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Rating of the best mitre saws 2021

When carrying out repairs to the house with their own hands, there is often a situation where it is necessary to make an oblique cut on the materials to be joined. You may need this when installing battens, laying flooring, or installing door and window jambs. A joint made with an ordinary saw or jigsaw is unlikely to be neat and straight. In such a case, you can use another tool, namely a mitre saw. It allows you to cut materials at the right angle. But now the choice of tools is very large. Therefore, we recommend that you first study the best crosscut saws 2021 and based on our rating plan to buy.

All crosscut saws are divided into the following categories:

  • Regular mitre saw. Designed to make oblique and angled cuts.
  • Combination mitre saw. Combines the functions of a mitre saw and circular saw. Used most often by professionals. In everyday life, it is better to have two different tools.
  • Trimmer mitre saws. Characterized by two parallel guide rails. The blade can move freely along them. Used for working with wide sheets of material.

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In addition, all end saws are divided into household and professional models. They differ primarily in cost and features. If household are suitable for infrequent small repairs around the house, then the professional tool is purchased for construction sites and carpentry workshops.

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A mitre saw is a professional tool and there are several important criteria to consider when choosing a saw:

  • Type of material to be cut. Most models cut only wood, but there are devices that can also cut plastic materials.
  • Cutting width and depth. This characteristic determines what kind of workpieces you can work with. The width of the cut depends on the diameter of the blade installed in the tool.
  • Additional features. Most Makita crosscut saws are designed to cut workpieces at right angles, but there are models that can be used to cut at an angle and tilt.

The most modern models with a broach have an additional chip extractor that quickly removes swarf from the working area.

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The best professional mitre saw

The ranks of the best professional crosscut saws include models designed for long-term intensive working sessions. Due to the motors up to 2 kW trimmers are suitable for industrial enterprises and construction sites. Large saw blades cut solid wood and aluminum workpieces.

Circular saw model Saw power, W Circle diameter, mm Max cutting width 90° / 45° Max. cutting depth at 90° / 45° angle Speed adjustment Soft start Average price in Russia,
Makita LS1018LN 1 430 260 310 / 220 91 / 50 No available 65 790
Bosch GCM 12 GDL 2 000 305 341 / 240 104 / 51 No Yes 145 520
DeWALT DWS 780 1 675 305 349 / 244 112 / 56 Yes No 89 988
Makita LS1216 1 650 305 363 / 255 107 / 107 No Available at 65 966
Bosch GCM 8 SJL 1 600 216 312 / 214 70 / 48 No No 65 669
DeWALT DW717XPS 1 675 250 320 / 226 89 / 56 No No 97 295

Makita LS1018LN mitre saw

Saw is designed for cutting wide products of wood, plastic, and laminate. Equipped with a laser to enhance cutting precision.

    extends the life of the electric motor.

  • Wall clamp to clamp the workpiece.
  • Good handle, which makes it possible to use the saw in different working positions.

Metal trimming saw Bosch GCM 12 GDL

Professional saw aimed at woodworking shops. The powerful 2 kilowatt engine can handle the load of a 305-millimeter wheel.

  • Double-beam laser guide for more precision.
  • Handle has rubber pads for a comfortable grip.
  • Extendable legs that allow you to work with wide workpieces.
  • Like many top crosscut saws for professional use, this model is also equipped with a powerful 2 kW motor.
  • High build quality. no backlash, all important components made of metal.


DeWALT DWS 780 crosscut saw

Trimming saw with a dust bag will fit the needs of woodworking professionals. The 49° inclination allows making specific cuts.

  • The model made it to the top of the crosscut saws thanks to its stability, which was achieved by fixing the device on the table.
  • The depth limiter will allow you to make cuts with high precision, making it easier to create grooves.
  • The proprietary positioning system makes it easy to calibrate the cutting line.

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Makita LS1216 mitre saw

Device is useful for cutting large wooden or plastic workpieces. The swivel ruler allows you to position the material as precisely as possible, resulting in a high quality cut.

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  • Dust extraction duct with connection for a vacuum cleaner.
  • The clamping base that helps clamp the material to be cut.
  • Handle rests comfortably in the palm of the hand thanks to the rubber grip.
  • Double rail system ensures the smoothest possible carriage travel.
  • High-speed cutter provides steady speeds at high loads.

Bosch GCM 8 SJL mitre saw

Professional mitre saw is designed for intensive use with long engine life.

  • Engine power of 1 600 watts.
  • Horizontal supports that can be adjusted for width, suitable for sawing large workpieces.
  • Reliable support stands keep the trimmer stable on any surface.
  • Speed reaches 5,500 rpm.
  • High quality materials and assembly.
  • Smooth cutting, precise angles.
  • Quick and easy laser calibration.

DeWALT DW717XPS mitre saw

Closes the top of trimming saws American tool, which is positioned as the ideal solution for construction sites and carpentries with high volume of work. Trimmer power is really high for woodworking. 1,675 watts.

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