Which candles are better for a chainsaw. Partner 350 carburetor setup with your own hands

What good spark plugs for the chainsaw

Modern industry offers a wide range of spark plugs with two electrodes. Consider the best spark plugs among two.Electrode models.

The review was compiled on the opinions of auto experts based on the statements of car owners on the Internet forums.

The device of the spark plug with two electrodes:

  • Contact head.
  • Corrugated base.
  • Ring of the gasket.
  • Sealing rings.
  • Thread.
  • Central electrode.
  • Lateral electrode.

DENSO TT spark plugs

Product manufacturer. Denso Japanese company, founded in 1949. Currently is one of the leaders of this segment.

  • Created for operation in cold weather, which is relevant for the domestic climate.
  • Effective ignition helps to save fuel by about 1.2% compared to conventional nickel candles.
  • Universality. Suitable for cars working on gasoline and liquefied gas.

After a run of 30,000 thousand.Km. An inspection of candles was examined.

Bosch Platinum

Products of the famous group of companies from Germany. The date of its foundation is 1886. Products are characterized by German reliability and good operational period. In production, precious metal is used. Platinum. It has low electrical and thermal conductivity. These characteristics provide high efficiency in sparking, stability in the operation of the car engine.

When working with candles, Bosch Platinum, the power plant works more stable, softer. The use of platinum increases the life of the product. The viburnum for this type of candles is 7, the gap between the electrodes is 1.1 mm.

After a run of 30,000 thousand.Km. An inspection of candles was examined. On this photo you can see that the candles can leave about 10,000 you.Km.


The products of the Japanese company NGK, founded in 1936, are very popular among motorists. A characteristic feature of the products is the V-shaped cut on the central electrode. This form provides better sparking, which allows you to start the car engine without problems even at critical minus temperatures.

A resistor is built into the candle, which levels interference that interferes with the operation of car devices. Recommended period for replacing products. 20 thousand. Km of run. The material for the average electrode is nickel, the gap between the electrodes is 3 mm.

After a run of 12,000 thousand.Km. An inspection of candles was examined. This photo shows that candles leave at least the same amount.

Finwhale F510

The products of this German company are of high quality, which confirms the ISO 9000 international certificate.The candle is made of high.Plastic steel and has a galvanic coating. Added aluminum oxide to the insulator provides a special strength of the product. Electrodes are made of nickel alloys.

The last property is easy to check. Compared to products of other manufacturers, a car with the candles of this company confidently feels on a steep rise. The gap between the electrodes of the candle F510. 1.1 mm. Recommended period for replacing products. 25 thousand. Km.

  • The presence of the sealant in the electrode significantly reduces the amount of interference.
  • Contributes to economical fuel consumption.
  • Temperature resistance resistance.
  • The minimum number of emissions of harmful toxins when working at idle.
  • Improved dynamic characteristics.

After a run of 30,000 thousand.Km. An inspection of candles was examined.


Products of a Czech company founded in 1935. Motorists like their reliability in their work, long service life and affordable cost. Their popularity is evidenced by the fact that many manufacturers install BRISK spark plugs on their models. Products are made of an alloy of copper and nickel, the gap between the electrodes is 1.1 mm.

Many manufacturers note a slight decrease in fuel costs with these products. Depending on the operating conditions, their replacement is 25-30 thousand. Km of run.

which, candles, better, chainsaw

After a run of 25,000 thousand.Km. An inspection of candles was examined.

Настройка карбюратора бензопилы #Партнер-350S». Или как не платить ремонтникам!

The question arises of what to do then?

Here are some common cases:

The main in this group of problems is the engine.

One of the main elements affecting the troublesome work of the tool. Therefore, the first to consider this particular block.

The time has passed when the ignition control was engaged in a breaker with fists and moving contact, which filed a spark on the candle.

It was not a very reliable system due to many elements that influenced the operation of the engine. Chainsaws with non.Visible malfunctions could just stop starting up. Lawn mowed Standard self.Propelled reason for wheel lock. And we could observe a picture of a constant pulling for the cord of the factory. To date, manufacturers have switched to contactless ignition systems.

Magneto gap using a plastic bottle wall. Repair.

Not starting or badly starting up a chainsaw.Reason and how to eliminate.

They have fewer moving parts and there are no contacts that must be periodically exhibited, often failing. The reason for the breakdown of the electric motor. The coil used on a modern chainsaw will work until the end of the service of your tool. Chainsaw has become much more reliable and easier to maintain.

Fuel mixture preparation rules

If desired, you can create the considered mixture with your own hands. It is recommended to do this before the direct use of the chainsaw. Storage of the already finished substance for more than 10 days leads to the fact that a chemical bond begins to form between the additives, which reduces the life of the engine. Experts recommend, before putting a chainsaw for long.Term storage, carry out fuel drainage and develop the remains at idle.

The proportions should be selected in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer of the device itself. Depending on the model and its technical characteristics, the indicator can vary from 1:20 to 1: 100 or more.

It is strictly forbidden when mixing active elements to use working out or oil not designed for the operation of the double.

How to mix

You also need to pay quite a lot of attention to the direct process of mixing the used components used. As a rule, the fuel mixture is prepared in a volume that will be enough for 3-4 refueling the device used. The mixing procedure can only be used when using measuring dishes.

Among the features of the issue under consideration, the following points should be noted:

  • Some manufacturers of chainsaws include a measured dishes with marks for fuel and oil.
  • In the absence of a special container, you can use a canister or dry bottle. It is convenient to carry out a dosage when using a regular syringe without a needle.

After adding all the ingredients to one container, you can proceed to the direct mixing of the components. For this, the container closes with a lid, after which it shakes up to obtain a homogeneous substance.

Fuel mixture proportions

As previously noted, the proportions of the oil and gasoline ratio for chainsaws can vary significantly, largely depend on the characteristics of the design itself. An example of mixing can be called proportions 40: 1 and 50: 1. This ratio provides high.Quality lubrication of the internal elements of the installed engine.

In some cases, the concentration of a lubricant can be adjusted to the larger direction, due to which more efficient lubrication is ensured. An example can be called a case when a new tool is processed. In addition, it is also possible to increase the effectiveness of cooling the structure by adding a large amount of oil to the mixture. Experts recommend increasing the concentration of oil by no more than 20% of the usual indicator.

As practice shows, in most cases, the sawman himself has to regulate the concentration of oil in the fuel, depending on the features of the work carried out. This is due to the fact that as the design is worn, serious breakdowns may occur. With normal working characteristics, sawing can be carried out for a long period.

Merged containers

Different containers with a marking can be used as a measuring container. The ratio control is simplified when using a proprietary capacity, which is included in the supply kit.

It should be borne in mind that measuring dishes are included in the factory set of even budget models. However, a regular syringe of increased capacity also manifests itself well.

Storage recommendations

It is not recommended to save time and mix the composition directly in the tank of the chainsaw. This is due to the fact that achieving the required result will be quite difficult. Storage recommendations look as follows:

  • The resulting mixture can be stored for no more than 2 weeks. With an increase in the ambient temperature, the storage period is reduced to 10 days.
  • In some cases, in order to save, the previously prepared and the expired mixture is added to the new. However, its concentration should be no more than 10%.

To extend the operation of the fuel system, it is recommended to filter the composition through the material represented by fibers.

Candlemakers: review of the best

The light of the ignition does not belong to a complex high.Tech product, so anyone in “garage conditions” can configure their production. This is the main nuisance for the consumer, t.To. Despite simplicity, in artisanal conditions it is impossible to make quality goods. Therefore, the best spark plugs are made by large specialized firms that value their reputation. The most famous of them is Brisk.

In addition, well.Known manufacturers of chainsaws themselves produce candles.

The following manufacturers produce high.Quality spark plugs:

These are the most famous brands, but the list is incomplete, many manufacturers of chainsaws themselves produce spark plugs.

In addition to these brands, “nameless” candles from unknown manufacturers are widespread in the market. They have only digital marking and are much cheaper than branded. According to users, they have an unstable quality. If you are lucky, they can even serve long enough. Sometimes. Not for long. It also happens that they are sold initially defective.

Therefore, when the question arises of what to choose: a cheap version or expensive, for example Husqvarna or Champion (at a price they are approximately equal), it is better to make a choice in favor of quality.

How to set a gap?

Many owners of chainsaws are interested in the question of how to set the ignition on a chainsaw at home? The main stages of exposing the ignition are as follows:

which, candles, better, chainsaw
  • Disassemble the chainsaw, unscrewing the cover bolts with a screwdriver;
  • Get access to the magnetic circuit and flywheel;
  • Put the ignition gap between the electrodes using a special gasket;
  • According to technical standards for chainsaws, this distance should not be more than 0.2 mm;
  • If there are no gaskets for the gap of the spark plug on the chainsaw, use a sheet of A4 paper, folded four times.
which, candles, better, chainsaw

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the video on this topic, the advice of professionals and experienced owners of the chainsaws will help you understand the priorities of actions when performing the above manipulations.

Funny pencil

Available solutions for a home master

When the chainsaw engine suddenly stops in our hands, there is a slight confidence that we will start the saw again to the work. But after several unsuccessful attempts, we already realize that we will not be able to do it easily, as we hoped, and we understand that this is the reason.

There are many factors that determine this or that malfunction of the chainsaw engine, and the most influential, in my opinion, is determined by the quality of the fuel mixture for the engine. Where and what gasoline is taken by us, is determined only after its use as part of the fuel.

Oil for two.Stroke engines is produced by many manufacturers indicating their individual recommendations and norms for the use of oil as part of the fuel mixture for the engine, which we pay little attention and sometimes measure this or that amount of oil by eye, determining its corresponding proportion for fuel to the engine selected chainsaw. And sometimes we completely lie down some kind of derivative of the basement and do not know about the large “gift” expected by our equipment in the near future.

By the state of the spark plug, you can accurately determine the quality of the fuel mixture, but this will be true only if the mixture setting system and the engine itself are still working. And by the nature of the operation of a good engine, you can first determine the state of the spark plug, which can affect the diagnosis in determining the malfunctions with the same signs, but with different localization.

Ignition malfunctions

Most often we think about repair after the chainsaw stopped starting, or visual signs of serious breakdowns appeared.

How to adjust/tune a Poulan chainsaw carburator

Signs of ignition malfunction:

  • The chainsaw is started, but it works unevenly (troit), often sneezes and shoots;
  • The power of the chainsaw fell noticeably;
  • With a sharp press on the accelerator, failures are observed in the operation of the engine;
  • The chainsaw is poorly started on cold, very troit until it warms up;
  • Fuel consumption has increased significantly;

If such flaws appeared in your chainsaw, then it is time to conduct diagnostics, adjustment, and possibly repairing the ignition system.

Determining the localization of a malfunction:

First of all, it is necessary to inspect the candle, if a lot of soot has accumulated on it, then the cause of the malfunction is most likely associated with the work of the carburetor, the piston group or the quality of the fuel. If visually the candle looks good, it does not throw it and it is dry. Make sure there is a spark.

  • Remove the candle, put the ignition cable on it;
  • Using pliers with isolated handles, press the candle thread to the motor body;
  • Sharply pull the starter handle and make sure there is a spark;

If there is no spark, we change the spark plug to a new one and test again. After making sure there is a spark, start the engine. But what to do, even if there is no spark on a good candle? We continue the search:

Test an electric cable for a cliff and insufficient contact with the spark plug. We check the serviceability of the spring in the cap of the nursing and the presence of contact with the armored vehicle;

To check the serviceability of the wiring, it is best to use the tester.

Check the gap between the ignition module and the flywheel magnetic circuit. It should be no more than 0.3. 0.4 mm.

which, candles, better, chainsaw

You can set the right gap with a probe, they are not a deficit and are available for a small fee.

Diagnosis of a malfunction multimeter

It is possible to determine the malfunction of the ignition coil can be determined by the so.Called hardware method. However, for this you must have a multimeter with which diagnostics is carried out.

Step.By.Step diagnosis of ignition by multimeter:

  • We set the multimeter to the position in which the arrow is at a mark of 200 Ohms.
  • We study the instructions of the chainsaw. We find out the optimal resistance for the coil winding installed on our model (in most modern chainsaws this indicator ranges from 3-5 Ohms.);
  • We connect the multimeter to the primary winding of the coil and measure the resistance, if it is normal. Continue testing;
  • We connect the multimeter to the secondary winding of the coil, compare the obtained readings with the operation manual;
  • We connect the multimeter to the coil hole into which the wires are inserted. If the device gives normal indicators, we come to the conclusion that the coil is serviceable. If the measurement results are far from optimal, you will have to replace the node (coil) with a new one;

Step.By.Step adjustment of the fuel of the chainsaw:

  • Diagnose a malfunction;
  • We dismantle the protective cover;
  • Remove the module with a nursing and electric cable. We conduct their visual inspection, if necessary, replace with a new one;
  • Install the ignition module, but do not tighten the mounting screws to the stop;
  • We determine a plot with a magnet on the flywheel;
  • We set the gap properly, in accordance with the parameters specified in the operation manual;
  • We tighten the screws of the module fastening to the stop, check the settings with the probe, if necessary, we repeat the adjustment;
  • Set the protective cover and check the presence of a spark on the candle;
  • We screw the candle, start a chainsaw;

You should also check if the flywheel clings to the module counterweight. If this happens, perhaps you have failed a bearing or a backlash has formed on the shaft.

Clearance and other candle parameters

The main parameters that the buyer should know:

  • The diameter of the thread is screwed into the cylinder;
  • The length of this thread (in a spacious skirt or shirt);
  • The gap between the central to.Consuming rod and the lateral electrode (ground), between which a spark is formed.

The exact gap for each chainsaw model is determined in the instructions for operation. For different models, it ranges in an approximate range of 0.45. 0.55 mm.

There are other options. For example, thread flow. But it is standardized for all candles of this type (M10x1) and do not think about this when buying.

The spark plug has voltage parameters. They are huge, from 10 to 20 thousand volts and above. They are taken into account by manufacturers when calculating insulators and t. D. The user does not need to know the exact voltage.

Playing the chainsaw STIHL MS 180. Advice to beginners

The bought chainsaw of the STIHL in the MS 180 configuration must be rolled up. This will enable the details of the instrument to be worn out for the further coordinated operation of the main saw mechanisms.

Before running in the Stihl 180 chainsaw, it should be seasoned with a new fuel mixture. It will also be necessary to fill fresh oil for lubrication of the chain of the chain of the stihl 180. The further procedure is as follows:

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