jupiter, in one of the buildings in the attic will be tools for rough work.

Two sets of calibration in the story are on the map of Pripyat: the very first in the basement of the Department Store with tushkans, and the second. In the Household Services Combine on another floor with Burerr.

As everyone knows, the game is not limited to only one pure game, and there are plenty of modifications, one of which. Black Stalker. This mod is considered an update of the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Zov Pripyati, but with an augmented and improved. Also constantly asked by players in zov pripyati black stalker where to find tools. The same where you can find them in the original version, but the Sawmill has two lofts, and on the available will not have the tools, you need to look for the second.

For players S.T.A.L.K.E.R Zov Pripyati: MISERY, we suggest you watch a video of stalker zov pripyati misery where to find tools:

Another selection on stalker zov pripyati deserter where to find tools:

We suggest you watch stalker zov pripyati where to find tools in the game:

very much hope that by now you know exactly the answer to the question of where to find tools in stalker zov pripyati and our prepared material has helped somehow in the passing of S.T.A.L.K.E.R Zov Pripyati.

In order to find tools in the game “Stalker: The Call of Pripyat”, you must first take a task from one of the repairmen. There are only two of them throughout the game. They are Kardan from the dry cargo ship “Skadovsk” and Nitrogen from the station “Janov. Since we start in the location Zaton, where “Skadovsk” is located, consider the option with Kardan. Also on Zaton are the first two sets of tools. for rough and fine-tuning. To get the tools for calibration, you need to get to Pripyat. The first two sets are much easier to get. Although this is a side quest, it is worth doing it at the beginning, when we have not yet had time to quarrel with everyone. In this case it is possible to find all the tools almost without a single shot.

/ / get to the sawmill, destroy the zombaks. For simple performance of step 6 collect from the corpses all the food that they have. Find the necessary set of tools for rough tuning in the attic of the sawmill.

/ Find on the map Substation workshops.

/ Get to the workshops of the substation, neutralize the mercenaries in one way or another. If at the time of paragraph 3 gathered enough food, the issue is easily resolved by sharing. They all have enough for five sticks of sausage and a can of Tourist’s Breakfast.

/ Find in the territory under the control of mercenaries set for fine-tuning weapons. Located in the yard, on a crate next to two resting hires.

/ Get to Pripyat.

/ In Pripyat find a department store on the map, bypass the extra trouble to get to it and find the entrance to the basement.

/ / Follow the tushkans to the basement of the department store, which will lead to the necessary room.


The first two sets of weapons are duplicated, they are also available in the vicinity of Jupiter, where Nitrogen lives in his station “Janov”. The last, calibration kit also exists in two versions, but both of them are in Pripyat. Of the last two it is easier to get the one in the basement of the department store.

We considered the most unobtrusive options for mining tools. They’re not hard to find, and you’ll have minimal problems along the way if you don’t look for them purposefully. The only problem with the last set is getting to Pripyat, but it still has to be done in the course of the game, so this quest can be called not only incidental, but also incidental.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R An extremely popular game by a Ukrainian developer that has sold millions of copies worldwide. Not only are the standard enemies in the form of mutated creatures of Chernobyl and zombified stalkers, but the radioactive environment, which greatly complicates the game. To complete the missions in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. You need a special technique, which is not easy to find. To understand where to find the tools in Stalker, you need to examine the location far and wide, look into the most unexpected places and be smart. But there are certain hiding places, where you can always get something.

stalker zov pripyati where the calibration tools are

As conceived by the developers of the game, tools for calibration. a certain item on the quest chain. Quest gives you the characters Nitrogen and Kardan in the game location “Pripyat. In in-game representation, this is a special set of superwizard tools needed for sophisticated tweaking of equipment. The calibration tools themselves are German-made. The kit includes everything you need to successfully conduct things of varying difficulty, allowing you to configure and calibrate any weapon.

Where in stalker zov pripyati to find tools for calibration? The very first set of tools is located in the basement of the “Department Store” location. The basement corridor is crawling with tushkas, who are not too serious for your hero. Just follow them safely, don’t shoot, and they won’t pay any attention to you. If you follow them, these critters will lead you straight to the first set of calibration tools you need for the quest.

Many people claim that the second set is in stalker zov pripyati calibration tools zaton. And this statement is incorrect and misleading. There are no calibration tools in the location called “The Hall”.

it is found that the game stalker zov pripyati tools calibration, or rather the second set of tools, is located in the location “Combine of household services” (abbreviated as “KBO”). This is a very ruined and abandoned building, with danger waiting for you inside. On the central floor you’ll encounter the most dangerous anomaly, the Electra.

It strikes with very high electric currents. The diameter of this anomaly is over ten meters. If you disturb it, you will get the most powerful charge of dozens of mini lightning bolts. To pass the anomaly you should have at least four expensive artifacts. batteries. They increase the muscle tone of the hero.

On the second floor of the BWC there is another obstacle in the form of the mutant Burer. This is a humanoid creature dressed in rags. Very small in appearance, but much stronger than it looks. It moves quickly and uses gravity in doing so: it throws and tosses objects and can wrestle your weapon from your hands. Your task is to be more careful. When approaching the Burer, try to shoot him in the head. it is his weakest point. You can throw grenades, but the consequences are unpredictable, as he can throw this grenade back at you. If you don’t want Burer to rip your weapon out of your hands, then use the knife while Burer is applying the gravity field. Another trick or trick in a fight with a mutant. scatter the garbage on the ground (bolts) and Burer will waste time throwing this garbage, but you-then they will not cause any damage.

After killing the Burer from the BWC, you will find a second calibration kit.

In the presented video is a very detailed analysis of the aspect of the prosperous search in stalker zov pripyati tools for calibration


On this map, the blue dots mark the locations of the tools:

By delivering tools to the two technicians, they can improve your weapons and armor. To start the quest with the tools you need to talk to the tech and agree to bring them.

Substation Workshops

After you talk to technician Kardan on the ship, go to the “Substation Workshop”, the first set of tools is located there. It will not be as easy as you would like to get it, because the workshops are guarded by mercenaries. What to do with them is up to you. You can either kill them or make friends with them by feeding them something tasty.

After you have taken care of the mercenaries, go to the patio. To get to the patio you can go through the long building.


The first set of tools you have. Now you need to figure out where to find more tools in Stalker. For this, go to the sawmill, where you are again in for an unpleasant surprise. half a hundred zombies. It’s not easy to deal with them, but for an experienced stalker it should take about five minutes.

Now you need to find the house where the ZIL was parked in ’86. An old, dilapidated machine. Go inside and climb up to the attic. Here look carefully, in a pile of old ammunition in one of the boxes are tools. Look in the far box that builds in the corner. Now you have two sets and you can go on.

find, calibration, tools, skadovsk

Go to the second location, where another technician, Nitrogen, is waiting for you. Get a quest from him and go in search of tools.


The first tool kit is in the train under the car bridge. To get inside, you need to jump from the bridge to the roof of the train and go to the last car, there is an open hatch. Once on the train, move very quickly, as radiation levels can kill your stalker. Once you get to the first car, find the tools on the seat and get out quickly through the window.


Head to the Jupiter factory warehouses, which is south of the Concrete Bath. Go up to the second floor and look for a path between anomalies and pipes. Once inside, you will see a green cupboard, which are the necessary tools for fine work.

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