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How to choose a corner grinder for home and cottage

Corner grinding machine can always be needed in the household. No construction or repair is complete without it. The stores represent many different brands of household and professional technology, this complicates the choice. If you are not a pro and do not know how to choose a corner grinder, you are unlikely to purchase an optimal tool.

Place Model
one. Bosch GWS 660-125, 660 W, 125 mm Prices Review
2. Makita GA5030, 720 W, 125 mm Prices Review
3. DEWALT DCG405N, 125 mm Prices Review
4. Metabo W 650-125, 650 W, 125 mm Prices Review
5. Hammer USM1650D, 1650 W, 180 mm Prices Review
6. Metabo W 2200-230 606435010, 2200 W, 230 mm Prices Review
7. Bosch GWS 9-125 S, 900 W, 125 mm Prices Review

Wosai WS-J7

Wosai produces a lot of high.Quality tools at democratic prices. One of these tools is the battery angular grinder. This model is designed for use with 125 mm circles, a tool is fed from a 20V lithium battery, the electrical capacity of which can be selected when ordering. Also, when placing an order, you can purchase an additional battery, and a bag for transporting the tool. There is delivery from the warehouse located in

Experts selected 5 best models into the rating of batteries. The diameter of the disk 125 mm is considered the most popular size for household corner grinder, provides a cut depth to 35 mm.

DEWALT DCG405N, 125 mm

Unit from the American Dewalt company with a browned engine and the maximum speed of the disk 9000 rpm. Fits from a lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 18 volts. The electronic background protection system ensures the safety of operation when closing the equipment.

Additional handle;

Mesh filter on ventilation holes;

Combination of compactness and high power.

which, battery, free, grinder

Makita DGA504RF, 125 mm

The model is inferior to the previous nominee in the speed of the disk (8500 rpm). Also equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3 Ah per 18 V. In addition to fixing the spindle and smooth launch into the corner grinder, protection against overheating is provided, the block button block. Which increases the price of the unit.

Case in the configuration;

which, battery, free, grinder

Auxiliary handle;

DIY Electric Rotary Tool kit with 163 pcs Accessories

Brighting engine.

Bosch Gws 180-Li 4.0ach X1, GAL 18V-40 case, 125 mm

The high price of the corner grinder is due to the size of the disk rotation, which is 11,000 rpm, the presence of a grave engine and a 4 Ah battery, which provides a long period of continuous operation. Hold the tool in your hands allows an additional handle. The convenience of changing equipment guarantees spindle locking.

Overload protection;

2 batteries and cases in the kit;

Quick.Packed protective casing.

Patriot AG 125UES, 125 mm

Budget corner grinder works at a speed of 8000 rpm. Equipped with a bronnial engine, a reliable system of protection against dust, rubbed with a handle, a single battery platform. Allowing you to connect to different tools.

Anti.Vibration hilt;

Good functionality;

Build quality.

Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick 3.5ach x1 box, 125 mm

The best battery angular grinder according to user reviews works at a speed of 9000 rpm. Equipped with a brush engine, an increased capacity battery. 3.5 Ah, which guarantees a long period of continuous operation. The kit includes an additional handle, a dustproof filter.

Pulse charger;

Engine brake;

Cracking protection.

TOP-5 batteries

Among all the batteries presented in domestic stores, we allocated five best. They are well suitable for solving household problems, although it is better to use more powerful network models for overhaul and cutting metal. The corner grinder in the list is sorted in price in descending order. Respectively, their characteristics fall also.

which, battery, free, grinder

Bosch Gws 18-125 V-Li

This model is most noteworthy by low energy consumption. The kit includes a spare battery, and the time of its charge is only half an hour. That is, with the help of an angular grinder from Bosch, you can work without breaks. The diameter of the disk is 125 mm, the frequency of its rotation is 10,000 rpm, the tool weighs 2.3 kg.

The kit includes a case. For convenience, the angular grinder is equipped with a two.Position handle. In general, the main efforts of the manufacturer were aimed at the convenience of use. The functions of auto.Balance, protection against vibration are introduced, there is a casing for a vacuum cleaner. The corner grinder was collected well, the materials used durable, and due to the double sealing level, the nodes wear less. The tool is reliable, durable, multifunctional and at the same time easy to handle.

Its only minus: rather high

Metabo W18 LTX125 Quick

Metabo is known for reliable and productive angular grinding, component by powerful lithium batteries LIHD. These batteries are equipped with a system of control of the degree of heating and protection against overloads, and their capacity is the best in the market.

The W18 LTX125 Quick model is also equipped with them, and therefore it works for a long time without recharging. True, even this is not always enough, and only one battery included, so if the tool is needed for volumetric work, you have to buy the second or constantly interrupt for recharging. The diameter of the disk in the model is 125 mm, the rotation frequency is up to 8,000 rpm. She weighs a lot. 2.6 kg. The device is well thought out, they are pleased to use and easily serve.

So, it is very simple to shoot and install filters, you do not need to disassemble the corner grinder itself, the battery can be rotated. And this helps a lot when working in constrained conditions. The engine is berth, with electronic protection against overload and completely dusty, so it will not be required to serve. There is a mechanical brake, which is infrequently found among tools with a 125 mm disk.

There is a model of about 11,000. Given all the amenities, this price can be called justified.

Makita DGA504Z

Makita devices are popular in many countries, including in our country. DGA504Z is a fairly simple angular grinder from this company, well.Giving a good job suitable for cutting and grinding metal.

The construction of the case and convenient grip provide simplicity of working with the tool, it is also equipped with high.Capacity battery battery. The diameter of the disk is standard. 125 mm, maximum speed. 8 500. The engine is protected from overload, it is possible to configure the number of revolutions. Protection against random re.Starting is provided, there is a bag for collecting dust and the ability to directly connect to the vacuum cleaner.

There is a device of approximately 8,000, while it is almost deprived of disadvantages. It can be noted only vibrations with a disk thickness of more than 1 mm.


Dewalt is a well.Established brand that produces, among other things, reliable devices of the middle class, which include DCG412N. At a cost of about 8,000. 9,000, this model has a good set of functions.

The corner grinder weighs a lot for the battery. 2.9 kg, but this is compensated by good weight and balance. You can work with one hand. The speed of the disk rotation is up to 7,000 rpm, therefore, in terms of capabilities, this model is inferior to the previous one considered. So, when cutting metal, the battery sits very quickly.

Nevertheless, if it is not planned to solve too difficult problems with this corner grinding, according to the ratio of price and quality, it will be a good choice.

Ryobi R18AG-0

This model takes primarily a low price. It can be purchased for about 4,000. 4,700. At the same time, Ryobi is a Japanese manufacturer, and its products are significantly superior to cheaper Chinese or Russian analogues. But you should not wait for high characteristics: the diameter of the disk is only 115 mm, and the frequency of its rotation is 6,500 rpm, there are no batteries in the kit.

Corner grinder can work both from modern lithium and outdated cadmium-nickel batteries. The weight is small (2.2 kg), the case is quite reliable, it is convenient to hold the corner grinder. If it is needed only for grinding and cutting with a depth of not more than 28 mm. This model will be a good option, in other cases it is worth looking at more powerful.

TOP popular household chips

This is a high.Quality model that has been working for a long time. Thanks to her, a person can work easily in various conditions. The maximum disk diameter is 125 mm. Rotation frequency. 8500 revolutions per minute. This corner grinder is powered by one battery, which is present in the kit. The diameter of the landing hole is 22 mm.

For the device to work for a long time, the manufacturer equipped the electric engine with electronic protection against overload. It is also provided for restriction of the starting current and the lock button lock, which prevents accidental pressing. For greater comfort during various operations, there is a two.Position handle. The equipment is sold in a convenient case, with which it will be easier for a person to transport or move the device.

The case is made qualitatively, there are no backlash in the equipment. The corner grinder copes with high loads, ensuring effective and quick work. The length is 362 mm, the mass is 2.5 kg. Work voltage of the battery. 18 in. Charging occurs quickly.

Compared to network models, this device has a quiet electric motor. The only drawback is the inconvenient location of the start button during cutting work. It is also necessary to additionally tighten the clamping washer, for which there is a corresponding key in the kit.

This model copes with the sharp, grinding and cleaning of any surface. Metal, stone and tiles are easily cut and processed. The manufacturer equipped the device with a capacious battery, which, in combination with a bronnial electric motor, guarantees convenience and high performance when performing various works. Battery indication will help to determine the degree of its charge while determining. The spindle lock is also provided, thanks to which the equipment changes less than a minute.

So that the tool performs all the operations quickly and accurately, there is a comfortable side handle. Safety is provided by a protective casing, so not a single spark or particle of the processed material will fall into the eyes or to open areas of the skin. The tooling of the tool is standard: the manufacturer put 2 batteries and the key for high.Speed replacement of grinding or cutting disk.

The model is transported in a bag, which is also included in the package. When buying an angular grinder of Bort BWS-18LI-125, it is applied to a 2-year warranty that can be increased if the model is registered on the official website of the manufacturer. In this case, the term will be 5 years.

  • Two batteries included;
  • It saws metal parts well;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Light weight. 1.7 kg;
  • Two speeds of work;
  • Quiet work;
  • Ergonomic handle.

This is a budget model that guarantees the quick implementation of any type of work. The maximum drive frequency of the disk is 6500 revolutions per minute. A high.Quality engine has been installed, which allows you to use the product for a long time and increases the performance.

The three.Position handle provides comfort during grinding or cutting of metal elements. The permissible disk diameter is 115 mm, there is a standard landing. 22 mm. Equipment can cut almost any material if its thickness does not exceed 28 mm.

The rubber coating of the handle prevents random slippage. The protective casing makes the process of grinding and cutting safe. Thanks to the small weight and compact sizes, it will be easier for a person to transport the device.

This model also has disadvantages. For example, there is no battery in the kit, so you need to buy it separately. It is also difficult to work with a product with one hand, since the buttons are located at the bottom, which is designed to use 2 hands. Another problem of this device is the absence of a smooth start, which creates slight discomfort during operation.

  • Low price;
  • Comfortable handle;
  • High power;
  • High.Quality assembly;
  • Long service life;
  • Mobility;
  • Small mass.

This is a modern corner grinder, designed under 125 mm disks. External performance is made qualitatively. The model integrates many advanced and design solutions that are well reflected in ergonomics. When developing this model, engineers paid special attention to safety. There are all the necessary functions: from smooth start to a thought.Out anti.Vibration system. During the cut or grinding, the noise level is not as large as some other models.

A reliable browned electric motor guarantees a long time from the battery. At the same time, the user does not need to set average or minimum speed indicators, since the product operates continuously at a speed of 9,000 per minute.

The keyboard switch is located in a convenient place, which allows you to stop the engine operation in a second. To perform long.Term operations, a high.Quality air cooling system is provided, thanks to which the device does not overheat.

A small form and dimensions make it possible to work in any conditions and inaccessible places. The spitting coupling protects the operator’s hands if the wedge is clin. The handle is rubberized and has an ergonomic shape. The mass of the device is only 1.8 kg.

  • Good autonomy with minimum power loss;
  • Comfortable in work;
  • Modern design;
  • 3 years warranty;
  • The casing is easily rotated;
  • Compact dimensions and weight;
  • Can be used with one hand;
  • Smooth start;
  • Anti.Vibration system;
  • Air cooling.

This is a reliable model of a popular manufacturer, which is suitable for both household and professional work. The maximum frequency of the rotating disk is 10,000 revolutions per minute, which positively affects the performance. When developing equipment, they decided to install a powerful electric engine, which operates for a long period at maximum speed indicators.

Users have allocated 7 models that differ in efficiency, power, performance and reliability. All of them have little weight, but you can work with them for a certain period of time, which is determined individually for each model. This is due not only to the need for periodic charging of the battery, but also by heating internal elements.

Ryobi R18AG-0

The most inexpensive battery of the corner grinder in the ranking, which has proven itself among domestic consumers. It is characterized by practicality and functionality, maintains performance without connecting to the mains. Provides unlimited freedom of movement and is able to perform a large range of work.

Makita 40v grinder Vs Makita 18v Grinder | XGT vs LXT | Makita GA005G XGT 40v Angle Grinder Review

The plastic case allows you to quickly remove heat, for this, special holes are provided in it. Ergonomic design and rubberized surface does not allow to fall out of the hands when working. An additional handle allows you to create an additional force, adjust the angle of inclination. You can install it in 3 different positions.

  • A protective casing that prevents chips entering the operator.
  • The ability to adjust the casing, ease of installation and dismantling.
  • The efficiency of metal cutting, grinding, surface cleaning.
  • Spindle fixation button.
  • The possibility of using nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion battery.

Greenworks G24AG 0

This corner grinder is intended mainly for home use. It polishes metal, stone and other surfaces, cuts a small diameter metal profile. The low weight of the model provides ease of operation. The duration of use depends on which battery will be installed in the kit. The seat has standard dimensions, so you can choose any battery from the lineup of the manufacturer.

The rubberized handle and protective casing add the amenities and protection of the operator during operation. They can be adjusted and installed in the most convenient position for the user. The engine cooling system does not allow it to overheat, which maintains performance for many years.

  • Convenience and simplicity of disk replacement.
  • Convenient access to the motor brushes for maintenance.
  • Durable manufacturing materials resistant to damage.
  • Optimal balance.

Bort BWS-18LI-125

Good battery angular grinder designed to process different surfaces. Depending on the processed material, the type of circle is determined. It can be ordinary for cutting, as well as polishing, grinding.

An increased capacity (4 Ah), lithium-ion type, which allows you to achieve good autonomy, is installed on the corner grinder. There is a charge indicator on the case, which will always allow in advance to determine how long the device will be enough. The universal size of the battery allows you to use it for the Gaikover and the manufacturer, so they are interchangeable. If one is discharged, it can be replaced by another.

  • The presence of two batteries included.
  • Protective casing with the possibility of adjusting the position.
  • Producer warranty for 2 years.
  • Spindle lock function.
  • Comfortable bag for transportation.

Makita DGA504RF

Wireless corner grinder, which is used for metal, stone, tile. There is an additional handle on the case, which provides the convenience of the grip, the possibility of changing the angle of inclination, adjusting the pressing force. It is rubberized, so the user’s palm will not slide over it. Its installation is carried out in two positions.

The casing is designed to protect the user from sparks, dust, chips. Depending on the material and the type of surface processing, the optimal in size and stiffness is the disk. The effectiveness of its use is achieved during construction and repair work, including wood and plastic. It is used in installation and dismantling, in everyday life, in production.

  • Automatic work when pressing the button on the case.
  • High.Quality cooling, which maintains performance with prolonged use under a large load.
  • Economic accumulation of the battery charge.
  • Light indicator for displaying battery charge.
  • Convenient switch of the provisions “VKL”, “Off”.


The corner grinder is installed as part of this corporate engine, which does not require maintenance throughout the entire period of operation and is characterized by an increased ability to remove heat. For this, special holes on the case are also provided. The motor is characterized by power, has compact dimensions, small weight, which is generally reflected on the entire structure of the corner grinder. The durability of the battery and the preservation of performance for several hours of active work provide comfort for the buyer.

The electronic brake is designed to quickly stop the disk. Within 2 seconds or faster. Electronic clutch automatically turns off the tool when blocking, which ensures the safety of the user and machine.

  • High.Quality assembly, lack of backlash, gaps.
  • Convenient shape that fits tightly in the hand.
  • You can use an additional battery for further work, while overheating does not occur.
  • Quickly collapse nut.
  • Small cost in characteristics of a professional tool.

Bosch Gws 18-125 V-Li 0

One of the best batteries according to owners, it is widely used in construction. Thanks to the installation of a high.Quality battery, a long time is achieved without recharging. It is not supplied in the kit, you can purchase separately or install the battery from the manufacturer’s electric screwdriver.

TOP-16 Battery Bulgarians on Aliexpress

What kind of battery angular grinder with aliexpress you would choose or advise?

Doersupp H09189

Doersupp H09189

Compact grinding machine for 110 disk, quite powerful and comfortable in all respects. The power of the tool is 1200 W, the battery capacity is 7500 mAh. The kit includes a battery and a charger. The cutting disk is acquired separately. The machine has a convenient ergonomic case, can be used for various works and has a graternity reliable engine. Inexpensive for its characteristics, but not a very popular model, which, however, we still recommend that we consider the purchase.

Kodx dhf8.One

Kodx dHF8.One

A machine that is suitable for using some of the most common discs for cutting 125 mm with a diameter. The model is convenient to use and works great with batteries from the corner grinder Makita. By the way, visually the design is very reminiscent of a corner grinder from a famous company. The model has a European certificate of conformity to quality. Judging by the reviews. A normal unit, but with its own characteristics.

Worx WX800.Nine

Worx WX800.Nine

An excellent model for those who are looking for a reliable tool that will not fail at the most inopportune moment. The option is powerful, beautiful, with an ergonomic case, perfectly withstands even large loads. The main drawback of this particular model is that it comes without batteries and without a charger, and the price is quite high. However, the model is still worthy of attention, because someone is the main thing-to buy a very reliable device, and this corner grinder is just such.



Corner grinder, which comes in the kit with two batteries at once, which is very convenient. There is no need to buy anything additionally. Over, both batteries have a good capacity of 4000 mAh. In addition, the model is equipped with protection from overload and overheating, which makes its use as safe as possible. The engine is brilliant, reliable, albeit not the most powerful (850 W), however, it will be enough for ordinary homework.

Drillpro Grinder

Drillpro Grinder

Corner grinder, designed to use with disks of 125 mm diamter. The model is compatible with Makita batteries. Not the most popular model, but still worthy of attention. Produced in two color variations-blue-black and yellow-black. Powerful, reliable, with overload protection, with an improved protective casing, excellent machine for various works.

  • Brighting engine
  • Compatibility with Makita batteries
  • Low cost
  • Improved protective casing
  • Simple management

Simniam Brushless Angle Grinder

Simniam Brushless Angle Grinder

Corner grinder at an affordable price designed to use a 125 mm disk. The model is equipped with a comfortable additional handle, 800 watts engine. Compatible with Makitov batteries. The corner grinder is ordered quite often, but judging by the reviews, it does not differ in high reliability.


Wireless angular grinder equipped with a speed adjustment function. The model is powerful, and its 2000 W engine is enough to use the device not only at home. The model is designed for discs 110-125 mm, the most popular and necessary. Bright black and yellow design will allow you not to lose a corner grinder even in cloth conditions. The model also has an information display and two batteries in the kit. Protected from overload. Holoid speed: 4600 about./min.

Wolike Drillpro

Wolike Drillpro

A model that does not differ in ergonomics, but it is reliable and not worth too expensive. For home use, the corner grinder is perfect. It has a reliable brilliant engine, power is 800 watts, designed for the most popular 125 mm disks. In addition, it is equipped with the ability to adjust the speed (4 values). Feel free to buy if you need a durable and reliable assistant in repair or construction.

Where can I buy

Battle of popular models are purchased in departments of power tools of construction stores or supermarkets. In addition, the new items are easy to order online in an online store or with Ali Express, the largest Chinese network service for the purchase and delivery of goods.

The best information on angle grinders is the Internet aggregator Yandex.Market, on the pages of which the main characteristics and photos, customer reviews, tips and recommendations are shown. Which company is better, and also by direct link you can go to the store to choose budget models for purchase.

Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick

Professional corner grinder from Metabo, which works from batteries with high-precision LIHD technology and electronic protection against overload. The battery of the device has the best capacity of the presented in our ranking, and therefore the volume of work using this corner grinder, you can perform the maximum. In practice, the device is able to work even with less capacious batteries than those that are supplied with it.

It is worth noting the simplicity of operation. Even a person far from the equipment will be able to remove and install filters back, and for a corner grinder this is an important criterion, because dust and gases settling on the walls of the device can significantly reduce the effectiveness of its work. The battery can be expanded by an angle up to 270 degrees, which is important when working in constrained conditions. In general, in matters of power, safety and reliability, this battery corner grinder looks like an optimal solution, unless, of course, the budget issue is acute.

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