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TOP-15 of the best network screwdrivers: rating 2021-2022 at price/quality

Network electric screwdriver is one of the most common tools for repair work. To simplify the search for the desired device, we analyzed the models presented in online stores, studied their functionality and features, got acquainted with the technical characteristics and reviews of the owners. Below is a rating of the best, high-quality and reliable network screwdrivers for 2021-2022, grouped in the most popular categories of requests.

Place name price rating
The best network screwdrivers in price/quality for 2021-2022
one Interskol DSh-10/320E2 Find out the price 4.9 /5
2 Zubble DSh-M1-400-2 Find out the price 4.8 /5
3 Bosch GTB 650 06014A2000 Find out the price 4.7 /5
The best shock network screwdrivers
one Makita TD0101 Find out the price 4.9 /5
2 Makita TD0100 Find out the price 4.8 /5
3 Makita HP0300 Find out the price 4.7 /5
The best network screwdrivers with a fast.Packed cartridge
one Resanta SS-550-1 75/16/2 Find out the price 4.9 /5
2 Makita DP4003 Find out the price 4.8 /5
3 Hanskonner HID2145PL Find out the price 4.7 /5
The best powerful network screwdrivers
one Zubble DSh-M3-500-2 Find out the price 4.9 /5
2 Stavr DShS-10/450 Find out the price 4.8 /5
3 Vortex SS-550/2 Find out the price 4.7 /5
The best inexpensive network screwdrivers
one Bort BSM-250X Find out the price 4.9 /5
2 DEKO DKSD500W Find out the price 4.8 /5
3 Caliber DE-550shm Find out the price 4.7 /5

Choice recommendations

Torque. One of the most important characteristics of the battery drill-electrical screwdriver is the value of torque. It is expressed in Newton meters (n m), the higher the indicator, the greater the effort creates the tool during operation.

  • Professional models have a torque in the range of 80-140 N m. Such an electric screwdriver is able to cope with self.Tapping screws 20×125 mm.
  • In household appliances, the torque looks more modest than 25-70 N m. But the tasks of such a tool are simple. For example, fastening fasteners 6×70 mm.

Rotational speed. Most of the battery battleships have 2 (less often 3) rotation speeds of the cartridge.

  • To wrap the screws in drywall or wood, a speed of up to 500 rpm is set.
  • Drilling holes is recommended at a speed of more than 1000 rpm.

Shock load. To determine how effective the drill-electrical screwdriver will drill brick or concrete, there is such a parameter as the maximum number of shocks per minute. The higher the indicator, the more efficiently the drill into the material is drowned with the same efforts of the operator.

  • In professional models, the shock load reaches 30,000-40000 BP/min.
  • The maximum number of shocks in household appliances is limited to 15000-30000 BP/min.

Type of battery. The operability of battery shock drums depends on the type of battery.

  • Nickel-cadmium batteries favorably differ in stable work in different temperature conditions. However, such current sources have large overall dimensions. Specialists attribute the pronounced memory effect to the disadvantages.
  • Nickel-metall-hybrid models work for a long time without recharging, they have compact dimensions and a small weight. But cold weather (2-5ºС) negatively affects the tools of the tool.
  • Lithium-ion batteries are not subject to self-discharge, although they are sensitive to frost. The plus of batteries is considered high performance and minimum weight.

Battery capacity and voltage. The batteries have two important parameters that should be paid attention to when buying a drill-electrical screwdriver.

which, electric, screwdriver, better, home, power
  • The duration of the tool on one charge depends on the capacity of the battery. Professional screwdrivers are equipped with batteries with a capacity of 4-6 A. To solve household problems, a capacity of 1.5-2 A h is enough.
  • The value of the torque and the duration of work on one charging depend on the voltage of the battery. Household models are equipped with a voltage of 12-18 V, a professional tool is equipped with current sources 18-36 V.

Additional functions. For convenience in work, manufacturers equip their products by a number of modern functions.

  • Reverse or reverse passage allows you to twist fasteners, safely extract stuck drills, quickly change the equipment.
  • A fast.Removable cartridge ensures the replacement of equipment without the use of additional tools, which seriously saves the time of the operator.
  • Point illumination of the working area allows you to work in conditions with poor illumination.
  • To prevent drill breakdown, electronic protection against overload is used. She turns off the engine in the case of jamming the drill or during long.Term operation without stopping.

The 12 best batteries-shuruvrevs fell into our review. All of them are implemented in specialized stores in Russia. When distributing places, the editors of Expertology magazine relied on the analysis of technical characteristics on the portal https: // Rankqualy.COM/Drill-Drivers/, as well as on the opinion of the expert community, taking into account the reviews of domestic users.

Such devices are most popular among home craftsmen. They are not too expensive, but quite productive and work for a long time autonomously. Determining which battery electric screwdriver is better for the home, many stop at such models. They will come in handy for a small summer cottage or home repair, help to drill metal and wood.

Dewalt DCD701D2

  • Type of cartridge. Fast asleep;
  • Maximum torque, (n m). 57.5;
  • Battery capacity (Ach). 2;
  • Type of battery. Li-Ion;
  • The number of batteries included. 2.

Corps and ergonomics. This representative of the new line of Dewalt power tools while maintaining a successful balancing and a convenient shape of the handle has a shortened length of 158 mm, and weighs only 870 g (with a battery of 1100 g). It will be especially useful for assembling furniture and other types of work in constrained conditions. It can be worn on the belt, hooking for a metal clip.

Engine, gearbox, battery. The model is equipped with a low.Wing.Shank engine with an increased working resource. She has two speed modes with a maximum rotation frequency of 425 and 1500 rpm, which can be adjusted by pressing the launch key. Two lithium-ion batteries of the mounting slider design are attached to the product, 2 Ah with indication of the charge level and a standard charger for them. A cartridge for cylindrical nozzles with a diameter of 1 to 10 mm is clamped by the effort of the hand without using an auxiliary key.

Functional. The torque reaches 57.5 nm, which is far exceeding the capabilities of most competitors of the same class. It is regulated by ratchet with 16 provisions. There is a reverse function.

  • High power.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Reliable engine.
  • Quality assembly.
  • Universal charger and a 10.8 volt of the battery batteries interchangeable with the tool line.
  • Case.
  • Well.Located backlight.

Makita DF333DWYE4

  • Type of cartridge. Fast asleep;
  • Maximum torque, (n m). Thirty;
  • Battery capacity (Ach). One.5;
  • Type of battery. Li-Ion;
  • The number of batteries included. 2.

Corps and ergonomics. This electric screwdriver has a classic shape with a fairly large and comfortable handle. The case is made of technical plastic with soft inserts on the handle and the elements protruding. Weighs the product 1.1 kg. It can be worn on a belt, hooking for a metal clip. The built.In flashlight makes it possible to work even in the dark.

Engine, gearbox, battery. The model is equipped with a brush engine with a two.Speed gearbox that allows you to screw screws up to 10 mm into wood with a screw. Depending on the selected mode, the spindle accelerates to 450 or 1700 revolutions per minute. A quick.Packed cartridge captures bits and drills with shanks with a diameter of 0.8 to 10 mm.

A set of two lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 1.5 Ah with a slider type of connection allows you to perform a large amount of work without breakfast breaks.

Bosch IXO против Xiaomi MIJIA. Битва шуруповертов. Китай против Германии.

Functional. The high accuracy of the operations performed contributes to the rattle of choosing the value of the torque and the engine brake. There is a button for fixing the launch and reverse.

  • Convenient form.
  • High performance.
  • Engine brake.
  • Good assembly.
  • Sold with a case, a charger and a set of bit in a case.
  • Affordable price.

Bosch GSR 120-Li

  • Type of cartridge. Fast asleep;
  • Maximum torque, (n m). Thirty;
  • Battery capacity (Ach). 2;
  • Type of battery. Li-Ion;
  • The number of batteries included. 2.

Corps and ergonomics. Drill-electrical screwdriver of this brand due to small dimensions and the use of structural plastic weighs only 950 g. She has a comfortable handle with a relief surface for better contact. The battery inserted into the handle does not interfere with work in constrained conditions. LED backlighting well illuminates the drilling area even at night. There is a nest for attaching a strap, which simplifies movements with a tool at a height.

Engine, gearbox, battery. The power of the brush electric motor is enough to screw screws with a diameter of 7 mm. A quick.Packed cartridge is suitable for nozzles with a thickness of 1 to 10 mm. The gearbox operates in two modes at a maximum speed of 380 and 1300 rpm. A pair of compact lithium-ion batteries for 1.5 Ah when used by alternately minimizes the duration of downtime.

Functional. The model is designed to drill holes and work with fasteners. Torque reaches 30 nm and is smoothly adjustable using a rotary drum. You can change the direction of rotation with a simple displacement of the corresponding switch. The tool is sold with a plastic suitcase, charger and two batteries.

  • Compact dimensions and small weight.
  • Good ergonomics.
  • Fast replacement of equipment.
  • The backlight of the working area.
  • Adequate price.

Metabo PowerMax Bs 12

Professional network screwdrivers can work without time limits. They are easier, because there is no battery on the handle. But they will be able to use only at objects where there are 220 in. Another maneuverability of the master depends on the length of the network wire. You may need to buy an extension cord. Buy such an instrument for inpatient use in a workshop or garage.

Makita FS6300

Professional network electric screwdriver from “Makita” has a mass of 1.4 kg, so it does not bother the wrist during prolonged work. The back side of the handle is covered with a non.Sliding pad that increases the reliability of the grip. Clips is gained into the case and simplifies the rapid suspension of the tool on the belt. The cartridge here is originally hexagonal and equipped with a depth limiter. You yourself decide how much the fastener hat will be wrapped. But such a performance led to a length of 279 mm, so the electric screwdriver does not apply to the title of shortest. There is a diode backlight on the gearbox for the operation at dusk or inside the furniture niche, where indoor light does not enter. In the reviews, the masters are satisfied with a long wire of 4 m, providing user maneuverability without an extension cord.

A feature of the professional model is an increased capacity of 570 watts. This allows you to confidently drive long screws of 100-120 mm into a tree or metal profile. Another electric screwdriver differs in rotation speed of 6,000 rpm, which significantly accelerates the work. Choose it for large volumes, and you will significantly save time.


  • There is a limiter of wrap depth;
  • Can be quickly fixed on the belt;
  • Ergonomic grooves for fingers along the case;
  • Holder bit in the handle.

Hanskonner HID2145P 450 W 45 Nm

The goods from the German brand have a capacity of 450 watts and ensures the wrapping of fasteners with a force of 45 nm. Stiffness can be adjusted by 23 steps with a rotary ring. A step switch is provided from above to limit the speed, if you need to move from the installation of drywall to the drilling of the metal. A quick.Packed cartridge is able to hold a shank with a diameter of up to 13 mm. It was easier to change the brushes, the manufacturer provided service hatches. The service of a professional apparatus takes 2 minutes. If you have to drill for a long time, the starting key can be blocked to remove the load from the index finger. In the reviews, the owners like the goods with a metal cartridge, a comfortable grip and a long network cable 4 m.

The professional model is distinguished by excellent balancing due to the T-shaped configuration. Unlike Mr.-shaped screwdrivers, with it your hands will get tired less with a long use of the tool.


  • You can replace the brushes in 2 minutes;
  • Comfortable pen;
  • Optimal weightlifting;
  • Cable 4 m;
  • Spare brushes are already in the set.

Makita DF0300 320 W 56 Nm

Electric screwdriver was created according to innovative Japanese developments, which was why we managed to “squeeze” more the power of torque (56 nm) at a lower power. A professional apparatus is consumed only 320 watts per hour. The equipment is able to untwist up to 1,500 rpm and rotation is adjusted both smoothly and step. Long drill is simplified by blocking the launch key. In reviews, the masters like that a good quality bit is supplied in the kit, which is enough for the first months of professional activity. Also, users note excellent assembly, the lack of the backlash of the cartridge and resistance to overheating.

Professionals value electric screwdriver from the Japanese brand for lightness and compactness. The model weighs only 1.2 kg, so work for 6-8 hours every day minimally tires hands. The length of the tool is 206 mm, which means it will be most convenient to adjust it to furniture niches. With such dimensions, the manufacturer managed to place a fast.Packed cartridge in it, which expands the capabilities of a professional model that replaces the drill.


  • A bit is delivered in the kit;
  • Weighs only 1.2 kg;
  • Short length 206 mm;
  • The handle is completely covered with rubber;
  • Brushing hatches.

Zubble DSh-M1-400-2

Professional drill-electrical screwdriver from the “bison” is endowed with a capacity of 400 W and the maximum moment of torsion of 40 nm. The slider switch allows you to sharply limit the speed of rotation to work with delicate materials. The maximum performance indicator is 1800 rpm. A quick.Packed cartridge is designed for tailings up to 13 mm. The cable 3 m permits in most situations in the workshop to do without an extension cord. T-shaped configuration facilitates the retention of an electric screwdriver in the hand. It is worth noting the weight of the model. 1.26 kg, which will simplify work on outstretched hands somewhere under the ceiling. In the lower part of the handle there is LED lamp, aimed at the cartridge. Change the direction of rotation is easy to press the reverse flag. The clip of stainless steel will reliably hold the tool on the belt while you climb the stepladder.

This is the best network electric screwdriver for professional activities. Great for a small workshop or garage. Judging by the reviews, he confidently works as a drill and wraps fasteners well.

Makita 6805BV

This network screwdriver refers to the industrial level tool, so you should think about it before buying it home. Even the cartridge, unlike previous models in the ranking, is under the bits, not delayed, so they change quickly and without unnecessary effort. A pleasant feature in the design of the cartridge is the adjustment of the depth of the screw head of the screw from steps in a fraction of a millimeter.

Shuropovyrt is equipped with a powerful 510-watt electric motor, which develops rotation speeds up to 2500 revolutions per minute. The mode is only one, but there is also a reverse rotation that is designed to twist screws. The motor and gearbox develop the maximum moment of strength (torsion) in 26 H × m, adjustable. There is an electronic control system for rotation and mechanical blocking of the power button.

Screwdriver power cable. 2.5-meter, so in most cases it can be used without an extension cord.


  • Adjustment of the depth of the screw of the self.Tapping screw;
  • Fast installation of bit in a special cartridge;
  • Reliable, durable design, very durable case.


  • Heavy, with unsuccessful balancing by weight, the hand gets tired quickly;
  • Short cable, only 2.5 meters;
  • Unknown location of the reverse rotation button.

Bosch GSR 6-25 TE 2011 CASE

The network screwdriver of a professional level, which is important to take into account when choosing. For the home it can be unnecessary. But the device easily copes with almost any fixed elements, including long and thick. A powerful 701-watt electric motor develops the maximum rotation speed at idle of 2500 revolutions per minute.

The tool is equipped with a special cartridge for bits, so you can not even delay it. The maximum moment of power (torsion) of the device is 20 H × m, is regulated. There is only one speed mode at the screwdriver, controlled by an electronic control system, and reversing rotation is supported for twisting. There is a lock button.

Shurovyrt is included in the so.Called “blue” Bosch series and is characterized by a very rich configuration, including a case, a magnetic bit holder, bats and a transportation case.


  • Plastic bracket for fixing on the belt. Tend to break due to the fact that the screwdriver itself is heavy;
  • Coarse;
  • A significant effort is required to replace the bit holder.

Makita FS4300 570 W

The network model develops up to 4000 revolutions per minute. It is designed for quick fixation of drywall. The cartridge here is a narrowed shape and is equipped with a limiter. Thanks to this, the hats of self.Tapping screws will not destroy a fragile gypsum surface. The big trigger can be clamped at once with two fingers, or you can block. Under the cartridge provides a point lighting lamp, and there is a clip on top to hang a network tool on a working belt.

Electric screwdriver is interesting for 570 watts. Some domestic classes have such a characteristic. For electric screwdriver, this means that it will easily twist a 4.Thick self.Tapping screw.8 mm and 12 cm long in any tree. In the case of disassembling the ropes of the network tool, it will cope with the twisting of old fasteners. Another feature of the electrical screwdriver is the metal case of the gearbox, which accelerates heat removal from the engine and node with a gear transmission. This expands the time of continuous use at the construction site and takes the network tool to the category of professional.


  • There is a dot lighting lamp;
  • High power 570 watts;
  • Ergonomic pen;
  • Clip for the quick extension of the hands;
  • Reducer metal case.

Dewalt DW263K

This unstressed screwdriver refers to the semi.Professional class and therefore cannot be used as a drill. The cartridge is simply not suitable for fixing. So the scope of the tool is limited by carpentry workshop, construction companies and similar enterprises.

But in such companies, Shurovyrt will be an excellent device to increase productivity. This is primarily due to its power, which is 540 watts. Thanks to this electric motor, the device can accelerate to 2500 revolutions per minute. High.Speed mode only one. The maximum moment of force (torsion) is 15 N × m, but this is enough to tighten even long and thick mounting elements.

Network screwdriver supports reverse rotation, is equipped with an electronic speed control system. The design includes a bite cartridge without tightening and a mechanism for blocking the inclusion button.


  • High, stable power;
  • Rich equipment, including a magnetic holder for bit, adapter and case;
  • Reliability and durability, long warranty period;
  • There is a restriction to the depth of the screws of screws.


  • A relatively small moment of power (torsion), which is why some fasteners in solid materials will be screwed slowly;
  • A little unsuccessful design, which is why the hand will get tired with prolonged use.

Makita HP0300 Box 320 W 56 N m

Electric screwdriver from the Japanese brand Makita is endowed with a capacity of 320 W and the power of screwing equipment 56 Nm. At idle, the motor develops speed up to 1,500 per minute. In addition, an electric screwdriver supports rotation with a blow of up to 4200 per minute, and this helps to drive longer screws for less time. Thanks to such characteristics in the tree, it will be possible to drill a hole with a diameter of up to 2.8 cm. The T-shaped design is convenient to retain, and rubber pads prevent sliding. Although the case is not in the kit, but one good.Quality bit is provided, which is enough for the first months of active work. The speed switch on the housing allows you to limit rotation up to 400 rpm to gently wrap the fasteners in fragile materials.

The 20 Mini ELECTRIC Screwdriver!

Network or battery drill-electrical screwdriver: which one to take?

How to choose a drill-electrical screwdriver by type of power? It all depends on the tasks. For example, a network model is suitable for those who plan to make repairs in their home and earn extra money from time to time. Over, this will be possible only at the objects to which the light is summed up. Which is better than a network drill electrical screwdriver?

The main advantages of network devices over the batteries are higher power (with other equal parameters) and the ability to work for a long time (no breaks should be made). Although the second advantage loses its relevance if you buy a spare battery for the battery model. Among other things, network models are somewhat cheaper (if we consider the products of one brand).

Of the minuses, we note the lack of autonomy (will not work without electricity) and the need to carry a power cord (in hard.To.Reach places this can create real inconvenience). Perhaps for someone these factors will not be so critical: for example, for those who plan to use a drill-electrical screwdriver at home or in a furniture assembly workshop. If this is your case, we recommend that you take Makita HP0300 from the network. It has a good assembly, a decent torque of 56 Nm and there is a drilling mode with a blow.

Battery models have good autonomy and mobility, it is convenient for them to work even in hard.To.Reach places. To work on different facilities, this is the best option. However, you need to monitor the charge of the battery, which tends to discharge at the most inopportune moment. You can buy a spare battery, but these are additional costs. If you use an electric screwdriver often, it makes sense to pay extra for the comfort of work, otherwise you can do with a network model.

How to choose a battery-electrical screwdriver for the house? It is better to take models with a lithium (Li-Ion) battery, since, unlike nickel-cadmium (Ni-CD) and nickel-metallogid (Ni-MH), it does not have a “memory effect”, and it does not need to be completely discharged for the reverse charging. Also, with the same dimensions, lithium batteries have a large capacity. To save on the second battery, we recommend taking Bosch GSR 180-Li, which has two 18-volt lithium batteries with a capacity of 2 Ah. This model is often included in the rating of batteries of screwdrivers on reliability.

What is the shape of the network of the network electric screwdriver is better

Choosing a network electric screwdriver, a rating of models for yourself is quite possible to form a relying only on the shape of the device. First of all, the convenience of use depends on it, as well as the case of an electric screwdriver will partially tell about its internal filling and capabilities.

In the shape of a pistol

Most often this is a sign of a budget model, especially if the case is completely made of plastic. If you disassemble such an electric screwdriver, it will be found that the engine shaft is directly attached to the cartridge. T.E. The quality of the work directly depends on the power of the engine and the smoothness of its move. Often, the owners of such devices complain about the rapid heating of the case during operation, but for periodic short homework, such an electric screwdriver will fit quite. This shape of the device allows you to press the screws during twisting, which will inevitably have to do due to low engine power.

T. Figurative case

In general, this is the same device as in the form of a pistol, but the handle is shifted to the center of the case. It is generally accepted that this is less annoying when working. It should be borne in mind that all devices have different electric motors, each with their own mass, centering and other characteristics. How much more convenient this or that model will be difficult to judge without holding it in the hands.

The case of the classic drill

This is already a sign of a class of professional devices, since a characteristic “puziko” indicates the transfer of efforts to a cartridge through a gearbox. This means that the bat rotates smoother, and adjusting the number of its revolutions per minute is easier. It is very convenient to maintain an electric screwdriver with the second hand for Puziko (if there is no additional handle)-with long-term operation, this will have to be done, because the weight of such devices is about 1.5-2 kg.

How to choose a battery electric screwdriver?

Dewalt DCD996P2

Professional shock drill-electrical screwdriver is a bright representative of the 18 line in XR Li-Ion Xrr. Equipped with a three-speed gearbox, one-button fast-packed cartridge, a 11-position twisting moment.

Users note the excellent drilling of stone bases.

Such a tool is great for solving a huge number of construction problems. Operates on the Dewalt 20V Max battery with lithium-ion technology.

For comfortable operation, the manufacturer provided soft rubber overlays on the handle.

  • The diameter of the cartridge. 1.5-13 mm;
  • The number of shocks per minute is 38 250, revolutions. 2,250;
  • Twisting the moment-95 nm;
  • Power. 0.82 kW;
  • The diameter of the holes on the tree is 55 mm, metal. 15 mm;
  • Battery capacity. 5 A h, voltage. 18 V, recharge time. 1 hour;
  • There is a lamp, locking button v., reverse, fixation of the spindle;
  • Included 2 batteries, charging, second handle, case;
  • Dimensions. 21.3×20.8 cm;
  • Weight. 2.13 kg.
  • Magnificent power;
  • Three speeds plus reverse;
  • Work with any materials;
  • Cartridge fixer;
  • Durable batteries;
  • Stable work;
  • Continuous process on one charge.

Metabo BS 18 LTX BL I

Unstressed drill-electrical screwdriver with many functions, a large torque-120 Nm. Operates on the Metabo 18 V of the Lithuanian-Ion technology.

Equipped with a two.Speed brownless engine with a long service life.

which, electric, screwdriver, better, home, power

Impulse mode is provided, and there is also the possibility of working in the rack of a drilling machine. Thanks to the safety clutch, the drill automatically turns off with the strongest overheating of the motor.

Such a tool will help quickly, and most importantly, carry out construction work at a professional level.

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