Which electric one is better for home.

The best electrician

The modern market offers a large selection of power tools not only for professionals, but also for use in a home workshop. If you need to cut a sheet of plywood, OSB, make a complex cut or cut off an aluminum profile. An electrician will help to do it quickly and accurately. This tool is universal and has a wide range of capabilities. But how to choose a good electric jigsaw for a home among the abundance of offers in stores? To answer this question, we compiled a rating of the best electrician, based on the reviews of participants in various construction forums and various categories of assignment of this type of power tool.

Classification of lobes

There are several criteria by which it is possible to determine the classification of electric lobe: the purpose of the power tool, the power source and design features used.

According to the purpose, electrician are divided into:

  • Professional, characterized by increased reliability, functionality and ability to long and intense operation;
  • Household, less powerful, but easy to operate. In terms of ratio, the price and quality of the jigsaw are the best solution for equipping a home workshop;
  • There are industrial ones that are designed for prolonged work at a small woodworking enterprise.

Design features (type of movement of the saw canvas):

When buying a power tool, it should be borne in mind that the presence of a pendulum course increases the performance and life of the files. However, in some cases, the quality of the cut can worsen, focus on so that it is possible to turn off and adjust the amplitude!

How to choose an electrician?

Before the choice, you need to decide what type of power will have the tool. There are only two options here:

In the first case, the device is powered from a household electrical network with a voltage of 220 V. This allows you to install almost any power on it, but reduces autonomy. After all, the movement of the worker is limited by the length of the network cord. And in places where there is no outlet, work is completely impossible.

The second type of tool is powered by the battery. This allows you to work anywhere, does not bind to the outlet and does not limit the movement. However, there are minuses. Firstly, the battery works for a relatively short time (usually 2-3 hours). After that, it requires recharging or replacing. Secondly, powerful engines do not put on batteries, since they quickly consume batteries charge. When purchasing the device, these points must be taken into account.

So, the type of equipment was determined. What to pay attention to when choosing a technique? These are the main points.

  • Power. The more powerful the tool, the more efficient it cuts the wood. The optimal indicator is from 500 to 700 watts. Everything that is weaker does not cope with its tasks. Everything that is more powerful, usually does not need boots. There are enough and weaker devices to work at home.
  • The frequency of the course. This parameter is the number of reciprocating movements that the jigs of the jigsome performs for a certain period of time. The larger it is, the faster the tool works. It should be noted that the parameter is not directly related to the power. Relatively weak devices can be quite large. To solve most household problems, there will be enough power tool with a frequency of 2,500. 3,000 moves per minute.
  • The depth drank. This parameter reflects how deeply the saw is extended during the progressive movement. It directly depends on it how thick the details can be processed. Electrics with a small value of this indicator can be slightly improved by installing a longer saw on them.
  • Smooth start. This function provides a gradual launch of an electric motor. It is very useful because it protects the engine from overload and thereby significantly extends its service life.
  • Station regulation. The frequency of the file of the file on most models can be adjusted. This allows you to choose a different mode of operation for different conditions. For example, for processing soft wood, you can reduce the frequency, for the grinder of more solid. Increase.
  • Repairs. Some models of electric lobe in fact dispress. In the case of a breakdown, there is no spare parts or components to them. Sometimes, due to the features of fastening on sale, there are not even files. Such devices should be avoided.
  • Equipment. Electrolobsics have different configurations. The simplest includes only the tool itself. The most difficult is a set of keys and saws, interchangeable batteries. The latter option is more attractive, but it is more expensive.
  • Manufacturer and price. Brand tools are expensive, but high.Quality. Cheap Chinese options do not differ in quality and reliability, although among them you can also find worthy specimens (but very difficult). Therefore, it is better to give preference to the average price category. It contains budget branded devices, as well as Russian.Made equipment. Such products are quite high.Quality and reliable, while giving sky.High amounts do not have to.
  • Reviews and reviews. Manufacturers often do a lot about their products. This is understandable: they need to sell as many products as possible. Therefore, it is very difficult to obtain information about the intricacies of using the tool, problems in operation from official sources. To find out about this, you should get acquainted with the reviews of real buyers and reviews of independent experts. Only they will make it possible to make a truly objective picture.

TOP 10 best electric lobes

Spoiler: These models won in our ranking

Model with the most powerful autonomous jigsaw

Model for real pros and those who want to become them

Now. To the list of all models. The rating of electric lobe of 2022 is built from the last place to the first. Sort by characteristics. In the first place is not the best, but the most professional. If you need amateur options, look immediately at the center of the collection.

The main selection criteria

After the type of tool is defined, the choice is solved with the canvas and sole, you should pay attention to the technical parameters.

Type of power

Devices offered for sale can have a wired type of power operating from a conventional outlet with a voltage of 220 V, or battery, with a voltage of 10 to 18 V.

The wire device is convenient if the work must be performed within the room. When choosing, you should pay attention to the length, isolation of the electric wire and the cable section.

Note! The most practical model with the battery. You can take it with you, but you should not count on a long time. Convenient when cutting materials from wood.

Power consumption

Household models have a power up to 700 watts. Professional from 750 to 1000 watts. Electrolobsics who work autonomously on the battery are the “weak”.

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The move of the file

The productivity of the tool directly depends on this parameter. Maximum stroke 1.5-2.6 cm. The home domestic device has a move of about 1.5 −1.7 cm. In the course of 1.9-2.6, the device is considered professional and suitable for constant operation, for example, at a furniture factory, a construction company.

File manufacturing material

Files from the Yglep. Food were used to eat soft depa and some and some ICCIVED MATELS, out of the existence of the fact, for the baccaleum, pleags, aluminum, and other tweeters.

Big.Shaped bimmotalech.

Form shape of the file

  • Cross are compatible with many modern models;
  • T-shaped with 2 stops are applicable to old Bosch models;
  • With a round recess is suitable for devices equipped with screw or cang clamps;
  • B-shaped, can only be installed in PEUGEOT electrician;
  • Lines with two holes, for outdated Makita models.

Engine’s type

Electrolobsics may have an open and closed engine type.

Note! For home use, it is recommended to select a closed type device. This will protect the device from the dust clogging the anchor during the work.

Maximum speed of stem moves

The speed of the device depends on this parameter. Steel is cut better at a lower speed, and wood, on the contrary, is with greater. You can adjust the frequency before activating the jigsaw or change it during work using a special button.

The depth drank

This parameter is affected by the power of the tool, type of canvas, type of material. In the instructions for the device, the manufacturer indicates a couple of values ​​of the permissible depth of sawing for a certain type of material. Homemade jigsaws are designed 4-16 cm with wood cut and 0.5-1 cm with a cut of color metro.

Revolutions adjustment

Most models are equipped with the function of regulating engine speeds. This makes it possible to perform high.Quality processing of materials of various viscosity and density. If the material is hard enough, for example, metal, then the speed of the canvas should be minimal.

You can adjust the engine speed as follows:

Note! If an electrician is purchased to work with various materials, then it is better to take a model whose revolutions can be performed using a trigger.

The method of fastening the canvas

The canvas can be fixed using screws or a clamping device. The screw method is more practical, because you can fasten files with any shank. However, this requires additional tools. The pressure of the mechanism allows you to fix only certain canvases. However, this does not need other tools.

Ease of use

When choosing a tool, you should pay attention to the shape of the handle. A jigsaw with an arched handle is easier to cut on a horizontal surface.

Note! It is more convenient to cut curly cuts with a mushroom pen with a mushroom pen and saw at an acute angle.

If a case is included with an electrician, then this will protect it from damage with frequent moves.

Bosch GST 18 V-Li B

The use of a typical battery is a great advantage for owning several electrical tools released under a single trading sign (a blue series from Bosch is very popular for collecting). It is noteworthy that the liner for L-BOXX is included in the kit.

I would like to note the successful balance of the working resource of the battery and performance: the steel of almost 8 mm in thickness is subject to the tool, which is the norm for the battery models. This is a good metal jigsaw. The rubber lining has the so.Called “pimples”, so the tool is clearly located in the hand. Note the presence of an adjustable pendulum in the mechanism, the absence of excessive sounds and vibrations. In short, the German label justified its name.


DEWALT DCS3333N-XJ-not at all a heavy battery jigsaw for professional use, has a brilliant engine.

This premium class model is suitable for 18 volts of Li-Ion accumulators from 1.3 to 9 amperes, due to this, the operating time increases and power is provided as in network analogues. Thanks to the advanced engine that does not have brushes, you will forget about what it means to replace the brushes, and energy losses on the nodes will be reduced.

This is the best jigsaw for working on wood, metal, plastic. It has a three.Position pendulum course, it is also distinguished by a quick change of files and the possibility of a bilateral angle of the sole. The kit contains a special lining on the sole to protect the surface to be processed from chips, as well as the mounts necessary to connect the vacuum cleaner.

Models of the XR series (Extreme Runtime) Li-and are very reliable and convenient, I would like to note that the series of tools in general and the series accumulators are compatible with each other. This model is supplied without a battery and charging devices with the aim of knocking down a price, since it is more profitable to purchase a charger and a battery of a one.Time, and it is suitable for all tools.

Makita DJV182Z

Makita DJV182Z is ​​a battery jigsaw for professional use, allows you to saw wood blanks, plastic blanks and others. A tilt of the supporting plate in two sides is provided by 45 degrees. The convenience of the D-shaped handle leads to the minimization of the labor cost of the employee and increases the time of productive work.

Thanks to the built.In pipe for the vacuum cleaner, work is ensured without dust. In addition to the jigsaw, there is also a plate that protects against chips, a vacuum cleaner and two V10, BR13, B22 keys. It is worth noting that the transport case, a charge for a charge and a battery not included.

  • The ability to quickly and easily replace the canvas;
  • Work, provided that light insufficiency is facilitated by the presence of built.In backlight;
  • The presence of an ergonomic handle;
  • The presence of a large trigger switch;
  • Long work with the tool will not affect your fingers;
  • The possibility of speed adjustment;
  • The presence of a convenient electronic switch that reduces the user’s energy consumption;
  • Brighten DC engine (BLDC) does not require maintenance.

Metabo Sta 18 LTX 140

Here is a sketch of the set setting with batteries. It is worth noting that the jigsaw differs in convenience (but only for right.Handedness), extremely productive, does not create much noise.

High level of functionality: the presence of a smooth start, as well as a mechanism for supporting the frequency of moves, in addition to effective blowing, there is a backlight. However, the price is much higher than analogues, so buying it is worth exclusively with the calculation that in the future will be purchased already “not filled” configuration of the Metabo tool.


Electric manual lobby hiper hjs18c. This tool is characterized by convenience and functionality, the work provides a built-in battery with a LI-Ion type, power of 2.4 Ah and voltage in 18 V. The file of the file has the smallest frequency. 1 move/minute, the most value of this parameter is 2500 move/minute. The course has a length of 18 mm. In addition, the tool is distinguished by the presence of a pendulum pass with four adjusting steps. This type of electrician will serve you well when processing sheet materials. Tool to ensure rapid cutting of wood, plastic, drywall, etc.

How amateur electrolobesist differs from professional

Amateur models have a number of differences from professional. Among the main differences, they distinguish:

  • Cost (professional tools are much more expensive);
  • Productivity (household models will not cope with large volumes of work);
  • The availability of additional options and settings in professional electrolobsics;
  • Serving life (professional instrument wear.Resistant).

Professional models are able to endure strokes and fall.

Which lobe is better to buy for home

There are a great many criteria for choosing electrolobsics.

    So, this is what you really should pay attention to:

The power of the electric motor

The class of electrolobesics directly depends on the power: household (for the home) or professional. Wast household models usually have a power of 380-700 watts, “take” steel up to 2-4 millimeters, wood-up to 7, differ in lower resource and the number of additional functions.

The price of household models from the cost of professional may differ significantly (depending on the manufacturer). A professional level instrument (750-1000 W) cuts a two-centimeter aluminum and steel to a centimeter, the depth of the cut of the tree reaches 8-14 mm.

The thickness of the material is indicated in the instructions as “the maximum depth of cut”. There are low.Power electrician.Eaten from the battery. Suitable for limited cutting of materials that do not differ in special hardness, in the absence of a power grid (for example, on a suburban area).

The speed of the file

This electrolobian parameter determines the speed of work (the number of re-standing the files of the file per minute). It is worth considering: wood is better cut at a greater frequency, steel. A lower speed.

The speed of the speed occurs either until the power tool is turned on, or changes during operation by a fixing button. The larger the indicator, the faster the canvas and, at the same time, higher performance.

The pendulum mechanism

Today, the vast majority of electrician are equipped with a pendulum mechanism with an appropriate switch. The mechanism makes additional movements with a file in the horizontal direction and increases the performance of cutting, speed and operating time.

Significant minus. The quality of the surface can significantly decrease. Therefore, with a final cut, the mechanism is undesirable to use. When cutting a lobby of steel or solid wood, the function is actually indispensable.

Additional functionality

With poor lighting, an electrician can act as an additional light source. For this, the power tool is equipped with additional backlight. Electric engine fan can serve as a “cleaner”, using the spent air for blowing dust and sawdust from the cutting line.

Similar purposes are the option of connecting a linthry electric saw to a domestic vacuum cleaner. The saw rotation regulator is indispensable when cutting round holes. An important criterion for choosing an electrician may be the presence of an angular lock that fixes the supporting plate (“sole”) at different angles: 0, 45, 30, 15 degrees.

Selecting the canvas to the electrician, the material is also taken into account. Jews made of carbon steel (hCS marking) are suitable for cutting soft wood and a number of artificial materials, made of high.Speed steel (HSS). For steels, various color meters, plastics, aluminum, and other solid materials.

Universal bimetallic canvases (BIM) are elasticity and allow you to work with an electrician in areas with very limited access.

Electrics of which company is better to choose

With modern globalization, the line between “good” and “bad” manufacturers, of course. But some stereotypes (like inexpensive and high.Quality) both in sellers and buyers remain.

Of the best inexpensive electric jigsaws

The list includes the highest quality electrician, which are ideal for a wide front of homework. They will not only last a long time, but will also allow you to quickly cut different material.

Kolner KJS 480

Inexpensive electrician, which is able to cut at an angle up to 45 °. It is equipped with a switch lock that allows you to keep the device for a long time without holding the start button. This reduces the fatigue of the master during the work.

The model copes with the sawing of coniferous wood, wood-brown plate and other light materials. Work is also permissible with a harder tree, but for this it is desirable to reduce the load, sawing the material with a thickness of not more than 40 mm.

  • Low price.
  • Small weight.
  • Moderate vibration.
  • Little.
  • It is not always possible to achieve direct cut and the master sometimes will have to put up with small deviations about 1 mm.

Vorther LE-55

The power tool uses as cutting equipment special sharp files that are resistant to wear. The rubberized handle facilitates the maintenance of the device.

Despite the low price, the electrician cuts quite evenly and has a protective screen that will not allow fingers to enter the sawing area and protect the master from injuries. The dustproof pipe guarantees cleanliness at the workplace.

  • Easy.
  • Capable of cutting not only wood, but also plastic and glass.
  • Fixation of the start key.
  • Rubber inserts on the handle.
  • There is a backlash near the area of ​​fastening the file, but it does not affect the speed and evenness of the sawing.

Resanta L-100/850

Cutting wooden and metal blanks will be much easier with this reliable electrician from the famous Latvian brand. He is able to cut a large amount of material at a time due to powerful and resistant to high loads of the motor, as well as a pendulum.

The function of shaving garbage will help to maintain order in the sawing zone. The sole of the jigsaw provides excellent stability.

  • Bright illumination of the working area.
  • High performance and power.
  • Laser guide.
  • Dipping mode of sawdust.
  • Short wire.

Zubble LP-500

Compact and powerful jigsaw with a convenient grip. The operation of the device is based on a powerful motor with a winding of copper, which is resistant to overload.

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The master has the opportunity to adjust the speed of the course, selecting the optimal mode for working with various materials. Three.Position stroke guarantees fast crushing. The base on the base provides perfect sliding. The power cable has frost resistance, so an electrician can be operated on the street in cold weather.

  • Even sawing.
  • High.Quality pendulum and bed.
  • The ability to quickly replace the file.
  • Stable wire.
  • The insert for accurate sawing sometimes comes under a file.

Metabo Steb 65 Quick

The manufacturer supplied the electric jigsaw by the Metabo Quick system, which allows you to quickly replace the equipment without the use of additional tools. Non.Slip overlay allows you to better hold the device.

The model of the model can bend to 45 °, giving the master the opportunity to make a cut at the right angle. High power allows you to drink non.Ferrous metals of solid thickness.

  • High assembly quality.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • The saw is fixed quickly.
  • The presence of a protective casing.
  • With increased load, strong vibration is felt.

Interskol MP-85/600E

The model is suitable not only for a straight, but also a figure cut of various materials. Due to the powerful motor, the owner can even work with thin aluminum and steel.

The design of the electrician provides a protective screen that does not allow the scraping of chips and dust in all directions. The four.Speed course of the pendulum allows you to configure the power tool for the material of various density and thickness. The convenience of work increases due to strong and stable cast sole.

Fiolent PM 5-750E m

The owner of the model will like her ergonomic design that allows you to easily work with a power tool with one hand. Cooling important nodes inside the case is provided by an effective ventilation system. A gearbox made of aluminum alloys makes its contribution to the reliability of the model.

Moderate vibration of an electric jigsaw will allow you not to be distracted and it is better to focus on the processed surface. The defense of the master during work is guaranteed due to a special bracket mounted in front of the file.

  • Soft and most accurate move.
  • Case included.
  • Sole with strong carbide stops.
  • Soft frost.Resistant power cable.
  • Badly blowing.


This electrician has excellent resistance to any loads thanks to a thoughtfully located ventilation holes on the case. Quickly eliminating the sawdust in the work will help the function of blowing.

TOP-4 of the best inexpensive electrical jigsaws

Diold PLE-1-07

Diold PLE-1-07 was one of the most inexpensive and powerful electric jigsaws in 2021-2022.

An 850 watts motor with a maximum number of saws of a saw per minute about 3 thousand are suitable for working with various materials, including wood, aluminum, steel and ceramics.

Makes not only straight cuts, but also straightforward. The file is fastened quickly, the hilt of a comfortable shape is covered with strong rubber to provide a good grip.

The speed is regulated according to the principle of the pendulum, has 4 degrees, activated using a special switch.

The sole stamped, with an adjustable inclination up to 45 degrees. It is convenient that the device is equipped with a backlight that provides the best overview of the working surface, and an industrial aspirator can be responsible for the removal of sawdust, which is connected to this tool.

For this, there is a special adapter in the kit. You can also find a file, a protective shield, a key, spare brushes and emphasis there.

  • Device power, kW. 0.85.
  • The number of file movement cycles. 3000.
  • Sawing size (max in mm, wood/steel). 100/8.
  • The number of adjustments. 4.
  • Slocation of the sole in degrees. 45.
  • Type of power. From the network.

Zubble L-400

Convenient, compact and light electric jigsaw, which is suitable for use of the house, in the country or in the garage and will cope with both wood and non.Ferrous metals or steel.

The power of the motor is 400 watts, the saw per minute makes up to 3,000 moves, while it is possible to set a small indicator due to 3 degrees of adjustment.

The device works from the network, the length of the cord is enough so as not to feel the constraint in movements.

Skoby.Shaped hilt and rubber pads allow you to keep the device without a threat of sliding during operation. The jigsaw does not irritate a strong noise, does not vibrate and is equipped with a protective shield so that pieces of material do not cause injury.

You can connect a vacuum cleaner to clean the working surface to the device. Compact dimensions, availability and weight of 1.4 kg made this model one of the ratings of 2021-2022 ratings.

which, electric, better, home
  • Device power, kW. 0.4.
  • The number of file movement cycles. 3000.
  • Sawing size (max in mm, wood/steel). 55/6.
  • Number of adjustments. 3.
  • Slocation of the sole in degrees. 45.
  • Type of power. From the network.

Interskol MP-85/700E

This model differs not only in a pretty appearance that allows you not to lose tools among a pile of similar, but also with good performance indicators.

At a power of a motor of 700 watts, a saw makes up to 3,000 moves per minute and saw a tree at a depth of 8.5 cm, and steel is 8 mm. Can also be used to work with ceramic tiles and non.Ferrous metals.

In combination with a small cost, this makes this model one of the best in the market.

Weighs a jigsaw a little less than two kilograms, works from the network, the handle of a convenient shape is sheathed with rubber lining and does not slip out when working.

which, electric, better, home

The angle of inclination of the sole is adjustable, a protective shield is installed, and the manufacturer placed the ventilation holes on the case so that the device does not overheat during long operation.

It is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner to remove garbage from the working surface.

  • Device power, kW. 0.7.
  • The number of file movement cycles-800-3000.
  • Sawing size (max in mm, wood/steel). 85/8.
  • The number of adjustments. 4.
  • Slocation of the sole in degrees. 45.
  • Type of power. From the network.
  • Good power indicators of power and depth drank;
  • Cable 3 meters;
  • White case is not lost among the tools;
  • Fast pinch of files.

Resanta L-80/750

Inexpensive hand.Driven hand.Drive tool and 750 W. Suitable for both home use and professional. It differs in good performance, works with many materials, including wood and steel.

Freshly.Sounding saw, 80 and 10 mm sawing depth, respectively.

The slice is very clean, the cut is quickly made, the speed of the file of the saw is adjustable by four steps of the switch, in the range of 500-3000.

The steel sole is not afraid of blows and falls, it will last a long time and is able to lean by 45 degrees.

Glides well. A vacuum cleaner to clean the working surface is connected to the device.

For security, the manufacturer equipped the tool with overheating and transparent shield.

which, electric, better, home
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