Which bit for an electric screwdriver is better to put. Under a straight slot

TOP-15 best bit for electric screwdriver: rating 2021-2022 and budget options

In almost every house, situations arise from time to time when you need to assemble a children’s chair, a cupboard from Ikei or to nail another hanger in the hallway, and in the pantry. another shelf. And in these troubles, you can’t do without faithful assistants to any household man. an electric screwdriver and a set of suitable bits. And if the reliability of an electric screwdriver largely depends on the manufacturer, then choosing suitable bats, it is worth evaluating many different parameters. And to help you make the right choice, we analyzed the nozzles presented in stores, studied their characteristics and features and present to your attention the best sets, each of which will surely take a worthy place among home economic tools.

which, electric, screwdriver, better, slot
Place name price rating
The best bits for electric screwdriver for price/quality for 2021-2022
one Kraftool 26140-H61, 61 subjects. Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Bosch Promoline (2.607.017.063), 32 subject. Find out the price four.8 /5
3 Dewalt DT7969-Qz, 32 subject. Find out the price four.7 /5
The best shock bats for electric screwdriver
one PZ2 x 50 mm, 2 pcs. GROSS Find out the price four.9 /5
2 S2 PH2x50mm 2 pcs Rage by Vira Find out the price four.8 /5
3 Vertextools Impact PH2x50 mm Find out the price four.7 /5
The best bits for electric screwdriver with a limiter
one Gross PH2x50 Find out the price four.9 /5
2 KWB (104510) PH2 25 mm Find out the price four.8 /5
3 Vertextools BT-RN2-65 Find out the price four.7 /5
The best sets of bits for domestic use
one GROSS 11335, 10. Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Makita D-30667, 31. Find out the price four.8 /5
The best professional sets of bit for electric screwdriver
one Metabo 626702000, 56. Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Bosch 2.607.017.164, 43 subjects. Find out the price four.8 /5
The best inexpensive bats for electric screwdriver
one GROSS 11334, 10. Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Kraftool 26060-H10, 9 subject. Find out the price four.8 /5

How to choose bats for an electric screwdriver?

When choosing an electric screwdriver, it is worth evaluating the following parameters:

  • Production material-a parameter that determines the strength and wear resistance of nozzles-for conventional bits, persistent steel R7-R12 with chromovanadium coating is used, and those who need great strength should give preference to nozzles made from a alloy of molybdenum and chromium, vanadium and chromium, molybdenum and moisture Vanadia, also high strength differs in steel options and bits with a titanium coating;
  • The level of hardness. the material of the nozzles can be soft or hard, while the hard nozzles wear out slower, but have a high level of fragility, and soft bits are growing faster, but they are more resistant to destruction and are mainly used for hard fasteners;
  • Dimensions-various bit options differ in 3 basic parameters: length, which varies within 25-90 mm, the width of the slice (from 2 to 9 mm) and the thickness of the slice (from 0.3 to 1.6 mm), at the same time, the bits should be selected based on the size of screws or bolts expected to process;
  • Tips of the tip. bits have various forms: from popular and often in demand to rare, designed for a narrow circle of work; often than others, flat, cross.shaped and hexagonal tips are used, suitable for most construction and economic work, as well as hollow tips designed to tighten the bolts;
  • Constructive solutions. the bats can be single (battles on one side, the shank on the other) or double (the bats are located on both sides), it is also possible ordinary and torsion execution that allows you to bend the bit to increase the possibility of access to uncomfortable places;
  • Other features. for the majority of repair and finishing work, no more convenient nozzles with a magnetized working part, and for a shock electric screwdriver, it is worth choosing bats with a torsion part that smoothes the shock effect when transferring the torque to the fasteners to fasteners.

Bits for electric screwdriver: what varieties exist and which of them are the best

Such a statement of the question is completely incorrect: the best variety of bit that you really need is best. And what varieties of the bit exist? Here to this question, our answer will be more voluminous.

The main and most important classification of the bit is made in the form of their working part. So, there are bats:

For a direct slice

Schlitz is, in fact, a gap, designated in English with the word “Slot“. It is from here that the letter S is made to mark these products. This S is always accompanied by a figure indicating the width of the blade in millimeters. Less often there is a second figure clarifying the thickness of the blade.

The best sets of bit for electric screwdriver, as a rule, include products with the marking S of the following types:

  • Classic with a sting width of 3 ÷ 9 mm, characterized by a normative ratio of width/thickness. Their surface is characterized by high hardness and the presence of effective protection against erosion;
  • with a nitride-titan coating that gives them a golden hue and guaranteeing products a high level of strength. The width is a pity by such bit is 4.5 ÷ 6.5 mm;
  • elongated, with nozzles with a length of 50 ÷ 100 mm.


Many bits for electric screwdriver are professional to the cruciferous. They are marked with Latin letters PH, accompanied by the number of the group, tied to the diameter of the external threads of the screw. Group numbers correspond to the following diameters (in mm):

Like flat, cross-shaped bits can be classic and elongated, and can also have a nitride-tithane coating. In addition, cross.shaped bits can be supplied with additional notches that allow you to work with appropriate fasteners and transfer very big efforts to them. To mark the products of this category, the letters PZ are used, accompanied by numbers, the value of which we talked slightly higher.


When we choose the necessary bats, we must keep in mind the marking of those products that we really need. As for the bits of the hexagons, you should know and remember that they are marked with the letter H. Their main characteristic is in the size of the distance between the neighboring faces of the working ending. This type of product is very reliable. It is almost impossible to tear the fastener hat with them.

To increase the reliability of use, some of the hexagonal models are equipped with an internal hole. There are also elongated hexagons that allow you to work in hard.to.reach places.

In the form of stars

The shape of the asterisk, characteristic of devices of this type, guarantees a magnificent hitch with a fastener hat and eliminates any probability of slipping. Their marking includes letters t or tx. There are also bits marked with TR letters, which indicates their belonging to an anti.vandal variety having a terminal with a special opening.

In addition to classical products, there are also spars of the Torx Plus type, characterized by shortened and less acute working rays. If necessary, you can purchase elongated products of this variety, as well as devices with nitride-titanium coating.


These bits for electric screwdriver, marking the letter R and numbers from 0 to 3, are more likely to be narrowly professional, most often used by furniturers. In everyday life you can meet them quite rarely. In addition to classical options, such products can be elongated.

Valnoye (anti.vandal)

Anti.vandal fork bits marked with SP letters, their appearance really resembles a fork. These devices made from high.strength steel varieties have 4 types of sizes. On sale you can also find forks elongated up to 100 mm in size.


It is understandable that these devices, having the letters TW in their marking, were called their name due to the presence of only three blades on their working. Their dimensions are indicated by numbers from 1 to 6.


From three.lobed bits, these products differ only in the presence of one additional blade and marking, which includes the letters TS. These rarely used nozzles have dimensions from 4 to 10.

In addition to the above varieties, there are bats and other types. However, they are relatively rare and are more likely to be professional.

How to choose the right bit

There are several important criteria that should be taken into account when choosing these devices and when they are acquired.

To start a choice, of course, should be determined by determining the form of a working sting necessary for work. Describing the most common forms and varieties, that is, the fields of choice, we devoted the entire beginning of our article. In order not to make a mistake with the selection of Bits, it makes sense to take with you a sample of the fasteners with you to the store with which you have to work with.

When deciding which bit for an electric screwdriver to choose, you should make sure that the device is reliable in the cartridge. Reliable mount, on the one hand, will ensure the proper quality of the upcoming work, and on the other hand, guarantees the durability of the battles used and power tools.

If you ask a specialist how to choose bats, you will probably also be advised to pay attention to the material of their manufacture and the presence of a reliable protective coating. And this is really important. A strong bit will always be reliable, and the coating will make it insensitive to the impact from outside. In this regard, it makes sense to choose products:

However, the best and most reliable bits for electric screwdriver are those whose coating is made of titanium. This fact will be confirmed to you in any trade enterprise. Experienced craftsmen will also say this, whose hand knows by touch all the secrets and subtleties of any tool.

And now we will bring the recommendations stated by us in three short rules that may become a guide to you to action. They will allow you to understand which bit for an electric screwdriver is better and where it is best to purchase these products:

  • To make a purchase, select stores trusted and reliable. Do not skimp and stop your choice at expensive specialized stores if you need really good and high.quality bits that can serve you for a long time. You can save only when you initially know that you need to be purchased only a couple of times.
  • Be especially attentive to the material of the manufacturing of the tool. Remember that nozzles made of alloys containing chromium and molybdenum are particularly reliable. Purely steel bits are attractive only with their brilliance. Their reliability and quality does not at all correspond to the external gloss.
  • Remember that the presence of a protective coating is also of great importance for the reliability of the tool and its durability. An ideal choice will be the bit, the coating of which is made of titanium.

Materials and coating

The material of the alloy from which the bit is made is the key to its durability or, conversely, the softness of the structure, in which, when the given efforts, the mounting element breaks down, but the bat. Some responsible formations require just such a ratio of strength.

which, electric, screwdriver, better, slot

However, in the overwhelming number of use options, the user is interested in the maximum possible amount of tightening fasteners with one beat. To obtain strong bits that are not amenable to the fragmentation of the alloy that are not deformed at the most loaded points of touch, various alloys are used and steel. These include:

  • high.speed carbon steels from R7 to R12;
  • instrumental steel S2;
  • chromovanadium alloys;
  • alloy tungsten with molybdenum;
  • Laughter of chromium with molybdenum and others.

An important role in ensuring the strength of the bits is played by special coatings. Thus, a layer of chromovanadium alloy protects the tool from corrosion, and the spraying of the titanium nitride layer significantly increases its hardness and wear resistance. Similar properties have a diamond coating (tungsten-almaz-carbon), tungsten-nickel and others.

The nitride-titan layer on the bit is easily recognizable by golden color, diamond-by the characteristic splendor of the tip of the sting. It is more difficult to find out the brand of metal or alloy bits, the manufacturer usually does not give or even hides this information in commercial interests. Only in some cases, the steel brand (S2, for example) can be applied to one of the faces.

Options for constructive solutions

According to the design of the bit, it can be single (sting on the one hand, a hexagonal shank on the other) or double (two stings at the ends). The last type has a double service life (both stages are the same) or convenience in work (sting vary in size or view). The only minus of this type of bit is the inability to install it in a manual screwdriver.

Bits can be made in ordinary and torsion design. In the last construct, the sting itself and the shank are connected by a strong spring insert. She, working for twisting, transfers torque and allows you to bend the bit, which increases the possibility of access to uncomfortable places. The spring also perceives part of the energy of the impact, protecting the bit from the breakdown of the slots.

Torsion bits are used with shock screwdrivers, in which the impact force is attached to the tangentary to the circle of screwing. Bits of this type are more expensive than usual, serve longer, allow you to tighten long fasteners in dense materials, which ordinary bits cannot cope.

For ease of use, bits release different lengths. Each next for the main size (25 mm) is longer than the previous one by 20-30 mm-and so on up to 150 mm.

The most important characteristic of the bits is the duration of operation. It is usually expressed in the amount of tightened fasteners until the tool is out of order. The deformations of the sting are manifested in the gradual “licking” of the ribs during the slide process of the bats from the slot. In this regard, the most persistent are the bits that are not subject to efforts that throw them out of the slot.

Of the most applied to these include N, Torx systems and their modifications. There are many other systems in terms of solid contact with fasteners, including anti.vandal ones, but their distribution in a number of technical reasons is limited.

Rating of sets

There is no universal answer to the question of which bit is better, but preference should still be given to proven brands. Cheap products will not only not allow you to qualitatively complete the task, but also damage the tool.

German firms supply a huge amount of products to the market, good both in price and quality.

Manufacturers and characteristics of sets:

  • Bosch 2607017164. high.quality material, durability;
  • Kraftool 26154-H42-adequate price in terms of product quality;
  • Hitachi 754000. multifunctional set of 100 pcs.;

Power Screwdrivers: Ryobi vs DeWalt

  • Metabo 626704000. the best quality of the equipment;
  • Milwaukee Shockwave. high reliability;
  • Makita B-36170-running bits with a manual screwdriver, high quality;
  • Ryobi 5132002257-a large set on a mini-case (40 pcs.);
  • BELZER 52H TIN-2 PH-2-average wear of elements;
  • Dewalt PH2 EXTREME DT7349. High resistance.

Which is better in operation?

The question of the operation of the bit is always relevant.

  • German sets from BELZER and DEWALT represent products above average quality. In the first minutes of the work, the wear of the fasteners, small breakdowns of the bat, slippers on low.quality elements are manifested, but after several minutes the wear stops. These changes occur with all the bits of various companies. German bits are the most shockproof.
  • In large sets of Hitachi 754000, bits of all sizes and types are represented, they are suitable for masters of large repair and construction companies. The quality of the bit is average, but is compensated by the number of nozzles. With a careful attitude, the service life will be unlimited.
  • Kraftool represents the nozzles of chromovanadium alloy. The set consists of 42 products, one of which is the case. An adapter with a tail of ¼ inches is included.
  • Makita (German company). a set of chromovanadium steel, represented by the chassis of the Schlings. Bits are designed to work with an electric screwdriver, but a manual screwdriver is also included in the set. In addition, there is a magnetic holder. All elements have high quality.
  • The American set of Milwaukee provides the masters with a working surface, each of which is worked out by Shock Zone technology, which protects the beat from the break during operation. Excellent elasticity and impact resistance of the material provides a long service life.
  • Metabo set is highlighted by color marking. Each type of helmet is indicated by its own color that facilitates the storage and search for a particular bit. The set contains 9 elongated bases of 75 mm and 2 nozzles.
  • Ryobi is a Japanese company that makes Accent duplicating popular bit in different lengths. The magnetic holder is made in a non-standard format, looks like a sleeve on a hexagonal tail, because of this, loose magnetic fixation of fasteners and a bat is possible. In general, the set has sufficient strength and quality of materials.
  • Bosch has established itself as a company that produces quality products that enjoy the authority of the masters. The most used nozzles have a gold titanium coating, but more durable are bits from tungsten.molibden, chromovanadium and chromomolibden alloy. The titanium is replaced by nickel, diamond, tungsten carbide to protect against corrosion and lower the degree of wear. The titanium coating increases the price of the product, but it will last longer. For short.term and rare works, you can choose ordinary metizes.
  • If you need to replenish the set of piece copies, you should look at the tools of the Whirl Power, indicated by green marking. Have excellent hardness and magnetism, fasteners are held for a long time. The bat is tightly adapt to the cartridge, does not fall out. The standard Bit WP2 in most cases is used to fix screws, for screws, WP1 is intended. The length of the bit is different, the size row is 25, 50 and 150 mm. The tips have cuttings responsible for the wear resistance of the material. The bats of this brand have established themselves in the market, used by construction companies and private masters.

For professionals, not only the amount of equipment, but also its quality is of great importance. You can use reliable nozzles for several years, but cheap options are often licked for literally several use. The best in the market can be a professional set of bit for an electric screwdriver from Bosch.

Bosch 2.607.017.164

A worthy model from a German manufacturer consists of 43 items. Each of them is characterized by maximum strength, as it is made of instrumental steel. There are 6 long bits 75 mm in the kit, the remaining components are short nozzles of 25 mm. Also in the set there are a pair of fast.free magnets and a modern case for carrying all nozzles. Despite the high price. about 1700, each is fully justified. Many owners have been using a set of years without significant wear.

  • High.strength bits;
  • Good magnetic holders;
  • Compact and durable suitcase;
  • There are 3 end nozzles in the kit;
  • Minimum marriage, European handwriting on the face.
which, electric, screwdriver, better, slot

Bosch 2.607.017.164. a professional set for those who value quality and love to use reliable tools, the kit has all the main heads.

Which set bit for an electric screwdriver is better to buy

Inexpensive bats are ideal for domestic use, the average nozzles have the best combination of quantity, quality and cost, and the peak of the premium segment can be recommended to professionals.

  • The most profitable bats for electric screwdriver. GROSS 11335, they are durable, durable and with a good magnet.
  • Household men for household use should purchase Metabo 630419000.
  • If necessary, periodically twist the screws under strong effort, it is better to buy Stayer 2566-H4. If an electric screwdriver does not cope with this, then the shock-in-housing screwdriver will save the situation.
  • Those wishing to buy a small set of high-quality and most common bites will be reasonable to choose Makita P-16782.
  • If you need to get the largest set of nozzles for minimum money, nothing is better Kraftool 26140-H61 on the market.
  • Those who are looking for not only bits, but also a corner screwdriver, a set of Dewalt DT71517 is suitable.
  • It is appropriate to opt for a premium bosch 2 premium set as a professional set of bit.607.017.164.

Each user has his own view of the best set of bit for an electric screwdriver, so when searching for a suitable equipment for power tools, it is necessary to be guided by the tasks set before the equipment.

Criterias of choice

Below are key aspects for choosing nozzles.

  • First of all, you need to decide for what purposes and what bit are needed. If diverse work with various types of slots is expected, then it is best to buy a set of the most necessary products.
  • Before purchasing, you should look for the most reliable building materials store. It is better to contact expensive specialized outlets. Do not purchase products from little.known sources, including via the Internet.
  • Focus attention should be focused on the structure of the bite alloy and its features. The most optimal option is chrome and molybdenum alloy. Do not purchase steel nozzles, as it is hard to work with them. over, they quickly become unsuitable for use.
  • You should definitely find out the composition of the coating of the product. If it is titanium, then the quality will be on top.

To correctly decide on the choice, you need to take into account all the parameters of the required product.


With knowledge of the bit marking, it will be easier for the consumer to make his choice. Simple slotted models indicate the letter S. About whether there is a special coating on the product, you can find out about the presence of letters tin on the marking. Typically, the working part has information about the parameters of the nozzle:

  • S5.5×0.8. standard bits;
  • Slot. models based on a flat slot with a length of 3 to 7 millimeters;
  • PH. a cross.shaped nozzle, the diameter of the thread can be learned from the numbers recorded next to the letters, this is a universal model, which is considered a worthy option for household needs;
  • PZ. a bat for a screw suitable for wood and metal and equipped with ribs, make cross fasteners and fixation of large areas with this device;
  • N —Bita with 6 faces and dimensions from 1, 5 to 10 millimeters;
  • R is a device with a square of a square shape;
  • T is a star.shaped nozzle;
  • SP. anti.vandal slot;
  • GR. three blades.

Popular brands

The nozzles market for screwdrivers and a drill are striking in its diversity. The most popular bits manufacturers include the following.

impact driver vs electric screwdriver

  • AEG. This company implements bites from bit. Products are in good demand among the population due to high quality, strength and durability.
  • Dewalt offers the consumer to purchase bats not only in the kit, but also separately. Some products can be used with percussion tools.
  • Bosch earned the trust of buyers in almost all countries of the world. Bits from this manufacturer have a high margin of strength and a long service life. A special way of hardening parts increases their strength and gives the surface of a golden hue.
  • Whirlpower is a popular brand of nozzles for an electric screwdriver, its quality has been tested for years. Bits are made of hardened steel, amenable to special heat treatment and covered with a protective film, so there is always high demand for the goods of this manufacturer.

First level

Of course, for serious construction or a person who uses a tool daily, it makes no sense to choose inexpensive models from the rating of high.quality bit. they will quickly become unusable and the money will be spent in vain. But here it is important to understand that the purchase of very expensive models for an ordinary person (whose life is not related to repair, construction or workshop) also looks illogical, because with rare and accurate use, even the simplest battles will last a rather long period. It should also be understood that the BIT manufacturers are now simply an inconceivable amount, however, this review considers only time.tested copies.

Starts a bit rating from the eminent American manufacturer Dewalt. The company has been developing for a long time and successfully, creating the most modern high.tech power tools, without passing on attention and components to them.

The first thing that catches your eye is the price, because it is almost three times less than other rating models (from its lower part). The rest of the bat has a standard set of characteristics that are not different from most Chinese manufacturers. it is used to unscrew/twist bolts and screws such as cross.shaped PZ, length 25 mm (explanation: this format is more practical and modern than standard, but outdated pH; differences; differences; differences; differences; Two types are manifested in notches, so there are more on PZ and they are located at the corners, which allows you to work more quickly and accurately; in practice, both formats can be twisted with a regular screwdriver, but in this case the tool is quickly worn out).

According to buyers, Dewalt 1/4 ″ PZ 2 x 25 mm is an ideal option for a house thanks to a common size and higher quality than Chinese analogues.

  • Price (there are cheaper options, but they should not be considered if among the criteria for choosing is the durability and reliability point);
  • Common type;
  • Good quality.
  • It requires accuracy (marriage caused by insufficient stiffness of the metal helps to lick the faces, however, with lean use of the bat, it can last long).

Conclusion: The best alternative to Chinese manufacturers. the price and quality are in the proportions close to the ideal, and the size allows you to use it for a wide variety of purposes.

The next representative is the brainchild of the famous German company BERNER. Say that they are much better than the previous Dewalt, but there are still last longer. This model can be used with manual screwdrivers and screwdrivers to work with cross.shaped PZ3 slots, size. 25 mm. True, the quality of the material leaves much to be desired, and therefore it is very important to use the suitable type of bit for a specific bolt, otherwise even when working with a screwdriver you can quickly “kill” the furrow of the product.

Reviews about BERNER are quite contradictory, but from them we can conclude that this model is well suited for simple tasks or for short.term work (assemble a cabinet and forget about the tool for six months). But with active use, and even chasing the speed of execution, you can very quickly turn the bat into a piece of useless metal.

Conclusion: a good option as a spare or universal home bits. the quality of the metal does not allow it to work without stopping (the accuracy of fixation is important), but it fully justifies its price.

This nozzle took the third line thanks to many positive reviews from owners who highlight quite high.quality S2 steel, which provides good strength of work surfaces. Suitable for an electric and a hand tool when twisting/unscrewing the screws with cross.shaped PZ2 slots, length. 25 mm.

Conclusion: The main plus of this model is the price, which allows regular rotation (while models without marriage serve no less than previous models).

The bats of this American brand are produced in China, but despite this fact, the company’s goods are considered quite good in their price segment. As an example, you can take Stanley PZ 25 mm or Stanley PH 25 mm bits, which differ only in the type of helmet, but at the same time are quite popular among customers. They are intended for unscrewing/screwing screws, and depending on the type of bit, suit both the Crushes PZ and PH, size. 25 mm.

The reviews of the owners are mostly positive, the almost complete absence of backlash and slipping is noted (well included and fixed in hats), as well as a pretty good quality of material. even after the first serious tests, there are no traces of wear on them.

  • Affordable price;
  • Common type;
  • The quality of the material (the manufacturer promises resistance to normal loads and durability);
  • Dense landing (without backlash).
  • Durability (despite the company’s statements and a longer service life than previous models, Stanley PZ Bits 25 mm/ Stanley PH 25 mm cannot be called really resistant to wear).

Conclusion: one of the best decisions in the budget segment. functionality and reliability fully correspond to the price.

These nozzles, in fact, are improved versions of previous models. they used more durable steel, which allows them to be called enhanced. Users liked the company’s decision to increase the length of the bit, but the majority of the application about the application of really high.quality steel, most were skeptical.

The characteristics are as follows: designed to work with the Crusade PH2/ PZ2 (depending on the type) with self.tapping screws, the length was 50 mm. Product produced in China.

Verdict: a fairly popular nozzle thanks to an affordable price and good service life, many owners are generally inclined to classify it with middle.level bits.

Average level

Representatives of this price segment are made by eminent brands who have perfectly established themselves in the production of construction equipment. Today these are one of the most durable and popular models available on the market. Any of the bits presented below will be a great solution for a wide variety of goals, and if you do not forget simple rules of proper operation (do not overload and not overheat any equipment), they will last for many years.

This German manufacturer is famous for the excellent quality of goods and has in his assortment goods from a variety of price segments. This model can be presented in various types (PZ1, PZ3, PH1, PH3 and others) and is rightfully considered any nozzle for a screwdriver from the initial level (despite the lower price). Of the features, it is worth highlighting the material (here it is highly alloyed steel) and unique metal processing technologies (HSC).

Characteristics: Suitable for the Crusade PZ (or others), the length of the rod is 25 mm.

  • Great price;
  • High.quality steel;
  • Processing using own technologies;
  • Common type;
  • Dense landing.

Conclusion: The best solution for those who are going to regularly use the screwdriver and do not want to overpay.

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