Which electric screwdriver is better Bosch or Makita

The 4 best screwdrivers

Among handheld power tools, screwdrivers are considered one of the most popular. In country houses and apartments, on construction sites and other objects. such devices are required everywhere. But often it is inexperience, a modest budget, or banal too great a range, which can easily get confused, that prevents you from choosing a good electric screwdriver. We decided to simplify the task for our readers by compiling a list of the best models that are available on the market in 2022. Our first choice was based on quality and ease of use, so you can rest assured that the device will keep on working even after hundreds of hours of active use. Presented rating of the best screwdrivers we have divided into three categories, so you can go straight to the devices you are interested in. In this review we have included both cordless and battery models, which are in increasing demand.

  • Electric screwdriver which company to buy
  • The best inexpensive screwdrivers for home
  • 1. Kalibr DE-550ShM
  • 2. Rokodil Twist 2 Pro
  • 3. Zubr ZSSh-300-2
  • 5. Interskol DA-12ER-02 Home handyman
  • The best cordless screwdrivers
  • 1. Rokodil Twist Max
  • 2. Makita DF331DWYE
  • 3. AEG BS 12G3 LI-152C
  • 4. Bosch GSR 12V-15
  • 5. DeWALT DCD791D2
  • The best impact wrenches
  • 1. DeWALT DW274K
  • 2. Makita 6805BV
  • 3. Metabo SE 4000
  • 4. Bosch GSR 6-45 TE 2011 Case
  • What to look for when choosing an electric screwdriver
  • What electric screwdriver is better to choose

Although battery-powered tools have become much more popular, corded screwdrivers are still quite in demand. This is facilitated by the advantages inherent in this type of equipment, and in particular:

  • No discharge of the device and the associated gradual reduction of its power;
  • The ability to work in almost any environment, including temperatures below freezing;
  • The weight and dimensions of a corded screwdriver are excellent because there is no battery;
  • The ability to use higher speeds.

The following criteria should be used when selecting a mains electric screwdriver:

Power. The higher the power, the better. Particularly high torque is needed for professional repair work.

Torque. It is a parameter that describes the force with which it rotates. It depends on what materials this or that electric screwdriver can work with.

RPM control. It has a very useful function that allows you to increase or decrease the rotation speed depending on the situation and thus providing more comfort when working.

Makita DF0300

Makita DF0300 box 320 W 56 Nm

This model is a professional tool for use in repair, construction and installation work. This lightweight electric screwdriver drill is great for screwing and unscrewing fasteners, as well as drilling holes in a variety of materials.

The electric screwdriver has two modes of operation. With the former, the shaft rotates between 0 and 350 rpm, and with the latter, up to 1,300 rpm. The first mode is intended for operation under heavy load, and the second mode is for drilling holes. The reverse function allows not only to screw self-tapping screws with this tool, but also to unscrew them, which is often simply necessary, especially if the drill bit jams.

  • lock button for continuous operation;
  • 2.5 m cable length;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • low weight;
  • copes well with prolonged strain;
  • quick-clamping mechanism;
  • convenient location of the reversing switch;
  • The carbon brushes can be changed quickly.
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Makita 6805BV

This all-purpose electric tool perfectly combines the ability to work with fasteners and drill holes equally effectively in one body. Simply change the accessory in order to change the functions, which, with the quick-action chuck, can be done quickly and easily.

The high performance of an electric screwdriver is made possible by a powerful motor (510 watts) and a robust mechanism. This device allows you to screw in screws to a certain depth at 0.18 mm pitch. The start button allows you to smoothly adjust the speed of the motor to select the best mode of operation, depending on the material or type of fastener. If something has gone wrong, you can use the reverse function and unscrew fasteners or relieve the drill from jamming without breaking it.

Other advantages of an electric screwdriver:

  • Can be plugged into non-earthed sockets;
  • low weight;
  • high power;
  • works perfectly in all temperature regimes;
  • The presence of a key that locks the starter button.

Makita FS4000

This electric screwdriver is designed for quite intensive use. It can equally be used for screwing fasteners and drilling holes. However, its primary use is still for work on fasteners. Bit holder with hexagonal shank and depth adjustment allows for maximum convenience for almost any task.

With its 570 Watt, 4,000 rpm engine, it can even drive screws up to 6 mm thick. The presence of a special clutch makes the electric screwdriver very quiet, and the reverse allows you to unscrew a screw that was screwed in poorly or jammed drill bit.

  • the ability to work at high loads;
  • gear housing made of cast aluminum;
  • Availability of backlighting of the working area;
  • small weight;
  • electronic switch;
  • silent coupling.

What impact drill is better to choose

To choose a good drill for home or work, you should decide what kind of construction and repair tasks you need to perform. For home needs, as a rule, the resource of the domestic model is more than enough. Such devices are cheaper both when buying and when repairing. users do not need to overpay for unused functionality.

Professional equipment, despite the increased cost, is in demand both in the commercial sphere, and for domestic purposes. Drills of this class are indispensable in private construction, production. High resource, unpretentiousness and endurance allow you to operate impact drills for a long time, without interruption.

When buying, it is also worth referring to the recommendations of experts:

  • The tool with power within the 550-750 W range is the best one for domestic use. With small size and weight it is able to cope with most single works.
  • Drills with power from 750 W are less convenient to operate, but are preferable for construction sites or frequent use under load. Power reserves extend tool life because tools are rarely used to their limits.
  • Heavier tools than 1 kW are not suitable for precision work. But they are unbeatable in terms of performance.
  • The choice between domestic and professional tools should be based on individual technical goals. For large-scale construction, overload-resistant tools should be chosen. At home, the purchase of expensive equipment can be unreasonably expensive, as modern household tools are quite adequate for such tasks.
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The review rating of the best impact drills in the combination of price and quality will help to determine which best meets the needs of. According to reviews, each of the presented participants has the characteristics necessary for stable and comfortable work.

How to make a choice

In terms of quality and functionality, the equipment of both manufacturers is evaluated in the professional segment approximately equally. The German models are more expensive than their Japanese counterparts. As for the other characteristics. a matter of taste and priorities.

Power of an electric screwdriver

There is a real problem in determining the wattage of an electric screwdriver, because it is not clear what 12V, 14V, and 18V screwdrivers are capable of, or if 7V is enough.2V to drill and twist screws. I had to resort to the advice of professionals that the 12 V is not enough, but in the apartment should suffice for everything and in stock, but deciding to insure decided to buy something in between, that is 14 volt electric screwdriver, which are currently the most popular. As practice has shown in the following, the power of 14.The 4V is quite enough, even on the heads of screws at first time was torn spline (screwdriver hole) due to lack of skill in handling an electric screwdriver. Thus it was found that 14.4V is the best for an electric screwdriver with a drilling function. The choice of screwdrivers has become more limited, but I had to choose it by battery type and torque and rpm. For the record, take the power of professional tools to be considered from 18V, so it seems to be an amateur electric screwdriver.

Not all construction sites have electricity.

There are times when you need a battery, in areas that are far from the outlet or at high altitude.

But the critical need arises when the carrier lacks about twenty centimeters to the place of drilling.

Uninterrupted operation is provided by a spare battery.

Modern lithium technology enables more power, longer battery life and faster recharging.

The original charger, charges a medium-capacity autonomous power source in less than an hour.


The chuck is necessary for fixing all kinds of tools: drill, bit, mixer, drill, etc.

They differ in the type of attachment and the method of changing the tool, and come in the following types:

Quick-clamp single clamp double clamp 2. Self-clamping

The first type is most common, they are divided into two subspecies.

When a chuck fastening axis is fixed, then one-frame chucks are used, which in practice have shown that they are more convenient than those consisting of two clutches.

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The double-clutch type needs to be tightened using two hands, which is not always handy.

The second kind, used in pulse tools.

Until recently, only bits with a hexagonal at the end were fixed in these chucks.

But with such shanks now began to produce drills.

Bosch screwdrivers

Bosch has been producing machinery for over 100 years, and its products have become synonymous with quality. Screwdrivers are also available in. Users note that the Bosch screwdrivers are characterized by:

  • A fast and durable motor with high torque ratings;
  • compactness and lightness: easy to hold and work at height;
  • Many rotation speeds;
  • Good choice of attachments;
  • versatility: there are devices both for wood and for plastic, stone, plasterboard and other materials. There are models with cord and battery. choose!

The body of the professional models is painted blue, the housing of the household models is green. The Bosch electric screwdriver is a worthy purchase!

Bosch or Makita. which is better?

In this market segment, you can compare the Bosch 2-24D and Makita HR2470 models.

As you can see from the table, there is very little difference between the models. However, for the sake of justice it should be noted. That the Bosch 2-24D has a better designed chisel function. In contrast, we can say. that the Makita HR2470 is equipped with a special carbon offset. that increase the service life. and this model is also lighter and faster. What is more essential for professional use. because it is important during continuous use and will save you money in the future. Consequently. in this example, between Bosch or Makita, the latter brand wins.

Recommendations for a choice between Bosch and Makita screwdrivers

Summarizing the comparison of screwdrivers of the two most popular manufacturers of electric tools, we can conclude that for either of the brands under consideration, the quality of the product will be on top. For beginners or occasional use the green Bosch is quite suitable. There is no point in overpaying for a professional line.

If you will be using the power tool frequently, especially in hard-to-reach places, look more closely at Makita. Ergonomics and small weight of “Japanese” will not tire the hand during operation.

For the rest, before buying you can not concentrate on a particular brand, but choose the tool that fits better in your hand. But before buying, it is highly recommended to review the information on how to distinguish the original from the fake. Both brands are very popular, which is why there are a lot of counterfeit products on the market. This is especially true for copies of Makita tools.

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