Which end of the saw is better. Power and number of revolutions

TOP-5 ending rating for wood with a length: review and characteristics of the best models

Top saws are useful in home life and in professional activities (builders, repairmen, joiners, etc.). They allow you to saw large and small structures made of wood, plastic and even metal up to a millimeter. How to choose a suitable model and what parameters should you pay attention to?

The end of the saw with the length is relevant for the house and the carpentry workshop.

which, better, power, number, revolutions

With its help, transverse cuts are made at any inclination and angle, saw wooden bars, composite materials, as well as plastic and metal profiles/pipes.

Such a saw will be a great help during construction, finishing or repair work.

Having studied numerous consumer reviews and experts, we have made a rating of the best end saws. A brief description is attached to each presented model, as well as a list of pluses and minuses.

When choosing a tool, attention should be paid to the following details:

  • The diameter of the saw disk depends on the alleged work, the more the workpieces will be, the more the disk is required;
  • Power. For domestic conditions, there will be enough saw with a capacity of up to 1.8 kW, and for professional work you will need an unit with a capacity of up to 2.5 kW;
  • Type of design. If a mobile tool is required, table structures are hardly suitable;
  • Additional opportunities. Almost all models are equipped with a laser marker and LED backlight, but the presence of a vacuumber is far from all saws.

TOP-15 rating of the best end saw with a length of 2021-2022

Place name price
TOP-5 of the best end saws with a length of price, quality and reliability for 2021-2022
one Metabo KGS 216 m Find out the price
2 Metabo KGS 254 m Find out the price
3 Bosch GCM 800 SJ Find out the price
4 Bosch GCM 8 SJL Find out the price
5 Metabo KGS 305 m Find out the price
TOP-5 of the best inexpensive ended saws with a length
one Zubrov ZPT-255-1800 pl Find out the price
2 BlackDecker Bes700-QS Find out the price
3 Caliber PTE-1900/255PRM Find out the price
4 Zubrov ZPT-210-1600 pl Find out the price
5 Einhel TC-SM 2131 Dual Find out the price
TOP-5 of the best professional ended saws with a length
one Bosch GCM 12 GDL Find out the price
2 Bosch GCM 8 SDE Find out the price
3 Metabo KGS 315 Plus Find out the price
4 Makita LS1219L Find out the price
5 Metabo KGS 254 I Plus Find out the price

When choosing a saw, you should pay attention to the following:

  • The width of the broach is the larger, the more wide the workpiece becomes “on the shoulder” to the device;
  • Cut depth. Determines the thickness of the workpieces;
  • The rotary structure. In most models, the angle ranges from 45 to 57 degrees, but there are options with large angles, mainly professional;
  • The quality of the sole is stamped over time spanning, it is better to give preference to cast;
  • Emphasis. The higher it is, the easier to work;
  • The width of the groove for the disk. It depends on the parameter how high.Quality work will be. With a width of up to 1 cm on the saw, there will be fewer chips and sawdust.

TOP-4 best end saws for a house at a price/quality for 2021-2022

Metabo KGS 216 m

A popular model from a Japanese manufacturer, which differs from its competitors with a well.Thought.Out design for the maximum comfortable use of the tool.

High.Quality materials, a reliable housing made of aluminum alloy and optimal capacity of 1500 W for a stable working engine indicate a long service life of the device.

Cast soles and additional clamps provide reliable fixation, and to make the cut to be accurate and even, you can use a laser marker and bright LED backlight.

It is very simple to control the saw, it is equipped with an ergonomic handle with rubber pads, thanks to which the tool does not slide in the palm of your hand.

Due to the large number of settings and functions, the model is suitable for professional use, easily coping with wood, plastic, tiles and profiles/aluminum sheets.

  • Pilage power. 1.5 kW.
  • Disc rotation speed. 5000 rpm.
  • Disk diameter. 216 mm.
  • Whether it works with metal. Yes.
  • Weight. 13.5 kg.

Metabo KGS 254 m

This model from a well.Known manufacturer belongs to semi.Professional models and is equipped with an engine with a power of 1.8 kW.

Often used in workshops, bought for trips to construction sites. The disk rotates at a speed of 4.5 thousand revolutions per minute, does not make noise and does not dust much. There is a special vacuum cleaner, connects to an industrial vacuum cleaner.

For comfortable work, the manufacturer took care of the laser marker and LED backlight.

which, better, power, number, revolutions

The tool is complemented by wide equipment, the case is equipped with additional supports so that it is possible to work with long and wide blanks.

The power of the tool is enough not only for plastic and solid wood, but also for non.Ferrous metals. The body and sole made of cast aluminum provide a long service life.

  • Pilage power. 1.8 kW.
  • Disc rotation speed. 4500 rpm.
  • Disk diameter. 254 mm.
  • Whether it works with metal. Yes.
  • Weight. 16.3 kg.

Makita LS1040

This model will cope with the cut of wood, plastic and profiles from thin aluminum, will become a good assistant for beginner jokes, who prefer to engage in furniture.

It is often used when installing doors or perfectly accurate cutting skirting boards. The saw turn is 52 degrees, and the slope is performed up to 45 degrees.

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Works on the network, the power of the tool is 1650 watts.

If the saw disc is in the working material, then the engine slows down and stops.

The case does not heat up with a stable load, the motor is stable and works without interruptions.

For a comfortable cut of long blanks there are additional supports, and the sole is made of cast aluminum, has a convenient spill and last a long time.

The disk must be replaced, rotates at a speed of 4600 revolutions per minute.

  • Pilage power. 1.65 kW.
  • Disk rotation speed.4600 rpm.
  • Disk diameter. 260 mm.
  • Whether it works with metal. Yes.
  • Weight. 11 kg.
  • Transparent protective casing;
  • High caste of the corporate disk;
  • There is a lock from random inclusion;
  • Smooth engine braking;
  • High.Quality collection of dust and sawdust.

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Makita LH1040F

A great device for sawing, which does not need calibration and is able to provide high performance and excellent cut quality directly from the box.

Reliable assembly, a powerful 1650 W engine and double protective insulation make this end saw of one of the most popular models in 2021-2022.

The model is suitable for use in a small workshop, and for repair work in houses and apartments.

Easy to cope with hard wood, aluminum, plastic, laminate.

The engine promotes a disc 260 mm at a speed of 4800 rpm. It starts smoothly, gradually increasing power.

The working surface is illuminated by a fluorescent lamp, which in brightness is inferior to LED backlight, but it is quite enough for viewing.

It is possible to connect an industrial vacuum cleaner, all garbage is collected in a special vacuum cleaner.

  • Pilage power. 1.65 kW.
  • Disc rotation speed. 4800 rpm.
  • Disk diameter. 260 mm.
  • Whether it works with metal. Yes.
  • Weight. 13.7.

What to take into account when choosing a end saw

High.Quality end saw should provide even, without chips and gaps drank. Therefore, when choosing, it is recommended to take into account the following nuances:

  • The assembly of the case should be reliable, backlash are not allowed;
  • For cutting overalls and bars, you need to take a saw with the canal system;
  • If it is planned to work with various materials, it is best to choose a model with the adjustment of the cut depth;
  • The presence of laser marking increases the accuracy of the saw;
  • To perform a longitudinal cut, you should take models with a slope of the disk;
  • To perform a transverse cut, it is recommended to consider models with rotary tables.

But these are far from all the criteria of choice. When buying a end saw, you should also take into account:

  • Features of the equipment. From the battery or network;
  • Equipment capacity (affects performance, field of operation);
  • Number of revolutions;
  • The diameter of the saw disk;
  • The value of the depth and width of the drink;
  • Features of the broach;
  • Additional opportunities, including functions such as smooth start, spindle blocking, protection of the motor from overheating, adjusting the speed and depth of cut.

Type of power

Two options are used to power the electric motor:

  • With connection to the network (usually such models differ in greater power, used for production, furniture workshops);
  • With power supply battery, which provides autonomy and mobility, the possibility of performing work in the absence of a power grid.

From the network

Equipment with network power has many advantages. This is a high power of the electric motor, increased performance, the ability to perform the most complex tasks. Such end saws are usually used for professional purposes, selected for production. The disadvantages include only the need to have a power grid.

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Models with batteries belong to mobile equipment that can work autonomously, that is, without reference to the mains. For power supply, the battery is used, the capacity of which depends on the type and power of the saw. The devices are in demand for construction sites, when performing finishing work, in small workshops, where comfort and operation of operation, and not excessively high capacity, comes out in the first place.


The power level shows what volume of work the end saw can cope with. For all categories, this parameter can be from 1000 watts to 2000 watts, while a higher value shows that the saw can cope not only with wood, but also with solid, metal blanks. The smallest values ​​have domestic models, large. Professional end saws.

The number of revolutions

The number of revolutions affects the quality of the saw. The higher this value, the more high.Quality cut can be obtained. Typically, for end saws, a range of 3200-6000 revolutions per minute is used. But for most models, this indicator is 4800 turns, which is enough to work with wood, laminate, plywood and other materials.

which, better, power, number, revolutions

To control the cutting and improvement process, the function of adjusting the number of revolutions can be used. Typically, such an option is available in more expensive models, which expands the area of ​​use of equipment, the use of accurate settings.

Disk diameter

This indicator affects the depth of the cut. The larger the diameter, the larger the blanks can be processed. For household models, the maximum value is 210 mm, but for professional saws this is not enough. In order for the technique to perform its tasks and can operate in production conditions or on construction sites, the diameter should be 250-305 mm.

When choosing, it should be taken into account with which materials and types of workpieces are planned to work. This saw is purchased for cutting facing slabs or plywood, a large diameter disk is simply not needed.

The width and depth drank

These indicators are used to determine the parameters of the workpiece. The marginal indicators vary in the range of 120-340 millimeters, depth-60-120 millimeters.


This function provides the ability to work with large.Sized workpieces. The presence of a broach allows you to make cuts for bars and other parts whose width exceeds 300 mm. Not all models have a function, so when choosing you should decide how it is needed and how often it will be used.

which, better, power, number, revolutions


To increase the functionality of equipment, the end saw can be equipped with additional options. These include the protection of the electric motor from overheating, monitoring and adjusting individual parameters, support for a stable number of revolutions and many other additional opportunities.

Engine protection

The engine protection function is needed to extend the operational period of equipment and ensure the quality of work. When overheating or exceeding the load, the electric motor is simply turned off, which eliminates its failure and the need for expensive repair. This option is not in all types of equipment, usually for domestic saws and entry.Level techniques it is not used.

Smooth start

The soft start function increases comfort and safety, provides an accurate cut. When turning on, the speed speed increases smoothly, which excludes jerks and risks of injuries, damage to the workpiece. Not all models are equipped with this function, usually only professional saws.

Adjusting the depth of the cut

Such an option is used to control and increase the accuracy of working with certain materials. Depth adjustment is needed if the processed blanks have different cross.Sectional indicators. The presence of such a function allows you to quickly configure the saw and continue to work without the need to change the tool.

Speed ​​adjustment

Such an option is used to control the process and quality of the saw. The presence of adjustment allows you to configure equipment for working with various types of materials, providing a high.Quality, even cut and protecting the motor from overheating.

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