Which drawer to choose for your drill?. The best plastic toolboxes

products which will help to organize storage of tools

The holder is fixed to the wall with screws or nails and is suitable for placing screwdrivers, pliers, keys and other tools. In addition to the holes, the shelf has a small compartment for storing small things. Product size. 45 × 16 × 7,2 cm.

Stainless steel bowl 15 cm in diameter with magnetic base. Great for holding small parts and tools. It will be convenient for chipping fasteners during repairs. Can be placed on both horizontal and vertical metal surfaces.

Advantages of toolboxes

Even if a person’s main activity is not related to repair and construction, from time to time we still have to use some working materials for routine needs. If you have a small number of tools, a handy, compact case is the right choice. Such a device will not allow small parts to get lost and will simplify many household tasks.

Professional craftsmen can no longer rely on the purchase of a small suitcase. For serious work, you need several different products. organizers, cases, trays and special bags. A variety of storage systems keep supplies organized and speed up tasks by providing quick access to the material you need.

  • Help with organizing the workspace and keeping things in order. The best traditional toolboxes are arranged in such a way that each item is placed in its allotted place. Thanks to this arrangement, the handyman does not need to look for the necessary part every time. Also, it is much easier to explain to the helper which accessory is needed. Saves you time and effort and improves the quality of your work.
  • Small dimensions of the device. It makes no sense to buy a product with all the tools in one pile, without any distribution. This is completely inconvenient and wastes time looking for the right accessory. Such a box is difficult to carry, it takes a lot of space and has a considerable weight. Modern manufacturers understand the needs of customers, so it’s easy to find small cases on sale that are designed to hold a certain number of appliances. When each part takes its place, it is easy to find and use for its intended purpose.
  • Easy to move. Toolboxes are especially useful for craftsmen who work in the field. These people have to carry a large number of instruments all the time, and they can get tangled up and lost on the road. When a customer’s order comes in, it is hard to decide in advance which item is needed for the job. There are not many universal tools and they are not always suitable. An excellent solution in this case is a special case in which you can place the necessary set of equipment.

How to choose a tool box

Surely everyone who has ever been engaged in repairing apartments or household furniture, not once thought about the fact that a thoughtful place for the storage of tools is simply necessary. As a rule, the tools of the household user are stored even in simple cardboard boxes, but because of this tool loses not only appearance but also performance. Accordingly, it is necessary that for each screwdriver, for each screw was its rightful place.

Today this problem can be solved by using a toolbox that has been thought through to the last detail, taking into account the specifics of storage, the number of items and the requirements for the strength of the construction itself. Such boxes in general have a fairly wide range of possibilities: they can store not only construction tools, but also fishing tackle, tools for repairing cars, bicycles, etc.д.

Materials of which tool boxes are made

  • Plastic. Its versatility lies in its lightness, durability and sufficiently high strength, which allows to make constructions of any type. Many models are also specially treated and frost resistant, so they greatly reduce the risk of tool damage. Plastic crates are usually the most in demand.
  • Metal. Metal drawers are primarily made of aluminium, a strong and sufficiently lightweight material. Of course, there are also stronger models made of steel, but they are mainly made for transportation of large-sized equipment. Each metal toolbox is rust-preventive treated and painted.
  • Wood. Wood is a classic of the genre, still familiar to our grandfathers. Mostly wooden crates are used to store small items and small hand tools. The main advantage of such a box is that it does not accumulate static electricity and does not allow moisture to its contents.

Tool boxes made of plastic and metal

Types of toolboxes

Power tool boxes are designed for a specific type of tool, such as a drill, circular saw, or leveler. As a rule, a professional toolbox has one compartment where tools are stacked, and accessories are placed in special recesses located in the walls.

Tool boxes for hand tools. these containers have one large compartment for large tools such as a hammer, a building level, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.д., Boxes for small tools. for example, measuring tape, fasteners, accessories, etc.

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Toolbox Organizers. consist of many compartments designed to store fasteners, measuring tools, screwdrivers and the mass of other necessary small things.

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What to look for when choosing a toolbox

which, drawer, choose, your

First of all, you need to clearly define for yourself what kind of box you need. Do you want to store small parts to avoid losing them (drawer or compartment drawer), or do you need something roomier and bulkier for hand tools. Consider the possibility that you may need to transport the box.

The main thing is durability, and therefore before buying it you should make sure that the box will really hold its maximum load.

  • Size. The larger cases are for storing hand tools and fasteners and are generally not more than 300mm long. Professional tool box can be used to store drills and grinders, as well as to store the necessary equipment, fixtures and measuring tools (length can reach 500-700 mm, and a depth of 250-300 mm).
  • Material. Plastic is lighter, but metal is stronger. Some models have a combination of both materials, such as the bottom and lid are made of steel sheets and walls. made of plastic.
  • Compartment placement. Power tool storage boxes usually have one large compartment, but the lid can have small compartments for tooling. Models designed for storing hand tools have a lot of small compartments.

Check the quality of the soldering of the plastic fasteners, latches and handles. Important element. box cover. Box with molded lid can be used as a stand when working at height. Hollow lids embed organizers for storing bolts, self-tapping screws and other scattered materials. Removable dividers allow you to transform the interior space of the box.


Those looking for a toolbox with a large capacity should definitely consider the Blocker Expert. Box size of 22″ means you can store and transport pretty big tools, including professional sets. This model is made of polypropylene and steel, which indicates a high strength and reliability of the case, which can withstand high loads.

The drawer has one large compartment and a removable tray with a handle, which is divided into several sections. This tray is perfect for screwdrivers, hammers, pliers and other small tools. Separate mention should be made of the two organizers built into the lid of the drawer, each of which is divided into two parts and closed with a transparent lid. These sections are useful for storing sundry scattered little things such as self-tapping screws, nails, screws, dowels, etc. д.

Watch This Before Organizing Your Toolbox

For easy carrying there is an ergonomic handle, which if necessary can be hidden in the recess. The lid of the drawer closes with metal locks, which are very practical and easy to open. The dimensions of the box are 56 x 28 x 23.5 cm, but the weight is only 1.85 kg. Probably the best combination of low price and high capacity.

Types of the best toolboxes

The material used to store and move various tools plays an important role:

Models made of plastic (metal) with an upright body with 2 wheels. Convenient handle and lock, the model holds many sections. The only disadvantage is the high price.

  • FIT. ideal for small items. Made in the form of a case, holds fasteners. Repositionable dividers easily resize compartments.

Transparent lid reduces the time to find the necessary items. Plastic latches will protect the organizer from accidental opening.

  • Lot-3 is the most affordable. Colored plastic products organize your home space. Compact size, inexpensive, comfortable handle. Trays can be stacked on top of each other.
  • MosPromTara. the most homemade. The product is simple: no compartments, but with a handle or lid.

Popular and inexpensive products are considered special organizers. Most of the time they are represented by wooden containers with compartments or shelves. Drawers can be pulled out.

Portable organizers are easy to move around the house.

Disadvantages depend on the specific type of device.


When choosing a drawer you should pay attention to the presence of additional stiffeners on the walls (they help to prolong the life of the organizer).

Heavy building tools are better stored in modular metal boxes. This is a specific set of organizers, each of which is designed for a particular group of tools.

which, drawer, choose, your

Assembling a wooden toolbox with their own hands, you should not screw self-tapping screws in places with knots and other wood defects. Otherwise, the slightest load will cause the organizer to collapse.

Metal latches are very durable. You can be sure that the tools inside are safe. Removable tray allows you to easily remove tools from the box, which speeds up the work. Everything is done solidly.

The grip for the equipment has not been shaped very well. As a result, moving and using the box over long distances may not be very easy, especially when it is full.

which, drawer, choose, your

The dimensions of the box are 35 cm x 56 cm x 31 cm. The entire set weighs 5 kg. The model is black, it was divided into two parts: a place for large tools and small screws. The product is made of plastic.

Useful features of toolboxes

Seals. you are working in a dusty or wet environment? Protect your tool with a seal so that not a drop of water or dirt gets into it.

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