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Alexander is the best angular grinder (corner grinder) for giving for 2022

Corner grinder is an angular-grinding machine, and in the common people “corner grinding”. This tool first appeared in the 70s. Was imported from Bulgaria, from here this name. Now you can find other names of the Bulgarians: they are called ango-grinding machines, corner grinds, grinders, angle grinder, etc.D.

For construction work in the country, this power tool is indispensable. It will come in handy for home repairs. He copes with various building materials and will grind, cut, cleaning the necessary surface.

If you decide to purchase this type of power tool, then in this article you will get acquainted with the review of grinding machines, as well as find answers to the questions: “How to choose?”,” Which company is better?”,” Which is better to buy?”, “What is the price?”And many others. The editors of the site “I found” offers to your attention the review of the best Bulgarians (corner grinder) for giving for 2022.

Corner grinder which company choose

Corner grinder are produced by dozens of companies around the world. Among them there are both world.Famous brands and little.Known, but rather serious manufacturers. We will deal with some of them to simplify the choice of a really high.Quality tool. So, choosing a manufacturer, a corner grinder focus on the following:

  • Bosch is an unconditional leader in this industry, and among electrical tools in general. German quality and reliability are combined with the power and convenience of work. However, you have to pay a lot for all this. To purchase such a corner grinder, if you have a limited budget, it will obviously fail.
  • Makita. Very high.Quality corner grinder from a Japanese manufacturer. Much cheaper than German, while quite convenient to use, functional and reliable.
  • Interskol is a domestic company that many masters trust, considering them a successful compromise between quality and cost. Are distinguished by high reliability and maintenance, although they can not always boast of exquisite design and external attractiveness. The corner grinder of this manufacturer will not fail even in the most difficult situations.
  • Blackdecker. Chinese products that are successfully distinguished against the background of other tools from the Middle Kingdom. The corner grinder of this manufacturer has a low cost and at the same time relatively reliable, convenient to use. Often equipped with many additional devices that significantly increase the functionality of the tool.
which, corner, grinder, choose

As you can see, the choice of manufacturers are quite large. And if you are interested in which angular grinder to choose, then it is advisable to focus on these manufacturers. At least regret the unsuccessful acquisition in this case will probably not have to.

Professional or household angular grinder

In this section, you will find out which corner grinder is better for home, and which tool is more suitable for constant work. All corner grinder belong to the household or professional class. This separation has no clear boundaries, and sometimes the tool from the professional line has the characteristics of the household.

Designed for home repair. The main difference from professional is a short segment of work without a break. Such corner grinder can fully function up to 10 minutes with interruptions for 15 minutes, and in total-2-3 hours a day. The power of household models is in the range of 500–1200 W. The advantages of this option are low cost and small weight.

These units are needed for intensive work for a long time, for example, at construction facilities, since they have an increased working resource. Power from 1300 W and above, as a rule, they are installed on them the largest circle wheels (from 180 mm and above). Spare parts for such grinder are stronger and more durable than for household ones, because they are designed for prolonged use at high speeds.

Useful additional functions

Expensive models are equipped with a number of additional features. For example:

  • The case will be very useful if frequent transportation of the tool is assumed, and just for storage and protection against dust, from random blows. The corner grinder should be reliably fixed in special recesses. In the case you can place all the necessary keys and discs.
  • System launcher allows the load on the engine of the minimum. When the tool is turned on, the speed speed will be minimal, gradually increasing. This will protect the internal elements of the gearbox from a sharp blow and from biting a disk in a solid surface. Accordingly, such a tool is easier and more convenient to use.
  • Blocking the start button also greatly facilitates the work. No need to constantly keep the power button in the clamped state, from which hands always get tired quickly. Using a small additional button located next to the starting, it can be fixed in the position on the side.
  • Disc speed adjustment. This function is present in expensive professional models. You can independently set the necessary speed of rotation depending on the work performed and the diameter of the working disk. This will relieve the need to purchase several tools. But if you do not have skills in working with a corner grinder, there may be difficulties in self.Selection of modes, and the final result will not justify expectations. Curved sections and other troubles may turn out.
  • Stabilization of the number of revolutions depending on the load on the disk. This function is useful regarding the user’s skills. The tool in automatic mode independently selects the optimal number of rotation and optimizes the workflow. It is very useful when working with heterogeneous materials that have a soft external coating and a solid core or vice versa. Electronics recognizes the change in the load and instantly adjusts the momentum.
  • Dust protection is very important when working with concrete surfaces. Gearbox and shaft will be reliably protected from small abrasive particles in them. The service life of the corner grinder depends on this. Models with such a function are very expensive, so if you are not engaged in construction, then in domestic conditions you can do without it.
  • Automatic disk balancing is inherent in very high.Quality tools. The point is that the corner grinding is smooth out the beating that occurs with uneven erasure of the working edge of the disk. This is very useful in polishing work. The difference in working with a tool C and without this function you will notice in an hour.
  • The ability to connect a construction vacuum cleaner makes the work more comfortable, it allows you to not so pollute the surrounding space, the instrument and the respiratory tract of the employee. This is an alternative to the built.In function of dust protection at a more affordable price.
  • Automatic power outage will be useful for interruptions with electricity supplies. If the light turns off in the process, the machine will work, which will turn off the power of the corner grinder, and it will not begin to rotate when the power supply is resumed.

Rating of the best angular grinding machines

Bulgarian ratings are determined by the diameter of the disk used. Each form has its own nominees.

The best corner grinder under a disc with a diameter of 115 mm

  • Hitachi G12SR4. Compact inexpensive tool with a weight of 1.8 kg without a circle. The 730 W engine allows manipulations for cutting, cleaning, grinding surfaces without overload.
  • Stanley stgs7115. A budget model with an engine of 710 watts and 11 thousand revolutions. The main problem of the device in an uncomfortable arrangement of the handle, with incorrect grip, an accidental overlap of cooling ventilation holes is possible. The equipment has no overheating, but a high noise level.

The best corner grinder with a maximum disk diameter of 125 mm

  • Bosch GWS 850 CE. Household apparatus with maximum characteristics. The speed range changes within 2.8-11 thousand revolutions per minute.
  • SPARKY M 750 E. The product of the Bulgarian manufacturer takes the second place in the ranking of the corner grinder 125 millimeters. It has the functionality of protection against spontaneous launch and is characterized by a quick replacement of the disk. The disadvantages include large dimensions for domestic use.
  • Makita 9565CVK. Third place in the TOP Bulgarian 125 millimeters. It differs in small sizes, a set of secondary options: a smooth start, speed adjustment within 2.8-12 thousand rotations per minute. It is considered one of the best angular grinder 125.
which, corner, grinder, choose

The best corner grinder under a disk with a diameter of up to 150 mm

  • Metabo Wef 15-150 Quick-can be used in the household and commercial sphere. Rotation speed is within the boundaries of 2.8-9.6 units. Many functions are built into the system, including the protection of the engine from abrasive particles and dust. The only minus is a fairly high cost.
  • Hitachi G15VA-equipment with an adjustable speed mode of 2.3-9 thousand units. Can be used for grinding and cutting materials of different structures. Electronics ensures the constancy of rotation and the smooth launch of the tool.

The best corner grinder with a maximum disk diameter of 180 mm

When choosing a corner grinder with these parameters, attention is paid to:

  • On Metabo WEPBA 19-180 Quick RT-with a weight of 2.9 kg, anti-vibration system and handle, auto-balance. Metabo equipment is equipped with a mechanical brake, smooth start, support for uniform rotation. The disadvantage of the tool includes an uncomfortable button for turning on, to the pluses. Safety and engine in 1900 watts.
  • On Makita GA7040SF01. The device can operate with prolonged loads due to protection against overheating. Comfortable work is provided by the anti.Vibration system, smooth launch and side hilt. The advantages of the tool include enhanced gearbox, rotary main handle, power. The disadvantages are represented by a short cable, the lack of stabilization of rotation of the circle at the load.

The best corner grinder under a disk with a diameter of up to 230 mm

When choosing a corner grinder, experts pay attention to:

  • On Bosch GWS 26-230 LVI-an expensive professional tool with a powerful engine, smooth launch and support when loading the number of rotations. Features of the structure allow you to economically spend wheels and bowls, work with products of large thickness. The Bosch apparatus provides for the defense of the operator: due to the automatic splitting coupling, the functions of preventing overheating and random inclusion, a closed handle. The handles are equipped with rubber lining, rearranged in the right position, the system provides for vibration and fast replacement of equipment due to SDS-gays. The disadvantage of the product includes the lack of auto.Balance of the circle, otherwise its reliability is not subject to doubt.
  • Makita GA9020SF. Equipment easily withstands prolonged inclusion and intensive operation. The device is equipped with a smooth start, reinforced gearbox, automatic shutdown of the motor. The system does not have a disk balancing, vibration, vibration. A short cable causes a lot of complaints from users.

Attention! Before buying the necessary tool, you need to pay attention not only to what the new corner grinder looks like, but also the main characteristics.

The user must study the power indicators, the level of security, the presence of secondary functions. The apparatus is selected according to the goal and future volume of work, the financial capabilities of the master, certain criteria.

Only the future owner can choose the tool for himself. The great weight will affect the duration of the procedures performed, and the absence of protective mechanisms can cause injuries in places remote from the hospital: in the country or in the village and pr. When buying, it is worth paying attention to the year of the equipment and marking, so as not to purchase an outdated model.

How to choose a corner grinder: what you need to know when going to the store

The corner grinder is a power tool that is used for grinding, polishing work, as well as cleaning from dirt and rust and actually cutting almost any materials. This is a universal multifunctional tool that is indispensable for both large.Scale construction and for small home repairs, so think about the purchase of corner grinders (it is also called a turbine) over time, every man begins.

If you first encounter angling machines, poorly represent their device and principle of operation when going to the store, you should first read this material about all the nuances and criteria to choose a quality electric saw.

The main components of the corner grinder

The size of the abrasive disk

A grinding abrasive disk is a part in the form of a circle designed for grinding and abrasive processing (cleaning from paint and rust) products from various materials: from wood to high.Strength tiles. The diameter of such a circle is determined in the choice of a suitable tool, since it directly depends on which materials you can work with, and what thickness of the sheet or board you can cut. The larger the diameter of the grinding circle, the deeper the incision can be made, therefore, to carry out professional work, for example, cutting metal pipes with a diameter of more than 20 cm, you should buy an angular grinder with a disk size of at least 180 mm.

Important parameters of the Bulgarians

In total, five types of angular grinder are distinguished depending on the diameter of the grinding disk:

  • 115 mm. This is a very primitive variety of an angular grinder, which is suitable only for small work at home, since cutting such a small disk is inconvenient, in addition, it has increased wear resistance. A 115 mm angular grinder is suitable mainly for processing and grinding solid and fragile materials to a given size (sometimes with an accuracy of a micron).
  • 125 mm. The best option for home. Using such a disk, you can not only carry out abrasive surfaces, but also cut the elements and details of a small thickness. A 125 mm disk with a disk has a low weight and affordable cost, so they are great for household repair work.
  • 150 mm. Not the most popular, albeit quite compromise model of the Bulgarians, suitable for grinding and cutting products. If you choose a corner grinder for the home, it cannot be called the best option, since it has no additional functions compared to the angular grinder 125, but it is much harder and more massive and has a greater cost. Its functionality is also not enough for professional work, so such machines are not in great demand in construction stores.
  • 180 mm. Disks of such a diameter are fully cope with construction work of medium complexity (for example, such a tool can be cut both brick and thick metal pipes). For small homework, 180 mm corner grinding grinding is very bulky and heavy, so if your activity is not connected with construction, the purchase of such an angular grinder is not the most practical option.
  • 230 mm. The most powerful variety of Bulgarians, which is suitable for cutting all types of metal, brick, ceramic tiles, wood, etc.D. A 230 mm angle grinding machine is indispensable for professional construction work, but not suitable for abrasive processing due to its dimensions.

Note! The diameter of the grinding circle is directly dependent on the power of the corner grinder. This means that a large disk will not work on a low.Power machine (and vice versa).

Болгарка на LOXа. Купил подделку Makita GA 5030 | Тест и обзор с оригиналом

Types of Bulgarians in size of nozzles

For abrasive discs

The color of the cutting circle

Refined circles are special abrasive discs, which are direct processing of products. They usually have a different composition that allows you to use them only for certain materials, so when buying it is necessary to pay attention to their marking, which is indicated by different colors.

  • Green circles are used for cutting solid rocks. Mainly granite.
  • Yellow discs are used to process ceramic (tile) tiles, burned clay products with the addition of quartz and sand, as well as gypsum and calcite parts.
  • Orange circles are used mainly for cutting brick.
  • Blue detachment discs cut products from artificial stone, concrete, metamoid rocks, marble.

If you need to carry out the cutting of tiles, you should choose discs marked with gray color.

Spindle rotation speed

Spindle is a shaft with left and right turns of rotation. In professional tools, this parameter is selected and installed automatically. In simpler models, the speed depends on the radius of the grinding circle, so if you buy a large angular grinder with high power, be sure to pay attention to the presence of a speed control, using which, you can reduce the speed of rotation and optimize the angular velocity with the most acceptable parameters.

If there is no regulator in the selected tool, be prepared for the use of many discs on it to be impossible due to the difference between the maximum and real speed determined by the radius of abrasive circles.

Internal device of corner grinding

The number of handles

Many do not stop especially at this moment, evaluating it exclusively from the point of view of convenience, but in vain. It is important to understand that powerful corner grinders are given strong vibration during operation, and it can be very difficult to hold them in one hand with a strong and physically strong person. If the model has one handle at the starting shaft, which can be rotated in the right or left side, the use of large capacities can be life.Threatening and health, since there is a possibility that the tool can “bounce” to the side. To protect yourself, it is better to choose devices with two handles (usually on the tool case), allowing you to more tightly fix the tool in your hands and avoid its slippers.

Makita small angle grinder disassemble and find problem Makita GA5030

The scope of application

The angle grinding machine performs a large complex of a wide variety of tasks. In fact, it is a battery or power tool with an abrasive disk. There is also a variety working on gasoline. The device is processed by the joints of flat surfaces made of metal. This is its main purpose. But you can purchase it for other tasks. This is:

  • Cutting sheet metal;
  • Pruning of reinforcement, pipes;
  • Polishing of pipes, uneven surfaces;
  • Cutting tiles made of ceramics, wood and so on.

Each operation is performed using a special working circle, which has its own caliber. Therefore, it is important not only to buy a corner grinder, but also to choose good, strong disks for a suitable size for it.

How to choose a good angular grinder 125 mm?

Before buying a power tool, it is important to understand how the models differ among themselves and what benefit certain options bring. We will pay attention not only to the technical characteristics of the equipment, but also to the functions that should be equipped with the best angular grinder of 125 mm.

  • Engine power. The parameter is the key to many aspects of the operation of the power tool: it affects dimensions and weight, energy consumption, speed of rotation, resistance to overheating. It should be borne in mind that it is relevant only for network Bulgarians; Its analogue for wireless models is the voltage of the battery. Corner grinder with low power will cope with sharp wood and plastic, grinding; more productive will be able to use the cut.Out circle of concrete or metal. A good power indicator for devices with a disk diameter of 125 mm. From 600 to 1550 watts.
  • Battery capacity. A characteristic that is important for wireless models. A good solution will be to pay attention to this parameter if you want to squeeze the maximum from the battery tool away from the network sources. The higher the container, the longer it will be possible to use the corner grind. At the same time, the weight of the equipment will also increase. It will become noticeably less comfortable for it to work.
  • Revolutions per minute. Each element of the working equipment is designed for a certain range of rotation speed. Compact 125 mm circles are focused on a large number of revolutions, when the overall analogues rotate the discs much more slowly. The best range of rotation speed, judging by the rating. 8500-11500 revolutions per minute. The most “slow” corner grinding in our rating. Battery.
  • Electronic control of the speed number. A regulator is a good function if you plan to work with all kinds of equipment and with materials of different densities. Please note that the metal and brick saw at high speeds, when wood and ceramics are low, otherwise there is a chance of damage to the workpiece. We are aware of the importance of adjusting the revolutions, and therefore identified it as a separate criterion in the ranking of an angular grinder.
  • Electrodynamic brake of the angular grinder disk. The function contributes to the instant stop of the circle after releasing the start key. Helps to more carefully monitor the work, avoid traumatic situations and damage to blanks.
  • Fast change of disk angular grinder. This possibility will be useful if you often have to change the working equipment during operation: for example, switch between grinding and cutting circles, brushes, etc.D. Due to the fast.Packed nut, you do not have to use additional devices to change the disk.
  • The function of smooth launch. Mandatory criterion for choosing a professional power tool. Firstly, it protects the motor from sharp voltage surges when pressing the start button; Secondly, the function helps to do without jerks, which will improve the quality of processing and safety. As our rating of inexpensive Bulgarians of 125 mm shows, the function is not found in the budget price segment. For your convenience, the aspect is made a separate column of the comparative rating table.
  • The ability to change the position of the handle angular grinder. All models in the ranking are equipped with a side pen. It is necessary for reliable retention, allows grinding and cutting with high accuracy. Some corner grinder are equipped with several threads under the handle: on the left, right and from above from the base. This allows you to work with comfort in different positions.
  • Prevention of overheating angular grinder. In the corner of the corner grinder, holes are created through which hot air is removed from the engine. This natural cooling system prevents the device for the device as a result of excessively intensive use. Also look at the models from the rating equipped with electronic protection against overheating. They automatically turn off in them if the temperature passes beyond the permissible border. Overheating rarely becomes a 125 mm angular grinder. Large corner grinders face it much more often.
  • Landing diameter of the disk angular grinder. To determine the compatibility of the disk with the equipment, it is important to consider not only the external diameter, but also the dimensions of the hole in the center. In most models from our rating, they make up 22.2 mm. Most working accessories are designed for this size.
  • The ability to block the start button. When choosing which angular grinder of 125 mm for prolonged continuous work to choose, pay attention to this criterion: instead of constant holding the starter, it allows you to install it in an active position and start grinding.
  • Dust protection of the angular grinder. The working environment angular grinder is filled with dust, shavings, concrete chips and other small particles. Hiding in holes for air removal, they are able to damage the internal nodes. To avoid this, the models included in the rating of the Bulgarian 125 by reliability and price are equipped with a labyrinth design: it protects the engine from clogging.
  • Brightless engine of corner grind. Most corner grinds in the ranking belongs to brush: this provides their cheapness and ease of service, but leads to the need to regularly change coal brushes. Professional power tools are increasingly equipped with brilliant engines, characteristic increased performance and price, resistance to overheating.
  • Disk jacket protection. In the case of a disk seal in the material, the movement will cease to be transmitted from the engine to the shaft. As a result of this, the user will prevent a breakdown of the power tool and save himself from injuries.
  • Vibration protection. Long.Term operation of vibration equipment leads to health problems. Good professional class tools are equipped with vibration damping systems that minimize harm from working with angular grinder.
  • Ease of holding corner grinding. Choosing in a retail store, which corner grinder 125 buy for home, hold it in your hands. Make sure the handles are comfortable by touch, and their thickness is optimal for your palms.
  • Automatic shutdown of corner grinder brushes. The function provides that in the case of a sharp shutdown of power supply during operation, the disk will stop and will not resume rotation until the device is restarted.
  • Hold the stable speed of rotation. With high loads, the rotation speed is often unstable. The number of revolutions per minute is lowered below the expected value, which affects the quality of the final work. In conditions of intensive cutting, the speed stabilizer reduces speed, but constantly supports them at the same level. The ranking of professional models presents several models with maintaining stable speed.

TOP of batteries

Battery grinding machines are a niche tool due to the high price and limited use of. At the same time, they are indispensable in areas where a network connection is impossible for one reason or another. Our rating of batteries in reliability and ratio of and quality includes a few models presented on the market in 2021–2022.

Model Corner grinder Disk diameter (mm) The number of revolutions is angular grinder (rpm) Landing diameter (mm) Smooth launch of corner grinders Stable speed of corner grinder under load The weight of the corner grinder (kg) The average price is angular grinder in Russia (.)
Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick 125 9,000 22.2 Yes Not 2.6 15 099
Makita DGA504RME 125 8 500 22.2 Not Not 2.5 34 235
Makita DGA 506Z 125 8 500 22.2 Yes Not 2.6 17 360

Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick

The wireless model is optimal for field work. It has all the functions inherent in professional tools: smooth start, spindle blocking, protection against accidental inclusion.

  • The diameter of the disk of the grinding machine is 125 mm, which will allow you to use it with most of the equipment presented on the market.
  • This model is good with a spindle lock, which will quickly change the cutting element.
  • The thin case of the device provides convenient retention and work in hard.To.Reach places.

Makita DGA504RME

The best angular grinding machine is suitable for professional work, which is facilitated by a brilliant engine: it provides high performance and economical battery consumption.

  • The grinding machine is good with a rich equipment: the power tool is supplied with a charger, a side handle, two batteries, a case for transportation and storage.
  • Disk diameter. 125 mm.
  • The best in the ranking of Grindmine is equipped with a rubberized base that prevents the glide of the device in the hand.

Makita DGA 506Z

Closes the rating of the battery.Free grallpoint grinding machine from the Japanese manufacturer. The model is light, compact and relatively inexpensive.

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