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Best drills

Review of the best, according to the editors of Expertology.Ru. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to buy. Before buying, you need a consultation with a specialist.

When performing many housework, in the construction or furniture industry, the drill becomes an effective assistant. This electrical device is today used to drill holes in different materials, wrap/turn out the hardware, mixing building mixtures. Each master needs a tool with a certain set of technical characteristics. When choosing, experts recommend paying attention to the following parameters.

Budget drills are bought to perform rare homework: drill a hole for the dowel to install a wall TV, make a hole in drywall, brick or wood. The power of even very cheap models, for such purposes there will be more than enough. Such a device is perfect as a gift to a man who does not engage in professional repair work, but is an ordinary home user. The most famous producer of budget drunks are Bort (Germany, China) and Zubr (Russia).

The best choice of the buyer is the country: Russia (produced in China) Medium rating (2022): 4.2

When solving various problems in the house, from drilling holes in a tree to drilling metal and concrete, the Dorkel DRD-500-2 shock drill is the most suitable and inexpensive option. The high frequency allows you to perform holes in brickwork also successfully, as if the amateur.Class peorator did it. With concrete is a little more complicated, but, nevertheless, drill a hole under the dowel is quite possible for him, and not one. Compact dimensions and small weight (1.5) kg allow you to easily hold the drill with one hand.

Despite the good quality, the absence of a speed regulator makes its use not very convenient. The same metal is drilled at low speeds much more vice versa. The best price, the presence of an additional handle and the drilling depth limiter provided this tool with decent popularity in the domestic market.

Household or professional?

Many are convinced: the more expensive the tool, the better. And they buy professional. Such a choice is not always justified. Especially when you look for a home device.

  • Professional tools are intended for intensive operation for 6-8 hours. Hence the requirements for the quality of materials, their wear resistance, engine power and other characteristics, which increases the price. But this is not even the main thing. The device itself comes out more and harder in weight. And working with it is not easy, professional skills are required. For a beginner, this means increased risk of injuries.
  • Household models are simpler, easier and cheaper. Everyone will cope with them. Such a tool is not suitable for work all day. But at home, no one will drill the walls on its own around the clock.
  • There is still a small class of semi.Professional devices. Usually, these are household models that have some capabilities of professional.

The class class is usually indicated in the information about the product. There you can find data on the duration of use. They are indicated in the format “Work/Time for a break”. For example, 10 minutes/15 minutes or 1 hour/30 minutes. In addition, there is usually data on how long the device can work during the day.

Middle Class Drinks: TOP-3 best

There are not only budget options, but also more “serious” models of shock drones that will serve for a long time if they are carefully used.

OBZOR-Expert experts.COM has identified the three best models that will be considered below.

Hammer UDD1100B

  • Type of drill: shock;
  • Cartridge: fast.Sounding (13 mm);
  • Number of speeds: 2;
  • Features: Electronic type rotation regulator, reverse.

Third place. The model from Hammer’s company. Consider it carefully.

This shock drill attracts with its high capacity of 1100 watts and at the same time not too high. Setting speeds, albeit poor, but still there. In the presence of a corolla, this drill can also be used to mix building solutions.

which, drill, better, home

The equipment of this tool is quite extensive. A case in which, in addition to the drill itself, a drill (six pieces of different lengths), a drilling depth limiter and, of course, an additional handle are stored.

Important! This model can work even as a construction mixer.

Many who have acquired this model speak very commendable about it. They positively evaluate both the package and assembly quality. The balance was awarded separately, because with a long work with this drill, the hands do not get tired. Although in one model is still inferior. In the drilling itself. For a more expensive segment, the indicators are not so hot (wood diameter. 30 mm, and concrete. 16 mm).

Bosch GSB 1600 Re (BZP)

  • Type of drill: shock;
  • Cartridge: Quick.Packed (1.5. 13 mm);
  • Number of speeds: 1;
  • Features: Electronic type rotation regulator, reverse.

In second place. The Germans Bosch with the GSB 1600 Relax. This model is considered quite popular among masters and builders of both self.Taught and professionals.

GSB 1600 Re is a completely productive model, so you can not worry about the quality of work. Her reliability is quite high, because German quality speaks a lot. Multifunctionality is also a horse of this model: it works not only as a drill, but also as an electric screwdriver and even a drilling machine, which is extremely convenient.

However, there are two clearly visible “but”. First. The diameter of the holes of this model is not too surprising for the mid.Budget segment. On wood. 30 mm, in concrete. 16 mm, which completely looks like indicators of some budget models. And the second “but” is the frequency of strikes, which could be higher. 25 thousand beats per minute.

Important! The assembly in the Russian Federation made it possible to greatly reduce the price and increase the potential audience.

Available price of the device is one of the main reasons to purchase this wonderful tool for daily and more highly specialized tasks. Professionals will definitely confirm this.

  • High level of reliability;
  • Will serve for a very long time;
  • Small weight and dimensions;
  • Universal use;
  • You can easily purchase.

Makita HP2051F is good in everything, especially in the drilling of concrete. Yes, the power is very small, but this is more than enough for a hole up to 20 mm thick, which is quite good. And on wood. 40 mm, which already makes it clear that this model belongs to the mid.Budget segment.

When drilling concrete, not only power is important, but also the number of shocks per minute. So, this model has more and more in order. 58 thousand beats per minute.

OBZOR-Expert experts.COM, in addition, note a thoughtful security system of the drill itself, which is implemented by creating double isolation in the supply wire. In addition, experts emphasize how convenient it is to work with this tool (and this is true!). For this, you need to thank not only the anti.Vibration system inside the device, but also the safety coupling together with the backlight.

In general, this model can definitely be recommended for use.

  • Maximum degree of effectiveness;
  • Assembly quality is at the highest level;
  • High reliability indicators;
  • Small weight and dimensions;
  • The presence of an anti.Vibration system.

Which drill to choose

Decide with the tool that will last a long time.

The modern drill is radically different from the tool that our fathers and grandfathers used. This is no longer a regular hand.Made columnar, but a serious multifunctional tool that has a lot of technical characteristics and capabilities. The choice of the model depends primarily on the purpose of its use:

Type of material with which you will need to work, areas of use (household or professional model), the need for special functions.

3 defining moment when choosing a drill1. Quality

Regardless of the model and purpose of the drill, the main point to which is paid attention to when choosing it is the quality of the tool. This is primarily a good assembly and outdoor finish, information on the nameplate with the abbreviation CE (means that the tool meets the requirements of the European Union) without hieroglyphs, high.Quality internal content, reliable mechanics.2. Price

Do not overpay for the functions that you will use once a year. In addition, do not forget that, as a rule, excessive multifunctionality becomes the first sign of low quality of any tool.3. Power

When choosing power, it is important that the tool does not overload the home power grid. But the principle of “the more, the better” does not quite work here. Everyone for himself selects the optimal ratio of the power of the tool, its dimensions and weights. Parameters that are directly related to each other. Household drill is offered in the capacity range of 250-1500 watts. Powerful drills are used by professionals in construction, giving them great opportunities for work.

To choose the best option, without overpaying for excess power, but at the same time, do not overload the engine with too large loads, you should pay attention to the fact that

Soft materials (wood, gypsum, plastic) require power up to 500 watts, brick or concrete when drilling with a blow-at least 600-800 W (energy is consumed not only for rotation of the drill, but also for blows), a hole with a diameter of 8 mm in concrete can drill 500 watts with a short work.

Network shock drill, weight 2.2 kg, fast.Sounding cartridge, 48,000 beats/minute, 3000 rpm, maximum drilling diameters: metal. 13 mm, wood. 40 mm, concrete. 20 mm.

which, drill, better, home

Network drill, power 1050 W, weight 3.8 kg, key cartridge, cartridge diameter 16 mm, 550 rpm, maximum drilling diameters: metal. 16 mm, wood. 35 mm.

Network drill, power 2000 watts, weight 6.3 kg, 400 rpm, maximum drilling diameters: metal. 32 mm, wood. 70 mm, concrete. 45 mm.

Network drill, power 500 W, weight 1.5 kg, 2300 rpm, cartridge diameter-1.5-10 mm, maximum drilling diameters: metal-10 mm, wood-22 mm.

Network shock drum, power 850 W, weight 2.6 kg, 51,000 beats/minute, 3000 rpm, patron diameter-1.5-13 mm, maximum drilling diameters: metal-10 mm, wood-40 mm, Concrete. 18 mm.

Network shock drill, power 550 W, weight 1.6 kg, 2900 rpm, cartridge diameter. 13 mm, maximum drilling diameters: metal. 13 mm, concrete. 16 mm.

Battery drill-shurupert, weight 1.4 kg, 1300 rpm, circuit diameter-10 mm, battery voltage-18 V, maximum torque-33 nm, maximum drilling diameters: metal-10 mm, wood-16 mm.

Power 1700 W, weight 5.5 kg, 2000 rpm, patron diameter. 13 mm, maximum drilling diameter. 132 mm.

which, drill, better, home

Network shock drill, power 580 watts, weight 1.4 kg, 51,000 beats/minute, 2800 rpm, patron diameter-1.5-13 mm, maximum drilling diameters: metal-13 mm, wood-20 mm, concrete-concrete-concrete 12 mm.

Network shock drill, power 650 W, weight 1.6 kg, torque-5 nm, 47600 beats/minute, 2800 rpm, maximum drilling diameters: metal-13 mm, wood-25 mm, concrete-16 mm.

Best shock drill. Bosch PSB 750 RCE

If you need to drill a hole in a tree or metal, brickwork or concrete, the shock drill will fully justify expectations. Such a tool has two operating modes: normal drilling or drilling with a blow. Unlike the penetrator, the shock drill works with high frequency blows, low power and amplitude.The advantages of the model

Universality (can work not only as a shock drill, but also as a screwdriver at low speeds), the presence of an anti.Vibration system, the possibility of fixing the spindle, wide possibilities for adjusting revolutions without loss of moment, there is a reverse, low weight at high power,

Users were not found.Typical reviews about the shock drill Bosch PSB 750 RCE:

“Very universal. Concrete eats without problems and quickly! I thought to take a peorator or drill for a long time, I took it and I do not regret. The fast.Packed cartridge is very convenient.”

“For such a price is just an excellent drill, surpasses most of the similar drones of other manufacturers or even some peorators. Compact, ergonomic drill, not poor anti.Vibration, and most importantly powerful. Great home tool when you need to occasionally drill something.”

Drill Mixer is a combined model mainly for professional use, which, in addition to its direct functions, also can also mix viscous construction solutions and mixtures.The advantages of the model

Large torque, high assembly quality, unpretentiousness, does not overheat, convenient to work.

No switching flag on the reverse button.

Typical reviews about the Interskol Drill D-1050R:

“During use: (preparing a mixture with a mixer, cement-sand, gypsum, also prepared a cement-sand mortar from river sand in a bucket), did not find problems.”

How to choose a drill

When choosing, it is necessary to turn to the presence of a blow, power, torque. It is recommended to read reviews on batteries and network models to evaluate the reliability of products. The specifics, intensity of work, the density of the processed building materials, operating conditions are taken into account. Optimization of all these parameters will help choose a gadget that will last a long time and help solve all the problems set by the user.

The presence of a blow

Shock models differ in their design. Snuffles carry out progressive movements and backward movements. Kinetic energy helps to cope with concrete and brick faster. The design of such devices is more complicated, which affects the price. Costs are compensated by increasing performance, rotation speed. Battery models have weaker power indicators to save batteries, but provide maximum mobility. Network electroderlies are distinguished by a limited radius of application, but are able to work with large diameter.


For drilling wood, drywall, plastic, plywood, wood-made slab do not require high power. Processing of brick, concrete, metal makes high demands on this indicator. The most powerful are drills for diamond drilling that can easily cope with solid materials. The reverse side of the improvement of this parameter is an increase in the weight of the equipment. Working with a heavy gadget will require physical effort or the use of special installations for inpatient drilling.

Maximum torque

This indicator affects the ability to crank the equipment in dense material. The torque is of particular importance when using a large diameter of the power, the use of electrodegers as a mixer. In the latter case, it is worth dwelling on unstressed power tools, this will allow you to buy equipment inexpensively with good technical characteristics. The torque matters when choosing a screwdriver drill. The higher this parameter, the better the gadget copes with screwing and twisting long screws, screws.


Increasing the resource allows the use of spare parts from durable, wear.Resistant materials. This affects the price, but is fully compensated by the service life, the lack of repairs with the replacement of expensive parts. The gearboxes in such tools are protected by a metal case from possible damage. High reliability of brands that regularly enter the top of electromechanical equipment. These are brands from Germany, Japan, United States with an impeccable reputation.

In the rating of network drifts of screwdrivers, models at an average price represent the most extensive category. This tool is used on construction sites, with intensive use in home workshops. Manufacturers complete the equipment with more powerful engines, increase the reliability of the main nodes. This allows you to use drill for metal 10-12 mm, tighten long self-tapping screws.

Zubble DSh-M1-400

Network for everyday use. Equipped with a simple and reliable single.Speed gearbox. The speed of rotation is regulated smoothly, providing accurate drilling of metals and alloys. The restrictive coupling prevents the collapse of the slots of the fasteners. A reliable grip provides an ergonomic lining on the handle made of anti.Slip material.

Adjusting the torque grows smoothly, allowing you to choose the optimal mode for working with different types of hardware. The penultimate position has an increased range, which distinguishes the model from competitors in class, allows you to sharply increase performance. The possibility of rapidly replacing equipment helps in this. Reverse expands functionality, according to reviews, the network drill electric screwdriver bison effectively twists long self.Tapping screws. The manufacturer has provided the possibility of fastening the bit holder from any convenient side of the case.

  • The backlight of the workplace;
  • Maximum diameter of the drill for metal 10 mm;
  • Increased service life of brushes;
  • The engine can withstand overload;
  • Cord length 3 m.

Stavr DShS-10/450-2C

The presence of 2 speeds for economical processing of materials of different densities. The user can select the drilling mode or one of the 23 steps of adjusting the torque. The equipment changes easily and quickly thanks to a two.Tank cartridge of a fast.Packed structure. The start key works smoothly, the latch makes it easy to use with prolonged use.

Simple access to brushes simplifies the implementation of planned repair. The impeller provides effective cooling of the electric motor. The case is made of shock.Resistant plastic, the handle with anti.Slip inserts is shifted to the center, which makes the tool balanced. Engine power is enough to tighten screws with a length of 100 mm.

Sturm! ID2145P

Two.Speed gearbox and 1400 rpm at idle make this model one of the most productive in the category. The manufacturer took care of a high torque, a 23rd range switch for its accurate tuning. Spindle and reverse lock expand the functionality of equipment.

Positive reviews on the drill Electric screwdriver are associated with the good quality of the cartridge. Lack of backlash, the ability to quickly change the equipment make use comfortable, most accurate. The handle and the back of the case are rubberized, the start button has a convenient lock. Cable with elastic, durable braid does not “tumble” at negative temperatures.

Interskol DSh-10/320E2

It is equipped with a light, but powerful electric motor. Two.Speed gearbox makes it simple to choose the speed taking into account the processed materials. The cooling system works efficiently, the electric motor does not overheat with intensive use. Electronics are responsible for speed adjustment. A 20 positional clip of restriction helps to set the exact value of the moment.

The case is made of durable plastic, the handle and the back are rubberized. The start.Up fixer works stably, the reverse helps to unscrew long screws. For the operational replacement of brushes, a mechanism for access to a node has not been developed, which does not require the use of special keys.

The category must be considered if you need a shock drill for a home with your own economy or adjacent territory, which constantly requires care and improvements. They are characterized by higher performance, wear resistance, reliable assembly. Good results were shown by 3 participants out of 31.

Makita HP1640

The appearance will not surprise people familiar with the brand. The usual green-black color does not emit dust that has settled on the case. Makita is chosen for versatile work. It copes with the holes of different diameters, which vary depending on the material: 3 cm wood, 1.3 metal, 1.6 concrete. The hosts adapted to the end to turn off the rotation of the engine, thereby using the device as a peorator.

The model is suitable for diverse repair work, which is noted in the reviews about the strike drill Makita. Mixing building solutions will not seem difficult if the corolla is fixed in the cartridge.

Interskol Du-16/1000er

The design of the device immediately speaks of its reliability. Engineers worked on the choice of housing materials and their connection. The result was a weighty 2.8 kg tool. For a long time you can’t hold it over the level of the head, but this will not be required. Power of 1000 W will help quickly finish the work. The diameter of the drilling on wood will be 40 mm, and the concrete. 20, which will be plenty of for home operation.

Users advise not saving the selection for intercola drills, since not everyone can withstand high loads with the indicators set to the maximum.

Bosch GSB 1600 Re (BZP)

The abbreviation “BZP” in the name appeared for a reason. It determines the rapidly causing type of cartridge. This can be fixed with one hand and not be afraid to lose the right key. After buying special nozzles, the tool acts as a grinding machine. The maximum number of revolutions reaches 3000 about./min. The adjustment is sensitive enough. Using a spinning wheel. The smaller the diameter of the estimated hole, the higher the speed and vice versa.

Buyers note a high.Quality long cord. This allows you to use the device if the outlet is located on the opposite side of the room. A soft rubber shell is chosen for the outer layer, so you can not worry about fractures.

5th place. Interskol Dau-13/18vk 573.One.2.70

In terms of price and quality ratio, the best battery shock drills are offered by Interskol, the products of which are equipped. The torque reaches 45 nm and has 21 stages of adjustment, which allows you to adjust it to the current scenario of use. A 2-speed gearbox and a fast-packed cartridge with a diameter of 13 mm are used.

The tool copes with the drilling of holes with a diameter of up to 36 mm in a tree, 13 mm in concrete and steel. There is a brake and electronic engine protection, which extends its service life. The backlighting of the case simplifies use in the dark, and store Interskol Dau-13 you will be in a plastic case.

Up to 400 revolutions in the first mode and up to 1700 in the second are performed per minute. The maximum number of blows. 25500 per minute. The kit has a pair of replaceable lithium-ion batteries with a voltage of 18 V and a capacity of 1.5 ah. From 0 to 100% they charge in 60 minutes.

  • Charging speed;
  • Dimensions, weight and ergonomics of the case;
  • Powerful torque;
  • Case included;
  • Brightless engine with electronic protection;
  • Will drill a hole with a diameter of up to 36 mm in a tree and 13 in metal;
  • The rubberized handle does not slip out of the hand;
  • Lives for a long time on one charge.

4th place. Bosch GSB 120-Li Professional 06019G8100

Drill-electrical screwdriver is distinguished by pleasant ergonomics and compact dimensions. An electric tool is suitable for home and professional use, issuing a high torque of 30 Nm with a 20-speed adjustment. There is a slider reverse, a 2-speed gearbox, and the number of shocks per minute is limited to 22500. The rotation speed is smoothly adjustable in the range from 0 to 400 rpm, or from 0 to 1500 rpm.

Planetary gearbox with steel gears will delight with its service life. The tool copes well with unscrewing and twisting of screws, screws and screws. This makes him the best assistant when performing assembly and dismantling work. There is enough power so that you can make a hole with a diameter of up to 20 mm in a tree, up to 10 mm in steel and up to 8 mm in concrete. Fast.Sounding cartridge simplifies the replacement of equipment. It is designed for drill with a diameter of 0.3 to 10 mm. The delivery set is expanded by a pair of lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 1.5 Ah and a convenient case for storage.

  • There is a backlight and engine brake;
  • Case for storage and transportation;
  • Two batteries with a voltage of 12 V are included;
  • Fast.Packed cartridge;
  • Torque of 30 nm with 20-speed adjustment;
  • Convenient and light. Total 0.9 kg;
  • Build quality;
  • It works for a long time on one charge;
  • Convenient mode switch.

3rd place. Metabo PowerMaxx SB 12 601076500

Metabo PowerMax SB 12, which is powered by a 2 Ah battery, falls into the top 4th place in the top of the best shock drills. It is enough for a long time, and the charging is fast. In 46 minutes per 100%. The indicator will tell you when it is time to put the battery for charging. Work comfortably even in the dark due to the presence of backlighting. Engine brake instantly stops rotation.

The basic configuration has a convenient case for carrying. The tool works in two speed modes and copes with the large volume of installation, dismantling and finishing work. A quick.Packed cartridge allows you to install a drill even with one hand, spending a minimum amount of time on this.

At the first speed, the cartridge accelerates to 350 rpm, which is optimal for twisting and unscrewing the screws, as well as work with any threaded fasteners. In the second mode, it accelerates to 1400 rpm and will be able to make a hole with a diameter of up to 18 mm in a tree, 10 mm in metal and alloy. The shock mode will allow you to cope with the drilling of strong mineral materials.

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  • High torque 40 nm;
  • Convenient by a quick.Packed cartridge;
  • A pair of capacious batteries with fast charging in the kit;
  • Backlight for comfortable work in the dark;
  • Case included;
  • Light body with a rubberized handle;
  • Bits and drill are securely fixed;
  • There is an indicator of the charge level.

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2nd place. Makita HP457DWE

Japanese drill-electrical screwdriver offers an excellent balance between price, power and maximum diameter of the holes. The torque reaches 42 nm, allowing you to make holes with a diameter of 13 mm in metal and concrete, and in the tree up to 36 mm at all. The presence of a stroke mode does not replace the peorator, but allows you to make a hole in dense materials.

Two speeds are available at the user’s discretion. Up to 400 rpm, which is optimal when working with threaded joints and up to 1400 rpm for the rest. Up to 21,000 beats per minute. Makita HP457DWE is supplied with a case and a pair of batteries for 1.5 Ah with a voltage of 18 V. In 70 minutes they charge 100%. Change the nozzle in a matter of seconds allows a fast.Packed cartridge.

At the base of the handle, holes are provided for fixing the belt. True, it is bought separately. It is attached on the shoulder, due to which you do not have to constantly keep the tool in the hand. Electric screwdriver lies well in the hand due to the rubberized handle with thoughtful ergonomics.

  • 3 years warranty from the manufacturer;
  • There are mounts for the belt;
  • Copes with any self.Tapping screws and makes holes well in dense materials;
  • Two speed modes. First for twisting, second. For drilling;
  • Built.In protection of the motor from overload;
  • Convenient grip with your hand.
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