Which battery is better varta or Bosch

Bosch vs Varta batteries

When we talk about car batteries, we want to equip our car with only the best to ensure efficient, trouble-free driving. Two names that probably come to mind in this case that everyone who has any idea of the automotive universe has heard, namely Bosch and Varta. But nevertheless, when the time comes to choose, drivers are in a deadlock, because they do not know which battery to show interest in and how to answer the question: what is better battery Bosch or Varta? You need to know some general information, as well as the key features that distinguish these batteries, in order to achieve an answer. So, let’s get straight to the point.

Opened the original Varta, compared with Varta Blue Dynamic (Bosch S4)

The topic of this article was “opening” of two popular batteries: car battery Varta, which comes in the factory with cars and has a very good vitality (by the way, Varta is the supplier of batteries for almost all car plants, except for Japanese and Korean). Also opened Bosch S4 battery (for those who do not know, it is Varta Blue Dynamic, but with stickers for its dealer Bosch Siemens). Both batteries have already served their useful life in the car.

The factory Varta 1J0 915 105 AC is rated at 60Ah 480 A (En), store. Varta Blue Dynamic (Bosch S4) similar 60Ah 540 A (En). According to the characteristics listed on the label, the second one is better. In fact the “regular” one is 2 kg heavier. The factory plastic was also more difficult to saw 🙂

Both batteries have forged positive plates. Wart proprietary “power frame” stamping with a stiffening frame around the perimeter. But the factory Warta plus plates are noticeably thicker and, despite the age of the battery, they still have the grease on them (apparently, they stick to the cells with wider walls more easily). The battery that Warta offers in the stores is worse. Plus plates are very, very thin, and no grease was found on it. crumbled. Plus plates are packed in conventional plastic cage envelopes.

Negative plates are made by the punching and stretching method and do not have the frame around the perimeter, however, as well as its own envelope separator. Warta only packs positive plates in envelopes. Again the plates of the regular Varta are thicker and stronger than the store ones.

Plastic of the case of regular battery is also almost twice thicker than that of a store battery. The side wall stiffeners are very small in both, so the sides are almost always bloated.

Аккумулятор Bosch S5 Silver Plus 100Ah или Аккумулятор varta silver dynamic 100ah какой выбрать??

The factory Varta has plugs and access to the cans, while the store one has none. Also, the factory battery is equipped with an eye indicator of the level of charge.

Output terminal through the plastic cover housing is implemented through 3 rings at the factory and only 2 in the store (the more such rings, the more difficult for the electrolyte to seep out and then leave the white salt on the terminals, so annoying to owners).

The state of the wrap and the plates themselves in the 5 year old OEM battery was MUCH better than the store battery of the same age. Perhaps the wrap in the factory battery is further strengthened by a special paper or cloth (unfortunately, visual inspection does not find out).

In the end it turns out that the autopsy once again confirmed the fact that we always tell our customers. the factory-loaded Varta and the Varta (Bosch) batteries sold in the retail chains are of completely different quality and therefore have a different battery life. Perhaps our pictures do not convey the difference in thickness of plates, coatings, housing and the difference in weight. but it is very significant.

Unfortunately, regular Varta can be bought only in official auto centers of your car brand and it costs 2.3 times more expensive than in the store. In our opinion there is no sense to overpay. there are other manufacturers that offer even better batteries at a very reasonable price.

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Which battery is better to choose: Varta, Bosch or Rocket

Bosch is known both as a manufacturer of car parts and as a seller of a myriad of products: from batteries to the most sophisticated equipment. But not all products are made by the company itself. The German corporation orders most of its products under its own brand from third-party manufacturers. For example, Bosch orders its automotive batteries from Varta. Bosch batteries are manufactured at the Varta plant in the Czech Republic. The batteries that Bosch sells in Asia are made at the Rocket factories in South Korea.

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In Ukraine Varta batteries are represented. The importer’s warranty period for them is 1 to 2 years. At a price and quality they are similar to the Varta batteries. Why it is better to buy not the battery of Bosch in the store read below.

Batteries that are imported into Ukraine are manufactured at a modern plant Varta in the Czech Republic. Warranty period of 1 to 2 years. The warranty depends on the importer’s policy. Varta is the most popular car battery brand in the world and the best-selling. Technology, according to which Varta batteries for sale Dynamic (Black, Blue, Silver) Ca/Ca. It is a common budget calcium batteries. Consumers mistakenly believe that Silver batteries have silver in the plates 🙂 There is no silver. In the budget series of Varta (and series Bosch S3, S4, S5) only positive plates are made by PowerFrame technology, and the negative is the usual punching and stretching (“chain link”). cheap budget batteries are made with this technology). But Warta batteries are not cheap for the price. Durability of batteries from Warta Dynamik series is 3-4 years. Batteries with a small capacity of 35-45 Ah have a shorter life: 2-3 years.

Warta is a supplier of batteries to the car plants AUDI and Mercedes. However, in factories and service networks of car brands Varta offers a completely different battery. All plates in them are made according to PowerFrame technology (strong, forged, with thick edges). For example, such a Varta 60Ah weighs 16.5 kg, and a budget Varta Blue Speaker 60 Ah weighs about 14 kg. These “real Varta” have a very long service life (7-8 years). Owners of Skoda, VW, Audi, Mercedes cars which used to have state-ofthe-art Vartas for so long, run to the store and order “Varta only”. Buy Varta Dynamic and. But this is not the same Varta 🙁 In Ukraine demand for batteries Varta Blue Dynamic of Asian standard JIS.

Reliable Rocket batteries

Production of Rocket batteries is located in South Korea. The Rocket is one of the five most popular batteries in the world. Warranty period for it in Ukraine is 1,5 years (although in Europe the manufacturer gives 3 years warranty). In fact, the brand is Japanese-South Korean, a joint venture with the Japanese holding Yuasa Co. Rocket batteries are manufactured using an improved modification of calcium technology: Ca/Sn (calcium-tin). All plates are made with PowerFrame technology. Rockets. is quality in every detail. A sturdy reliable body, modern composite current leads, an electrolyte which has no impurities, lead with a high degree of purity All connections, current collectors, separators are made of the most reliable materials. According to the statistics of Rocket supplier to Ukraine these batteries have the lowest percentage of returns under warranty. Rocket supplier of factory batteries for brands Kia, Hyundai, SsangYong, DAEWOO. As experience of Ukrainian drivers shows, average lifetime of Rockets is from 6 to 7 years. There are some record-breakers that lived up to 8 and even 10 years!

Two main features of Roket batteries in Ukraine are represented by two models, which have no analogues from Varta and Bosch:

The Rocket SMF 75D23L (65Ah, EN 580 A) battery has the highest capacity in the most popular Asian size 232x173x225 mm (LxWh)

Battery Rocket SMF 75B24LS (55Ah, EN 470 A) also has the highest capacity in the size of 239h129h225 mm (LxWhV). Battery for Honda Accord.

What to choose? We advise you to use a pragmatic approach: find out the date of manufacture of the battery, compare and warranty periods, make sure that there is a warranty center of the brand in your city.

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What company (brand) to choose a battery for the car. My video rating

I already have an article in which I gave advice on how to choose a battery for the car (it’s really useful), but more technical. However, in it I did not specify the brands of batteries. But I constantly get questions from my readers what brand to buy, what company to choose, etc.д. I try not to emphasize any brands in the conversation, and even more so do not make ratings, let the person decide for himself! But there are persistent viewers and readers who ask. “well, tell me at least one” that was not quite “bottom”. To be relatively inexpensive and to last a long time (at least 4. 5 years). In general, decided to collect a small list of 5 imported and 5 domestic batteries, which you can take, I think he will not lose relevance long. Well that will not delay, let’s start.

Initially, in one article I wanted to make 10 brands that you can choose (as I said 5 imported and 5 of ours), but it would get huge, so I decided to split it into two. to make it shorter. In this one we’ll talk about “imports,” and in the next one about “ours.

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This rating was made from “bourgeois” batteries, which have been bought many times when I worked at the service station, as well as by my friends and acquaintances. The list will go in descending order (from cool brands, to less promoted).


The experience of the previous years says that we have to begin with the unpleasant things. And it is true: absolutely all batteries being new and under warranty turned out to be discharged. some of them by 19% and some by all 60%! None of the sellers would think to use the chargers. If you put such a battery under the hood and spend a few days in traffic, especially in winter, in a week it has every right to die.

We had to spend some time to get the batteries up and running. Those who are interested in the difference between “was” and “is” should look at the summary table. in the column “Reserve capacity”. Our tip: do not rush to install the newly bought battery in the car. you need to check the degree of charging and recharge, if necessary. We expected the AGM batteries to take the lead in all positions, but it did not happen. The main confusion brought “too good” traditional Deka Gold battery and “too bad” AGM-model MOLL 8 10 60, which was in the outsiders list. So that’s 7000 Rhe AGM for you We were also surprised by Deka Ultimate AGM which lost almost everything to its “usual” partner Deka Gold.

From five pairs, only “Warta” convinced of the incontestable superiority of new technologies over the old ones. The rest of the duos were questionable now and then. Nevertheless in absolute ranking the first three places were confidently taken by AGM batteries: VARTA Start Stop Plus, Banner Running Bull AGM and Bosch AGM.

For the sake of interest we counted the points in “pair skating”: which duo would be the best?? Interestingly, the ranking has not changed: the same Warta, Banner and Bosch. over, when calculating the price to quality ratio, the names did not change again. But this time the conventional batteries were the leaders: VARTA Blue Dynamic was the best, followed by Banner Power Bull with a hundredth of a point, and Bosch Silver. the best. It is quite predictable: the AGM batteries could not make up almost twice the price difference.

Cheaper batteries?

Initially, the search for the cheapest batteries of the most popular size 242×175×190 mm gave a modest result. only five products with ranging from 2610 for the Podolsk battery to 3002 for the Tyumen battery. Not enough for a full examination. The price level has been raised to 3500. six more batteries have been added. And what about without big foreign names. Varta, Bosch, Mutlu? In addition, we left out some Russian batteries that are close in price, such as AkTech. By the way it turned out that some eastern brands have set not “crisis” for their products: the most expensive battery is not Bosch, but the Korean Solite for 5000!

As a result we have got two dozens of batteries. Let’s see how the price is connected with ampere-hours and pendants.

Purchasing was carried out in the retail network in April-May 2016. The research results refer only to this sample and cannot serve as a basis for evaluation of all products of this or that brand.


Reserve capacity. Shows how long the car will last with all the power consumers turned on (headlights, wipers, ventilation system), if its generator goes bad. Measured in minutes. The higher the result, the better.

Reduced start energy with declared current. Characterizes the energy of the battery in cranking mode. Measured in kilojoules. The higher the reading, the better.

Reduced start energy with single current at.18 and.29 ºС. Compares the current capability of all batteries under the same conditions, regardless of their rating data. Simply put, the higher the energy, the more confidence in starting the car, all other things being equal. Measured in kilojoules. The higher the result, the better.

Charge acceptance at constant external voltage. Indicates the ability of the battery to recover from a deep discharge. In practice the battery that accepts the charge best will also recharge faster on journeys. All batteries passed the test.

Note. Technical measurements were carried out by specialists of Scientific-Research Centre of AT 3 Central Research Institute of Ministry of Defence of Russia. Test results refer to a specific sample of batteries and cannot serve as a characteristic of all products of the same name in general.


I can tell you that some friends had these batteries from 5 to 7 years, which is a very good number at this price and in fact is an indicator of quality of Turkish company. Pros and cons of MUTLU:


The main advantages of Bosch batteries are high energy characteristics, which allow them to work perfectly in cars stuffed with electronics and having powerful engines. By the way, Bosch batteries are made in the same factories as VARTA. Bosch has production in China, but only for domestic market and don`t supply to other countries.

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From my experience I can say that I bought Octavia Tour 1.8 Turbo, it had a Warta battery, it was more than 8 years old, and suffered in my case from a leakage current. At the moment it is 12 years old and has no problem to start the old VAZ 2109 at my friend’s place. I tried to find the same battery by the code on it, but they just aren’t available at the store.

How Bosch batteries differ from Varta

Sooner or later every car owner asks himself this question. Both brands are well-known. Both deserve the best reviews and recommendations. So which one to choose??

Varta and Bosch are the leading German brands, each with more than 100 years of history. Warta specializes exclusively in batteries, while Bosch is mainly known as a manufacturer of household appliances and power tools.

A feature you should be aware of

Varta batteries are manufactured at Johnson Controls, which is also used by the German company Bosch.

Yes, you are not mistaken. Both brands are made in the same production facilities using the same technologies.

In fact, there is little difference between the two brands’ batteries. This means that the choice depends solely on what kind of battery your vehicle requires in terms of technical specifications.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bosch and Varta

If you set yourself the goal to determine which of these batteries is better, you will spend a lot of time, but do not make a specific conclusion.

Bosch is considered a super-reliable battery that requires virtually no maintenance. At the same time in the mass of praise on forums and in car magazines there are notes about its rapid discharge, even with infrequent use of the car.

Varta according to reviews is as good as Bosch, but its main advantage, as noted by motorists, is almost 100% reliability in severe frost. Although there are also negative reviews.

The only conclusion that can be made is that the Bosch and Varta batteries do not differ in their technical and operational characteristics.

The answer is simple: choose a battery that matches the specifications of your vehicle, is within 1 year old and available from your retailer.

Bosch and Varta are approximately equal in cost, they also differ slightly in performance tests. The warranty also does not differ.

And this means that the question of choice is irrelevant. And there is no point in looking for analogous Warta, if you have a suitable Bosch.

The basic criteria for assessing the quality of batteries

The best result was shown by Tyumen Battery Premium: 143 minutes. The Titan Standart battery is the worst: 116 minutes.

  • The reduced starting energy with the declared current describes the energy of the battery in starting mode. Measured in kilojoules (kJ). The higher the result, the better.

Firstly the battery is discharged with the declared cranking current (Iхn) for 30 seconds and then the voltage (U30) at its terminals is recorded. After a pause of 20 seconds the battery shall be discharged with a current equal to 60% of the declared cranking current until the voltage at the terminals has dropped to 6.0 V. Discharge time (t6) is fixed. The reduced starting energy is calculated using the formula: E = 0.3 Ihp (U30-6.0) t6.

The best result was given by Medalist with 27.6 kilojoules. Worst. at Beast and Akteh batteries: they did not even last 30 seconds.

  • Reduced single-current starting energy at.18 °C. Allows comparison of the current characteristics of all batteries under the same conditions regardless of their rating data. Measured in kilojoules (kJ). The higher the result, the better.

Firstly the battery is discharged with a current of 680 A for 30 seconds and the voltage across its pole terminals (U30) is recorded. After a 20-second pause the battery is discharged with 408 A until the lead voltage falls to 6.0 V. Discharge time (t6) fixes. The reduced starting energy is calculated using the formula: E = 204 (U30-6.0) t6.

The best result from Cene is 29.6 kJ. Worst-performing Aktech battery that did not last even 30 seconds.

  • The reduced starting energy of single current at.29 °C. Everything is similar to previous tests, except temperature (-29 instead of.18 °C). Measured in kilojoules (kJ). The higher the reading, the better.

Best result is Cene: 3.2 kJ. Worst. Beast, Mutlu, Bosch, Aktec and Titan batteries, which didn’t last even 30 seconds.

  • Charge acceptance at constant external voltage. Indicates a battery’s ability to recover from deep discharge. Varta Blue Dynamic takes the best charge: 25.97A. Akteh battery has the lowest charging current: 19,27A.

Note. Technical measurements were carried out by specialists of the Research Center of AT 3 of the Central Research Institute of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Test results refer to a specific sample of batteries and cannot be used to characterize the whole of a product of the same name.

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