Which electric screwdriver is better. 3 screws for 3.6 volts

Overview of the compact and inexpensive DEKO GCD12DU3 electric screwdriver with good energy efficiency

Interesting fact: the manufacturer positions this tool as an electric screwdriver for. Women. But let me, this is shameless sexism! However, there is a sound grain in this positioning: the weight of an electric screwdriver, along with the battery, does not reach a kilogram, that is, women with it will be controlled comfortably.

Parameters amenable to diagnostics will certainly be measured during testing. We will try to evaluate the battery capacity by showing the volume of work that can be done. We also measure the torque of the electrical screwdriver: what is it in reality whether it corresponds to passport values? Do not forget about comparing with other screwdrivers. After all, this is probably the most interesting.

Shurovyrt Wosai WS-320

Let’s move on to the next model of a screwdriver from the Chinese company Wosai, which deservedly is popular among buyers. The advantage of the tool is 25 modes of adjustment adjustment. The manufacturer also provided for the moment when the user may need a drilling function, a special program is installed for this purpose in the device. The battery has an indicator of the remaining charge. The device is equipped with a Li-Ion-accumulator with a voltage of 20V. As for the torque, it is 40 N.M. Quickly charges, within 1-2 hours. In drilling mode, the rotation speed reaches 1600 rpm, in screwing mode. From 0 to 400 rpm.

What cheap electric screwdriver to choose

In order to find out which is better to buy an electric screwdriver, you need to decide on the place of use. For home conditions, you can choose simple models operating from the network. Devices have good power and will cope with the tasks.

To work in hard.To.Reach places, models operating from batteries are used. For prolonged work, a vortex of DA-12-1 which is equipped with two batteries is suitable. For the assembly of furniture or simple work, it is necessary to pay attention to Kolner KCD 12L, which has compact dimensions and 2 speed modes of operation. The rating of the best cheap screwdrivers selected by our editorial office will help make the right choice and not make a mistake.

Best screwdrivers with Aliexpress

An electric screwdriver is an indispensable assistant for both professional installers, furniture collectors and other specialists, and for ordinary home.Made masters who are accustomed to do small work on their own. Fortunately, their assortment is large enough for every potential buyer to easily choose the option that would completely arrange it. But still, the choice of high-quality and inexpensive electrical screwdriver is often associated with certain difficulties. Especially if the buyer decided to order it from China via the Internet to reduce expenses. It was in such a case that our experts made the rating of the best models of screwdrivers with Aliexpress, which included only the most successful models that certainly will not disappoint even a picky user.

Choosing a suitable electric screwdriver, you need to take into account many factors. First of all, it is power, mass, battery capacity. In some cases, the tool is equipped with an additional battery. This allows you not to waste time recharging during long work, but simply replace the discharged battery with a new one, and immediately return to the assembly of furniture or other activities. Also, sometimes the buyer can choose a suitable equipment. Whether to purchase an electric screwdriver and a charger or take a full set, including an additional battery, a case for carrying and many other useful items. Therefore, you should approach the choice very responsibly so as not to spend extra money when buying at the same time not to purchase a tool that will quickly disappoint.

Deko Banger 12V

Pretty budget Chinese electric screwdriver, which is suitable for an unpretentious user. Thanks to a pleasant design and rubberized handle, the work becomes as simple and comfortable as possible. An electric screwdriver is perfect for performing small work. Drilling and assembling or disassembling furniture, installing fasteners. An additional plus can be called the presence of backlight. It makes work in poorly lit areas more comfortable. According to a special indicator, you can always determine that the battery needs to be recharging, which means that a sudden shutdown of the tool will not be an unpleasant surprise. In addition, this is the most purchased electric screwdriver on Aliexpress, which in itself is a serious indicator.

  • Low cost;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Fast charging;
  • Good autonomy;
  • Extensive equipment;
  • Convenient design.

Rokodil Twist 2 Pro

One of the best battery screwdrivers in terms of price-quality ratio for aliexpress. The model has good technical characteristics: the battery on 2 A/h with a capacity of 18 volts, as well as the maximum torque of 48 Nm, which is quite enough to perform the vast majority of works. It should also be noted the compactness of electrical screwdriver, whose weight is only 1.2 kg and good configuration. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for 5 years, and given the presence of SC for all this electric screwdriver stands out from the best side compared to other models.

Yikoda 12V

One of the cheapest screwdrivers that can be found on the Aliexpress website. At the same time, the equipment is pretty good. The budget includes only the tool itself, the charger and the battery. A convenient plastic suitcase, a set of bit and an additional battery are added to the full here. So, the buyer has the opportunity to choose a fully suitable option.

When orders with Ali, carefully monitor the delivery time so that the protection period does not expire. If the order is not delivered, and the protection time is already expired. Ask the seller to extend it or open the dispute.

Two speed modes make an electric screwdriver more universal. You can choose a suitable for a specific work. There is a fairly powerful LED flashlight, as well as the battery charge indicator. True, the latter does not work correctly for all models. Often gives out full charge even with a discharged battery.


Relatively inexpensive and at the same time quite powerful electric screwdriver, which will be a successful acquisition for a home master. You can choose different equipment to meet the planned budget. This is undoubtedly a plus. 20 watts power is enough to screw the screws into the tree, as well as drill brick, not to mention softer materials. Ergonomics at altitude. The design is carefully thought out. True, it is worth considering immediately that the electric screwdriver is designed primarily for a not too wide palm. Some users may have problems with this. Alas, having studied user reviews, it is easy to find out that the speed switch is made more for beauty. It does not affect the operating mode, at least for some screwdrivers models.

  • High power;
  • Fast delivery with Aliexpress;
  • Good design;
  • Hardy;
  • Suitable for drills from 0.8 to 10 mm;
  • Good torque (42 N.M);
  • Affordable price.


Pretty high.Quality electric screwdriver from China, combining low cost and rather high power, functionality. One of the important advantages is the high battery capacity. With full charge, it is enough for an hour of continuous operation, which can be called a very good indicator for a budget tool.

Most screws are supplied with lithium-ion batteries that have no memory effect. Therefore, it is not necessary to discharge them completely before putting them on charging.

The electric screwdriver is equipped with a convenient rotation switch, which makes the work as simple as possible. True, some buyers leave on AliExpress reviews that they got a low.Quality assembly tool. Well, when buying from China, this probability is always preserved.

What to look for when choosing an electric screwdriver

First of all, it is necessary to decide on the type of technology. Professional or household. The latter, as the name implies, is designed for simple tasks, including drilling holes for fastening the mirror, assembly of furniture, twisting bolts, etc.D. Professional screwdrivers can cope with increased load and hard surfaces. It is also necessary to take into account:

  • Power. If you do not need to twist anything serious, then you can purchase batteries with a torque of less than 10 nm. For everyday tasks, such as screwing/unscrewing the screws on non.Aged materials, there are enough models up to 20 nm. For serious tasks, choose 30-40, and if active work is supposed in different conditions, then above and above.
  • Battery. If it is provided by the design, then the working voltage must be taken into account. Simple work can be performed with batteries for 3-6 volts. For wood, plastic and similar materials, it is advisable to take from 10 to 25. When drilling solid materials, you will need an battery with a voltage at least 18.
  • Ergonomics. Large weight is a minus if you plan to work with the device a lot and often. For periodic work, not at altitude, this is not so important. We also advise paying attention to the location of governing bodies and other elements. It is necessary to use them conveniently.
  • Functions. Adjustment of tightening strength, backlight, electronic protection and other features are not mandatory, but increase the convenience of work.

5 volts screwdrivers

The last achievement of manufacturers who demonstrate their goods on Aliexpress was the novelty. 25 V screwdrivers. Unlike all other models, they have six cells in the battery, so they are able to accommodate more than a charge and work out longer. This is an optimal tool for the most difficult tasks that only network screwdrivers can cope with.

Nikalai NK-25VLANA2D ANEER Power Plus-25V
Nominal voltage, in 25 25
Weight, kg 1.75 1.2
Dimensions, see 27x25x8 21.5x20x7.5
Idle speed, rpm 1200 1800

Nikalai NK-25VLANA2D

One of the most powerful Chinese screwdriver with a compact battery. Has more than 30 positive reviews for Aliexpress. The model weighs 1.7 kg and develops 1350 rpm when rotating at increased speed.

  • A narrow cartridge for working in hard.To.Reach places, recesses.
  • Charging indication on the adapter and an electric screwdriver case.
  • Numerous anti.Vibration and anti.Jacket linings.
  • Well drilling ceramics and dense wood.
  • A highly located reverse button does not cling to accidentally during operation.
  • Not very stable design due to the small size of the battery.
  • The backlight is shifted to the left.
  • The angular battery looks ridiculous.
  • Weak fastening of a heavy battery.
  • Fat pen. It will be hard for people with small hands to grab.
which, electric, screwdriver, better

Conclusion. Due to its power, the device is able to drill a hole in the metal with a thickness of 30 mm, which is more than enough for any tasks.

ANEER Power Plus-25V

High.Quality and expensive electric screwdriver with Aliexpress, with a completely rubbed case, is protected as much as possible when falling. Supplied in a convenient case with a second battery and adapter.

  • Light weight 1.25 kg.
  • Idle spindle 1800 rpm for fast drilling plastic and wood.
  • One of the most powerful twisting moments 48 nm.
  • Speed ​​switch with a range from 0 to 400 rpm and 0 to 1800 rpm.
  • Particularly durable case.
  • The abundance of rubber linings.
  • Increased protection against water. Drilling is allowed even with partial immersion of the body into the liquid.
  • Reliable fixation of the battery by entering horizontal grooves.
  • 22 options for setting up the force of twisting.
which, electric, screwdriver, better
  • The cost is one of the highest in this category of tools for aliexpress.
  • A very bulky battery.
  • Weak diode backlight.
  • The battery indicator is located in the back of the battery case and is inconvenient for visual control when the tool is in the hand.
  • Plastic fasteners on the suitcase.
  • With heavy loads, the battery protection does not work.
  • The stickers are crookedly glued, but it is a rarity.

Conclusion. A large angle between the handle and the cartridge facilitates the work under the ceiling to turn less and raise the hand. It is perfect for construction and repair work.

Electric screwdriver battery: which is better from budget

This rating is compiled specifically for masters who value autonomy during installation of fasteners and drilling. The selection included the best inexpensive screwdrivers that can interest amateurs and professionals. All models use lithium-ion batteries.

Model Battery voltage (c) Max torque (NM) Max Haster speed number Max drill diameter, wood / metal (mm) The size of the clamped equipment (mm) Weight, kg) The average price in Russia (.)
Interskol Da-12ER Promo Li-Ion 2.0 A h 12 in x2 box 12 28 1 400 12/10 0.8-10 one 3 550
Zubyr DShl-141 pr fourteen.4 32 1 400 25 /10 1-13 one.48 7 088
Interskol Da-14.4er 596 fourteen.4 35 1 400 20 /10 0.8-10 one.05 5 850
WHOLOR DA-12-1 12 sixteen 550 18 /8 0.8-10 one.7 1 580
Kolner KCD 12L 12 17 550 16 /10 0.8-10 one 2 680

Interskol Da-12ER Promo Li-Ion 2.0 A h 12 in x2 box

Opens a rating of budgetary wireless drumsters compact and lightweight model from the Russian manufacturer Interskol. The mass of the case is less than one kilogram, so you can work without fatigue for several hours in a row.

  • 18-speed switching torque.
  • Light weight of the tool.
  • Two.Speed gearbox, which guarantees the universality of the drill.
  • For such sizes, torque is quite high.

Zubyr DShl-141 pr

Schurovyrt for 14.4 volts has everything necessary to ensure a good semi.Professional functionality. The appearance of the tool really inspires confidence, as well as its operational properties.

  • Bracket to keep the drill on the belt.
  • A container on which you can fix an additional bit.
  • Charge indicator on the battery block.
  • 25 steps of torque setting.

Interskol Da-14.4er 596

Like many best inexpensive batteries for the home from our rating, this model has the optimal ratio of weight and maximum torque. Improve the impression of the sample such aspects as indication of discharge and a flashlight under the cartridge.

  • A fairly high torque.
  • Small mass of the case.
  • Battery charge indicator.
  • Quality of materials and assembly.
  • Easy to get parts for repair.


Available power tool designed for home and summer cottages to drill small holes, screwing fasteners. Equipped with pederation on the housing for the removal of hot air from the engine.

  • Compact dimensions.
  • Reverse function for lightweight unscrewing fasteners.
  • There is a recess on which you can fix an additional bit.
  • Small cost.

Kolner KCD 12L

The top of the inexpensive wireless drums-shuruvrets completes the model from the German brand. Distinctive features of the device: light housing, charging indication, stylish industrial design.

  • Non.Slip pads that contribute to comfortable retention.
  • Eligator of the charge level.
  • Reverses for breeding a jammed drill from the material.
  • 18 steps of setting torque.
  • The light weight of the device.

TOP 5 Best Deko screwdrivers from China

Rating: a convenient and easy tool, with a 18B battery. The power of this drill-electrical screwdriver is 350 W at 1600 revolutions per minute. The maximum torque reaches 38 nm. Number of speeds: 151 (drilling/twisting). Electric screwdriver has LED backlight and fast.Packed cartridge.

which, electric, screwdriver, better

The operating time on one charge depends on the level of loads and the work performed, and the full charge of the battery will be 1-1.2 hours. Of the design features, I note the ability to charge third.Party equipment from the battery thanks to the USB connector.

Professional Brightless screwdrivers from China

DEKO DKBL20DU3. Optimal solution for different tasks

Purpose. Electrical and construction work. The number of torque settings is 181. Maximum indicator. 42 nm. Supplied with a lithium battery. It takes 1-2 hours to recharge. Cartridge diameter. 10 mm. Experienced masters appreciated the ratio of performance and size of the case. The hand does not get tired during the drilling or twisting.

Tension, c 20
Idle, rpm 1700
Battery volume, Mach 1500
Autonomy, min. 40-60
Weight, kg 1.35

Pros: weightlessness, head reliably holds bats, LED backlight, long service life.

Heimerdinger LB176. Popular on Ali Model

The tool is sold with and without a battery. Battery compatibility: 1830,1840,1850,1860, etc. Complex options: only screwdriver; with 1 or 2 batteries; with equipment (small and large sets), with a case. When choosing a version, it is important to clarify the number of positions. The maximum value is cool. Moment-80-120 nm. Two speeds. Processing material: concrete, wood, metal, plastic, etc.

Tension, c eighteen
Idle, rpm 1350
Battery volume, Mach 4000/6000
Autonomy, min. 75-285
Weight, kg 1.4

Pros: durability, durable case, lack of backlash, good equipment.

Wosai WS-MD13-good performance

The tool is professional, but well suited for solving household problems. Management is simple. The weight is small, you can always take with you. It is convenient to use in places where there is no network. LED backlighting provides good visibility. The speed is regulated in two positions. The indicator is cool. Moment. 115 nm.

Tension, c eighteen
Idle, rpm
Battery volume, Mach 2000/3000/4000
Autonomy, min. 40-60/60-85/60-214
Weight, kg 1.95

Pros: low price, strong case, charge indication, many settings.

Новая электрическая отвертка Xiaomi Mijia Electric Screwdriver 3 6 В

Dewalt DCD791. Ergonomic design

Model with a quick.Packed cartridge. The maximum diameter of the hole in steel is 13 mm, in wood. 40 mm. Parameters of the cartridge-1.5-13 mm. Sets with one battery. The speed is double.Mode. Twist settings. 151.

Cordless Screwdriver or Cordless Drill?

Tension, c eighteen
Idle, rpm 2000
Battery volume, Mach 2000
Autonomy, min. 75-135
Weight, kg 1.5

Pros: beautiful design, charge indication, backlight, good performance, a case with a case in which it is convenient to store and transport the tool.

Bosch GSR18V-50-original product

The model is equipped with a fast.Packed cartridge. Max. Diameter of drilling in a tree. 35 mm, in steel. 13 mm. The case is made of durable plastic and metal. The sizes are compact. There is an option of reverse, backlight. Twisting. 50 nm. Summary: battery, charger, case, set of nozzles.

Tension, c eighteen
Idle, rpm 1800
Battery volume, Mach 1200
Autonomy, min. 75-135
Weight, kg one

Pros: low noise, good performance, low friction, equipment, lightweight, fast delivery.

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