Which digger is better for a walk -behind tractor. The principle of work and popular types of potato -switches

All you need to know about potato.Cuttings for a walk.Behind tractor is described in all details

Each owner of a summer cottage wants to facilitate his work. Avid gardeners annually plant potatoes, and many think about ways to dig it out without much effort. Monotony and large physical activity is not everyone in joy, so a do.It.Yourself potato.Cutter can become a real salvation for the physical, emotional state and a murse of summer residents.

The purpose of the potato.Cap

Potato digging device. Type of attachment equipment. It is attached on a walk.Behind tractor or fixed using a trailer device. Purpose. Accelerate harvesting. Using a potato-drill, it is possible to choose tubers on an area of ​​0.1-0.2 ha in 1 hour.

In small and medium areas, it is convenient to dig potatoes with a motor block

Overview of the most common potato.Switches

The hinged equipment market for mini.Tractors and motoblocks offers a wide selection of domestic, Chinese, Polish and other potato.Coats. The devices are distinguished by the design, technical characteristics, performance and price. Domestic farmers, along with homemade mechanisms, also use agricultural lords from well.Known manufacturers. Below is a review of captivity models that have gained the most popular in Russia.


The digging of conveyor type is designed to dig out tubers and thoroughly cleaning them from soil. It is aggregated with minitors and heavy motoblocks with a capacity of 10-15 liters.With., Type of bison. With a weight of 63 kg, the transporter carnoofelkal provides a working depth of up to 28 cm.

Transportant potato-trailer is specially designed for use with mini-tractors Scout and is well aggregated with models T-12, T-15, T-18, T-24 and T-25. For collaboration with the first three modifications of tractors, the B2360 drive belt is used, with the rest-B2550V2600, and installation on the tractors Uralets is also possible.

Transported potato.Cutter can be operated without additional elements if the aggregated tractor or motor block does not exceed 16 “height of the rear drive wheels. With a larger wheel size, the mount (lowering plate) is used so that the digger can burst into the ground to the required depth.

In the manufacture of conveyor potato.Cutting, the manufacturer used double closed ball bearings and a patented vibration system using eccentrics. This increased the strength of the transporter and its ability to withstand heavy loads. The average cost of transporter digging 340.

Copalka roof for the tractor Scout

This vibrational type unit is designed for productive digging root crops. It is installed on the rear belt vom of the walk-behind engineer or motorship without the use of any additional adhesive elements.

Two wheel tractor upgrade

The action of the vibration potato-cutter consists in the progressive-revolutionary movements of the roar made in relation to the underlying knife. The design of a roar type digger provides for the possibility of adjusting the depth of immersion of the knife. It is installed by changing the position of adjustable wheels, or using hydraulics.

A roof digging is available in different variations, depending on which it can aggregate:

  • With a mini-submarine Scout (modifications T-12, T-15, T-18, T-25);
  • With motor blocks with a rear-type-type (Patriot Garden, Garden Scout GS105-135, Crosser CR-M6. Crosser CR-M9, Weima WM1100 and other);
  • With diesel motoblocks Scout 81D (E), 101D (E), Scout 12D (E).

The standard equipment of the vibration digging includes a mechanism that includes pulleys, drive belt and tension rollers. It costs 240-290.

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Potato-rowing potato-row Bomet Z-655

This model of vibrational equipment was created to process one row of landing for passage. It is equipped with its own wheels and can ensure the digging of potatoes at a speed of 5 km/h.

Bometat vibrational potato-cutter delivers root crops with a 20-centimeter depth in areas where the soil is slightly clogged with stones and solid roots of plants. The design of the bammet allows you to change the distance between the processed rows of the beds and install it within 62.5-75.0 cm.

When digging the crop, the digger cuts off the stems, cuts the soil and removes the tubers with two disk knives. The vibrational snapers remove the soil from the root crops, making the motive movements in opposite directions. The potatoes released from the soil are laid in one row and enter the unloading.

Bometram digger can be aggregated with a mini.Submarine or a home.Made walk.Behind tract, the traction capacity of which is not lower than 15 liters.With., Since the weight of the attached tool itself is 220 kg. There is such equipment about 900.

Potato.Rowing for mini.Row Wirax mini.Vector

Transporter digging is designed to process one furrow in soils with a loose structure without stones. It weighs 235 kg and can provide gurgling tubers at a depth of 25 cm at a speed of 8 km/h. The vehicle device neatly removes the crop from the ground and puts it in a previously dug furry.

The conveyor unit is based on two rubber.Legged conveyor tapes of Italian production transporters. This model of transporter hitch is recommended to be used with a traction class 0.9 with a capacity of 20-35 liters.With. (the power of a homemade motor block will not be enough). Such a conveyor digging can work on a surface with a slope of up to 6 about. Price 1065.

Potato-capt. Transporter type KK-1

A hinged conveyor digging KK-1 is designed to process one landing row with a capture width of 65 cm and up to 25 cm deep. Transporter equipment provides digging potatoes at a speed of 4 km/h.

The conveyor potato.Coat is aggregated with heavy motoblocks and mini.Tractors with a power of at least 18 liters.With. It is easy to use, inexpensive in maintenance and does not require any additional settings. This digger can be connected to the motornote salute, slopes or Neva. The price of transporter digging 970.

KKM-3 potato-cap

This vibration potato tutor with a cutting plunder and a clearing sieve is designed for harvesting on small plots with light soil. Such a digger weighing 40 kg provides digging root crops at a depth of 20 cm.

Rules for the choice

The most common models of motoblocks for gardeners are Neva, Agro and Zubr. These are middle.Class units, to which the digging for the garden is selected by the corresponding type. Despite its external lightness and primitive design, a potato.De.Butter copes with its functional responsibilities perfectly, in no way inferior to more complex and difficult models. For those who have a single.Power high.Power tractor, the rotary potato.Roter for heavy motoblocks will become optimal. It is important to remember that when buying, it is necessary to consider the compliance of the power of the motor unit class of the digger. If you purchase a simple capacity of a simple type for a heavy motor unit of high power, the result of the work will leave much to be desired. You cannot expect effective work in the case when heavy attachment will be installed on a light class unit. Only a competent approach to choosing digging for potatoes will fully achieve the desired result.

A feature of the attachment equipment for the mini.Tractor is high performance.

In its design, the potato.Cutter for a mini.Vector practically does not differ from digging for potatoes to a walk.Behind tractor. The only difference is the presence of a conveyor tape, which provides convenient digging of the crop.

Consider three options for operating a potato trailer with the two most popular walk.Behind tracts in Russia.

Motoblocks of medium in weight of the type (weight about 110. 160 kg). Diesel and gasoline paired with conventional potato.Saving. Here we can note the advantage of diesel models of motoblocks over gasoline. Working with a potato.Saving man requires a movement of the speed of movement below the average, while maintaining a traction ability. With a decrease in the revolutions of the gasoline engine, he is not capable of holding the torque, so under load it is likely to die out. If you keep the momentum at the maximum, the same.Based tractor will “run” very quickly. Which is also inconvenient for work. You will just raise the dust and try to hold the unoic tractor in the rut. Motoblocks with a gasoline engine, if they do not have beyond low speed, are not designed at all for plowing and dialing root crops. Therefore, the diesel engine is preferable for all agricultural work. In pairs with a standard simple potato-cutter of the “fan type”, a diesel unoic tractor can easily collect up to 80-85% of the total harvest of potatoes, or rather lift it to the surface, in half of the cases along with the soil lumps (soil itself). This type of potato.Cutting is installed on hard coups, which are then attached to the walk.Behind tractor. Pay attention to the fact that the unit should be clearly fixed on the coupling, without a possible backlash. If you just want to insert a potato.Cutter instead of a engine lock. This threatens a digging of one meter of potato row, after which the whole structure may burst. Conclusion: for such a kit, you best suit you diesel uno.Based tractor with a disk clutch and a center of gravity located in front of the walk.Behind tractor itself.

Motoblocks of the middle in weight of the class, on which the vibration potato.Coat is installed. The roar is driven by the shaft of the selection of the rear key type. The only working models of this unit are produced at the factory in Poltava, Ukraine (emergency Kryuchkov), as well as at the Chinese factory of Weima Agricultural. With the help of a walk.Behind tractor with a vibrational potato.Cutter, you can easily harvest root crops (up to 95% of the total). Be careful: some underground manufacturers of attachment equipment in Ukraine and Russia are trying to produce vibrational type potato.Cutter to motor blocks, but these units in most cases do not work longer than 10 minutes.

Motobobes of heavy in weight (from 200 kg) can be aggregated with conventional “fan.Type potatoes” and with vibrational type units. Having an excellent layout of a powerful diesel engine and an extended gearbox with low speeds, you can safely assemble up to 85% of the potato harvest using a conventional towed potato cap on an enhanced coupling, and up to 98% of the potato crop using a vibrational (roar) potato.Gunner. Using the vibrational model, you can collect potatoes twice as fast as with a conventional digger.

We remind you that we have a vibration potato.Cutter in stock not only to all models of motoblocks Scout, but also to all structural analogues of Chinese.Made, as well as for Neva walk.Behind.

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A set of pulleys for potato.Cuttings to the entire Garden Scout technique line has already appeared in stock. Welcome to our store!

A set of pulleys for potato.Cuttings to the entire line of Garden Scout technique has already appeared in stock. Welcome to our store!

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Walk-behind tractor with Aldo Biagioli Root/Potato digger

The principle of operation and types of motoblic potato.Switches

All hinged motoblock equipment for harvesting potatoes operates according to the same principle. The teeth of potato.Rowing burrow into the soil and push the root crops to the surface, which then allows them to be assembled manually without much effort.

Motoblock potato.Cutter is a hinged equipment and can be passive or active.

which, digger, better, walk, tractor

Passive or simple potato.Cutter for a walk.Behind tractor is inexpensive and can be installed using a hitch to almost all models of motoblocks and cultivators. It has the form of a spatula in the shape of a heart with teeth in the upper part. The acute part lifts the soil, which, together with the tubers of potatoes, falls on the teeth, the excess soil crumbles, and the root crops remain on the surface. They differ from each other only by the type of soil on which they can work. Light or heavy. The video shows how this type of potato.Cutter works.

The advantages of this type of potato.Coat should include a relatively low price, simplicity and reliability, and the shortcomings are low performance and the need for manual labor.

You can purchase such equipment from manufacturers, in specialized stores of small agricultural machinery, as well as on the Internet.

In the event that you want to increase the efficiency of harvesting and exclude manual labor as much as possible, then you should pay attention to active units.

Active type potato.Cutter can be conveyor and vibrational. Connecting such equipment to the walk.Behind tractor is carried out through a gearbox, power selection shaft or belt. For non.Nosed motoblocks there are special adapters for the belt. The vibrational or roof potato.Cutter works as the following principle: the active knife cuts the soil layer with tubers, which enters the vibration table, where the root crops are cleaned of the ground. For installation on motor blocks, single-row models of potato-coats are used, such as KKM1, 2KN or KUM-1. Rumble potato.Cutter for a walk.Behind tractor has reliability and high efficiency.

Conveyor potato.Cuttling in its characteristics is similar to the vibration unit. The difference lies in the presence of a conveyor tape, not a vibro.Stop. Moving along the tape, the potatoes are well cleaned of the residues of the soil. The conveyor unit is installed on medium and heavy motoblocks. How this type of equipment works clearly on the presented video.

All models of potato.Coat, in principle, in their structure, are not similar to each other, only differ in the name, manufacturer and power. The bulk of the equipment is compatible with the Neva, Favorite, MTZ, Salute, Zirka, Agat, Dawn and Centaurus.

A potato.Cutter for a walk.Behind tractor allows you to save your precious time and strength, however, before purchasing attachments, it is worth making sure that it is suitable for the aggregate that you have.


“Poltava” is ideal for use in gardens in size up to 2 ha. Type of digging. Vibration. The width of the territory is 39 cm., digs up to 19 cm in depth. One of the advantages is light weight. 34 kg., which makes it easy to use in small agriculture. Combines with the motoblocks “Favorite”, “Salute” and “Neva”. Designed for moderate soil, where humidity is less than 30%. The remarkable advantage of the model is the ability to adjust the depth of the dick and rotation of the wheels.


  • The atypical shape of the knife designed for cutting heavy soil
  • The fortified frame of the shackler
  • Great level of tubers cleaning

Homemade perpetrators and potato.Cutting

That someone managed to collect, someone will be able to repeat!

People’s craftsmen are not sitting idle and have long come up with ways how to save money a little, and come up with an enchanter or a potato.Cap. In this case, they make it themselves. Sometimes the result surpasses even the initial expectations, sometimes there is no. It all depends on your skills and skills.

After all, this is not a simple mechanism, but a whole system that should work clearly. And no one gives guarantees for equipment in this case.

However, their design is so simple that people even came up with whole drawings of how to assemble a potato dealer with their own hands.

And if suddenly, according to the drawings, something is not clear in terms of fastening or something else, then you can always find detailed videos of manuals on the topic “How to make a potato tag at home”

They have detailed instructions what and in what sequence to do.

But in order to do this, serious skills are needed in terms of working with metals.

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Potato-cuttling for a walk-behind tractor type of ogra KKV-1 (VOM)

The unit belongs to an active type and is designed to collect potato tubers. The principle of operation is based on the use of cunelar transmission, which is connected to the angular belt gearbox of the Ugra motor block or its analogues. The presence of a gear l view assumes manual control. It copes with the extraction of vegetables at a depth of 18 cm.

Potato-cuttling for a walk-behind tractor type of ogra KKV-1 (VOM)


  • High.Quality goods
  • Easy to operate
  • High speed of digging
  • Quality work
  • Does not worsen the presentation of potatoes
  • Just mount and use

Disadvantages: not found

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to buy. Before buying, you need a consultation with a specialist. On this our review came to an end. We hope that we helped to answer the question of which potato.Cutter for a walk.Behind tractor is better to buy. Good choice!

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