Which chain to choose for a chainsaw. The best grades of chains for chainsaws

Chains of a chainsaw

He wanted to share the experience of using his chainsaw and find out who uses what chains to saw wood.

In general, I bought the most cheap share chainsaw of PowerTec in a hypermarket 5 years ago on the bus on which it was brightly written in Germany what was and is probably a joke))) Ketaians can joke, but the chainsaw was really good or I came across a successful model but in five years She was so sawn and sawed wood that I can’t describe to you, my friend dug 2 partners and another foreman during these five years and is always surprised at the sight of my saw how it has been working for me for a long time, a shhorgalka was changed over these five years. Three chains, everything else was even dear, I never shook over the saw, all these five years it spends where I will leave it, in the winter lies in a prominent place and falls asleep in snow, but taking out of the snow it starts like a sports car with almost half a thousand, turned over the tire turned over Only twice, the native chain, although it was shit and stretched out constantly, but worked without problems,Only the new chain was replaced by only the new one, she also worked not badly, but she was stupid quickly and the efficiency fell, and recently I decided to switch from Sherpogobrob to a good chain and took the STIHL RSC chain, which costs almost three times more expensive than those that were before, Kaif Neumover, oak and acacia how the butter cuts but looking at the chain found even cooler than the STIHL RD3 chain, which is three times more expensive and the description is that I almost write boiling water, and now I want to take it now with the RD3 chain share experience and sensations, does it make sense to take it?

which, chain, choose, chainsaw, best

Well, my chainsaw is still working, I always pour oil on both tanks, I take the most common, TAD-17 for a chain about two-stroke for the motor, maybe the factor that I had a two-stroke scooter and from it have influenced the engine and from it There was almost a liter of the original two.Stroke green oil of HADO, which I poured during the first operation of the engine, thereby processing it with additives if they were there)))

About 30-50 cubic meters of wood come out a saw in the year, from this volume there can be a floor of a cube on soft rocks such as poplar and garden trees and the rest on oak, acacia and ash, the main load for autumn when harvesting firewood, I saw oak up to 80 centimeters in a leggard diameter who is interested in I can take a picture of an oak tree made of oak tomorrow for personal needs, earlier this

Choice recommendations

Length. Chainsaws are equipped with tires of a certain length. On the same model of the cutting tool, it is allowed to install several tires of different sizes. Depending on the size of the tire, the length of the chain is selected. When several tires participate in the work, then the operator should have chains with different sizes in the operator’s. Exact numbers for each chainsaw model should be sought in the passport.

Appointment. Saw chains differ in their intended purpose. Experts divide all cutting equipment into professional and household.

  • High.Performance chains are used by professional forest rollers. The step of such models is 3/8 or 0.404 inches. However, high performance is complemented by such a negative factor as high vibration.
  • Low.Profiles differ in comfort in work. With a step of 0.325 inches of a chainsaw, it works with minimal vibration. Such equipment is recommended to buy to solve household problems.

The thickness of the components of the link (tails). The main load during the cut falls on the tails of the chain. Therefore, it is important to choose their thickness correctly.

Choosing the right Chainsaw for the job

  • In domestic chainsaws, chains with a thickness of ponytails are most often used 1.1-1.3 mm. They can withstand small loads for a long time.
  • The most popular size is 1.5 mm. A chain with such tails can be installed both on household and professional chainsaws.
  • To perform complex work, chains with the thickness of the components of the links in the range of 1.6-2.0 mm are suitable. Typically, manufacturers use the most durable steel brands.

How to Buy Correct Chainsaw Chain Replacement (Chain/Bar Numbers Explained) The Repair Specialist

Type of cutting link. Teeth differ in the shape of the profile. There are several types of cutting links.

which, chain, choose, chainsaw, best
  • A square tooth has a right angle between the vertical and horizontal plane. This design provides aggressive and fast sawing. The chain is not afraid of metal garbage and small nails. But at the same time, the super.Load makes not a very neat cut.
  • A round tooth has a smooth transition from a vertical to a horizontal, which turns out a clean slice. Sharpening of teeth is less often required, the chain is cheaper. However, the productivity of equipment with this type of link is less.
  • To work with particularly solid wood species, with frequent contacts of the chain with soil or ice, you should give preference to equipment with carbide teeth or with a winning attack on the cutting edge. Due to the high hardness of the link, it is possible to work for a long time without sharpening.

The 10 best manufacturers got into our review. They all sell their products in the domestic market. When distributing places, the editors of Expertology magazine relied on the opinion of the expert community, given the reviews of Russian consumers.

Properties of wear.Resistant chains of general and special purposes

The types of chains of household and professional class intended for working with wood are distinguished by the quality of the material lasting the resource and the cost. The diamond chain unique in terms of wear resistance is intended for concrete.

One of the options for choice may be a wear.Resistant carbide chain. The overhaul resource of such a product is an order of magnitude higher, but for its sharpening it needs special equipment that allows you to sharpen the cutting links at different angles, respectively for the standard transverse and for longitudinal sawing.

The carbide chain is designed for productive sawing of solid wood and light building blocks. It should be borne in mind that when working on aerated concrete or foam concrete, the resource of the saw set, even the most prestigious brand decreases by 2-3 times.

Determination of the thickness of the link

It is carried out by measurement with a standard of the leader’s thickness. The thickness of the drive (leading) link may have several standard values. The more important this parameter is, the more heavy loads can withstand the chain. Standard values ​​1.1 mm, 1.3 mm., one.5 mm. And 1.6 mm. Photo 2 shows an example of measurement of the thickness of the link. Photo 2.

STIHL uses a special system for designating chains for chainsaws, which helps easily recognize any chain by simple code.

Chain step, inches Designation of the Stihl chain step Link thickness, mm Designation of the thickness of the link stihl
1/4 one 1.1 one
0.325 2 1.3 3
3/8 3 1.5 5
0.404 4 1.6 6
3/8p 6 2.0 0
1/4P 7
  • M. Micro semi.Bottomed profile;
  • D. Duro carbide busty;
  • R. Rescure.

TOP-11 rating of the best manufacturers of circuits for electric saws

Clocks for electric saws have no name. However, they are distinguished by characteristics and manufacturer. It is worth considering the list of leading manufacturers to understand what to expect from their products. The most budget chains should not be sharpened, since they will not be able to provide the same performance. They must be thrown away after they become stupid. However, they have a small price. But expensive models can last a long time. Their effectiveness is preserved even after several sharpening.

What manufacturer would you choose or advise?

The best manufacturers of budget circuits for electric saws

Usually these are Chinese manufacturers who supply low.Quality chains to their devices. They have a soft alloy of metal, when compared with more expensive circuits. But for domestic use, this is quite enough.


This is a very budget manufacturer. However, I buy its chains who rarely use electric saw. There are many models for tires from 40 to 50 cm on the market. For larger tires, you need to buy chains of another company. Practice shows that the product should not be sharpened, since it is weak. It’s cheaper to buy new.


  • Low quality of the chain;
  • Do not spend money on sharpening;
  • Can periodically fly;
  • Inferior to more expensive models in quality of work.


A fairly famous brand in Russia, which offers separately chains or chains with a saw set. The price is acceptable. It can be difficult to find products in stores, but you can order at specialized sites like AliExpress. Similar chains are used only in domestic conditions, when you need to get a not very neat cut. For example, you can use firewood for the winter or to cut trees.


  • Low price;
  • Moderate quality;
  • The manufacturer of the world, sells its goods in several countries;
  • It copes well with work even after sharpening.

Saw Chain

The name is simple, but these chains are often used in Russia and in the open spaces of the CIS. They are inexpensive and meet their characteristics. They are recommended to be used only on household appliances, since they have a small margin of safety.

Saw Chain

Thus, budget models are recommended to be bought only in case of rare use of electric saws. Otherwise, you will often have to spend money on sharpening or buying new circuits.

The best manufacturers of circuits for electrical saws of the average price segment

These are eminent digging that sell the tool with their chains in the kit. The quality is quite high. Firms are trying to improve models as necessary, but they are not at the forefront. That is, they do not have their own developments that allow you to become a market leader. They use the developments already created in the production of chains.


This manufacturer often uses aggressive sharpening to increase performance and increase the life of the circuits. In this case, several forms of teeth on one model are used, which allows you to ensure the presence of a smooth surface after the saw. The leading tooth has a special design so that you can lubricate the tire automatically. A special alloy with an increased margin of strength is used.


  • Saws well;
  • The teeth are hardened;
  • Delivery along with proprietary set and separately;
  • Can be sharpened several times;
  • Acceptable price.
  • It is not suitable for all models of electric saw;
  • It is very hot, frequent breaks in work are required;
  • It is not recommended to use on a professional basis;
  • Gives strong vibration.


These chains are placed on household and professional saws, as they withstand heavy loads. The manufacturer allows you to use their products along with saw settings from other companies. This requires attention to the characteristics and compatibility. Inexperienced users are usually consulted by store experts about the possibility of using a chain on other saws. The necessary goods are always available in stores, and the are acceptable.


which, chain, choose, chainsaw, best
  • Production of Russia;
  • Service life from 1 year;
  • Several types of teeth are used;
  • Can be installed on professional saws;
  • Provides automatic lubricant.
  • Easily installed;
  • Always eat in the store;
  • You can sharpen, the efficiency of work does not fall;
  • The manufacturer offers chains for a set of any size.

The size of the chain

This parameter always depends on the size of the tire installed on the unit. If you accidentally purchased a smaller chain than your tire, it will not work to wear it. If this element has a size exceeding the size of the tire, you cannot pull it. Both options do not allow the use of inappropriate chain sizes. They are usually indicated in inches and have the following values: 10 ″, 12 ″, 13 ″, 14 ″, 15 ″, 16 ″, 18 ″ and above.

The length of the chain is determined by the number of links. The links mean connecting links that enter the groove tires, and not cutting teeth. When buying, you can indicate the seller either the length of the part in the inchs, or the number of links that make it up. Some manufacturers instead of length indicate the number of links in the saw element. As a rule, this number does not depend on the thickness of the tail, step and height of the profile. For example, a low.Profile chain with a 1.3 mm leader thickness can consist of both 72 links and 56 links or their other number.

Overview of the best and budget models of saw chains

This is an inexpensive budgetary novelty of Chinese production, which is an analogue of Oregon 91VS. It is suitable for use in medium and small chainsaws related to household and semi.Professional segment.

Users note that this product has satisfactory cutting abilities and technical parameters, does not make noise during operation and provides a soft move during sawing trees. The number of links is 50 pieces, the step is 3/8, and the total groove width is 1.3 mm.

Types of sawing. Transverse or longitudinal method

Chainsaws with chains for cross.Cutting wood are in demand. Longitudinal sawing is needed in rare cases, but if it is necessary to use such a headset, it must be borne in mind that such materials are more expensive than ordinary. The difference between the methods in question is that for longitudinal circuits the angle of sharpening is 5-10 degrees. For transverse models, the angle of sharpening corresponds to a value of 25-30 degrees. You can clarify this information on the design of the saw headset.

If the saw saws crookedly. Reasons and what to do

Often, sawmiths are faced with the fact that at one moment the saw begins to saw crooked. This causes not only inconvenience, but also complicates the treatment procedure. The sawmill has to make efforts not only to keep the tool, but also to equalize it. Few people know that it is prohibited to operate a tool with such deformation. We will find out what is the cause of the uneven sawing of the chainsaw, and what is dangerous for the sawmill.

If the saw begins to cut crookedly, then this indicates the presence of an inconspicuous deformation of the tire. The deformation is associated with the side of the tire, which has uneven wear. As a result, the chain is located not evenly, but with a slight skew. The skewing value can be invisible to the eye.

It is interesting! The cause of the uneven sawing of a chainsaw may be uneven wear of the link links or their incorrect sharpening. Before replacing the tire, make sure that the chain is working.

Eliminate the malfunction in the form of uneven wear of the tire can be replaced. It is almost impossible to carry out uniformly grinding sides of the guide, so it is recommended to replace it with the chain. The danger of the exploitation of a deformed guide chainsaw is that the tail of the chain can jump out of the groove, which will entail not the most prosperous consequences.

which, chain, choose, chainsaw, best

The tire of the chainsaw, like the chain, experiences heavy loads, so its wear is observed. With wear, it is important to replace the part in a timely manner without waiting for adverse consequences. How to choose, and what to consider when buying a tire on a chainsaw, is described in detail in the material.

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